Pilot Records Selfie Video After Plane Crashes in Pacific Ocean

it's the terrifying moment a plane crash lands in the Pacific Ocean David just crashed to the ocean engine failure miraculously the downed pilot and his passenger make it out alive climbing on the wing of the sinking plane as Gus as the aircraft sinks they gather everything that will stay afloat and shoot cellphone video of their entire ordeal so we're out here in the Pacific Ocean floating around got some homemade flotation devices here in the form of seat cushions and window shades the water's a little bit cold but we're alright I set it down real easy no I got her their Sun several times by jellyfish and all this time they're treading water he continues his selfie shooting starting to look cold out here that's a jellyfish bobbing around it happened nine miles off San Francisco David Lesch and his companion Kayla were in his single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza when it lost power flying above them as David's close friend fellow pilot Owen lai Pelt sending out Mayday calls to the coastguard David and Kayla were adrift in the ocean for about 40 minutes luckily a Coast Guard rescue helicopter was on a training mission nearby and this is the moment David and Kayla knew they would be saved the whole time you're shooting video I mean that's pretty incredible I tried to record you know the the things that that seemed important to the airplane you know going down the helicopter coming in also out there starting to get cold my life has definitely been a pretty crazy one and we were sort of just appreciating you know the this being another insane thing that that I've you know has happened to me in my life and we were there when the two pilots were reunited David did a fantastic job putting the airplane in the wall I could not have done it better myself to the very end David continued shooting video even as they were hauled aboard the chopper to safety wet shivering with cold but thrilled to be alive [Music] you [Music]