People Try to Solve Bar Riddles

I've never been in a bar and had someone like actually approach me with like a riddle or a bit I don't think that's something that happens in real life uh Holly puzzles ha I'm a fan I've always been really big on thinking outside of the box I mean I like puzzles I'm not like a puzzle master like my synthesis just gradually pull on it I want to like suddenly pull it hold on aha almost see you later bottle only thing I can touch is the wineglass I can indirectly touch him I guess right so can I just like lift this up what if I move it is that okay I am going to try and knock this over I'm just gonna be dragging things across this table and I threw the cherry the cherry that is real whiskey Wow I'm probably gonna spill at this point if the rate I'm going I'm just gonna give this a shot just to see if this is like a possible route can I drink I feel like there's only one way to do this why do we have this card no okay one of these is gonna be lighter than the other one is what I'm thinking right now for happy hour at the bar top for this bar game nope pay attention in science class and then hustle a lot of people for money at the bar oh I can just let it go on its own look at that they were more just like physics problems and then they were like riddles I feel like I kind of killed it I absolutely suck at bar games it riddled I think the main takeaway is I need to step up my bar bet game I have to attribute my success 100% to high school science class [Music] you