Pray for Rain

[MODERATOR] On behalf of the people of the great state... of California... the President of the United States. ( CROWD APPLAUDS ) This valley and others like it across the country... where we can see the greenest and most richest earth... producing the greatest and richest crops in the country. And then a mile away, see the same earth... and see it brown and dusty and useless... and all because there's water in one place... and there isn't in another. ( MUSIC PLAYING ) What is it? [DOWSER] Somebody say something! ( POP MUSIC FADES UP ) ♪ Hittin' it right ♪ ♪ You know I got that sweet hot fire ♪ [PHOTOGRAPHER] Allison, over here! Over the shoulder! Jason! Over here! Stewart, Stewart, right here! [MAN #1] Katie! [MAN #2] Katie! [WOMAN] Marry me! Thank you, darlin'... I'm with somebody. Yeah, I'm super excited to see this movie. It's an honor to be here. I fully support this film. Me and Katie? I wish, we're just friends. Sure, I play the villain, but I'm not one in real life... or am I? ( PHOTOGRAPHERS YELLING ) Sarah, Emma Gardner, New York Weekly Magazine Fashion Column. You look gorgeous. Thank you. So who are you wearing? The amazing Karl Farrenbech. Pretty much the only designer I ever wear. And your jewelry? These are Harry Stenton. They are gorgeous. ( PHONE RINGING ) I, uh-- sorry. Um-- and, uh... what fashion trends are you most excited about for spring? There is only one correct answer... and that is everything that Karl Farrenbech is doing. Congratulations. Thank you, thanks so much. ( PHONE RINGING ) What? What? STEPH (OVER PHONE) This is upsetting. How long are you gonna be gone? I'll be back by the end of the week. Well, what about last night's premiere piece? I have everything I need. I will work on it on the plane. I will have it to you by tomorrow night, okay? We go to print Friday. Have I ever missed a deadline? No. Where is this you're going again? It's this town in California. Bella Canejo... it's near Merced. Where's that? It's in between San Francisco and Los Angeles. STEPH (OVER PHONE) Why on earth would you go there? You know what, Steph, it's personal. I'd rather not. Okay. Okay, thanks, Steph. RADIO HOST (OVER RADIO) As the water price continues... to increase, water theft has tripled in the county. A Porterville man was arrested Wednesday... for stealing water from the city reservoir. John Blackwell, 49, was charged with grand theft... of over 90,000 gallons of water over a six-month period. If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison. In related news, the drought is getting so bad... that officials are considering adding a fifth level... to the traditional four-tiered syst-- ( SOFT MUSIC PLAYING ) Hey, Mom. Flight delayed? Delayed? No, I got the first flight I could get. Well, as long as you got here safely, that's all that matters. Mom, I got here as soon as I could. Are you really gonna start this... now? No. Good to see you, Em. A beloved husband and father... he gave himself to this whole community. When Markus Gardner came back from the war... he had more right to hate Vietnamese than anyone. Instead, he help. We came on boat with nothing. His family gave us job. Markus lend me money to buy land when the bank wouldn't. When I have no family, Markus Gardner was my brother. Men go first... then me and then you. Wasn't the tractor that killed him... was that damn fish. ( SOMBER MUSIC FADES UP ) Hold it-- I know how to hold a goddamn shovel, Mom. You are making a scene. So what? ( INDISTINCT CHATTER ) [OLIVIA] How long can I expect you to stay? Don't worry, I'll be gone in the morning. No surprise there. ( SOFT MUSIC PLAYING ) He was a good man and one heck of a father. Yes, he was. Markus could read a plant better than anyone I've ever known. Yeah, he could. Pop, you remember how he'd stand when he'd read it? I do. He'd come up to me and he goes... "'Cisco, buddy, that plant right there... "has gotten itself some root rot, boy-o. "You take that plant right there and you're best to move it... "two plots over, if you really care for that plant." I'll be damned if he wasn't always right. Here's to Markus. Here's to Markus. To Markus. Thank you for staying, I'm feeling kinda tired. I think I'm gonna call it a day. Yeah, well, it's getting late for us ourselves... if you need anything, you know where to call. What the hell? Everybody stay inside. Olivia! You sons-of-bitches! Olivia! They're gone. Anyone else here need a drink? Mom? Nico, what the hell is going on? [EMMA] You want to tell me what's happening? What's