Police Interceptors 🍀 Aggressive Youngster 🍀 Series 19 Episode 2

it's early doors in county durham while shoppers seek a bargain interceptors in billiam are hoping to pick something up themselves a black nissan suv was stolen two or three nights ago by what i believe to be means of a burglary that means someone's broken into a house and then took the keys for the car car thefts in england and wales are on the rise for the first time in a decade it's a trend the interceptors are keen to stop i've been i've been right round in here not anybody yeah i haven't looked around the bus do you think around the bottom right now mate we'll find them leading the hunts for the stolen car in the unmarked three series spike spike provided sniper cover at the 2012 olympics but the big man aims to pick off the car thief without a high powered rifle the nissan has triggered a local anpr camera somewhere near here we've got all assets um searching for this car now spike's not the only interceptor playing hunts denissa three miles away staying put and hoping the mountain comes to muhammad liam sewell class if we get it six eight nine again victoria turns out coming a decade with durham in cleveland liam's taken his fair share of car thieves off the road but it's spike who spotted the stolen nissan i have eyes on the vehicle in the jet garage the jet garage in billingham while liam races to intercept spike keeps the target in his sights the vehicle is static but about to pull onto the main road and it's an off off off southbound on the main road hanging back at the unmarked car i have two male occupants southbound on wolverstone road at the roundabout at the roundabout spike uses the radio to guide units to the stolen nissan at the roundabout um not two not two taken the third taken the third kingsway kingsway at billingham a second unmarked car is now behind spike are you in the x5 yes yes as well once we have three and we'll box them in but before they can box in the car a marked traffic car spoils the surprise yeah you cliff your cleveland car spooked it so we're in pursuit now beetle's making up as it hammers out of town the driver seems in no mood to meet spike legal has gone offside carriageway offside carriageway i'm not following blue lights off blue lights off wrong way on the round wrong way on the main road all blue lights off in convoy with another marked car liam is coming up fast on the lissa oh look at that tough roar offside carriageway spike remains on his tail and rejoins on the right side of the carriageway wrong way on the year six eight nine i am not in pursuit i am on the correct carriage where he has rejoined the correct carriage we're rejoined eastbound i am in pursuit speed is nine zero ninety miles per hour i'll said at the earliest convenience if this makes it as far as hartlepool i want authority for tactical conduct i'm gonna take them out sometimes control authorized interceptors to make a tactical collision with a runaway on this occasion that has not been authorized speed is one zero zero one hundred miles an hour passing the junction with dalton facing one zero zero hell said we have three vehicles in convoy speed is one zero zero and just entering the 50s and slowing slowing to seven zero seven zero at the traffic lights at the traffic lights we can put a box on here three of us for a box high speed for the box this mat it's like as real as it gets for them well the suspect takes to residential streets caution pedal cycle speed five zero good some dodgy overtakes medium risk right right right front lee road huntly road i believe this is a dead end i may be wrong the driver's running out of road an agricultural excursion and a game of thread the needle can't shake spike off but they've got to stop the stolen car before someone gets hurt he just clipped the wing mirror of a van that was turning right coming back out onto casper road any other units nearby spike's been on his tail for 20 minutes and again asks to take direct action el zed will you reconsider tactical conduct please negative right that is understood if a unit can get ahead of him they can take out the suspect's tires with a bed of nails called the stinger where are you bro but the suspected feet lead spike into the sticks continue long through farm truck nobody else about 10.336 i have no local knowledge of this at all um is there a gate at the end of this or not spike may have stayed with him yeah we're through all of that we're on now a normal road which is a brilliant lane but the nissan has shaken off every other car on a very small single track road towards dalton pc speed is 7-0 low risk i have no other police vehicles with me i don't know where they are there is one other vehicle 500 feet up the air support unit has entered the fray all right support we're going to make sure the driver can see that we're on scene see if he'll help with the same sort of stuff so we've got air support on scene above the vehicles they'll take over and we'll back off and hopefully they'll monitor where the vehicle goes and gets abandoned with spike on his tail and a chopper overhead there aren't many ways things could be bleaker for the suspect i wonder but that's one of them the option of a stinger ahead means spike gets permission to continue the