Point to Point JMS Applications communication w Serializable JAVA Objects




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How to setup the Java Build Path on a JMS application running on JBoss? What type of Java Objects can be exchanged between 2 JMS applications? How to generate get and set methods in eclipse? How to define a JMS Queue on a JBoss Application Server? When is the JMS MessageListener interface implemented? How does 2 JMS Point to Point applications communicate? What type of JMS messages are to communicate between 2 JMS applications? What is the JMS onMessage method? How to pickup the JBoss Context on a JMS application? How to pickup a JMS Queue instance? How to pickup a JMS QueueConnectionFactory instance? How to pickup and start a JMS QueueConnection? How to pickup a JMS QueueSession instance? How to pickup a JMS QueueReceiver instance? How to set a JMS QueueReceiver instance as a message listener? Can the same JMS QueueSession instance be used for both publishing and subscribing? How to write a Java command line interactive application? What is a JMS ObjectMessage and how is it used? What is running and testing a point to point jms application on JBoss?