Prefight analysis Kevin Lee vs Rafael dos Anjos


Chael Sonnen


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kevin lee is taken on our da i can never look at an RD a fight without saying the exact same thing every single time which is who did our da piss off over at the UFC that guy has the most impressive and most difficult schedule on the roster so these guys are gonna go out and fight 170 pounds okay now the blueprint to beat our da in fairness and he's great he's a great fighter but the blueprint is out there if you can go out and control where the fight happens stay on top and pound away you can win rounds we have seen that happen before the blueprint to beat Kevin Lee doesn't yet exist if you're willing to go through hell if you're willing to stay in the fight the entire time and fight back the entire time and you can win more rounds and he can win you can get your hand raised that's not a blueprint that's not a great recipe but RDA is a very tough guy and he can go out and do just that Kevin Lee is a very tough guy he can follow the blueprint take him down control those positions but he's also got very good an explosive hands and it's at a new weight class I don't know what that means in its entirety does that mean that the stress of the weight cut is not going to affect Kevin lean he's going to have more energy I think that's reasonable does it also mean that he's going to have more power when those quick accurate punches land I think that's I think that's very reasonable but there are still some questions there now these two are talking about and Kevin Lee came on the show a week ago and told us that he is planning to weigh in for the 170 pound welterweight contest at a 165 pounds he's going to talk to RDA and he's only going to do this if RDA gives him a gentleman's agreement to also weigh in at 165 pounds now the reason these two soon-to-be enemies and foes are willing to agree with one another and potentially do this I don't know I'm here bright and early it's Friday morning these weigh-ins are yet to come these weigh-ins are at 9:00 a.m. so I don't know if they're going to do that but I do want to fill you guys in on the storyline and not just take for granted Conda that you're following and you know what in hell I'm talking about because this is potentially going to be very interesting for some of you you may find this silly for others of you you're gonna observe this a bit of a standoff this bit of a sit-in this bit of Alliance and go wow this is a great way to get things done both of these athletes would like a hundred and sixty five pound division both of these athletes are what we call tweeners they're in between a hundred and fifty five pounds and they're in between a hundred and seventy pounds but they have to choose one so they're going well not so fast I wouldn't have to do that if there was a 165 now damn near every athlete could say that almost every single athlete that's assigned to a division is gonna boy this was so bitch be better if there was just six pound allowance given I get that we're never gonna solve that problem it just appears that at 165 pounds so for whatever reason and that dialogue on that weight class and name the athletes and you could throw in 1015 you can probably even throw Kemara Huisman in there the city 170 pound champion that would prefer that weight class Conor McGregor I spoke to preferring that weight class George st. Pierre before I retired was the support of that I mean you can go on and on kabhi but Ben Askren all of these guys are banding together and they're saying you've added divisions throughout time you even added genders at one point and it was unilateral and we heard about it after it was done this is one time where you've already got the guys you've already got him signed and we're saying we would like this so consider it so the point of Kevin Lee and RDA even though they're foes and rivals teaming up to make 165 pounds is designed to make a statement that here we are your hundred and sixty-five pounders is it the most powerful I think I've ever seen oh no but is it very meaningful is it significant and is it a story that could catch on yeah for sure and it happens to be a great fight and I'm looking forward to it