People Try Virtual Reality Horror

(screaming) (creepy music) - So, I'm not particularly looking forward to this. - Everything in VR feels like it's really happening to you, so if I get stabbed in VR, I feel like I'm actually getting stabbed. - I was nervous 45 minutes ago. - Alright, let's meet the Boogeyman. (creepy music box playing) (door creaking) - That was just the loading screen and I'm terrified. - K, just gonna keep lookin' around every... Nope. (buzzing) - (squealing) What's happening? - That corner's dark as hell. Oh, shit. - Oh, there's a b-- Fuck you! - It's just the little girl's voice. (yelling) Ahh, is that him? Is that him? - Oh, my God, I don't wanna open my eyes! - No, where, no, nope, constant pivot. - Alright, dawg, what say you? Are we safe? - How do I know when the batteries... Ooh, he's in the vent, he's in the vent. - Okay, when it gets quiet like this, that's when I get nervous. - Oh no, oh no, a light just went off. - How do I know it's dying? (tense music) Boy, you already tried that. Don't even, c'mon. - (screeching) Ah! Stop! Oh my God, I hafta charge it, I hafta charge it. How do I charge it? - Where, where are you, where? I hear you, oh! Okay. Whoever decorated this girl's bedroom is mean. - Where's her mom? Where's this girl's mom at? - You shouldn't even have that scary doll in your room. - What? Oh, it's just a ball, that's fine. (stammering) Everything, it's fine, and good, and okay. - I'm shaking, my breath is like (cringing), nothin' happened, I was just gettin' off the bed. - He's getting really, really angry, mommy. - Who would do this to themselves? I'm not ever gonna play anything like this again. (buzzing) What happened? - Ah, oh he's so scary looking. - Why are you doing this to me? I don't even know these people. (whimpering) I don't care about this house. - No! (stammering) Motherfucker, where (trails off). Oh no. Where is the...? Where's the boy? - C'mon, whatch you want? Whatch you want? Not in my house, get outta here! - You got nothin' to say over there? - You're worthless. If you become a demon dog-- (screaming) (slow-motion screaming) (yelling) (screaming) - I'm gonna pause for a second. That was horrifying. (laughter in the background) - I got killed, I got killed so good. - I made it. (creepy music) - That was so scary. That was really fun. - All of a sudden, I feel something in the back of me, and I just freak out, and I realized the curtain was touching me. - I will never play anything like that ever again in my life. - Stuffed rabbits, music boxes, and a little girl asking for her mommy, that's scarier than the Boogeyman. - I think VR is very catered toward the horror genre because a lot of it is about atmosphere. And when you put yourself in that world, then you're just in this tiny room. - Yeah, I think the real world is a better fit for me. (rock music)