Pet Sitter Throws 10WeekOld Puppy

amanda and bryce horton were horrified when they logged onto their home security camera to see this I mean I was shocked their trusted pet sitter caught on camera throwing their 10 week old puppy Lucy to the kitchen floor poor little Lucy struggles to get up she's such a little puppy and not only does she throw her butt after she throws her she stands you know like what are you gonna do now feeling helpless ninety miles from their home in Victorville California they couldn't believe what they were seeing he was able to talk through the camera to her and say hey we saw what you did to our puppy you know you need to get your things and leave our house the couple raced home as fast as they could the whole time we're thinking like she's probably really hurt look at her today happy and healthy fortunately Lucy wasn't seriously injured Amanda and Bryce met the pet sitter using the popular app Rover Rover issued this statement the activity depicted in this video is shocking and appalling we have permanently deactivated this sitter from our platform [Music] you [Music]