Predicting WrestleMania 35 Card After WWE Royal Rumble 2019

[Applause] hello and welcome to another wrestling round table discussion podcast I'm Adam Wilborn from what couch are joined by the Dudley Boyz of what culture a Michael Hamlet and Michael Sidgwick to discuss a burning wrestling issue but before we get into it if you're a fan of this sort of thing make sure you subscribe to what coach arresting on either iTunes or Spotify for daily wrestling podcast where we discuss Raw Smackdown pay-per-views we have interviews we have more roundtable discussions just like this one and we have a round of the week complete with a bloody good quiz of course on wrestle culture but gents we're just a few days removed from the Royal Rumble we are on the road to Wrestlemania so looking forward I wanted to try and predict some elements of the WrestleMania 35 card let's start with the obvious thing the main event of Wrestlemania Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins on their respective Royal Rumble matches so what should be the main event of WrestleMania 35 you you know for a fact this is a rhetorical question it's a rhetorical question there is only one possibility and that is Ronda Rousey versus Becky Lynch versus Charlotte Flair I'm convinced to have to go with the triple threat route because it'll just be a far better much and I think for once a triple threat match is usually just this tacked on thing to a singles program so they've got a designated guy who didn't get a pinfall over this is the most organic triple threat match they've ever built and by virtue of being a triple threat match because Charlotte Flair is absolutely outstanding it'll be a far better much and he get to full-time women getting the rub of being able to lay the claim to bite well we've had lined WrestleMania now so we're clearly like legends you know it just makes perfect sense I was completely with that until Monday Night Raw Ronda I was the in Becky Lynch face off there was something about that faceoff that just it evokes so many memories of all the wrestling I fell in love with as a kid the great storylines that carried me through like the idea and the years where like people switched off the product those little moments those singles matches that were build from spark between two wrestlers to performers that you believed in that didn't feel like they were performing you know that didn't feel like that they were doing anything they wouldn't do if there were real people acting as they believed and for all the Charlotte Flair and evidences we said about is correct this is a very organic triple threat like with a stipulation there's never really organic is that there's never really a reason for a triple threat and yet I'm now completely hooked on the singles much I could be disproven by the next few real Rosen smackdowns where Charlotte could be easily inserted they've got all the storyline to do it but for me personally I'm all about the Rousey Lynch's singles match and definitely the headliner definitely is the main event just where do you think in the card we're gonna get Rollins and Brock lesner do you think they're gonna think it's probably one more worthy of WrestleMania moment at the end of the day Seth Rollins main event of the Rumble when a lot of people said probably Becky Lynch should have been there closing image of that Rumbles yeah maybe the companying and excite completely agree I think as much as there is a really decent story if they tell it correctly between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar I think it should be Becky links and Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey with probably Charlotte Flair in there although as you've suggested I'd be her quite happy with Becky Lynch vs ronda rousey but do you think Vince is gonna see it differently for two reasons I don't think Vince will see it differently one they are attractive notices but actually quite clean about the way the promote and women's wrestling is really progressive you know how Stephanie does all the things yeah so without being a facetious little bellend about it I do think that they are really striving to get that main event it's the first time it's felt remotely worthy of actually going on last night to an undisputed degree no one would bat an eyelid only the worst kind of insult rolls would go but when about their men so I've just been for that reason it's happening and as for Seth Rollins versus Brock Lesnar I genuinely think and this is a totally potentially absurd cynical take but I think the one reason why the the other reason sorry why it will not go on last it's because Brock Lesnar's going over in that March I can just see Vince on the day yeah just taking one look at Seth Rollins and knowing how when it gets close to the end zone with Brock Lesnar you always sort of develops the site newfound love all over again for the man and I just think he's gonna take one look at Seth Rollins on the day and won't matter how popular he is or anything like that he's just gonna go now Brock do you want a new deal when you can carry this