Process Ethylene BOG system English Version

[Music] [Music] bog generated from the ethylene storage tank flows into the bog system at a pressure of about 0.03 kilograms per square centimeter g ethylene bog is compressed through the bog compressor with the ethylene aftercooler cooling the compressed gas first the gas is then re-liquefied through the ethylene condenser using propylene as a refrigerant the liquefied ethylene is recovered back to the ethylene storage tank propylene is used as a refrigerant in the cascade refrigeration system the liquid propylene is evaporated from the ethylene condenser and the latent heat condenses the compressed ethylene gas flowing to the opposite side of the heat exchanger the propylene vapor is compressed through the screw compressor and then liquefied by the coolant in the propylene condenser the liquefied propylene is supercooled through an economizer and then supplied back to the ethylene condenser which has a closed loop system that performs a continuous circulating operation [Music] [Music] you