Priyanka Chopra Jonas Love Life and Making it in Hollywood

right an in-depth conversation with a Hollywood trailblazer he talk begins right now it's my first credit as active producer and my first movie credit as Priyanka Chopra Jonah Priyanka I'm a believer in destiny I believe that that's been hard work go hand in hand model actress musician it's pop music party music it's just got a little spice to it from this world submit Jonas and Nick doesn't he's not a crier or he was just like and I was like baby you crying like no yeah maybe her new passion project and candid words about motherhood that's something that is on our agenda time for Priyanka Chopra Jonas loved life and making it in Hollywood [Music] well I want to say a big welcome back and congratulations on the sky is pink I mean this movie is beautiful and it's such a good reminder to celebrate life and it's the only film from Asia to have a gala presentation sitting down for an intimate chat here in our etalk studio I soon discover why this movie means so much to her how proud are you of this film I am super proud on many levels one because the subject matter is such which I relate to tremendously every one of us has lost someone we love and this is something that I really did when I lost my dad I flipped the narrative me my mom my brother decided and we're gonna remember the good times we're gonna celebrate his life so we had his favorite band we had like music playing around his funeral because he loved music so much so when shonali came and talked to me about this movie it was something that she did personally as well with the loss of her son can we do who is a damage get serious condition it just resonated with me so much that at that time I was trying to figure out which is gonna be my comeback movie I guess in Little India I haven't done an Indian movie in about three years I really wanted to do one and then I came on as a producer on this movie as well so it's my first credit as active producer and my first movie credit as Priyanka Chopra Jonas so just it's like on so many level Priyanka is hands-down the most successful Bollywood star to cross over to Hollywood juggling work in both industries her latest film the sky is pink hits close to home and not even planning her big day could stop her from making the best film possible you did this project during a very busy time in your life did big in an opportune time you were working on this project up until with four days before your wedding four days before our wedding but that's bananas you know that right I didn't think it was till people started telling together bananas I was just like well I mean yeah it's what you do but I mean I had committed to the movie yeah at that time and the wedding kind of sprung up on me as most people know it kind of happened yeah I was a little bit like that but Nick was so immensely supportive because I was on a movie he flew down early and he was there for about ten days and he handled the last last bit of it because I was filming and he's to come to set for a bit and go back and handle like logistics and everything else of the wedding planning team needed so that like took a big burden off of me a feeling pressure to oh my gosh and this massive wedding coming up and I'm feeling a really important movie teamwork makes the dream work especially right before your wedding yes horse or man to me save me cursing me probably based on a true story the film follows the relationship of a couples played by Priyanka and Farhan Akhtar over the span of 25 years told from the perspective of their deceased teenage daughter gotta tell you you've nailed the role of a mom I mean it was beautiful and I kept thinking of my mom because we actually lost my brother when I was growing up and I kept thinking of her and all the things she had to go through when she was going through that loss and caring for her other children and being there for the people around her and you were just so incredible as a mom what was it like getting into that headspace um first of all I'm sorry about your brother and I because I'm not a mom I kind of had to really depend on the women around me so the woman that I'm playing oddity I depended a lot on her first of all what was her story what was her journey like and shonali herself having lost her son I really depended on my director and my mom my mom is a super possessive ferociously protective of her Cubs kind of tigress woman like she can't stand tears in our eyes like she'll do anything and my characters like that knew she liked fight to the death for her daughter and her children and I guess I really relied on the people around me for that just amazing women coming together it helped you become a mom on camera yeah are you excited to become a mom in real life of course I mean it's not something that you can plan I hope that you know whenever it's the right time it'll happen but of course Nick and I both are that's something that is on our agenda in life generally but right now their agenda is each other the couple's whirlwind romance all started back in 2016 when Nick slid into Priyanka cm's and after keeping their relationship a secret the two made their first public appearance at the 2017 Met Gala shortly after they start to get flirty on social media [Music] with a blossoming romance things start getting serious fast and after shutting down a Tiffany and Co store in London to personally pick out this four carat cushion-cut sparkler on July 19th 2018 while on a birthday trip to Greece NIC pops the question and asks Priyanka to be his wife so in love it didn't take long for these two to become man and wife and just five months after their engagement the celebrations for their multi-day wedding begins in India [Music] the venue the outfits the parties on December 1st Priyanka and Nick marry for the first time in a Christian ceremony officiated by Nick's dad Priyanka stuns in a custom Ralph Lauren gown as Nick gets emotional watching her walk down the aisle the next day the two do it again this time in a Hindu ceremony where the bride wears a red Linga while Nick looks sharp in a traditional Shawanna you mentioned that leading up to the wedding day he was able to come support be there with you on set has he had a chance to see the film oh yeah he saw the movie of the first cut we were in Italy when he saw the movie I remember and it was just the two of us and I look back at him while we were