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the following educational video is not intended to sensationalize the subject matter contained within its only purpose is to alert and educate the public to what seems to be a serious and rapidly growing epidemic in our nation some of the accounts descriptions and illustrations in this video are explicit viewer discretion is advised the climate of fear pervades everything Nebraska is a state of fear I got this out in Nebraska and it says if you can't read it homosexual prostitution probe ensnares officials of Bush Reagan White House call boys even midnight or of the White House on the backside he talks about children being taken off the streets of America in addition to credit card fraud the investigation is said to be focused on the illegal interstate prostitution abduction and use of minors for sexual perversion extortions larceny and related to listen drug trafficking now when I got this there's no way I can tell us the truth okay it could be a Xerox thing different headlines and they could have filled this whole thing in but I called Rodriguez in The Washington Times this was running in 1989 and I said was this the only story and was this run on the front page the way it indicated he says it was and I wrote 60 stories all together about this and I'm asking you if major paper in Washington DC is running headlines about children who are kidnapped off the streets of America being prostituted even into the White House don't you think that if the news media were disseminating information as they normally would it would be picked up and run across the country what would have happened with Richard Nixon if the Washington Post's had run the Watergate stuff and no other paper had picked up on it at all and no Associated Press and no one had picked up on what was going on that is literally what's happening today that's very apparent and very obvious that there is a certainly degree of cover-up here and there's an attempt to quash the what a little bit of news that has come out and to slant it ain't it by the various major publications in the state of Nebraska and mainly because I think because the prominent people were involved in this that one register was very concerned about who was fine to be delivering the papers like the next day and they told us we had to find a replacement to find a replacement under those situations I told them where to put the papers and the presses the press does not want to talk about what's going on I'm using this means of bringing this information to you because all of the people that I have dealt with in the making of this program have universally said America is censored America is under censorship America is terrorized by what is going on [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] now I want to step back and take you back to what happened in Nebraska we had the Franklin Credit Union we had the Credit Union going down we had people who had money invested in the credit union going to senator Lauren Schmidt and Lauren Schmidt forming the Franklin committee to investigate what was going on he was investigating what happened to the money why did that Credit Union fail he wasn't investigating the prostitution of children he wasn't investigating satanic activity and so on - what did he find as his investigator got into it he began to bring video tapes tapes of children who told of the things that went on in the Franklin Credit Union itself they have a bedroom in it he said it's probably one of the few savings and loans in the country with its own bedroom and then more and more information began to come out about Larry King Larry Lawrence King a black man who sang the national anthem at the 1984 and 1988 presidential conventions and I have a picture of him with Maureen Reagan right next to him now that man brought children to the a for convention and to the 88 convention for the purposes of prostitution he had a peak inaugural ball party in Washington DC and rented a huge house and spent millions of dollars to bring children from Nebraska there as prostitutes and what happened when all of this came to light the FBI stepped in and cross-examined every one of the children and told them if they did not recant their testimony they would be liable to as much as five hundred and thirty years in prison for perjury they were grilled for our on our the ones who didn't recant ended up either dead or in jail definitely in my opinion the conspiracy I acted sad to say that the conspiracy if not a direct conspiracy certainly a loose-knit conspiracy by the mere fact that these kids if it's true and I have a tendency to believe it it's true these kids were transported to Los Angeles where they obtained drugs where they were involved in Richards ceremony they were transported to Washington DC where they were claimed they were molested and and there's some obviously some cop fella political figures involved in this sort of thing here is a piece of information that came to me in the mail it came from the investigation by the Franklin committee of the Nebraska Legislature it was verified in its authenticity by Republican senator Lauren Schmidt of the unicameral of the Nebraska Legislature who verified the truth and authenticity of it I want to give you a picture of true horror but children were not merely abused one victim described an incident at a farm near Elkhorn Nebraska in 1981 or 82 where a ten-year-old boy wasn't repeatedly sodomized and beaten by older men he finally lay crying with blood streaming from his rectum one of the men took up a pitchfork playfully playing with him at first but finally sticking one time into him while the boy screamed and the other men stood around and laughed finally the whole pitchfork was stuck through him killing him snuff films were involved as well another young boy was taken by someone in the king circle from Nebraska to another city and forced to perform oral sex on a man as the abuser reached orgasm he shot the boy in the head with a pistol all of which was filmed our private investigation has led us on all of these trails years ago to the snuff films to a lot of things and many of our friends and associates because they didn't want to hear it it was too horrible to want to be close to you they're