pursuit car up ahead we are approaching you the suspected thief is seconds from the trap could this be the end of his ride if this makes it as far as hartlepool i want authority for tactical conduct i'm going to take them out interceptors have been pursuing a suspected burglar in a stolen car for 35 minutes oh look at that hands-off soft floor offside carriageway lethal list air support has been called in that's the left left left at the balmoral road and in the lead car i wonder on eskdale spike has steered the suspect towards the stinger team car overhead we are approaching you this is it you can see your blue lights get your lights off for the stinger try and hide right they've missed him and with locals looking on there's a chance the pursuit will be called off the drive is taking massive risks off-road off-road safe to follow no pedestrians and the interceptors have one last roll of the a dice sting is in place excellent mate nice one pull lights out try and hide your car brownie after a 35-minute pursuit the nissan is approaching the new stinger team and successful sting successful sting hidden behind a parked van brownie lobs the stinger under the front tires and tears them apart the front driver's side tire is completely shredded he's now just on steel wheels riding on rims he slams it into reverse then rings every ounce of life from the dying suv 336 has been reversed round at very low speed because i closed them up spike tries to get ahead of him but the nissan rams him again then pulls onto a garage four courts only for the interceptor to cut off its escape it's a life-threatening ram taking no chances spike tasers the suspects just in time for liam to make the arrests okay with no regard for spike's life the suspected car thief has hit the beamer head-on the interceptor is lucky to walk away look look at the edge of this kid you know he's he's been driving this this thing probably wears a ton an arm he's just driven this into me he could have killed me um i had a camera lad with us as well the pair of us could have been in hospital we deserve to be able to go home when we finish our work someone like emma thinks that funny in the big crowd he's gone to prison and spike wasn't wrong for dangerous driving driving without insurance and criminal damage he was banned for 10 years and received 16 months behind bars no further action was taken in regards to the car theft and burglary [Music] interceptors carry more kits than inspector gadget but if you think cuffs or tasers are their key tools put the weapon down you're barking up the wrong tree that accolade goes to the canine detectives of the dog support unit stay still show your hands [Music] it's 7 30 on a grim thursday morning liam and police dog louie are threading through commuter traffic bound for central borough yeah we've had a we've had a bit of a spontaneous firearms incident in middlesbrough town center where kurdish mill has been seen running around with the shotgun units have arrived on scene and we've been given some information that he's driving a vehicle and they've located the vehicle and the mill hasn't been located yet but um there's still a live firearms deployment we've got police dog louie on board he's trying to find um drugs cash and weapons when we say weapons we don't mean like a knife or a sword we mean firearms or component parts of a firearm most people will be terrified at the prospect of live firearms yes interceptors aren't most people oh there we go liam reaches the scene to find someone may have beaten him to it ah looks like it's been searched caught on an in-car camera the men allegedly seen with a shotgun have already been arrested but there's no sign of a firearm the lads have had a curse research straight away and then stinks of cannabis see i've had some drugs in the car which is he's going to make it slightly more hard for the week because then smell of cannabis is just filling this car and he's basically working into the into the plume of that smell and trying to get to the sauce and it's it's scattered all over this it's scattered all over the floor if you look down here and see loads of bits of cannabis broken up and scattered about just liam uses a tennis ball as a reward louie yeah then let's louie inside to earn it guns can be broken down and hidden in small spaces and the canny canine ignores the cannabis and goes straight for something else he's indicating on the handbrake louis stood his bit when we've pulled the um the casing back there's been a couple of little packets little packets like this no sign of weapons but this is more than cannabis there's a couple of packets there search free packets have you got anyone three bags of white crystals have we got their blood looks like yeah i've got the lads to turn yeah yeah they're both your battery bands go lock them up on suspicion of uh possession of intense supply so we've got two we've got two lads detained from the vehicle there's no way on firearm in the vehicle but um we've got some crack up what we believe to be crack cocaine so the the lads are now going to be arrested um on suspicion of possession retention supply crackhawk the two men who've been arrested have been renting an airbnb on this street the bags of iffy crystals weren't seizing their car and