watching the movie and there was a sit and Nick doesn't he's not a crier he was just like and I was like baby you crying he's like no yeah maybe it was just so cute and he was really really affected by the movie and he we called shonali our director up immediately after FaceTime with her and next has been very supportive through this I mean I know it's not great to make your husband cry but in that moment were you kind of proud I wanted a girl I was like you better cry watching and it's on the red carpet for the film's world premiere here in Toronto where Priyanka gives me a lesson in her native tongue hi good to see you again we're back to the elbow five you look cute thank you so much so we talked a lot this morning but one of the things I wanted to talk to you about was the importance of Hindi in this movie and how it yes it's a subtitled film but I was fully fully immersed in it and it got me thinking because we were talking about cross-pollination of cultures have you shared any Hindi words with your husband and can you share something with me tonight oh yeah for sure I guess I've everything that I am and I know I've learned from the hindi movie industry and it's Hindi and English are both my first languages and the Indies my first language I speak it with a lot of joy so I missed expressing in Hindi because I hadn't done it for about 3 4 years so that was really really fun to go back to and Nick yeah he's picked up a lot of Hindi he like he understands when I'm having conversations in Hindi now and he's will be like oh yeah that's what she said and I'm like damn it but like pani means water ok that then you know you know Ghana which means food okay easy ones to survive I hope you feel the love they were literally chanting your fans your Canadian fans absolutely love you Congrats again and enjoy tonight so much Thank You uncle Chopra Jonas love life and making it in Hollywood for everyone doesn't know that's my mom was my business partner yes family is her number one and 3 ancas parents have played a big part in her success born in Bihar India Ashok and mud who Chopra were doctors in the Indian Army at the age of 13 the family moves to the USA where Priyanka attends high school before returning back to India where she begins her modeling career walking the runway for India's top designers in 2000 her mom enters her into a local beauty pageant where she's named the winner from there the crowds keep coming that same year she owns the title of Miss India and soon after is crowned Miss World then it's off to Bollywood [Music] starring in over 50 Indian films she's a big deal in her home country and all over the world but on June 13 2013 tragedy hits the Chopra family at the age of 64 Priyanka's father loses his battle with liver cancer I was very close to my father my dad was my biggest fan my biggest supporter he loved my achievements he was a major achiever himself he was a very creative person following in her father's footsteps Priyanka continues to add to her list of achievements this time pursuing a career in music it's pop music it's fun music it's party music it's just got a little spice to it too steamy scenes in I can make you love me with Milo Ventimiglia music is something I've always grown up with I knew how to sing before any other act but she doesn't stop there in 2015 Priyanka lands a lead role in Quantico making history as the first South Asian actress to lead an American series Quantico they say it's the toughest boot camp grad school all rolled into one now you've landed this huge American show how excited are you for this next phase of your life um I'm balancing all of it together I don't see it I was like you know ending something and starting something new my Indian movies have never been a stepping stone for me I consider myself an artist I'm an entertainer and all I want to do is entertain people and I want to go beyond borders for that who are you I guess you'll never know filmed in Montreal Brianza falls in love with the city and the food people are so friendly they're so nice the food's great and I'm obsessed with poutine it's basically its own food yeah it's a food group I mean you can have food it's like fondue and poutine up as you can see I love cheese and she gets a lot of love at the 2016 People's Choice Awards picking up the prize for favorite actress in a new television series and one year later she does it again receiving the favorite dramatic television actress prize you see so many strong empowered roles for women now that they're coming out now that women are standing up and saying you know we're not just gonna take scraps and it's about equality and Quantico is one show that's completely feminist in that way and the big rules just keep on coming in 2017 she makes her American big-screen debut opposite Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch some people are up to no good the absurdity of Victoria was so much fun for me and the fact that she was just you know AB driven woman in a man's world she's such a strong character owning the camera pronounces Hollywood status not only Lancer on the covers of the top fashion magazines all over the world put on Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women of 2018 the best thing that I have ever worn is my confidence you walk into a room with confidence feeling yourself feeling great about yourself people will look some people are lucky to have it but for the rest of us who are all right we can become extraordinary by just becoming the best version of ourselves coming up I think it's really important to use your platform not just for good but for what you believe in Priyanka opens up about giving back that's mag packs of Priyanka Chopra Jonah's love life and making it in Hollywood you're a woman of many talents and I love that you are also such a proud humanitarian especially you know with your work with UNICEF and I love that we're seeing so many strong women you know do these types of projects you know your friend Megan Marcos just launched her smart works project which is amazing why is it so important to use your platform for good I think it's really important to use your platform not just for good but for what you believe in yeah I as a public person as a celebrity as a entertainer have a really different platform than probably heads of states but I see myself as someone who people listen to have an influence over so I try and use my