like this well though security blanket was rippled and people's I mean even when you talk about please they they don't want to talk about it because that upsets their security and in the system it's just like there's somebody found out that a fire department wouldn't come to your house if you had a fire the same kind of deal for one more thing this report states it reaches high into Republican Party circles in Washington DC pedophilia owns this nation pedophilia is part of what we're talking about and the hiding of the pedophiles is being done by none other than the FBI it was sometime in August in the year that Johnny was kidnapped when a neighbor ladies saw this car sitting there with California plates on taking pictures of many different things but Johnny was on his paper at the same time apparently she was shooting pictures or you know she was putting the cam random whether she took the picture that we presume was and the lady call the police department about it they never ever checked it out then they lost the license plate number the lady had wrote down after this ordeal she didn't have lights plate number anymore either and then roughly a month later on September 5th 1982 that's when Johnny was kidnapped on his paper route and people that were there that morning at the corner said that the only thing they saw in this guy's car was a brown manila envelope laying on the front seat whether it was a picture whether it was a work order to kidnapping or whatever it was we presume it with property both and at the time of the abduction John left the house at about 555 in the morning and headed towards the paper drop area and that part way there a man in a car had pulled over and I was ten for directions and then Johnny continued on the sidewalk up to the corner where the other boys were waiting to pick up their papers the man then took off in his car and evidently circled way around our housing block and another one to come back to the same area and pull in on 42nd Street where Johnny and another boy and 44 year old attorney was standing he was picking up his sons papers the man pulled over to the curb opened up the door shut off the engine and put his feet out on the ground and began to engage all of them in conversation mostly it was about asking for directions and the two witnesses had a very very good look at the man because it was under a streetlight and that became very valuable later because they did work with a composite artist that we hired to construct the composite drawing which the authorities now use they don't use the one that they did and the man was Mediterranean or Spanish probably in his 40s just impeccably dressed very neat the car was very neat the witnesses had an exact description of the car the man spoke with a very slurred speech pattern at that point the lawyer left the area taking the papers with him for his sons and our son made the statement to the other boy you know this guy's weird there's something wrong here I'm going home he was scared so Johnny took off down the street to head for home which at that point he was headed north and he had to go one block north and then turn and go another block west to get back up to our block he got halfway down the street and the boy that was sitting at the corner who was 16 heard our dog begin to growl who was walking along with Johnny and at that point he looked up and he saw a very very tall thin man he estimated them to be probably about 8 or 10 inches taller than Johnny came out from between two houses and fell in behind Johnny and followed him down the street and around the corner out of sight then just seconds later two other boys approached from a different area to get their papers and they swiftness Johnny's sitting on his wagon slumped over like he was sick they didn't wave doubt and continued on nobody suspected impending danger they'll get to the corner and at that moment they all heard the slamming of a corridor and the screech of tires and that same blue car came right through the stop sign turned left which was north and headed out of town the noise awakened a boy who was living at the corner in a house and the upstairs and his bedroom window faced that Street and when he looked out all he saw was Johnny's wagon and the kind of taking off they'd already thrown him in the car and with all of that evidence he still did have difficulty getting an initial fast reaction and investigation started with the police they wanted to tend to believe that any kid that age would run away even face you know in the face of five witnesses that each saw a part of this whole kidnapping take place it was an incredible situation the time frame basically was somewhere between six oh three and six oh six or seven is when apparently johnny was abducted we didn't find out about it until 6:30 or someone that area one of our neighbors called and want to know where their Sunday paper was because Johnny always delivered the papers on time and so I got my car where I found the wagon with the papers in it and paper bag and all these type of things and came back home and I told her and I says call the police or something wrong I can't find Johnny but it's y against up there and what even made me do that instead of going around and looking and all around but I I just felt something with rule because the dog was back now what really surprised me don't make sure - I'll check come back home can you see johnny was the type of kid that was very responsible he had a perfect service award' for every month that he had the newspaper so it wouldn't be like him to abandon a whole wagon full of newspapers and go lollygaggin someplace when your son we knew something was wrong medially it took about 45 minutes for the police to come over and our house is ten blocks from the police station from the time I called the police until they got here I had already called for our older son to be sent home from his place of employment because we knew that the family was going to have to pull together I had called our daughter at college and made arrangements for her fiance to bring her right here I had called the district manager at the newspaper and I had found out the names of all the kids that picked up papers at the corner and I had already had a phone conversation with them