universal championship I'm just not convinced that they think enough of Seth Rollins to put a mover in a match of that magnitude on that stage I just don't think he's going over mad as it is to say in a product way you can decide ahead of time how you want people to sort of be in these storylines that's exactly the way it would go down as well isn't it it could be Rollins Rollins Rollins Rollins all the way around a neo and then a day of decision where things change his mind you know we were told a streak was conquered you know over the weekend Vince and I just had this feeling now it's time to do last year's WrestleMania like what we saw in the 24 documentary where Brock Lesnar Chuck's the belt that Vince might afterwards there was no context wrapped around it but the intention was pretty clear even Brock assumed he'd be getting shot a lot to give it to Roman reigns and yet somehow Vincent Lana said nah actually we keep him here I like you that's the exact way it would go down and I certainly think if Stephanie McMahon or wer gonna want to tell the world that they've got this incredible women's wrestling storyline they're gonna tell you they're gonna tell us ahead of time I actually think that's gonna be one of the things that isn't gonna be used to build suspense WrestleMania I don't think there's gonna be any doubt about this being the main event Becky Lynch even points the sign and mouth I'm gonna be in the main event of Wrestlemania at the Royal Rumble that wasn't something Seth Rollins it was something that Seth Rollins or Triple H did when talking about the match on Raw Triple H was telling Seth to make the decision about Brian or Brock Brian or Brock but it wasn't here in the main event of Wrestlemania I actually think they're in the process of telling us that the women's match is going to be going on last and they'll make it abundantly clear before the show it's not yeah I was very much of the opinion when it was announced immediately after WrestleMania they thought it was gonna be Ronda versus Charlotte in the main event of Wrestlemania as very much in the opinion they have to justify it along with everyone else along with you know when they had seen a rock and they said that's gonna be the WrestleMania man has to be a reason behind it and I wasn't happy that they were just gonna be put in there because it's women's wrestling yeah but like you say if there ever was a time to what women's wrestling in the main event of WrestleMania it is with Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey and perhaps Charlotte Flair like that after is Marit Marit out F to this decision doesn't that saw yes the master like deserve a spot without sorry just to interrupt one last take on that that segment between Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch on last night's for all was genuinely big time it hasn't felt that big in absolutely forever and yeah it has to go on last I hustin kill you with these two hands awesome we've got an actual logical and I believer as well they got a legit killer someone who's completely over to a massive degree I credibly gone up against an actual killer like just give us it in the main event it has to be the main event we'll get on to Ascot and the SmackDown Women's Championship in the next few minutes but before we do that we mentioned there Daniel Bryan and the WWE Championship you should Brian face at WrestleMania that is a really big question because there's no obvious standout contenders at the moment is there a lot of time still WrestleMania both as of right now yeah do you know what I think that's okay I think we're in a rare position here where like the two or three major matches at WrestleMania thus far a pretty Ashton stone and we can kind of get ourselves excited about that let's have another sort of month or so of wrestlers trying to raise them raise their game a little bit we saw it with Charlotte realizing that that WrestleMania main event it was like slipping from a grasp and she upped her word for it what with Becky and Ronda and I like that sense of competitive spirit in the locker room so if they don't yet know who Daniel Bryan is because I can't look at our roster and say well now that guys definitely ready it's not gonna get Donnie Brian I might want to see I'm dry here for example he's having these incredible matches just be given the shot I might want to see them take this ridiculous gamble on I'm a staff or a Leora or you know my favorite like Samoa Joe but none of them are quite yet the guy so let's watch them all compete I want to see this idea that all of a sudden like Vincent man has got a carrot actually means something you know like you know yeah these are the opportunities that used to matter wrestlers once upon a time so let's see now who wants to really sort of rise above the chasing pack and take that spot because Brian is there ready to get anybody over anybody in a feud of Daniel Bryan is gonna be better off for it so you know he's after it who really wants it that's one of the things here isn't it's definitely w/e champion it's destined definitely