searching the property and as luck would have it the men dropped their front door keys could go in there we'll secure the people inside and then we'll give it search over the suspects are renting room number five hands and it's a rude awakening for the man inside sleeping beauty is straight in the bracelets stand up mate you're under arrest mate okay you're under arrest at this time suspicion of um possession of attempt to supply class a drugs okay and it doesn't take louis to hit the class a jackpot anything you do say may be given in evidence do you understand and you're nicked so now we've got um 16 sort of little grippy bags with what we believe to be crack cocaine in there um information is these gents have come up from nottingham and they've rented this airbnb room and they've been selling their crack and drugs around the streets of middlesbrough so it's a great results that uh they're not our local criminals but we've caught them anyway you know sends a strong message out you come up here and you know we'll do our best and we'll try and catch you [Applause] no evidence was found to connect the man with a firearm however analysis confirmed the crystals were indeed crack cocaine the driver was charged with drug driving passenger and driver are currently under investigation for intent to supply class a drugs as was the man found asleep next to a drawer full of crack [Music] it's the early hours of monday morning [Music] while most people are heading home to bed there's no rest for paul jackson it's 10 1 in the morning and there's been a 99 call received seeing there's a male been trying handles on car doors in the south church area of bishwatland um been seen to try a few car doors so obviously somebody's looking to see if you can get in and steal something cops have attended and there's a male run off and they've lost sight of them so there's a few cops out looking at the minute at school jacko was no fan of maths but he knows a man trying car doors after midnight adds up to bad news a witness has described seeing him in the area uh recently and um he's carrying a yellow geode bag um on one of one of those bags has been seen in the footwell of one of the vehicles it looks like we've got a confirmed theft from a motor vehicle if we don't get him he's only going to continue to break into more cars and go on and commit crime tonight i like to go with the description of the mail again please a light clear hoodie slightly darker a bit like this guy okay i've got a lot on a pedley bike self-church raw match in the description just going to try and get them to stop [Music] everywhere bud the midnight cyclist is in no mood to chat he takes off like the kids from e.t come here fella huggy he's coming towards you lad on there grier hoodie great bottoms bmx bike um tried stuttering bruiser open it it's bmw versus bmx and there'll only be one winner [Music] come here who are you oh my yeah what are you wrong not for long here the reason i've stopped is you match the description of somebody who's been seen i've been doing the cars i don't think so what's this makes me light why is it on your bike not on my bike because i've got two on the bike there what's this i can report take down room you're locked up on suspicion of going equipped that's a pool with a hook on which is ideal for burglaries you've got a torch you've got your gloves on put your hands out whatever burglars often use a hooked pole to reach through letterboxes and steal keys put your hands out just do that you have to do that yeah and carrying this at 1am is grounds to arrest him for going equipped for theft is it your bike yes my bike is it your pole with a hook you don't say one and then all of a sudden you see sorry was that the space of bishop they're like bosses yes yes restaurant hooky protests his innocence score his torch his gloves and he's gone look i'm going down wrong paul with a hoop on the end like fascinated to be part of his bike no i don't want it i wasn't on my bike he denies the evidence was on his bike that was fastened onto your bike what was in your hand that's where it burns that well it was across me had the bars it was down here it was fastened on there all right but he's struggling with a simple point hooks on poles are grounds for a rest however you carry them it comes to something i hope you put this on telly when you kind of pedal whatever down down arm you've got no lights on your bike neither it wasn't you're a menace the menace what's in there that would be a reflector no sort of reflector is the light is recycled the front ones the bike lights may be legit but they don't sell many of these in halfords [Music] much in the description of somebody that's been around here breaking the cars he's got his gloves on for his torch and got this ball he's locked unsuspiciously theft from that vehicle as well it adds up to bad news for the bmx bandit mate you're locked up on suspicion of theft from motor vehicles as well okay because i suspect that you've broken into a car which is why we're all here looking for somebody that looks exactly like you take it back to the car now where did that go no further action was taken in regards to the car thefts however jaco's hooky cyclist was convicted of going equipped to steal he received a