and in that phone conversation they described the man the way he spoke the car the color of the car what the man was wearing everything was very detailed because it was very fresh and I had all that information before the police ever walked into the house we weren't prepared for what was going to happen next and that was basically meth I mean it was up to John and I at that point in time to go to the press and beg for help in having them show Johnny's pictures so that people knew he was missing there was not the adequate measures taken initially the Des Moines Register was very concerned about who was going to be delivering the papers like the next day and they told us we had to find a replacement to find a replacement out of those situations I told one worth of the papers and the presses in August of 1984 and it was about four days before the Martin boy was kidnapped from Des Moines I was asked to fly to Washington DC and testify and Senate hearing and it was organized crime hearings and their possible connection to kidnapped cases I wasn't asked to come in for all of the missing children hearings which had been held earlier in the year but they had me come for this other one which I thought was kind of strange at the time but our private detective had been digging up a lot of information showing an overall network in the country and that Johnny was a possible victim of that network as opposed to just a random pedophile running around Des Moines so when I presented what we had in our case the person that followed me in was a member of the FBI and what they had laid on the table about this size was nothing but one publication after another after another that had all been taken from a pedophile in a raid that the FBI conducted and one of the things was a book on how to molest small children without leaving marks and the more talking toddlers how to coerce or abduct a child into a car the how-to books that teach pedophiles to do this paraphernalia that would be used in some type of sexual torture for children and when the other interesting thing that was there on the table was a book of pictures of kids with not yet been kidnapped the statement was that you could order a kid out of that book and the interesting thing is that in time to time when we do hear of reports of children being photographed either in a playground and or walking to and from school or just whatever in many cases there is an abduction attempt on the same child up to three weeks a month or two months later did anybody give any indication of how much it cost to buy one because what I'm saying is that this is not going to be done cheaply and it's not going to be done over a part of estimates of about fifty to seventy-five thousand dollars per child depending on the features and the looks on that child the innocence prepubescent children there are also has been documented by a number of private investigators who researched the periodically auctions take place in the United States different places they move around they don't just set up shop in one spot and publish and notice that there's gonna be an auction it's done very secretively and they might run ten to twenty kids at a time through an auction block and the buyers can be from foreign countries or whatever and then the child would never have a hope of ever getting back to his own country there are internment camps around the country where they keep these people after they kidnap them and I've heard of one at Des Moines I was a matter of fact I don't know one in West Virginia I know one in Nevada near the Arizona border I know of some in California and also in the state of Washington and these are well organized their their camps where they keep the people behind cages and I've been told that they're involved in brainwashing in these particular camps didn't end up in these kids the amla stands for North American boy love Association and this was brought to our attention it was acquired through an underground connection and it was the date on here is June of 1983 just a few months after johnny was taken and on the front page of Nablus bulletin down at the bottom they are warning all of their members of which Iowa has many all of their members not to in any way comply with the FBI and in submit to any kind of questioning on the Johnny Gosch case and they were very careful to spell it out Johnny Gosch case then this is continued over here on page three there's another section about Johnny Gosch now why would a rag like this need to warn their members not to talk about our case unless there's some connection this is written to dr. Judy Ann Benson Gerber who by the way is on the hit list of people I'm writing you at present to request of at the request of an organization that is not interested in advancing the cause of kiddie porn for the sake of the education of children but rather for the social recognition of children's sexuality for the acceptance of the sexual expression of adults that desire sexual relations of a loving and tender nature with children and ultimately for raising human beings without the typical sexual impediments that are so prevalent in our judeo-christian society in other words if it's good for us it's good for the nation now I have actual records of a meeting of the man-boy Association in 1979 they have six hundred twenty dollars in their bank account as of that time by 1989 they were depositing five billion dollars in the Franklin Credit Union in Nebraska what for to pay for children kidnapped across the country to pay for taking children out of Boys Town and out of girls town to be used for prostitution purposes and porn films now John and Noreen Gosch are well-to-do people well together people and Johnny was their son late in life so they were able to put a great deal of resources and a great effort into putting information across the country about the kidnapping of Johnny they said we had to sell candy and have fundraisers and so on to put out all those posters and everything that we put out across the United States but in 1987 the word came down from on high from people who were following the gotchas and following the gosh family and that was you shut up right now and say no more about the North American there oh I love Association the threats came throughout