not going to be in the main event of Wrestlemania unless something incredibly dramatic happened yeah in the next few months so having said that and as you said Daniel Bryan will make whoever he's facing into a credible contender and there will be excitement around the match who'd you like to see Daniel Bryan fight I've got absolutely no ideas I've written before is about Cutler once ago now and have not done anything of note to change my mind on this there's not one babyface positioned to credibly go in a match of that magnitude in this no he'll potentially Andrade but beyond him there's no heal that fans like desperate to want to see turn face and be in that championship match I've honestly got no clue whatsoever and I can only at this point echo what hum flirt said one of them needs to step up one of them needs to step up and do something and prove themselves worthy of the occasion because right now it's like it's not a dream match to save her it's like a puzzle to solve like that how well it sounds ridiculous isn't it of course it sounds daft but we talked about my stuff rally as opponent for the Royal Rumble and it didn't happen and it fits all the little bit as a result because you really have to take advantage when these situations yeah well in here laughs not on Ally by the way I'm saying do we didn't just elected not to go with that and they thought what play is safe with AJ Styles I mean the had to sell tickets such a thing because at the time my enormous buying tickets for the rumble and for all like intents and purposes as good as he's beaten he's been really really really good Mustapha Ali's doctor sell tickets no I mean I'm not bassist he's not going to Wrestlemania either if I'm looking across the Bruns the only person I see is braun strowman I feel like he's a guy that we want you know for a long time looked at as a guy fight brock lesnar that's off the table so it's easy enough to just morph bronze room and onto smackdown for whatever reason they want to and then have a match where theoretically like brian can give him a real star making match bronc and even go over it's a feel-good moment he wins the title I don't see how we get there from where we are this week two words Eric Rowan that's how you get there I mean Vincent man might see that visual and think but yeah like you can't squash Bryan but without a road in his core now you've got something to talk about maybe that's a route maybe Vince see something in two giant bearded guys and I just happened to be Brian the WBA champion but I can't see any other babyface I'd like so he says I can't see any of the babyface to committee yet feels that level Bron doesn't but I just I want to believe that they can get in back there quick enough I can't believe the two of you to the most respected Wrestling journalists that I know of overlooked someone on the SmackDown brand who is ready and waiting and a babyface and has a great story against Daniel Bryan going to Wrestlemania and a man that are me pasties for days The Miz versus Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship roles reversed is a joke it's right there it's vegan sausage rolls are finally back in stock in all the Gregg's in the Northeast but I'm saving mine for that bet not coming in and Daniel Bryan the vegan winning me that sauce is real I can dream look he got an incredible reaction when this might nanotech team championships with Shane McMahon look if you go for anyone on this mic now if you're looking for someone I don't know how if they wrap up the Shane McMahon story before WrestleMania but it's as good as choice as any I've seen Yadav look less knackered after play knees Wednesday night 5 a site that I did Shane McMahon on Sunday I've never seen a guy look that just exhausted shuttered like physically broke and beyond belief after wrestling what a 50 minutes Rd much and he was the hero of the hour he was the lead in this film that misses always in in his head in the maze it's the support and player and it's where he steps out of shadow isn't it joke today ok the maze mr. Daniel Bryan the story is there and then you have Eric Rowan in one corner and the sweatiest man in wrestling you know the other absurd visual that is one rational reason why this is not gonna happen as you want it to as I would want it to all right the maze is currently feuding well tag teaming with shame and potentially filled with him the man wearing the WB title is less of a priority for Wrestlemania than Shane McMahon Shane McMahon on the Miz is going to happen because the Shane McMahon match is on the chalkboard in WB's locker room before anything there bothered about with Daniel Bryan it's getting the money on the card before getting the champion you know what the worst thing about that is it's quite literal as well because Shane McMahon actually drew tens of thousands of people for his return match at WrestleMania 32 ticket sales were crawling to bring the money back and thus the money rolled in so almost as much as I hate to say it from my objective detached standpoint Shane McMahon has the money so Shane