six-month community order and had to pay 285 pounds in fines and costs [Music] coming up holder the age-old art of porcupines 92 yeah spike and pete get lost in the country and jacko gets hands on with an aggressive suspect threats and abuse go with the territory for the interceptors oh yeah who is it where you live usually they take it in their stride stop us again tonight i promise you i'm getting it done for police or asthma because that's twice in fact have a goal see how that works out for you are you refusing obviously i'm refusing your death right but occasionally loud mouths cross the line i guess personally wise i've had a few bits it threatens me against me um against me family and things and again you're just not gonna get uh too concerned about it i guess you've gotta gauge whether the threat that they're making is credible and sometimes it is the acu is that person in authority and they think it's acceptable to do that um of which it's totally not it's a bitter night in crook and jacko is on patrol with rookie interceptor rachel bennett luckily enough being able to get attachment with traffic and i'm out with jacob and i am hoping to see what we're all about and catch some buddies then you're in good hands in two decades on the force jacko's caught more baddies than he'd care to remember [Music] black cleo that was mentioned [Music] but he's just clocked to renault clio that does ring a bell x-ray yeah this was mentioned on the job of the night i can't remember what father maybe blue lights will jog his memory are you doing your eyes is it your car yeah all right it just rings the bell for a job the other night are you into it on this yeah tango knight from tango 316. why aren't you wearing your belt yeah why aren't you wearing your belt and then fastened it behind you yeah the ovens drivers stupid enough to swerve seat belts sometimes fasten the belt behind them to avoid triggering the alarm cord one vehicle and two person checks please um treat our believer bishop turns out the car was reported for an incident last night for which no action was taken now there's just the matter of the seatbelt it should be straightforward but a gobby local is complicating matters well i'm starting to get annoyed with you so if i think you're calling me names i'm going to lock you up so i'm getting fed up yeah all right you haven't fastened your belt behind you when you've jumped out there all right what what they calling me a prick i'll come back don't worry all right we do one don't give me the bees i'm talking to these i'm busy dealing with these all right i don't care get out my fears get off your fears the local is pushing his luck you're an expensive expert welcome back hello and he's just pushed it too far what does that mean to me no nothing's done i tried to intimidate me i'm trying to wind us up i suggest you go away all right i'm trying to go on that dollar i'll go in that door there and get all my fears threats towards his family is not the best way to win jackal over there i am not human he's playing with fire bye-bye bye-bye jacko is doing his best to ignore mouth almighty [Music] but a man's patience only stretches so far mr seat belt doesn't need telling twice unlike the threatening local come here section five probably i don't care i'm in the house i don't care you're locked section five put right stick your hands out otherwise i'm going to hit you with this all right you understand will you stick them on him a taser dot does the trick don't know what the hell do you think you're talking about we're going on are you my umpteen warning all right suddenly he's not so happy to be the center of attention get that camera please we're gonna have to chase with me come on but me do you think mate you're more you've got more holding the things we'll keep coming you're not going on like that he's becoming aggressive okay do nothing and cocky it's not a pretty sight but he eventually calms down and is walked out for a blue light taxi to bishop you nicki and brush it off because you're just trying to crack on with the task at hand but then he's repeatedly calling himself the warnings and he crossed the line and it's like right i'll bear my mind up you get locked up now he's locked up public order fences and resists the rest i think have a couple hours in the cells and i'll deal with them as a when i already do jacko's have a go villain was cautioned for resisting arrest and given a 90 pound fixed penalty for public order offences next time he'll think twice about crossing the line but this time at least one person welcomed his interruption great news for lord we've stopped the august season i'll go away without a sidebar ticket so uh there's a silver lining for someone isn't there [Music] interceptors are happy to dish out blunt truths what the hell were you thinking all you had to do was pull over chances are you go to jail for this but their suspects are more fluent in the language of lies as you do what you just happened to find your car in this street here you just jumped in but you haven't been driving it is that what you're telling me i don't have the ability to spot when somebody's telling you a lie and when the trans you know spin you're a lie you have to be a bloody good liar to continue that lie because the