the year of 1987 and 88 we had a lot of activity on the case we were moving in a direction where we thought we really were gonna close in on the who did it part so that became a threat to whoever was responsible to want to stop us and there was harassment that went on towards us that you wouldn't believe people would come here in the middle of night and they would throw things at the house to wake us up and when we would see them on the back yard and by the time we could get outside or the police could get here the people with gone the phone call in question came shortly after John and I had made a trip out of stayed and it was business on Johnny's case and we had gotten to this one state and John said I don't feel comfortable at this hotel I don't know why I just don't want to stay here so we went up to another hotel and checked in and did our business and came home and we want to go three days but 10 days later I got a call that one came to my office where there were no taping facilities that call came to my office and a voice said it was a male very gruff voice and he said you made it very difficult for us to watch you you switched hotels on us and then proceeded to tell us what rental car agency we used where we went where we ate in other words details enough to prove to us that somebody was looking over our shoulder and for what reason we didn't know other than we might be hitting paydirt we might be getting close to something because that would be an indication we've got a theorem and then over the period of months other family members will receive threats on them that if we did not back out of certain aspects of this investigation that someone else would be hurt when we already knew that they had access to our comings and goings that this could be very easily done come home different nights and our fortunate would be out we would always be that porch light burning that was kind of a symbol of hope that we started in the beginning of the case it wouldn't be burned out it would be screwed out I hit somebody would actually come up here and remove the bulb and see when we would get home we think oh the ball burned out we need to replace in the morning John go out there and the whole bulk was gone I mean insidious things were going on we would get a phone call in the middle of the night and somebody would just do this just tap they'd say nothing within 20 minutes somebody would be in her backyard throwing stuff at the house making sure that we knew they were there the police traced the calls and they told us that every phone call came from a phone booth within a radius of our home there are the driving time for about 15-20 minutes and he said that lieutenant that was in charge of our case that if we know which phone booth to stake out next we wait there for them but they use a different one each time this went on for months absolutely and finally the culmination of it took place one week John is in Denver and happened to be in August and it started off the beginning of the week I came home one day in the phone ring and it was a well-known man in Des Moines who has walked both lines of the law and he's he's well known and he identified itself on the phone taking the risk that if the phone was tapped you know that people would recognize his name and he said I don't want to scare you but someone has put out the word to make a hit on you me and he said whatever it is that you need from us there's no strings attached for your protection and I said well it was this about and he said just do not leave town do not go out of town for any reason and that was his warning well I hung up the phone and I'm sitting and I'm thinking okay all this other stuff had been going on for months and I'm thinking to myself now who's playing a joke on us you know because it was just so ridiculous a couple minutes later to pollute the phone rang again it was the police and they said please stay there at the house we're coming over they came over and they had received the same phone call from the same man telling them that they better you know circle the wagons because something was gonna happen something was impending and then is when it was at that time I had I had also been filling in the police things that have been going on for months and the threats and they so they had a log of it already as in a progression it was at that point that week that there was a much more concern shown for us and a level of cooperation that came between the police the FBI and us for the first time on the case I was told to just go to my office at home not to go anywhere else at night anywhere nothing so I didn't that Thursday of that week it was in the middle of the night the phone rang and it was a man who said that he wanted me to get out of flight leaving Des Moines and he gave the flight number flying into Kansas City on a small plane and then take an Eastern airliner from there to Tulsa Oklahoma rent-a-car and he told me which agency to use take that car and go to the holiday and he specified which one and wait to check in when you check it into my own name and wait to be contacted did he had information about Johnny well there was the invitation to go out of town that they were waiting for and I called the police right away I taped the code tape recorded the call and I called the police right away and they said get dressed get ready we're on our way look at the FBI and we'll all be there so they came and I told him again with the man sent and they said oh we have to decide what to do the man had said that he had made a reservation for me in my name so we're sitting here deliberating about what to do with the FBI they wanted me to get on the plane and go to take the trip and it was the police lieutenant who just sat here and just pounded the table and said you cannot send her you have to send a police woman dressed like her because they want her to take the small plane in to Kansas City he said there's a lot of ways to get to Tulsa other than using that route but they they wanted me on that small plane because it unloaded out on the tarmac they didn't use a jet jet way and the police here were afraid that there might be a sniper in Kansas City waiting and if I made it somehow miraculously through Kansas City that there would be somebody waiting