to tell? Oh, I don't know, Mom... why someone might chuck a rock through our window? I could explain, but why? So you could tell your big city friends what a terrible place... it is where you grew up? Not one of you cares where a carrot comes from. Or how much work goes into those cold-pressed drinks... that you pay 20 bucks for. I'm going to bed. It's been a long day. Mom, I don't want it to be like this. Okay, it's just us, I've forgiven you. You've forgiven me? What is it with you, kid? Mom. Your dad spoiled you, Emma. You want to know "what's going on?" You're the hot shot reporter. You figure it out. Fine. You gonna be here in the morning? Yeah. Before you go, I'll make you some strawberry pancakes... your favorite. Thank you. ( SOFT MUSIC PLAYING ) ( KNOCK ON DOOR ) You still up? Emma, what is it? Dad's accident... where did it happen? Dylan's Ditch. Why? ( DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING ) ( SOFT MUSIC PLAYING ) ( MAN WHISTLES ) Who's there? [EMMA] Who's there? Don't move. My light-- I didn't see anything, I-- I don't care. Take off your dress. My dress? I can do it for you. Turn around. No, I don't want to see-- I said turn around! Open your eyes. Open your eyes! You're in the wrong place, lady. You say anything to anyone about us being here tonight... and this will be the last face you'll ever see. ( DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING ) EMMA (OVER SPEAKER) Hey, Steph, it's Emma. Look, something's come up and I'm gonna have to stay here... until the end of the week. I'll see you Monday. ( ENGINE REVS ) ( DRAMATIC MUSIC CONTINUES ) Damn it, Emma! Wear a helmet! ( SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING ) ( TRACTOR RUNNING ) They cut my irrigation hose... all of them. I'm so sorry... who's they? We call them-- bad men. They have no work, so they make trouble. Nico is the only one sheriff in town. They take advantage. Mr. Nguygen, do you-- Do you think my dad could've come across some of these men? The day he died? You mean, did they kill him? No. They kill you in the face. Boom! Just like that, they don't care. Well, what do you want to do now? I, uh... will sell my farm, too. I want to see my homeland one more time. Be buried with my family. Patrick Waring has been pushing us all to sell. I will tell him yes today. See, before, that field had trees full of these... full of these. When the wind blew... you picked them off the ground with two hands. Now, nothing grows. Enjoy it, Emma... while you can. ( DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING ) You can't steal water from your neighbor, Ana Sofia. The city is behind on refilling your tank, you're just gonna... have to go to town to get water, like everybody else. Now, I'm not gonna arrest you this time... but please, don't let there be a next. I've had to put people away for this. Sheriff Nico, that'll take some getting used to! I remember running away from Sheriff Cooper on our dirtbikes. I'm only the Sheriff because he ran off... and no one else wanted the job. I might still race dirt bikes with you. How you doin'? I had uh, no idea everything was so bad. Yeah, well, you've been gone a long time, Em. Dispatch said you were looking for me, what's in your craw? Look, I know this might sound crazy, but... do you think someone could have killed my dad? Could have? Sure. I mean, I considered that. But nothing pointed to anything other than an accident. Your mother said he was out scouting a well. Tractor must have stalled, he slid under it to fix it... it restarted and pinned him down. Yeah, but he never would have taken a tractor down... to Dylan's Ditch. Emma, his blood alcohol level was through the roof. I had to beg the coroner not to include it on the report. That's impossible. Dad never drank. Well, like I said, you've been gone a long time. Did he ever show you this? I found it in his office. I don't know, could you run some DNA... or fingerprints on the envelope? We can send it out. It'll take a while. Your dad, he rattled some cages, but I don't th-- Whose? DISPATCHER (OVER RADIO) Sheriff, we've got a code 63... in progress at the Murphy farm. All right, 10-4. I'm on my way. I'm sorry, Emma, I gotta go. I'm going with you. ( DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING ) Your dad butted heads with some politicians... and environmentalists, but the only guy... he had a long standing beef with was Patrick Waring. That heated up again recently... when Waring started pressuring other farmers to sell. You