Plugging things in that SHOULD NOT be plugged in

today on this episode of don't try this at home we're going to be plugging in things that shouldn't be plugged in I made this extension cord and it looks pretty normal until you realize that it's got two plugs on the end of it and they don't make them like this for a reason because if you plug this extension cord in well whoops then suddenly this site is live with electricity which is kind of dangerous because you can just grab it and pick it up and then get shocked I will demonstrate it on a can of soda how about that deal so for the first test we're going to be plugging in a can of soda look at this thing it got blasted opened all right we gotta see what that looks like Jimmy pull that up even playing it back in slow motion the entire event only takes a fraction of a second and you can really see the power of the electricity that just really explodes the can like that even more so when I show you the freeze-frame of when it happens alright so we train shocking it on the ground but I'm pretty confident that I can hold this in my hand and shock it and I won't get shocked so if the science is right I should live let's try it three two one Oh work works very well I didn't get a shot at all this is obviously I pop the breaker but yep so the science is correct still it's dangerous don't try this at home shotgunning with electricity it's so bubbly I think this made it extra carbonated no that wasn't a magic trick that actually happened a nice shock to that cam right there in my hand and I didn't get shocked and the reason that I didn't get shocked is because well I'm not connected to the ground I'm wearing shoes so there's no way for the electricity to travel through me so it traveled through the can instead so I could touch the hot side I can touch the neutral side but as long as I don't touch them both together I won't get a shock now if I was kneeling and my skin was touching the ground or something and I did that I would definitely get a shock if I did that because there's a path from the hot wire through my knee into the ground I would feel that so the only reason this worked is because I'm isolated I'm floating in the air compared to the electricity so that's the science for you now it can get back to blowing some stuff up so next up we're going to be trying a subwoofer it says it can handle a thousand watts so let's plug it in and see what happens we're just going to connect it just like this and then plug it into the wall I hope he doesn't just explode after one second wait wait whoa whoa okay okay let's write again did we break it working for a second oh that's it there she blows should be coming out of the hole back there Oh smoke ring Wow obviously held up a lot more than I thought was going to I thought it was just gonna like immediately catch on fire cuz there's gonna be yeah well I can pop the breaker hey you know you should do leave in a positive Google review I will I will and I'll link to the video and I'll get some extra views now we're gonna be cooking some hotdogs oh don't call it that Sandra no what is it it's literally says Wiener on it alright so I guess there's not much preparation needed I mean you can probably just you and you're not it's screaming for help how's that smell so that wasn't exactly what I was expecting to happen okay so now instead of plugging the hotdogs directly into the wall what we're going to do is use these little pipe strapping things to equally distribute the electricity around the hotdogs instead of just like all the electricity and one spot heating it up too much so all right now so now we plug it in let me see if it cuts 84 89 oh it's getting spiked 91 95 90 80 bubbling which is cooking do we actually have hotdogs right here yes you do can you see it right here salty real salty well I guess I shouldn't mention that that's why the hotdog is cooking because it's conducting electricity because it's very salty each hotdog contains like half a gram of sodium which makes it a very nice electrical conductor you know what else is a good electrical conductor you are oh so that's why you shouldn't play with electricity because this could be your wiener if you play with electricity all right so you guys saw the clickbait phone now time to see what actually happens when you plug it in you ready Sandra no do it yeah that's right nothing happens you guys just dated so another random item you can Electrify is your ordinary pick on this is also very salty has a lot of acid very good conductor of electricity alright sorry guys ready 3 2 1 there you go electrified pickle electrical discharge of machining that pickle look at it go look at that highlight look at that high-aspect hole right through the pickle baby alright so it's soda cans work I also think what about butane or shaving cream first up we're going to try this can of butane it's mostly empty so even if it does make a fireball it's not gonna be that big cuz mostly empty so don't worry guys we just want to see if it will catch this on fire let's try it do you think it's gonna make a fireball you think I'm far enough away oh my got a better idea I'll do it like this right so then when I do the fireball it'll go that way oh how will it change where it's gonna explode cuz I'm gonna hit so yeah that was definitely enough electricity to blow a hole straight through that butane can you guys got a high speed oh yeah yeah Oh fireballs straight at the camera that gets pretty close to your hand that was pretty nice okay look at him reacting is it alright for the final test we're gonna be trying some shaving cream so we are in the splash zone are you guys ready this is scary [Music] you that was a disaster look at this a totally explode and it totally hit us that was fun plugging electricity into things fun idea so thank you guys for watching thanks to my brother and thanks for Sandra see you guys next time bye like fandom of the author he's bad