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Kezia noble



the next place this is all this is all leading up to actually I'm in the club by the way like I think about the perception how you're perceived in the club and the dynamics of the club does anyone understand the hierarchy but in a club environment the word means you know your relationship power-steering right yeah so come over and we'll be on top of a hierarchy it's kind of a triangle at the base of the clients everyone in the club you know managers and stuff I listen everyone stand up so you've got like your door start you got the girl until you've got bar stuff you've got event management and then you've got club owners so think about how you perceived when you walk in these environments visit this book club local to you and you're going it every week that is very important to get Network and we saw people they're going to put in favors like you know if there's clubs at full capacity and you just be able to walk straight in because you know these people so how we do it you're in the kuda chapter people we the first person you get to is the door staff get the guy's name right make it like a person relationships for biscuit I go dude you know what you've got the job of every man's envy right now all right dig him up and you're like oh you know like that gets boring after a while come on up all these called ecology you lived a lifestyle man and he go join you by the way and he hands over his name every time you see him you're a name to name basis rather than just that drunken guide the coming of his friends and just sort of stumbled in yeah so you'll think about benefits you also there's gonna be the hot girls in these clubs they know who comes to rap door who they're with you know what they're wearing what they should trade they're wearing and you ain't even seen them yet it's like a sixth sense so to think about in back your mind how you're being perceived in the club so she's seen you shake hands of the bouncer she's gonna lose this guy you know it is moment of entry you don't see no yet next person you come across it's more likely going to be the till girl low investment interruption pay money little compliment Wow I love those earrings by five BAM so people seen you like five million back who is this guy you're carrying this energy and it's all about you right from when you as a phone at the hairdresser's in the shower listen to your music booming people in the cube changing the bouncers have high five in the thought till girl who's the next bus of maybe the event magnet but did you call on these nice it's incredible now look what you've got the president's outfit join you by the way some power you know the event management oh who is this big guy yeah to see it understands what's happening you're just snowballing and you know what can you who's a good guy at the bar saw me a drink I'll Christina actually she's like that's got bad girl cool I said hi hey Christine Steve just sent me over the event manager I said that you know how to do a good drink would you recommend our blah blah who brings over classified by like that fan again who is this guy yeah so what you did but what you've got when you try to stuff out tonight get I thought you all just go and like my brother are you got you've got the job every night Xander you can chase better hey you've got the job every Mexican but just you know just just feel a little door hey man you know you look great tonight or whatever just get the guys name thanking they look after you just think about it well in your hometown yeah local club get to know the key people that's the point of being of course why do we do this go in there yes your transmits one or two people that yes while the benefits while it benefits your 3ds yeah that's good all nice as what we do you know what else it does it gets you freebies guessing the place for free gives you free drinks its trainer VIP gets in the VIP right so I mean sorry gonna take you talked about that very nice place the bar stroke and club place full of hot chicks for five rooms and everything right there's not too much fun hierarchy going on right well then you go to the proper club like the higher they're like promoters that you know VIP manager the mainland manager there's drinks manager this miniature that manager if you go on the say hi to them and find out they name scores to VIPs or say hey I didn't check something for speed it says cool comment just going to be I think either so you just plug your way into the place that other people can't get into so how can you talk with a hot girl if you're not if you're not in the VIP right do you I mean that's how we do it but next time they're gonna remember you can say - again boom you don't have a need you Australian who passed by the queue celebrities right important people with money so and girls got lucky I do that so I feel always that all right and just go ahead you just go straight always give away just have fun every season minutes to here give him hug go straight it's a social skill generous game is not just about the women matters I gain guys as well it sounds a big day but you know I obviously the guys got a normal B and the girls have yeah that's right that's what it's like a mixer isn't it you know you have a mixer you gave me guys first get the report out of the guys they understand you're a cool guy then you can access their girls and I say me promoters Sammy think the guys at the table to God talks with iobit me Natalie right well you know we always party the VIP now and the way we do it is we gain girls and we're not going out that weekend or something we know from others which you will guys as well when you know you out you'll know these key people when you go yeah you know we don't come out tonight but I could put in a really cool guy at the can of promoters job is really hard but getting girls every week - it's a lot of work so if you'll give them girls - a promoter then he's gonna repay the favor you turn up the club you only going to be up you get up and sort out your needs boy afterwards but sometimes like adding me just do overdo it sometimes like because we've got this energy we know how to game we all will take tables from promoters like we almost make it up from a club because someone don't really eat you know just thinking all the girls girls come in and you know something but you know what that dangerous is a dangerous but I will agree about this is all about energy so about being social right there's lots of benefits I mean clear so far you