lie that they're telling you they need to remember it every time they repeat themselves and there's no better feeling when somebody's telling you a lie when the you know the trip up and tell you something looks slightly different and then make a mistake it's sunday evening and reports have come in of a suspected uninsured driver there's a couple of units have been looking for the vehicle including ourselves apparently it's i probably might be sighted along along the road down here traffic police have tracked the driver to a nearby garage and richie gatland is on route to assist rich reckons his favorite shift is his day off but the interceptor has a long night ahead before that arrives and as he pulls into the garage he's about to find out just how long you've driven on the road from eldon to here where's your brother so your brother's over there how'd the car get how did the car get here the man says he was driven here by a friend and he's now waiting for his brother to pick him up what do you mean guys i'll make it simple how did the car get here when my friend in this car java like insurance with all every single car to drive this car honestly rich isn't impressed you've driven the car here do you see me in the road you stopped me you've driven the car here do you stop me the car's not insured for you to drive it look this is my car right you see me where's your insurance i don't have issues i don't drive a car you know stop me in the road he admits he's not insured but maintains a friend chauffeured him here and then left so i know you've just driven here so let's not be foolish i'm not gonna like you well you are because you're lying to me hold me lying to you because we already know that you've been driving the vehicle we've been looking for you walk above the vehicle we've been looking for you honestly no no no no no no no no one is there anything else like that so well never be lined i'm just telling you one thing i'll make it really clear you've driven in a public room no no publicly you have so it's just simple you can say you can say only one please no no doesn't matter i'm not you're not you're not listening to me you're arguing with me that's it end up time for a new line of questioning how old are you how old are you i'm 92. 92. yeah you're not 92. how old are you 1992. you were born no no what question did i ask you yeah i didn't ask you when were you born i said how old are you because you're obviously getting emotional 1992 doesn't matter if i say 25 or if i say it well it just says on here what age i don't want to start working maths like that that's all keep going the driver is given a roadside breath test that comes up clear there we go it's absolutely zero on there i never drink in my life yes i like i do like smoke frogs but not drinking in my life i'm not going to like you sir that's still up for debate how did the car get here when my friend you have insurance okay when when where's your friend now he didn't even where's your friend now he's gonna go back to donald trump so a mystery driver dropped him at an all-night garage then abandoned him in the driver's seat of a car he's not ensured to drive what are friends for there's only one way to settle this rich heads inside to review the cctv yeah there's a lot of white lights coming in but is that in there oh yeah so i'll clear his days by himself in there because unlike the suspect i'm gonna have great fun saying this to him because now that's the lads coming in isn't it the camera never lies nailed on classically nailed on there so no matter how much he tries to lie proper shafter there isn't he time to break the good news your car this one here has driven in right carry on listening before you start talking okay these guys have then pulled up here yeah you're sat in the car yeah it is yeah nobody else got out yeah from there that's where my my mama's drift from there my friend to give me it was it was over there before no all the time you've driven the road right listen anyway you've driven you've driven your car on a public road it's getting seized so sometimes i've been driving he's not happy um but that's up to him he's he's clearly still saying he's not gonna lie he's not gonna lie but it's clearest day of what he's done people try and lie all the time with us um and unfortunately it's nice when we can catch them out um and and listen to him like this going on and on and on he's just making a fool of him out of himself now and he's just warming up my front driving car what they thought our driving car because the camera cctv in here exactly i was driving this corner to here to parker till my brother clicked that car that's all i'm the police officer thinking i have been driving a car even he doesn't know he never behind he never been behind me yes sir would you work out speak sir let me just finish this one all right okay the officer never been put a blue light on me he's not behind me and he's just coming here to stop my car because i've been inside the car that's all he stopped me for no reason he can talk for england but it won't stop his car getting seized you take my car because i park here listen listen one last time that's fine but will you listen one last time to prove to you sorry it's recorded no recording i want to write in