can't drill into this aquifer! The land is sinking a foot a year! Yeah! Time's up, okay! So get the hell off my property! [ADAM] This water that you want to pump is 20,000 years old. It's gonna take decades to replace! It's farmers like you who are the problem. You know what? Why don't you replace that. Come on! Don't push me! Don't push me! Get off-- Hey! Hey! Cool it! Come on! You okay? Yeah, thanks. Break it up! Cool it! Cool it! I said cool it! You-- Get off my property! Enough! This is private property. You want to protest drilling? Do it from across the road. You trespass or vandalize this property again... and I will lock you up. Great. Arrest me. It gives more attention to our cause. Oh yeah? You sure you all wanna spend time in county... with a bunch of pissed-off farmers... who got there fighting over water? Babe. All right, let's pack it up, you guys! We made our voices heard here today! That's what matters. Here-here. This isn't over. Let's go. Back up. You okay, sweetie? Yeah, I'm okay. All right, guys, let's get to work. Thanks. Excuse me, has this happened before? Oh, yeah, once or twice. They're protestors, so they're gonna protest. I'm Crash Murphy. We weren't properly introduced. Hi, I'm Emma. You're very young to be doing this. I studied agriculture at UC Berkeley... and then I invested in this farm. Perfect timing, right? Your dad, he talked about you a lot. Sorry for your loss. Thank you. He said you were a reporter. I guess you can call what I do reporting. Okay. Well, this is what you should be reporting on. What, the drought making people crazy? Well, the drought is horrible. Never thought it'd last this long... but now it's only part of the problem. It's the damn pumps. What pumps? The pumps up at the Delta. There's plenty of water there. It's just not coming here. I thought you would have known this. Your father did everything he could... to get those pumps turned on. He petitioned the governor, he wrote editorials... and spoke before California water agencies. He was making a lot of noise. Do you think you could show me these pumps? Okay, so, this facility takes water from the Delta below... pumps it 200 feet uphill into the aqueduct... that runs into our valley. So... why were the pumps turned off? You ever heard of the Delta Smelt? It's actually a little fish, it's about yay big. They live in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta... which is where this water is being diverted from. Apparently, the smelt need fresh water to survive... so some environmentalists filed a lawsuit on behalf of the fish. So now we don't get a single drop of any of this water. All of this for a 3-inch fish? The irony is, that since they made their changes... fish haven't changed in population... but we sure have. All we're asking for is five percent of this water. Less than two minutes. The female record is 77 seconds. One time your father was in and out of that shower... in less than a minute and he started out dirtier than most. Sometimes he used to farm naked. Yeah, I remember. What are you doing? Well, as soon as the insurance money comes in, I'm selling... I'm getting out of Bella Canejo. Well, you're not wasting any time, are you? Yeah, well, I wasted enough. Mom, can you stop jerking off to real estate for a second? I can multi-task. What do you need? I think Dad was murdered. By an evil tractor? Apparently he had a lot of enemies. Yeah, present company included. Mom, if he was so bad, why didn't you just leave him? And go where? We were stuck in this shithole... circling around the drain together. Used up all our money to send you to school. We had a hell of a 15 years! After you told your dad that little lie. I saw what I saw. I want to go and live by the ocean. I want to drink homemade white wine from a mason jar. I want to see the world that you've seen. I want out. Is that too much to ask for after all this dirt? No. I know you have this idea of your father... but maybe that idea was outdated. Maybe the truth is that he just got on that old tractor... he just plumb forgot how to drive it... and he ended up in the ditch. Sometimes, there is no mystery, no story... we just have to get on with our lives. I'm gonna hang around for a while longer... if that's okay with you? Suit yourself. You've always done what you wanted to do. Be careful. Look, I know you like to think of yourself as the smartest... person in the room, but this isn't New York... and they work by different rules here. Goodnight. ( DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING ) Hi there. Oh, hey. Hi. Thanks so much for rescuing me the other day. Oh, of course. What can I help you with? Um, is your boyfriend here? Yeah, come on back. Here, can you finish this real quick? Thank you. So, when are you due? Two months. Congratulations. Thank you. Let me guess... natural childbirth? Definitely. Adam believes that's what's best for the baby. Is he speaking from personal experience? Excuse me, Adam... Just a second. Yes? You have a visitor. Oh, g-- uh, come in, please! Come in, come in. Hi, I'm Adam Campbell. Hi. I'm-- Emma Gardner, yes, who donates to Greenpeace... the World Wildlife Fund, and the Sierra Club... but for some reason, not us. How do you know so much-- I looked you up on Facebook. Recognized you from a picture in the paper... alongside your dad's obituary. You have my deepest condolences. Thank you. So, Emma Gardner, please meet Stephanie Windemere... our greatest benefactor. I'm charmed. And this is Ron Skinner, he manages the Windemere Trust. Pleased to meet you. Pleasure. Stephanie has bequeathed a fortune to our cause. Oh, well, that's very generous. I have a lot of money... and word is that you can't take it with you. And all I leave behind is my legacy... so I'd like it to make a real difference. Don't let her fool you. She is a true savior of the planet. Well, here, please... sit. So... what does the daughter of Markus Gardner want with me? Well, I wanted to find out more about your cause here. Good. But to be honest, I was hoping to have a private talk. Oh, we are totally transparent in every facet... of this organization. So, anything you want to say to me... you can certainly say in front of Stephanie! Well, as you know, my father wasn't your biggest fan. Understatement of the year. I guess I'm just trying to understand. Is all of this really over some little fish? The Delta Smelt is a crucial component of the Sacramento-- "San Joaquin Delta's complex eco-system." Yes, I read all of the information on your website. Good. I also read all of my dad's research... and this doesn't seem so cut and dry. The smelt need fresh water flowing... into that delta to survive. Yes, but there was a study from UC Davis that says that... invasive species, urban sewage and lack of rain... have more of an impact on the smelt... than the water from our pumps. Don't-- don't have poppy seeds. They're not good for the baby's development. We talked about that. Look, farming doesn't have a future in the Central Valley. It's an artificial paradise. We've been growing food there for well over a century. By diverting water into the region with dams and aqueducts. These dams and aqueducts were built... back when there was too much water... to prevent the land from flooding. You're making my case for me. The land isn't suitable for farming. The Central Valley provides 100% of the nation's broccoli... walnuts, pistachios, pomegranates... 95% of its strawberries and grapes. All that's only possible because you're stealing water... that should be going to its natural destination. You need water to grow food... to grow your almonds for your precious almond milk. No one here values almond milk over an entire species! Can we just be zen for a minute? I really don't want to upset the baby. Okay, look, food can be grown in a lot of places, Emma. This fish only lives in one. We've gotta get them off the endangered species list. And put the farmers on it, instead. Mrs. Windemere, I hope this isn't the legacy... you'd like to leave. Adam. Hello. Mr. Nguygen? Yes, it's Emma Gardner. I'm curious, did you tell anyone other than Patrick Waring... that you were going to sell your land? No? Okay... thank you. Bye. Well, hello there, city slicker. I thought you went back East. Postponed due to lack of rain. Is your dad at home? He's probably inside. What are you doing here? I live here, ever since my wife left. Papa, look what I made! Wow! Great job, bud! Hey, I want you to meet a friend of mine. This is Emma. Hi. I've known her ever since I was little like you. [EMMA] Hi. These are the neighbors' kids. Hi, guys! What are you making? I'll tell you what they're making, they're making a mess. Emmita, que alegría verte. I'm good. Hey, uh, it's time for dinner. I think your mom is expecting you. Come on, guys, I'll walk you home. Come on, you want to come with me, bud? Let's go. [EMMA] Bye! That's okay, I'll clean up, don't worry. He is such a good dad. Sit down. Ugh, my goodness, my back is so crooked... it's gonna run for Congress. How's