McMahon versus Brian then we for chrissake regattas in his corner that wasn't I would be emotionally invested in that much if nothing else for not quite the reasons they would want right let's move on to asker then there's a danger here with all the Becky Lynch Charlotte Ronda Rousey stuff that this might now and Women's Championship either gets overlooked or gets devalued with people talking about winning opportunities at Elimination Chamber and then say actually I want to get involved in this match how do they go about organizing the SmackDown Women's Championship match and who should ask a face I mean I'll go first okay because Charlotte's the one I think like I don't need Charlotte in that role main event between Ramsay and Lynch because I think there's a great rematch on the table and there's a few different ways you can book it which I think it's in a way it makes it more intriguing to try and figure out the result than last year when Oscar streak was on line because I think most of us were assured that ask was gonna win yeah so the shock of the finish wasn't sold well which way let's go whereas this time around it is that Charlotte's beating her before so I can talk about how she you know she beat it with one arm last year um Oscar is a different Oscar this time she's had a rough year but she's come out the other side there's there's instant story there plus if Charlotte wins again then you've got this great story to get you to another match to say look no matter how good you are Oscar you can't be Charlotte WrestleMania you'll never be this Empress individually because there's already a queen and I just think this markdown title risks being devalued almost to a laughingstock if it's thrown into a multi man match Oscar is the last person needs to be anywhere near something meaningless because we watched what happened when she was given dustless to work with last year like the gimmick was dead the game it was absolutely dead and yet somehow they've resuscitated it so for me the only way it kind of keep any of that like sort positivity behind her is to give her much that much and I just think the Royal Rumble showed us that it's slim pickings when Charlotte ended that much at least a little bit of it came to life for a bit and then all fell away again until the last five or 10 minutes if not Charlotte then who Michael situate the problem Michael hum Fleur is doing right now is that he's gay deal book and Vince McMahon promotion you given them far too much credit one thing Vincent land can pull out of his hat is he can get five six seven meaningless performers put them under a ladder and just create something like really exciting on the back of it if there's no depth to it irrespective of that I think that for everything we said about the Smackdown like Men's World Titles seen it's like double e if not triple e true of the women like I'm not complaining the TLC main event like illustrates just how good the top of that division is what an incredible match it was and two if not three of them or like the biggest stars in the company right now but underneath it's like it's really not good it's like it's comedy it's superficial there's a lot of talent no no not at all it's literally all or nothing without Smackdown women's division I mean Naomi's probably the only one who we could like rest comfortably between those like drastic highs and lows and I think that except do think the triple threat is happening and I think it should happen I think Oscar short of like a worthy singles opponent unless and this is equally probable as grim as it may sound they just stick her against someone like Naomi on the pre-show just for slight that's the kind of thing they would do I don't want them to do it but it's the kind of thing they would do and I think short of that ask her more than warrants like a showcase multi woman ladder match for the SmackDown women's title and he could do various subplots you kid like payoff mount Manny rules versus Naomi wasn't some like wicked bomb that Mandy rules like a proper better comeuppance you could do some like cowardly stick with the ikonics there's a lot of scope to do an interest in and excite and much that compensates for the lack of individual star power I'm not smarter than women scene it's really difficult but I was looking through the rosters and trying to pick and I was ended up having to look the cross on the raw roster and thinking some convoluted way where we do a trade or because they say well we've this might not women are coming over to challenge for the raw raw title especially when it comes to the likes of sharks with no almost no justification we're gonna have someone go the other way I was looking at amber moon until the news about her injury came out yeah it's really sad first time here yeah and again an amber moon asked her Matt needs no introduction does it's just gonna be an absolute bomb but lots left on the table from NXT all that could do is just tell the writers to sit this play out and just like do like loads of videos from the NXT stuff where they can actually book perform