in Tulsa and I never come back to Des Moines again well do FBI said that they couldn't make a decision locally they would have to go back to their office and call Washington for instructions so at that point I said well did anybody bother to call the airline and find out if this turkey really did make a reservation for me so they called the airline from here and the reservation has said that someone had called in on the 800 number after midnight and made a reservation in my name on that flight so then they knew this was serious and by the time the day progressed the flight left at 4:59 so they had to make some fast decisions they finally did agree to send a police woman but it was only after the FBI offered me money to go they offered to pay for all of my flight food rental car everything and send a plainclothesman to stay with me at all times and I refused I said no this is what the warning was earlier this week enough for me I was advised not and I'm going to so they send a policewoman in my place and they caught the guy who approached her and he's now serving time in the Oklahoma penitentiary thieves are trying to figure it was a panel discussion on Satanism and pedophilia a tough topic on Michaelson in the morning information from a panelist divulged key facts regarding the 1982 kidnapping of paper boy Johnny Gosch information Noreen gush says her investigators have been secretly working on for 14 years author John szalinski says it involves an informant close to the case he has identified him as Johnny Gosch and said I saw him over the years as I travel the country he might have accompanied the man who kidnapped Johnny Gosch when he was only about 13 or 14 years old Paul Bonacci has a photographic memory he can't remember every day every place every person every scar and he has identified Johnny Gosch he helped to kidnap Johnny Gosch he was only 12 or 13 at the time and he was taken along he also identified the fact that in 1987 when mrs. gosh was threatened when they were told their children would be killed if they revealed that they thought that North American man-boy love Association was the kidnap ring at that very time Paul Bonacci was making a pornographic film with Johnny Gosch who was a slave in a house of prostitution in colorado i'm judy and ensign gerber i am a psychiatrist and a lawyer and have been practicing since 1967 at that time my major interest was in drug abuse and I founded the Odyssey house programs across the United States in Australia New Zealand and in Hong Kong by 1985 however I began to see a new phenomenon and that phenomenon was that the patients that I was seeing many of whom had disassociated disorders post-traumatic stress which I've talked about but also multiple personality and therefore could only remember fragments of what had happened to them but these fragments were coming out in their 30s began to remember ritualistic cult abuse and to my sadness having been a religious major in college I realized that there were many people who used their children in the worship of the Prince of Darkness say the Lucifer Isis which is an Egyptian Prince of the princess of Darkness actually married to the king of the underworld and that we had many many victims of this type of activity someone who had knew that this was my field and knew that there were implications of ritual and satanic cult abuse in the Nebraska Franklin Credit Union scandal and embezzlement of funds and that the major witness in that poor Benassi happened to be a victim himself at a very early age of child molestation had been a boy prostitute had been important pictures had also pointed to his his statements participated in five cult murders and was a multiple personality very much like civil is the one that I'm sure most people will know we faces of Eve that because he was a multiple personality and since I was an expert in disassociation and multiplicity would I see him for the purposes of whether or not he was credible when interviewing people Benassi he definitely said that he had seen - and he had seen gosh on two separate occasions in a child white slave house he also described that gosh had an unusual birthmark this birth bach was not part of the general information and when he shared that with mr. garcin and eventually with mrs. gosh they said that it had to be their son now for this would have been about at least four years after the initial kidnapping occurred to me the fact that he had seen his young man alive in a child white slave house could describe a physical aspect that was not a usual one that the parents themselves said that they believed that he had seen his son definitely deserved to be looked into I mean that isn't something you can just turn aside interestingly enough I had a very where I say goose-pimply kind of experience with Benassi in that when we were talking about another very famous child attend papaya which paid to some people pronounce it whose parents have as the gashes have spent endless hours searching for their lost son much pain actually I did ask have you seen him he said he didn't know and he wasn't sure and then I received a letter from him about a month later for many of his prediction personalized they write me separately and one of them said to me dr. danciger I wasn't totally honest with you I didn't tell you everything because I had seen you on December 28 1982 at a rally at Holiday Inn in New York and you were pointed out to me by David thought that the head of the North American man-boy love Association which is called nebula which I have the distinction and honor in my mind to be public enemy number one of I do not agree that young boy should be aroused to erection at six months of age or they're being diapered by their mothers so that they learn what the quotes equipment is for and quotes I just think that this is a travesty will increase the oedipal conflict that this is not something mothers should do this is not something that should happen to children when that being died for children should be loved without being sexual growth but he said to me in 1990 that he had seen me in actually in 1982 at such and such a place at such and such a time and had been told that I was marked to die and therefore he was afraid of what he could have couldn't tell me what