the fight will you listen one more time though to me about what we're saying yeah go talk if we viewed it on cctv you driving the vehicle which is what's happened we don't have to be behind you obviously not listening so let's hope that's a taxi company on the phone it's gonna have a nice walk home money we're certainly not gonna be driving we're not driving down to darlington we are not a taxi company it's down to you the man with the disappearing chauffeur was given a traffic offense report for driving without insurance he received six points and a 300 pound fine because the truth is sometimes painful coming up radio signals can be affected by undulation in the in in the land and the ground a high-tech tracker leads spike and pete on a merry dance now it's taking us up down up that way yeah put another way they're lost durham and cleveland interceptors are proud of their track record in catching car thieves but one breed of light-fingered motorists is a major challenge if you go outside the co-op there's a guy on a nick motorbike now he's packed up okay thank you for safety reasons interceptors don't pursue thieves on motorbikes or quad bikes you're a little coward particularly when the rider has no helmet go back to school arresting a thief on a motorcycle takes patience and timing get out if it's a choice between endangering life or losing a potentially stolen vehicle com discord's now failing to stop interceptors air on the side of caution through the bollards i can't follow it any further but they don't give up on recovering valuable vehicles we've had a word from company called tracker um that a farm quad has been stolen overnight and it's equipped with one of their track and devices it's early afternoon on the waltzingham road and spike's on a mission to recover a stolen quad bike the car that we're in now is also fitted with a tracker reader that's just activated our tracker reader and we're now just following um exactly the compass and the map and that's fitted to the car turn to the right it's taking it's going to the right air spike it's not going to the signal might be going down now there is sometimes to get it to work effective we've got to stop for a second you just stop it's showing and then it's going down it's showing yeah sharp right which would mostly indicate um there is a right turn up here navigator for this high-tech safari pete tate pete's favorite car chase is jason bourne's tear-up of paris pursued by the entire john d'armary yeah but who needs born when you've got operation tracker but could movies go back along the walls in the road and go back down warzing and wasn't going to space with pete dishing out the directions so just to copy about another corn of the arts fight just it might be that this thing's on the move it's very much the blind leading the blind send us the callback ball just drive down the other yeah back together suddenly they spot something there is it oh no but it's a false alarm he's done really get that ready while the mobility scooter burns rubber behind them it's back to the tracker now it's taking this up down up that way yeah the way out the signal will be bouncing off the hills not possibly not that accurate another sighting another false alarm that's certainly not up here what we're following now doesn't work on gps this works on radio signals um and radio signals can be affected by uh undulation in the in in the land in the ground um so we're just doing a little bit of look and see working out with this undulations are playing havoc with operation tracker it's gone down again now spike let's go just drop down because we're down in the dip and we've now got these houses but after an epic wild goose chase down here there's a turn on the right that will sign the golf club finally they pinpoint the signal right now that's as high as it's been that spike yeah as high as it's been definitely as high as it's been spike hold on roger that man downing yeah [Music] ella for you and for we're out the car on foot looking now so much recently been in there look tech can only take them so far now it's down to spike's apache grade tracking skills yes someone's been down here today with the crazy horse of county durham on the case i would say it's a van it's just a matter of time there's a quad bike ear spike geronimo that'll be it probably the fella hello from three two nine we've found what looks like a quad in and out building this may just be dumped here to see if it's actually got a tracker thieves will know if there's a tracker fitted we'll find it rather quickly and what the thief doesn't want is me and pete coming outside of his house and going into his garage these squads can cost north of 10 grand and though they're unlikely to catch the thief i'm sure he won't mind if i uh ride it out at least the owner will get their precious property back though not before the interceptors get a little go on the way to the recovery truck we're getting back here give back a spike i'll two weeks later the quad was reunited with its rightful owner here next we are on schedule for our visit to paddington station 24 7. then at nine the shocking truth about cocaine and its team dealers operating throughout the country as the new documentary series continues [Music] me so so so so you