Philippines SCARIEST FOOD Catching and eating Wild Tamilok in Palawan

[Music] if I'm honest this sucks anything I feel like I'm being pranked ah this is crazy [Music] welcome to column one island in the Philippines and look most people come here for the Sun and the sandy beaches but I'm here to feasts my face off these next three weeks on palawan will be like nothing you've ever seen I'm talking tracking through Wildman broke just to catch a wild snack I've never worked this hard or even something that I know I like like a stuffed crust pepperoni pizza I'm talking eating some fresh crocodile meat he's trying to make choking sounds he's trying to make me to look like a bad guy I'm not even and I'm talking the most epic homemade little bite you have ever seen right now we are headed south of cordial Princesa to hunt someone let's do this [Music] right now we are in search of the elusive woodworm and it could be anywhere around any corner under a sewer grate but most likely inside a piece of wood the local palawan ins take pride in their unusual woodworm delicacy eaten by loads of tourists and Filipinos alike legend has it that these gooey worms can give a man a bedroom stamina boost it's tasty but sometimes it's all really hard to to to catch it but who are they selling it - who is he eating this it's local some tourists especially those people who like exotic food I wish I could meet someone like that one day today I'm joined by some of Palawan finest my guide Rex and two countryside locals who are basically taking me to their backyard with axes in hand to hunt some worms and I call them the ax men are you guys part of the superhero group the ax men I can come back hey yo your front of the superhero that's meant me a scary Joe I knew that was a solid joke they were expert you know hunting time you look so they make a living just hunting the joint summertime a leek that's a unique job this other professional worm hunters yes part of the year but seriously do you know that ax men like x-men for part of the year these guys make their living selling small bags of worms for 200 pesos or about $4 a piece but finding the worms is not so easy I'm giving up on the shoes there's just no point I thought we're going to a beach bro where's the beach is right there all right I got to hide these from bears right we've been trekking for actually three four hundred meters the mythical beach is like another kilometer away hold on what is their plan you're going on down there we can going there go through this is rough this doesn't even a trail on okay I know this guy this guy's like dude this is American guys such a yeah I know I am all right we're so we're going in we're going off the trail we're going in that okay in cut we have no choice but to go off trail descending into the mangroves one kilometer from the beach where a mix of seawater and freshwater create the perfect environment and feasting grounds for our prized tab you lock we don't have boots we're going out Trail with bare feet it sucks all right hey any worms over there oh he said yeah but then he pointed forward that means no fine everything's fine just stepped on a thousand things already I can probably walk like a kilometer per hour at fastest through here too ridiculous but I heard that the worms are closed we must press on finally our vigilant hunters spot a log with tiny protruding traces of what might be our Woodward's so there's lots of little holes here on the side that shift so we're hoping there's some wood worms in here but there's only one way to find out for sure look at this what the Frick oh is that a big worm that's that's it right there yeah yeah we did oh there it is they've cut it in half now they're gonna split it in half and hopefully reveal all these beautiful worms inside there it is open it up oh yeah baby let's take a look whoa oh it's oh honey wait so that's the head I'm gonna say this almost makes this whole freakin hike worth it because this is really cool some giant worms inside these things are hefty and dense I'm gonna try pulling it out now here we go oh oh it's so it's slimy but if the skin feels kind of thick Wow and it can come right out of the hole oh it's like a footlong flip-flop look at that what the heck that is the mouth that looks bizarre whoa and then that's the butt okay that's the butt uh-huh yeah yeah yeah we can't eat this here right they're saying that they're actually eating that during the time that we catch it yeah where's the vinegar even though there's some pretty good I usually I'm sorry I can only eat worms if I have vinegar guys I don't know okay you need to clean that one need to clean that one all right so right now he's taking off one mouthpiece and he kind of slid it open and cleaned out the poop from inside he dumps it in the in what I call it Giardia bisque is he gonna eat it now yeah come okay Tammy LOC are also known as chip worms or termites of the sea they're technically saltwater clams with soft long naked bodies notorious for boring holes into and destroying docks and ships so before they can cause any more destruction we have to eat them I'm gonna I'm totally gonna eat this I'm not gonna eat it here right now okay I'm gonna wait till I can just wash it off with some fresh water I think if I eat it now I'm gonna be on the toilet for the rest of the week I'm just getting used to holding it okay for me that's step one get used to holding it become friends and then I'll be happy to eat tons of them all right let's collect our bounty and go home [Music] with wood worms in hand we head to a local culinary landmark kena Booch you get it yeah all right cool the pooch is the best place to chill in puerto princesa cooking up classic Filipino foods some more exotic fare like crocodile si si and their own in-house specialties like fried Tammy law but more on that one later they have kindly cut the heads and butts off of our weren't so I'm gonna eat this one but what do we do I'm using a pork I'm gonna split it oh it splits right okay and then we wash it out here you wasn't there I gotta say I feel slightly more comfortable washing it here than in the swamp water and damn look at that so I just eat this whole thing yeah somebody was telling me today that it's good for stamina yeah tonight after eating this I'm gonna have a lot of stamina yeah what happens if I have stamina and I'm all alone in my hotel room what do you do when you're in a hotel by yourself with loads of stamina all right let's do it one two three oh it's so good what what's the taste I'm gonna taste it tastes like regret it dissolve it swallow man you know Wow oh my fingers it's lingering oh man it's like kind of like a snail there's still some sandy grit inside huh it is like a warm loogie in your mouth like when you you know when you like that thing that tastes also like an almost boy stur I'm feeling the stamina they call it wood worm for a reason you don't see one number two we're gonna try it with the vinegar oh you got a monster piece here bro that's awesome mad respect to you cheers let's do this huh hmm okay it is still like a giant goober it's like a raw oyster but even more smushy they also have a fried version somehow they've done it they put breading on it they fried it this time let's just go straight with the vinegar bottoms up mmm-hmm you can't even tell that to worm it's just super crunchy a ton of breading on them then you just got that sourness from the vinegar this is just proof you can literally fry anything and it'll taste good but if you're going for the full experience you have to go raw thank you my dear I appreciate it how about throwing a thumbs up we've got these worms ourselves do you understand me of my work that went into this video the amount of passion leave a comment what's your favorite worm hmm that is it for today I will see you next week a piece [Music] [Music]