would happen to me I would back and check my diary and I was exactly that I was those are the kinds of things that convinced me that there was a great deal in what Benassi was saying in Nebraska that had to be further investigated and that to bring him up on charges for lying for the grand jury when they haven't investigated I'll give you were perfect to send one of the alleged perpetrators was also told by everyone that he had a large abdominal scar it would seem to me I don't I don't even to be a physician that if you're told by someone that X has a logic dominance car and that he is a perpetrator or pedophilia all you have to do is look at the man's abdomen if he does he or does he not have the scar no one to this day has ever looked at this person's abdomen nor has he been willing to show this afternoon I mean if I were an innocent person accused of a heinous crime of constantly buying boy prostitutes I'd sure as shoot be willing to show whether or not I had an appendectomy scar an abdominal scar if I didn't have one it would only be if I had one that I would stay buttoned up [Music] you all know what does not film is snuff film is what it implicates you snuff out a candle well you snuff out a life in this film and Paul Bonacci has taken part in a film in which he had sex with a boy both before and after he was killed as I got to learn know more about Benassi and he wrote me letters and I listened to his descriptions of the rites of the different sects that he had been in of the killings of who performed the fetal Eucharist which is the actual drinking of the blood and eating cannibalizing the child of the newborn or the Border's my or an adult in some instances I discovered that everything he said fit into one would say the traditional rites of the Antichrist sex he had conducted human sacrifice she said I gave him all kinds of quizzes which if he wasn't part of a satanic circle and he hadn't achieved the various steps of Satanism he wouldn't know I said to him did you ever heat the eyes and he said no because my other personality Christian wouldn't let me go to the ceremony that night now eating the eyes means that you're high up in the hierarchy of Satanism and you pluck the eyes out of the human and eat them we were going to discuss a communion in the Roman Catholic Church it would be the same in Rome and in England and in France in Australia and in China and wherever Roman Catholicism were practiced well the Satanists do the same thing so that when they are performing certain rights they have the dagger and it's a similar dagger throughout the world with which they do the killings they have a complete communion plate which has certain markings on it they have the chalice they have this steel o or stiletto with which newborns child is punctured hardest punctured by the mother actually of this child that mother can be as young as 12 to 13 very frightening and then she drew us out that blood there was a other rituals he discussed and only certain priests or certain levels in the hierarchy are permitted to do those rituals and he knew every single ritual correctly and who was to do them so there was no doubt in my mind that he had intimate personal knowledge I've talked to many many Paul Bonacci who told the same basic story people from Pennsylvania Florida Texas Northern California Southern California Washington and people who tell them the same story throughout the United States it used to be that the bodies were cremated there were arrangements with them with the funeral pyres and the children in Nebraska were involved in this described situations in which they had a human sacrifice in the house they hacked the body up they stuck it in a couple of gunnysacks plastic bags good Huskie once and took it on to the car and to their way to the funeral parlor and cremated the whole remains there are children who described being trained on cats to insert a knife up the rectum of a cat and rip it open as a training to doing the same with live babies and the woman who got long cable access television and said the foster children I've had in my home and she was a very brave lady and she took the worst foster children the foster children that no one else would take and one by one they began to tell her about being involved in these satanic things and she said one girl at Christmastime lay on the floor and screamed for two and a half hours she said I can't get the sound of the babies crying out of my head Christmas is the worst time because that's when we killed the most babies the children I have talked to have all had to murder before the age of two I mentioned that last week and we we kind of went right on past it that is something that is beyond anything I could comprehend right but in some way whether with the help of an adult's hand over theirs or by having them practice by getting them excited to be part of the adult scene these children have never seen a normal life for goodness sakes they do murder and the evil thing that happens is they really believe they want to they they want to do what the older people are doing and they're praised for that and that becomes their goal to be like the adults and to do these horrible things there is a little part in them that I believe we all have that natural good god-given part that knows it's wrong but in a group and in the excitement of everything they want to do that they enjoy the sex children are capable of enjoying the sex that was something I didn't know well you know why would they fight against it a child will eat a bag of candy if you give it to them they will take part in these things willingly when they get out and begin to talk that's very difficult for them to realize we didn't realize it at first that they actually wanted to do that and that is part of the very sophisticated brainwashing job that they do on all of these children the part that made me to believe this chance three was that when he finally said this baby he talked about several but this particular baby had been killed have to get a different way but stamp he curled up in a fetal position he was nine years old when he was telling the story he'd curled up in a fetal position and his eyes got real glazed and he said they cook that baby on the grill oh my god and I thought he has really