Mama? She's coping. Better than expected. Yeah. Look, Francisco, I've heard there was conflict... between Patrick Waring and my dad. Oh... yeah, those two disagreed about a lot of things. You know, your dad damn near killed him one time. Put him in the hospital. Truth is, your mom and Patrick were high school sweethearts. Patrick never gave up on her. And your dad, well, he was not afraid of waking sleeping dogs. Sons of bitches... wait here. Hola. What can I do for you? I heard you needed some more help around the farm. I got your guys... quality workers. Uh, we-- we got all the help we need. Ah, no, you can always use more work. Or you could just pay us... $50 a person, 20 days. It's a good deal. I promise you will be happy. Look, I don't want no trouble. I have no money. No money? Hm, no money, what would you do if these... pretty trees of yours burned down, Mr. No Money? Hm? How about this pretty house? He said he didn't have any money! Emma, I-- So, why don't you leave before his son gets back. His son? Yeah, that's his car right there. If you could read, the letters on the side spell Sheriff. I can read, F-O-O-L. "Fool". Just like you. I told you to keep your stupid mouth shut. Yeah, keep talking. Here he comes. Hey, I want you to go with Poppy. Am I supposed be scared? Mijo. Sheriff? I got this, Pop. All I see is a tin star... with another stupid wetback pinned to it. You guys, get the hell out of here now! Just looking for work, bro. Just work for my guys. We're not hiring. Yes, you are. You just don't know it yet. You see, only one thing counts, and that's numbers. And you ain't got any, so... go ahead, call for back-up. He's got nothing. [TOMASITO] Daddy! Not now, Tomasito. Daddy! Pop, take him inside! Oh, Mijo! What did he last have to eat? He had a can from the food bank. Oh, my god, poor, little baby. What the heck is this? Oh, we gotta take him to a doctor. Get him to the hospital now! Come on, I'll drive! Come on, let's go! So we start Monday? You got dental? Drive! Go! Go! They call him "Scorpion". He started showing up once the water stopped flowing. Just haven't been able to take him in... because everybody is scared, nobody wants to talk. It's just a bad case of food poisoning. You're gonna feel bad for the rest of the day... but tomorrow when you wake up... you'll feel as good as new, I promise. I'm gonna have to keep him here overnight... just to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated. I'll stay with him... keep him away from that Chinese food. [FRANCISCO] Nothing but tacos for you! I'm gonna stay, too. You guys need anything? You want me to stop by the house-- No, no, we're good. But just take care of yourself, Emma, okay? Thank you. Thank you. You look after yourself, okay? Okay. Come here, Chapulin. That's a good boy. He don't cry as much as you did. If they need anything else, please... just um, send me the bill? Emma Gardner. My condolences. I was your father's doctor. He talked about you all the time, very proud. I didn't-- I didn't know he had a doctor. Yeah, since the diagnosis. Diagnosis? ( SOFT MUSIC PLAYING ) ( DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING ) [WARING] Add Nguygen's farm to Mitchell's and Brown's... and now Gardner's? Without water, the land prices are plummeting... soon it'll be worthless... gotta get out now before it's a full-on dust bowl. I can't possibly sell right now, okay? Look, I will lose so much money. Prices are going down by the minute. I'm telling you, you gotta get out now and get what you can. [CRASH] I'm not gonna sell. Owning my own farm, working the land... this is my dream. You'll change your mind! I'll see to that. ( OMINOUS MUSIC PLAYING ) What did you see in there? Get your hands off of me-- What did you see? Nothing! Jesus! You've been following me since breakfast. I want to talk to you about my father. What about him? You know something about his death. Yeah, I know he died because he wouldn't shut up. land... he refused to sell his and he was in your way, you-- I what-- what? You have no idea how hard I fought to keep my farm. I didn't want to go bankrupt. Selling is the only way to salvage anything. The more people who sell, the bigger the profit. You and all your fancy degrees... you should know that more than anyone! Where were you the night my father died? Why would I tell you, you little snitch? Is that how you finish all your interviews? Some reporter you are. Listen, you could cost people around here a lot of money. I'm sure many of them would just wish you'd disappear. I went to the clinic yesterday and your name... is the emergency contact on my dad's medical records. Why? You don't know me. [WARING] Apparently you don't know your father... very well, either. [SKINNER] Thank you all for coming today. On behalf of the Windemere Family Trust... I would like to express our gratitude... to Bella Canejo for welcoming us. Nature Society's Central Valley Headquarters will be dedicated.. to doing what is best for the planet. According to who? Yeah! That's right! 