Princes William Harry Talk To Princess Kate About Losing Their Mom TIME




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I do think it's incredible how strong and how you've been able to to cope ready and I put that down - you're really earlier childhood it curved who did also the relationship that you've got you're amazingly safe and yes you might maybe it's you know sometimes daddy aren't as lucky is nice of being and being able to share pain but we have been brought closer because of the circumstances as well that's the thing annular you are you know uniquely and bonded because of what we've been through but you know even her and I over the years and not talked enough about I know our mother you know we know his famous campaign committee realize that yeah I think so I always thought to myself you know what's the point of bringing up the past what's the point in bringing up something that's only gonna make you sad and they ain't going to change it it ain't gonna bring her back and when you start thinking like that it can be really damaging and you were said to me but you got to dice and think about those memories but familiar was like don't wanna think about yeah but it I think what most was that with us and must happen with others as well as it you have to prioritize you know prioritize on myself and you have to save yourself and at some point because it deep very easy to run away from it you know it's more quiet and avoid at all times you know someone has to take the lead and has to be brave enough to force that conversation