Pic of Ghislaine Maxwell at InNOut Burger May Be Fake

it's the photo seen around the world jeffrey Epstein's missing ex-girlfriend supposedly at a popular burger joint in LA it was said to have been taken on August 11th as the world was looking for her but disturbing questions are now being raised about the images of ghilane Maxwell and whether they are fake look at the ad behind her for the rossi new comedy good boys which is the number-one movie at the box office but something strange is afoot because there has never been an ad for good boys at that bus stop was it Photoshop to make it appear that the photo had just been taken this is the same bus stop today there's an ad for a local hospital I'm sitting at the same table at in-and-out burger as ghilane Maxwell was in photos that movie poster is not the only thing in those photos that's suspicious the photographer who took the shot claims he stumbled on ghilane eating alone but it appears there was another person at the table look there's a second food tray hidden on the bench and there's more we showed the images to forensic photo expert Adam wand of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice he says there are telltale signs of photoshopping there is a wave of line going down her back that's indicative of photoshop manipulation there's also brushstrokes visible at the bottom and in the middle that would lead me to believe that somebody possibly added miss Maxwell to this picture [Music] you [Music]