100 years from now, when historians look back... they will say to the people of the Central Valley... "This was your finest hour." Placing the value of endangered species... above your immediate needs is as noble a tribute as can be. If we stop farming here, the price of food will skyrocket. Yeah! Please, please, there are fertile fields... elsewhere in this country. But what about these families? Workers who have given their lives to farming! 30,000 of them are out of work. They're not able to feed their children! We hear you, and we promise that the economy... of the Central Valley will evolve. You will all get other jobs, better jobs. Challenge leads to opportunity! Uh, please help me welcome our guest of honor... Mrs. Stephanie Windemere, of the Windemere Family Trust... who will dedicate this building! ( SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING ) STEPH (OVER PHONE) What do you mean you can't... cover Fashion Week? I've been working on something. Something big, I think. I need more time. Well, I need you here in New York where you have a job to do. I'm sorry, Steph, but this is more important. All right, fine, you've made your choice. Bye. Thank you, thank you so much. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I have to let you go. What have you got there? Did you know Dad was sick? Sick? What do you mean sick? Very sick... skin cancer. Three-months-to-live kind of sick. You don't die from skin cancer. That's not what this says. Are you blaming me for this, too? Of course not, Mom, don't be-- I don't mean the disease. I mean the fact that he didn't tell me. Is that my fault? No, Mom-- Am I so awful that my husband of 35 years... couldn't even tell me that he had three months to live? Look, Mom, I'm just trying to figure out... what the hell is going on here, okay? Look. Patrick Waring is listed as Dad's emergency contact. Why? I don't know. This doesn't make any sense. ( GLASS SMASHING ) [SCORPION] Go back to New York! ( DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING ) Emma! Emma! ( MUSIC CONTINUES ) [MAN] So far, so good. How about you? [SCORPION] All done. [MAN] What about Reynoso? Like I said, all done. You need anything else? Disappear. I don't want to see you within 100 miles of this town. [SCORPION] Hey, what's up? I live here. [MAN] The Gardner girl knows you. Listen-- ( LOUD CLANG ) Shit! ( DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING ) ( SOFT MUSIC PLAYING ) ( DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING ) Nico, is everyone all right? We're fine-- what about you? Your mother called, she was worried sick. [EMMA] Oh my God. They uh-- they came while Dad was in town with Tomasito. Some of those trees were older than me. I'm so sorry. Francisco, I'm so sorry. It's-- it's all just too much. Look, I followed the Scorpion. He's working for someone. Who? I don't know... but it's got nothing to do with your dad... hiring workers, it's all part of something bigger... by getting farmers to sell their land. Why? If the land's not worth anything... why would anyone want to buy it? I'm not sure, but I think my dad was onto something. Look, I texted you a screenshot of my phone's serial number. Yeah, I got it. Okay, I want you to track it, and tell me what you find. Nico... you gotta trust me. Okay. I trust you. [DONNA] Can I help you? [EMMA] Yes, I was wondering, do you have a list of all... the land sales in this area, say within the last 18 months? [DONNA] Yeah, I can get you that. Would the list have all of the buyers and sellers? Absolutely. I can file a request. It takes 3 business days. Three business days? Yup. ( SNORING ) You can see why. Look, Donna... it's just my mom and me at home... and someone's bought the property next door... and we're concerned with what they're planning to do with it. Things are hard enough as it is. There are rules. But I suppose I could let you borrow the files... for a couple of hours. Nico. There have been 11 major land sales around Bella Canejo. But here's