and the only other one I could look at and just if I really booked in it is Alexa bliss yeah but yeah it's a really tough sell beyond that and how they unearth they get to some of these matches I don't know hopefully through cos Buchan hopefully through good bullying and hopefully there'll be some developments over the next few weeks on Smackdown live right let's move on to another match that he's always a Wrestlemania it seems except at the moment it is not at WrestleMania thirty five and that is who the Undertaker will face talk about him not having a match this year we know his track record recently obviously for me I look at that when they say you might not have a match and think he hasn't got that many years left he's got none and didn't he hasn't owned much since WrestleMania 29 he's done stuff at wrestle but none of them could really be generously called much's and I read the news about if we're not gonna have something big for the Undertaker we shouldn't have the Undertaker at all and I don't know what annoyed me more I don't know if there's ego at play with the Undertaker himself and I'd like to think not because he's been in the industry as long as he just gets dragged out for these things didn't ya or if that's the company somehow thinking that what they showed of last year was big john cena sitting in the front row getting drunk and then a bunt Larry little squash in the middle of a card is that big is Undertaker doing nothing to contribute to a Bray Wyatt feud to bury him in a nothing much big we popped huge in the office watching that taker Alliance and that segment don't lie but because it was tough but something like that yeah because it was big I'm not look I'm not gonna take a fun but I'm not suggesting it he doesn't have a place on the biggest wrestling show of the year I'm even more or less of a cane front and I'm even saying you could put them two together for the the pyro the entrances the fire in like a little squash of Hawkins and Ryder in a one segment moment of WrestleMania a little palate cleanser in between matches are actually matter but I think to waste somebody on the main roster against the Undertaker when lucky can't be carried is Aurra is diminishing which is worse for the guy that he's gonna drop with a tombstone but the last thing you want to do is take somebody guys who's in a position like finn bálor you know how do you how do you bounce from finn bálor on their bike from brock lesnar on a bigger star certainly not on the Undertaker drop them on his head is there no argument here that you have the Undertaker's final match at WrestleMania this year because it's one of those things where until it happens I'm not gonna let myself think it's gonna happen because I want nothing more I'm Way kinda on the Undertaker than my esteemed fellow namesake is right now like the Undertaker at one point was the best character and the best wrestler on the entire planet and those things are usually mutually exclusive I would love to see some kind of retirement angle where either he knows he's retiring so he gets himself in the best possible shape in the best possible mental shape and just does like a 10-minute whirlwind of a great great great job but I just don't think he's capable of it I've seen enough really depressing evidence of that so I do think if they were gonna go to the last the last ride so to speak just have a upstarts he'll just elbow his face off I think the retirement that people want for the Undertaker is a fallacy there's no such thing as a retirement for the Undertaker because there's no season finale in w/e and we've already seen it and it does not even make a finale because it didn't happen like he left his coat and gloves in the ring and I really cried on Twitter and said thank you taker and then they literally magic them back in the ring the fattest gloves 10 million nerve saudi dollars lightning bolt i briefed it's full of cash want to take us back there is no there is no happy ending for this character in a company that barely deals in endings let alone happy one that's not latent negativity from what culture that's a wre they tell you that there's no off seasons that there's no ending so the Undertaker does not get an ending Steve Austin didn't walk in at the sunset he came back with a sheriff's badge like there is no such thing as that be ending for your very very favorites The Rock hasn't wrestled in years and when he did it was in a two-second squash of a mid Carter sick like sorry was it a six-second like the owners like I'd rather see they only take a squashy mid Carter in six seconds then do anything meaningful so I just think anyone hoping for that big final moment for the Undertaker is wasting the time so who should he face nobody there might less facetiously the makeup this of this card as much as it seems to be safe and like the full-timers for once like every little whisper and it's not actually many out there that I've heard it doesn't feel that mania worthy and we've seen and years previous occasions where they've kind of just as the weeks and months recede we're