Phonograph Music Player Beta REVIEW

hey guys this is Dan from tech chure and today we're going to be talking a bit about a new music player that's been talked about lately called phonograph but you may previously know it as gramophone so for all you loyal shuttle plus and power ant fans we know these are fantastic refined music players and there's no way you think you'll ever switch but hear us out for a second while shuttle and power amp are great and do what they do well photographs appeal may stem from the fact that it's kind of late to the game yes sure it's not as popular because of its late arrival however the fact that it's just been developed means it's been built with material guidelines straight from the start what does this mean for you exactly it means that the app itself has been developed with the focus and style of Google's new material design the whole time without trying to overhaul an old UI or anything like that the result is a beautiful looking music player with clean smooth animations simple layout and a super straightforward tag editor and this is really not much to complain about another great thing is that the app is completely free yes the dev has kindly made phonograph beta free for now at least and we can't say enough good about it so let's talk about what phonograph does best design everything just makes sense you have tabs at the top for songs albums artist and playlists where the player really shines is color coordination gramophone takes a color from your artists image or album cover and blends it into the UI into different headers this concept is carry over to the now playing screen as well which can be accessed with just a swipe of the floating play/pause button or just pretty cool or just by tapping this play button up on top one of my gripes with phonograph is through the functionality of its side bar it just kind of seems like it was put there for the sake of be in there and adds no real extra features will make it a little better as if you can quickly jump to your playlist from the side bar instead of swiping all the way at the playlist tab and then tapping on your playlist that's what comes up a lot when it comes to phonograph it's great at everything it does now but there's still plenty of things I would like to see added like there's not much built-in customization other than changing the app from light to dark and they're also being an option to change the grid size in the album view which is actually quite nice I would like to see some features added like browsing by files within folders maybe a recently played tap kind of like shuttles or google play musics listen now and for them to sort out the widget which only comes in one variety and for some reason they made the text almost the same color as the widget backdrop not sure if that's me setting the colors of the theme or something I don't know also some users especially those not running lollipop have been experiencing some slowdown when scrolling through the menus because the artist images and stuff won't move fast enough maybe add an option to cache the artists images to make it move a little smoother since they've already been loaded again these are just little nitpicks that are always extremely common for an app like phonograph which by the way is still in beta so for a beta this seems like a pretty solid start but it'll sometimes mean that you'll have to experience some forest closes stutters and crashes along the way but the good news is is that the developer behind phonograph is constantly working to improve the experience with extremely consistent updates so many that we've had to delay this video multiple times because they've just been rolling out so fast so if you'd like the try phonograph please make sure you subscribe then drop a comment down below and we'll invite you to the phonograph Google+ community where you can opt in to the beta program and install the app because you can't download it simply by going to the Play Store and searching phonograph let us know what you think of phonograph we'd love to hear your feedback and as always thanks for watching guys and see you next time you