the thing... they've all been bought by corporations... not one private owner. It doesn't make sense. Okay, I'll be right there. So, what do you got? I tracked the signal from your phone, this is where it ends. Probably where the battery died. What? I don't get it. Come on, don't you watch CSI? I figure that maybe when the people came around... they didn't even see it, either. So-- Now scan forward... more. Stop. There. Rewind. [EMMA] Stop... there. Who's that? Now move frame by frame. Stop. Can you zoom in on her? I know her. Is this really gonna work? Why, yes, I can already feel something. So? He's a friend. He was giving me some money he owed me. What's his name? Did this friend pay you not to find water? No, what are you guys talking about? Your success rate is 11 percent. Water is scarce, or hadn't you noticed. Well, it's not that scarce, really. Drillers hit water 48 percent of the time. So, I'm asking you, who's paying you to make sure... that farmers are digging dry holes? How am I supposed to not find water? With guidance from someone with geological surveys? Okay... this is a murder investigation and right now... you're looking a lot like an accessory. Murder? Yeah. You want to divine some rods in prison? I don't know who he is. He gave me some money and a folder... with places to avoid, that's it. How do you get a hold of him? The number changes every time. This is the last one he gave me. That's all I know, I swear. I think I can track this and-- DISPATCH (OVER RADIO) Sheriff, we have a 647... at 19 Main Street. White male, drunk and disorderly. 10-4. I'm on my way. Get out of my car. Gosh, I feel like I've seen this before. Emma, promise me you won't do anything without me. Emma? I promise. All right, I'll call you at the house. See ya'. ( DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING ) OPERATOR (OVER PHONE) The number you have dialed... has been disconnected. ( OMINOUS MUSIC PLAYING ) ( CAR ALARM BLARING ) ( BLARING CONTINUES ) ( DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING ) ( DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING ) Where have you been? I've been trying to reach you. Nico, I need you to come with me now! What the hell happened? Come on. Emma, you're shaking. What happened? Nico, I've got something. We gotta go. Okay. Hey, Pop, I gotta go out for a little bit. I'll be back. Come on! What the hell is going on? No, no, no, I'm driving. What? Get in! OFFICER (OVER RADIO) Yeah, Sheriff, we arrived... at the location. There are signs of a scuffle, but no suspect in sight. Copy that. Thanks for the help, boys. We got his name. We'll get him. [NICO] Dispatch, I'm arriving at the Palms Inn location. Proceeding with caution. Don't touch anything. Wait, what is it? It's Patrick Waring. They caught him stealing water. Oh, God. Now the only question is, who are "they"? Whoever owns all of these. DISPATCH (OVER RADIO) Sheriff? Go ahead, dispatch. DISPATCH (OVER RADIO) I got the info you wanted... on those companies, they are all owned by one group. Okay, get some rest, we'll get your car later. Thanks. Bye, Nico. Where have you been? I've been worried sick. Mom, it's a long story, I'll explain later. We need to talk. You found me and Patrick Waring alone in the barn together. I told you and your father that nothing ever happened. You didn't believe me and I know he didn't. After that happened... the trust was gone... it was all ruined. Emma... Patrick and I were having an affair and I've been lying... about it all these years... and I'm sorry. What a waste. It's all wasted. No, it's not... it's not wasted, Mom. Something good can still come from this. Patrick. I never thought I'd see you here again. I just told Emma the truth about us. can remember, I feel--e that I I feel good. When's the last time you had that feeling? So long I can't remember. What sort of trouble have you got yourself into? They caught me stealing water. Threatened to expose me if I didn't sell... help them convince everyone else to sell, too. Oh, it'd be a big help if you let that out. To the farmers? No, to you. I heard you got your ass beat by a girl, "Edgar". Ooh-wee, she sure did a number on you, boy. You gonna arrest me, cabron? You and what army? That one. ( SIRENS WAILING ) ( BRAKES SQUEALING ) ( DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING ) Edgar Escamilla, you're under arrest. to its natural Valley is gonna be a seven-point process. Thanks to Stephanie-- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what the hell is