gonna need taker for this we're going to need a Deadman recede is quite yeah so I think is gonna be on the card regardless of what to be reported now but I just can't fathom what he can do with someone who can't move effectively I mean look last year Elias was there as they solve the dummy interruption for John Cena why not have the Undertaker be Elijah's interruption tombstone everybody happy the turn to ice hail again like he's probably gonna pay off the Jeff Jarrett story kids very pay-per-view so I think for me it's they should eat they should either have a well built feud an actual match against John Cena if they're proposed stuff for the last time isn't gonna go ahead which would make sense an actual match with John Cena which could could be a retirement angle or the diamond versus the Undertaker doesn't match people are crying out for now I'm not saying it's gonna be the level of quality people are expecting all whether or not Finn is gonna win that I think he should I think that I think this year's should possibly be where we draw a line under all this yeah that you make you you give yourself a WrestleMania worthy match and you potentially if you book it correctly after returning for the mid card Post Royal Rumble you could Ariela Veit finn bálor for a move to smackdown for example to take on someone like a Daniel Bryan who I think should be do we do be champion after the WrestleMania I don't see the demon pin him I got no problem with that keep it quick coup de Gras you know they almost missed the hip yeah a person of the torch and while it can still be passed kind of even be passed I don't know but like the Dean like the demon winning because I don't ever really want to say they didn't get beat I think it's one of the few things that can protect about Finn Balor I'd be willing to watch that but I don't want to say any storyline or anything resembling a competitive match between it I think the torch can still be passed just to do a very quick aside now because it seems to be two schools of Undertaker like fans or lapsed fans at its base there's two different schools of thought one is that people will just love him forever for his contribution you know what I can't begrudge them I don't personally feel it but if people are willing to just cherish those memories of which there are so many they'll never ever let them go at this point those people will see him losing to an upstart midcard babyface is a big deal because they forever see the Undertaker is a big deal subjectively even when like grim objective evidence is staring them in the face and the other I like the little snarky idiots like us who just think well you can't work anymore and all the rest of it and maybe it's attention a bit disrespect I can see like I've had this in comment sections on my articles people say you're disrespectful to a man who was given his body in so many great matches that's a mackerel debate outside of that but regardless the people who think it mean you and there are others not just like latent elite negative what culture smocks there are others who think his time is well past its disillusion and its disappointment I want to say it's this point I'm the same as you are yeah I don't hate it in disappointment yeah absolutely but like just to get back to the point a little bit I just do think that the people like me and you I'd love to see Finn Balor's stump is good he's really guts for coming back to Saudi Arabia making a joke of himself like I would love to see that so I think whatever side of the line you fall on think both sides are united in yeah it is a person of the torch like it definitely would be received as such now there's a lot more matches obviously gonna be on the WrestleMania 35 card but we are so far away it kind of feels difficult to book like an icy title match or in United States towel match or even the women's tag titles which were building towards Elimination Chamber so the final a couple of predictions I want you to make for the rest of my you 35 car we got to go into too much detail here but who should win the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal and the WrestleMania women's battle royal Sidgwick started off well I mean is this another a coracle question because the answer is who cares I mean let's not be cynical for the sake of it let's plot backwards chronologically are the winners if we can remember in what them winning matches meant if anything he won the men's Marty or Bray Wyatt Bray Wyatt when it last year not meant nothing no 2017 moral Raleigh Georgia meant nothing 2060 mine Corbin he eventually matured into a prominent part of Monday Night Raw it had nothing to do with that the air before was big big shells Cesaro that did try and push the sorrow and it was one of those strange things that kind of makes a mockery of internet booking because literally everybody said Cesaro can't really talk all that well he's one of the best Russell's on the entire planet Paul Heyman's one of the best talks on the entire planet it should easy it should be as easy literally as one plus one equals two didn't