[Music] were you alive four years ago everyone no well did you see this on your socials yes [Applause] [Music] that was big but this is way bigger [Applause] big thank you to kiwico for sponsoring this video they helped make these shenanigans happen we'll talk more about them later we haven't even said there's 50 people coming oh yeah the last game mode everyone we've got like 50 of our mates and they're all going to come and play at once it's going to be so loose boys let's get building heck [Music] rexy boy this is the big moment final three tubies are going up you may not know this but this was actually dreamed up more than four years ago before we did the basketball connect four game i'm excited rex is pumped bursting at his stitches aren't you [Music] it is complete never played this game before we've never practiced we've never like nothing this is the first clean board it's ever been built we have to just do the classic 1v1 of course yes i think so i reckon we just ramp things up to craziness our wives are coming later for a bit of a beer husband versus wives this is gonna have it all should we just test it works thank you rexy oh no fun game for who gets to play the first ever game of website no scott three two one go one two three oh coming in sitting out the first round by choice i would say in the end i decided i was giving up no i'm just talking rubbish i hate losing so these two are going traditional then winner plays me in a mayhem not an easy game but with 50 people a lot more balls yeah it'll be nuts i'm just gonna go middle and then i'll just try and connect four i reckon see that's that's really good ready for this yeah you're gonna blow my mind aren't you gonna win no i know yeah a little small go on the jackie moon be that man [Music] he's got the height oh that's two what's going on [Applause] oh oh [Applause] oh wow i could say that was clutch we both had about 30 goes at that square don't give me an inch stanford take that mile oh god he hasn't quite does that whole regulation still alive you put him to bed you tuck him in you give him the teddy and off the kiss on the forehead and say good night loser he may have found it i found it what a fun game i mean you gave me as big a sniff as i could hope for everyone that went in did feel good the ones that missed felt bad i'll take this onson i want to just say something to folks real quick what does feel good for the viewers out there is when we drop and upload this year's upload principle everyone we upload when the videos are ready to go and we're trying to make the best possible videos that we're trying to make with a pinch of salt you're going to get some weeks where there's a drought you're also maybe going to get some weeks where it's back to back-to-back yeah but i think on average go away mate every second every second week for all you fans who remember the basketball connect 4 game you remember the mayhem version which is mayhem throw in as much as you want as fast as you want first one to connect four wins to be honest the triceps are a little fatigued so i'm up against it here three two one [Music] [Music] this is horrible two reds in one yellow just a little bit more spices oh how was that knockout it was dropping massive i wore a dark shirt for a reason but there's a lake there and there's an ocean there and there worth every drop of sweat for that win well played it's one of my bigger victory laps too i couldn't catch you big news we are doing a meet and greet again with the meet and greet we're doing a video big so on the main the 14th of april at the jinjin tower yep only 400 tickets there's a link you've got to get that it's free yep we'll also do drops off the tower there'll be lots of crazy fun stuff you'll be able to meet us buy some merch get a signature if that floats your boat get a selfie wealthy i think it's gonna be a good day so i hope to see you there next game mode we have all the boys taking on all of our wives who have just rocked up so we have mrs stamford mrs harry mrs wallace mrs and they are going to be versing us in mayhem version we are shooting from behind this lines that make it a little bit more difficult for us and also jack mays fly the drone for a bit so um let's see what the wives have to say we've got top points for coordination of outfit i mean i love my wife i can go wrong i love mine as well but i'd be happy to see them not school [Music] yeah it's probably best we move on from this really yeah how quick are we deep jacks this doesn't make the edit i just don't think it really flowed that way all right we got 50 people banging down the door before before we let them in boys i just want to say quick word from me and us yes these projects cost a lot of money but they're really good we need sponsors we've got a sponsor kiwico big fan and they've been around a few times at the time yeah they're really back in the center yeah can we get behind them yes yeah because they're helping us bring this stuff to life legends they design hands-on projects for kids to expose them with concepts of steam so at home you get these crates yeah everything's in there isn't that right everything comes in the box don't need to go to the store stanford yeah and then you do get different ages boys yeah that's a 14 plus i've done something like this with my little girl's own good we loved it great fun yeah it was good last thing forward slash harity that'll get you 50 off your first crate yeah speaking of 50. let's let him in let's let the 50 in [Music] this is going to be flipping exciting you will notice the yellow team have red balls and the red team have yellow balls and that's because the game is actually going to start with them just sending them everywhere to make it harder for the other team we need to do what all good coaches do which is a great rev up speech let's see how we go here i know yellows bring it in everyone red team in come on i want to see a nice tight huddle here now i want to look all of you in the eyes i feel like it's starting isn't it it is i feel like it's coming remember we are lions immortality is yours take it zach all right let's go and get it is not an option we're winners boys now i know michael gave a great safety speech before but between me and you we do this guy's been a few videos this is big nick i'm glad he's on my team that thing is a monster pool i went too hard to really ever got half the speech three two one who's gonna get the first one in yes boys we got the first blood from the corner aaron is just really helping him get out of here oh thank god they go yellow yes [Music] team yellow it must have been the speech yeah you guys got second well done who got the win does anyone have it hey cameron get around the lads um do you want to play again i figured i figured three two one [Music] all right everyone we've had so much fun with this video amazing thanks so much for watching 44 club thanks for hanging out voices cooked