this? Ron Skinner, you are under arrest... Ron? This is absurd. For violation of the RICO Act, for the crimes of bribery... vandalism, and extortion. Anything you say, can and will be used against you... in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney-- Okay, what's going on? been buying all the land...s the farmers have been vacating? Buying the land? No. There have been 11 sales throughout the county... all bought by shell corporations. But one entity owns them all... the Windemere Family Trust. But I haven't bought any land-- Don't worry, Mrs. Windemere, we know. Ron Skinner's signature is all over the paperwork. NICO (V.O.) He hired thugs to intimidate farmers... into selling their land. What about Reynosa? and your money... of attorney to purchase the land. And he's been using all of you to depreciate land values... by creating environmental roadblocks. All so he could purchase it for pennies on the dollar. The economy of the Central Valley will evolve. You will all find other jobs, better jobs. No, no, no, no, that's not possible-- And not only was he gobbling up all the land... using the Windemere's trust money... but he's been buying off politicians... getting them to vote to turn the pumps off. He had a plan to turn them on again once he owned everything. This farmland generates 30 billion in revenue every year. [NICO] Greed is a powerful thing. Yeah... this was a really nice office, Adam. Is there any way I can make this right? Ladies and gentlemen, today is a good day to be a farmer. We have found a friend in Mrs. Stephanie Windemere. I have longed for a legacy that I can be proud of. And supporting you all, who are such good stewards... of the land, just feels right. headquarters...ill be the Coalition, an organization... injustices of the law.the that water once again flows... in the Central Valley. Yeah! And continues to flow! I hope you feel good, kid. You helped this whole community, you've saved a lot of people. well at the ocean. I wish you Please... don't forget how to get back here, okay? Take care of this place. I'm so proud of you. I love you. I love you, too. Bye. Come on in. Going somewhere? six weeks.minimum security, Took the plea, got a reduced sentence. Have a seat. I'm sorry the way things turned out. Don't apologize, city girl. You saved me. I owe you. Then tell me why you were my dad's emergency contact. What you really want to know is if I killed him. The FBI said that Skinner and Escamilla had a solid alibi... for that day. So, if it wasn't one of them, it had to be you. Yes and no. What's that supposed to mean? He asked me to help him. I told him no at first. Then he asked me to do it for your mom. He didn't want her changing his diapers. Spending money she didn't have on his health care. He was gonna die anyway. What, so you got drunk together. Yeah, yeah, we did, a last hurrah. A way to really bury the hatchet. You'll see, if you live long enough. There comes a time when you have no choice... but to forgive and let go. Why should I believe you? We have to trust each other, Emma. Are you Markus Gardner's daughter or not? I am. [MARKUS] Hi, Emma, it's me. If you're watching this video... that means I must have already been laid to rest. I hope a lot of people came to my funeral. Heh-heh. No, I just wanted to assure you that I chose to do this myself. I was running out of time... just wanted to expedite the inevitable. Patrick Waring, he helped me do it, carry out my wishes... but that was only because I couldn't do it by myself. And it would give Mom a chance to save the farm. 'Cause that drought just choked us out. And I didn't want to see her spend another day in distress. So, this was the best way to go. I love you. I love you, buckaroo. I'll always love you. And I will see you on the other side. ( SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING ) I don't want my mom or anybody to see this. I gave my word to Markus that I would show you... and only you, one day. I had to trust you first. ( MUSIC CONTINUES ) Does that make us square? ( SOFT MUSIC PLAYING ) Hello, neighbor. Hello. You know, if I cooked, I would have brought you a casserole... but I don't, so I didn't. However, my dad does brew one kick-ass beer. This is from the little guy. Aw. I think that one's you. It's very good. Yeah, he's a creative kid. A little far reaching at times, but he likes you a lot. Does he? He's always going on about your... pretty eyes. Frankly, I don't see it, myself. Shut up. Welcome home, Emma. ( THEME MUSIC PLAYING )