platform to the best that I can for the causes that I believe in which I think everyone else should as well Priyanka's commitment to philanthropy is an important part of her life founder of the Priyanka Chopra foundation for health and education this nonprofit organization focuses on providing education and medical care for young girls in India in 2010 young named unisex national ambassador for the country and six years later she's appointed as one of the organization's global goodwill ambassador tonight Priyanka's humanitarian work also expands to a campaign that focuses on cleaning up the streets in India cities the plan is not just to clean up this place but to clean up and rehabilitated I think it's important for not just women but people around the world who have a sense of social responsibility to take that up and that doesn't mean that you have to be a movie star to do it every day people instead of wasting so much time on negativity I always say this to people instead of wasting time on negativity and like writing comments and trolling and doing all of that if we could put that kind of energy in actually the good for change can you imagine the kind of change that would happen that's a world I want to live in me too but people prefer trolling there's no need to be trolling in this world okay it doesn't matter I always tell this to give me younger kids who deal with the pressures and the negativity of people saying things living in the world of social media it's really easy for anyone to access you with their own opinions yeah but I think you have to know in your heart what you stand for who you are and have the confidence and faith in yourself for being a good person then it doesn't matter what anyone says still to come it came sort of out of my wedding because I just freshly got married and Mandy and I sat down and we started talking about wanting to do something together Priyanka reveals her latest project with Mindy Kaling it's a buddy comedy which travels from the u.s. to India that's next when Priyanka Chopra Jonas loved life and making it in Hollywood return welcome back to Priyanka Chopra Jonas love life and making it in Hollywood I'm ready to move she started that she's using a project that you're working on that I cannot wait for is the one with Mindy Kaling a huge fan of her what can you tell us about that project well it's really early right now we just like came up with the idea over coffee just a couple months ago what is cool about this movie is first of all it came sort of out of my wedding because I was I just freshly got married and Mindy and I sat down and we started talking about wanting to do something together I just started telling her funny stories about how when Nick's family came into India and the clash of the cultures and there were so many funny things that came out of it and it just evolved into a story it's a buddy comedy which travels from the u.s. to India and I think it'll be really fun and as we discover from this next clip Priyanka has no problem poking fun at herself working in Bollywood the one thing that is different from Hollywood which took me a really long time to adjust was that everyone's like always on time [Music] I suffer from this thing called is T which is Indian Standard Time it's just 15 minutes no he was late we were always on time okay see what's coming from Hollywood called me tense but hard we have to wait for because I'm at the Hollywood we were on because I'm Indian at heart Indian so that was really hard for me and while this Indian girl seems to have done it all there's still one thing she really wants to do what do you still have to check off on your bucket list bucket list there's a lot to chew off my bucket list girl oh my gosh I'm a by the day kind of purse and I can't plan for five years later I'm a believer in destiny I believe that destiny and hard work go hand in hand so if every day is excellent your life will be excellent but when it comes to bucket list things I think I have so many stamps on my passport but I never really see too much because I'm in and out yeah I want to start being able to take time you know holidays maybe but if Lauren continent is a foreign concept when I said that to my team they were like why would you want to go I would want to go somewhere where there's like no Wi-Fi and no cell signal and I would like to take me there yeah and just be the two of us we're both doing so much right now but it's like hard to connect and find that time I would like for both of us to go where no one can reach us I don't know where that bit there's do some research on that still to come what's your look on a lazy Sunday afternoon probably nothing next when welcome back to Priyanka Chopra Jonah's love life and making it in Hollywood well clearly you're very fashionable thank you very beautiful so I wasn't surprised when I saw that you guys run People magazine's best dressed list so I've got a little etalk beauty fashion rapid-fire what's one word to describe your sense of style put together what is that two words put a little dash in between it's one word what's the last piece of fashion advice that Nick gave you he's also very fashion to switch my shoes he was like wave I think the shoes you were wearing before this little better but I truly respect make sense of style he has such an amazing aesthetic all around not just the way he dresses and I love the fact that he puts an effort into the way he dresses it's so sexy alright sorry or salwar suit I'm a starry girl I serve our suits are great but I just love the elegance of a sari to have it draped around you what are three beauty products you've gotten your person right now my perfume yeah my lipstick and my Obagi day moisturizer which I use everywhere all right what's your look on a lazy Sunday afternoon probably nothing it's a home but no I'm like a sweats and and just a tank top and a girl I don't like dressing up I have my hair back like no makeup just sweats before we let you go we've got a little gift for you because we were initially supposed to do this in our eat-off lounge it's just a fun thing for Mahler a lot of Canadian brand so thank you so much for coming back I'm so happy you came back I love coming to Canada especially I was just talking about in the car I was like everyone's so nice here every time I go back from Canada I'm a better person I'm not kidding like truly so thank you for doing that for the world