flipped out I mean I didn't know and he said Oh gross that smelled like rotten chicken or rotting deer he then went on and told us how they would cut out the heart or they would cut off the sex organs they would save them in the refrigerator in the freezer and this is a very typical thing that these kids talk about they worship the sex organs I suppose they're so into themselves and it is life and nature and all of that I don't know and it's very decadent deviant it is nothing a Christian person would care to even hear about so that is part of the reason I'm sure that they do that but they he witness that and they kept it for another ceremony they will always use these bodies one way or another I didn't get any answers from that child about what happened to the bodies where did they go eventually the little ones that I was talking about first talked about throwing the babies in the fire and I asked about that and - I mean they were dead and then they turn on the fire and the lowest one said you know you know them was alive and then through them you know like this the most horrible story about fire that I have to tell and this is extremely extremely disturbing it was a little girl she has a teenager as she was telling it his story and she was describing the barn where they used to go to have their meetings and she told how they would gather outside of the barn and do their chanting and then as they went on into the barn they would be split into different groups and she was never with any of her family they all went to different places and I asked her where she had to go and she said all I was always in a burning room and as she went on and described the burning room I thought how she came out of this with any sanity at all I don't know she was very small very small child they would take young children and I were probably talking preschoolers I don't think that they dealt much with the older ones and they would hang them from a rafter in this barn and there would be as many as five to ten huh in a row and they would be fully clothed which is unusual because frequently they're all naked through who the children like this girl we're all given candles and you can picture the ceremony as she described it and the candles were lit one by one then the adults would go forward and they would pour from a cup some liquid on each of the children's clothing which is obviously gasoline or kerosene we didn't know that there and then after whatever it was they had to do they'd give the signal and these others would have to go forward and set the children on fire when they were done they would just cut them down the first child that this girl had to kill was a cousin I'm gonna cousin you know what does that do to you what what does it do to your inside we're her but you couldn't object because the children that objected well killing frequently she said people would come they'd come as families like we would go to some big festive gathering not knowing that their child would be sacrificed and she would describe the screams of the parents when they realized that their child had been killed and she talked about them being cut down and how they would draw a circle around the body and one treatment when she first told me those things I knew she was telling the truth it wasn't that but I didn't understand it and I still can't tell you every answer but I know that circles aren't important and during these rituals they were all draw the circles or in some way they will have a circle because they believe that these demons that come can't break through the circle to find them she had also told about how the parents would kneel outside that circle where the child had fallen to like prayed to the chalice what she said I've been told by people that know a lot more than I do that the reason for all of this death and murder is because of the belief in the demons and the power that they can get from that and these people believe that the more innocent the victim the more horrible the death the closer you are at the moment of death the more magic is released and the more spiritual power they get are working with the North American man-boy love Association to market children and they're also running the drugs there are certain like forces Gerry Samantha with Chicago Police Department he's certainly doing something about this the sheriff's office in Los Angeles and the LAPD have an officer who's in charge of satanic crimes unfortunately many of these officers do not have a real good grasp on the situation many times there there have a tendency to believe it's more like street gangs where they write the satanic graffiti on the wall but it's much deeper than that as you know there are police officers let me stop you here isn't the street gang essentially this the bottom rung delivery boys in this relative rights levels of this ritualistic activity is you I'm sure you're aware right and we're talking oftentimes about important people doctors lawyers absolutely it goes much further beyond the street gangs and people realize it goes up into the professional people but the street gangs are operating with the drugs and with the child kidnapping believe that's red I just in Des Moines I have found an area where the gangs meet underneath the bridge and it said on there and missing children are dead I hope I'm going to stick in you in a minute you may want not to watch all of this but this is a video that comes out of the video store in Washington Iowa and your 15 year old or your 14 year old could go and check it out because it is not a rated video it is a documentary of a life situation or a death situation and this is a human sacrifice and this is part of the video called faces of men this was shown to a group of us in Nebraska Nebraska Leadership Conference I went out there to attend this to find out what was going on and Ely or a Kansas City homicide detective showed this and he said this is available in any town in America and my first thought on seeing this because it must be a porn store it must be a town big enough to have a pornographic video store and that's not true does anybody know Shrieve Ohio you know how small Shrieve Ohio is you know Millersburg in Oh Goshen all of these towns have it you know Washington they don't have a video store