happen at all didn't work out like that so the tried to use the bottle Royal originally is a vehicle with which to push the sorrow and to their credit they really tried to do it in a way that responded to what a lot of fans wanted for whatever reason that didn't work out so I can't in good faith answer this question with anything but cynicism and to say does it MA well I was just gonna say because it doesn't matter you can do something silly with it Kofi Kingston's years and years and years of Royal Rumble elimination escapes are celebrated and yet he never wins the Royal Rumble so give him one of them and about our Royal he actually wins give him a trophy effectively a participation trophy for all those times he's found ways to escape getting eliminated with a bottle Roy they can get thrown over and over again he could do a Greatest Hits like several elimination escapes gets back in and actually wins a thing and the need to get a bun around with any guests of any singles push gently off the back road yeah if that's something they ever figure I doing cuz they're never gonna get me wrong once I've done this the reverse where the the person makes the makes them or not the title but in this case the the answer their joint Memorial Trophy and I've booked it with a view to the roar after WrestleMania and going forward after that and not using it as just a throwaway thing I put Adam Cole because we've talked a lot about the undisputed era coming up to the main roster and possibly that happening in the immediate aftermath of WrestleMania and we talked about the fact the undisputed era when they do get called up they should have an immediate rush to all the gold Adam Cole should have a single star they should have tag titles on the rest of the guys and I just think this would be another added little bonus and a sort of a hint to as to what's to come the Adam Cole gets thrown in the last second and then you've got bobby fish card o'reilly you know Roderick Strong possibly out there helping him possibly not I think that would just give him that Launchpad to immediately come in be cocky then go for a single style and we go from there not quite like that because if they've got a trophy on the top of which like perhaps on a level with the whole cog and you've got one of the biggest literally biggest icons of that entire company and you've gone upstart he'll faction you just think they are literally undisputed the best thing that's ever been gone the idea of Mike will call it Michael called Jesus Christ I'm so sorry Adam what a horrible comparison that is to me except watch this so gonna watch this but it still feels so bad for saying that weird me I'm cool just kind of disrespecting that top of the trophy Robin its head that Robin its hair like good lookin all the rest of it and then yeah how dare you how dare II but I could actually make that and then if it gets smacked across his back by a heel and like a really good babyface and a really good program then that could actually work for me that could very quickly then WrestleMania women's battle royal who you give him that - monkey tennis I'll go in Oh Jax because it keeps our the rest of the card yes yes I eventually made her an Andre the Giant figure in bottle Royals she does well in them so like she got the men's room bullsh - very well evolution give it a wind kicks are all this who when the women's last year Naomi yeah means nothing so with that in mind I select the couple years right here with us it was either gonna be a banner pick like the ikonics winning it together mhm because I thought I loved the stuff they do I just love them by the stuff they did that Rumble and the backs they did is fantastic but with the Naomi thing and the fact it's kind of a bit like the Andre the Giant a second thought Manny rose name he looks like she's about to win it for two years in a row Manny rose eliminate so they're probably gonna blow off the storyline before that but if not that rap money rose someone they want to push this is something they see is as a reward and I think everyone else your your Sasha banks and your babies will hopefully involved to be involved in a tag match and then all the other biggest stars aside from maybe Alexa bliss but I think Alexa bliss is above this yeah underestimate and yeah she's in it usable in it yes surely cuz she is to be on Nathalie I think they do you know it's just as an elevation tool and I think Manny Rose could could really use that if the rumors are true that do we do we a hot on her and what I'm wondering push her more going forward but anyway this is benna's predicting the WrestleMania 35 card let us know your thoughts in the comments section or on Twitter at what coach Adobe W watch they can follow all three of those you can follow Michael handful it's at Michael hum flips you can follow Michael Sedgwick at M Sidgwick can follow me at Adam will born as I said you can follow us all at what code should WWE my thanks to the Michaels make sure you subscribe to what coach arresting only the iTunes or Spotify for daily podcasts and we will see you soon