in Kelowna there's no place I could look Iowa City all over the place it is everywhere in this country and what's more when I step up to a store and ask if they've got it I stopped in Millersburg at a grocery store and they said we don't have it we don't stock that kind of thing and I said how many people are asking for it and who are seeing this young people and what is happening after they see something like this there's every indication that the cult groups have established preschools across the country and even overseas I know of a preschool in Australia and I know some in Europe that were actually organized by Americans and they use these preschool number one to recruit the children ages 2 to 4 to 5 and also they use these children in their ritual ceremonies going on 22 years old she's been in solitary confinement longer than any other woman in Nebraska history what she did was talk to the Nebraska Legislature talk to the Franklin committee and tell them what had happened to her from the age of 12 the FBI warned her she'd spend a long time in prison if she did recant she's a born-again Christian she's been in solitary confinement with nothing to read but her Bible and they thought we're gonna break this lady we're going to break this girl and she said not till I die will I give up will I recant my story and there are a group of people in Nebraska called the Nebraska Leadership Council and they're working now with a petition and I'm supposed to have a copy of that petition it soon sent to me and in that petition they're going to ask for her unconditional release now what I'm saying to you is Alisha bonds is America's youngest political prisoner who put her there the FBI and others why because one of the things she said was I saw a vice president than a president at these parties in Washington DC now Judy and ensign Gerber confirms this she's a friend of a president she grew up with him and she says I am rethinking my relationship to him because of what I now know is going on and I was told both mentioned names so I'm going to say to you in this state I feel that everyone from the Governor on down should be voted out of office in the state of Nebraska I feel the same thing in the US Congress I feel the same thing on one newspaperman not one journalist in this state not the Cedar Rapids Gazette not the Des Moines Register not the Quad City Times not the Telegraph Herald all of which have run stories on me not one of them willing to pick up the telephone and make one single telephone call to begin verifying the truth of what I'm saying I have been dismissed out of hand bill Casey publisher of The Daily Iowan is so incensed by my very appearance that he goes absolutely stark raving mad [Music] No well I have slut reasons you have no right in your videotape what reason do you have to kick me out but I am only seeking to give you who's not going in there we carry their important injunction easy time fluency for doing this information that's what the court told me now get out of this building the cops are gonna be here in 30 seconds is not the information that I am trying to give you now it has nothing to do what I talk to you you can pain in my ass for four five years I don't want you in here to find out I'm saying you have no entering that offer I'm gonna push you but I want to ask you this do you in effect this is what I found out I went into them to give them escape did you harassed our turnoff I said you're going to get it as a public villain yes but this is not public space I'm not in there I mean the were not in that's alright your space they should be here in a minute okay you know he's crazy little girl okay I'm threatening him because this guy's threatened us for five years look you have no right in our newsroom what have I threatened I have you have you never made a somebody if I had lie you then I suggest your money your lawyer told me you have enough set in the world don't bother soon-young okay let's go go now bye you're that a man of your supposing statute I have the same thing that Jim leach is office does everybody in the state you're crazy you say that newspapers have no business listening to anything I have well you come here you've talked to us for three hours as soon as we disagree with you you start cause motherfucker and every other word you're the craziest guy hey I have never heard the word motherfucker or anything like that from me oh I do not use the kind of language you use that's not your land and you don't have to argue you mate now I want to say one thing would you dare understand that no the one you put in my face you want to listen to that yeah give it to me I'll listen to it but I don't want to have to sit here listen to you okay that's fine I'm a us back to you have your address get a car to give me this goes along with it alright now this does not come from me you turn it on and I have confirmed with senator Lauren Schmidt of the Nebraska Legislature the truth of this matter that I give you I now have been talking to John and Noreen Gosch and I will be taping John and Noreen Gosch about the kidnapping of children and about its association with Iowa all right we will listen to this and we'll send it back to you all right and he will send a letter saying that you have listened to it and yes send it back and yet what ham I said of bill Casey that bill Casey has acted inappropriately that he has acted irresponsibly I have not called him names I have not made threats and yet you would think I was threatening to do something horrible to him yet all I said is bill will you give me a few minutes of your time will you look at this material but you'll make a phone call not bill Casey I just said my new version that is every day and there's a man here well he's videotaping right now [Music] get out of the fucking newsroom all right go ahead - do I have to cover up your fucking camera jaws the newsroom you do not have my permission to be here just get the hell out I have nothing to say to you at all about anything on any topic ever so get the fuck out of the newsroom right now person from go on out [Music] [Music] not John Robertson of the Cedar Rapids Gazette not the publisher of the Des Moines Register no no no mustn't touch and that's why we no longer have freedom of the press you