Products I HATE From Brands I Love

- Aloha everyone. And welcome to skincare with Hyram. If you don't know who I am, my name is Hyram. I'm passionate about teaching you how to perfect your skincare routine. So make sure you subscribe to my channel, and to the notification bell so that you can see my videos every single week. Here we have a video that I have had in my mind for a long time. I've been wanting to do this for a while. I'm going to be sharing with you guys products I hate, from brands I love. What is the purpose of making this video? Just to show you that no brand is safe. No, I'm kidding. (laughs) I want to highlight some products I hate, from brands I love, to show you guys that the skincare world is complex. Okay? No one product is like the other product, and no one opinion is like the other opinion. And my opinions are varied, diverse, and picky as f-(bleep)-ck. If you didn't know, I'm a little opinionated. (laughs) I know it's super hard to tell. I have my very strong opinions about skincare and I always go by ingredient lists, because ingredients will determine whether or not I like a product, not necessarily a brand. Now don't get me wrong. There's so many brands out there that I absolutely love, that have so many good products, but just because they're a brand that I love, does not mean that every single product will align with my personal philosophy on skincare or that I love the experience of using every single product. And there's been the term circulating out there, Hyram approved that, you know, I love. I think it's a really fun term, because you guys have created it to kind of help navigate which products I do like and which products I don't like. And I think that's amazing. I love that so many of you guys do share my personal skincare philosophy, and are looking for similar brands that I like. And I've seen you guys talk about Hyram approved brands, but just because I approve or love a brand does not mean that every single product from the brand is amazing or falls in line with my personal philosophy. So I want to highlight some products I hate - just for fun to kind of show you guys that yes, there are products from brands I love that, I don't like. And I don't need to say this because I know you guys, are an intelligent audience. You guys know, I ride hard for brands that I love, but you know, I have to make this disclaimer. - Just because it doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you. (Laughs). - We all have our own personal opinions and philosophies when it comes to skincare. Everyone's skin is different. If you're getting offended over some of my opinions around skincare, girl, you have bigger problems. You have bigger fish to fry. Go figure those out. It's just skincare! It's not that big of a deal. So first up CeraVe, yep, we're going in balls deep. The product from CeraVe I hate is the Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum. When you look at the ingredient list, the first ingredients are standard delivery agents that help with the performance of hyaluronic acid and ceramides. But the fifth ingredient is denatured alcohol. Why? I am Confucian! CeraVe explain! Ah! I could quote that vine forever. Why, in a hydrating serum, that's supposed to be for people with dry skin. Is there an ingredient; denatured alcohol, that is known to be stripping and dehydrating? This is a controversial opinion. Denatured alcohol is a delivery agent. It can help certain ingredients perform better, but for hyaluronic acid, in a formula that's supposed to be for people with dry skin, and so high up on the ingredient list. It completely confuses me. Like, it's not necessary, whatsoever. There are plenty of other amazing ingredients that are delivery agents, that won't strip the skin. And it just seems like a huge contradiction. I was really so shocked when I found this product, because I was like, what? Okay. That is like, the only products from CeraVe that I've ever seen, that just does not make sense. And of course, denatured alcohol isn't a bad ingredient. I just don't like it when it's at the top of an ingredient list, unless it absolutely needs to be there; but for a Hyaluronic acid serum, it definitely doesn't. And I really think CeraVe could reformulate this product. But honestly, not to worry, because literally all the other products from CeraVe have either ceramides or hyaluronic acid in them, and you can get really good hydrating results with out having to use this product. So CeraVe, love you, but this ain't your chief. If you are looking for more hydration than what the CeraVe lotion provides, use the CeraVe moisturizing cream. Or if you're looking for even more than that, just use the CeraVe healing line. That should definitely provide enough moisture. Next, is Youth To The People. A brand I love, of course, they're on my shelf. Amazing brand, amazing values; focused on sustainability, reusable packaging, really very mindful brand. And there are so many products that I love from them, but they're also products that I don't like from them. One of them being the Superberry Hydrating Oil. This one is a blend of different types of oils to really focus on hydrating the skin, giving in a nice glowy sheen. But, it's formulated with a lot of fragrant ingredients. To the point that when you smell this product, you're like, Whoa! I mean, it smells good, but it's a very strong fragrance. And at one point in time, I did think that Youth To The People was completely fragrance free, but since then I've learned that that's not the case, and some of their products do have fragrance. And I will say I'm not the biggest oil person. I personally think that if you're looking for more hydration, you should really just focus on like, a good hydrating serum, or good hydrating moisturizer. Oils can be kind of, not really, super enjoyable to use and not necessary to a routine, but a lot of oils are also formulated with a good amount of fragrance - This one specifically included. And because of that, I just don't like this product. Also I did try it out, at one point, I don't like the finish. If you're looking for more and more strut in your skin, I highly suggest their adaptogen cream. It is amazing, Fragrance-free, blend of mushrooms that help to soothe the skin, and a really moisturizing formula that does not feel heavy on the skin whatsoever. And they have other amazing products, But this oil just did not do it for me. Not a fan. but obviously it's still an amazing company. Next is The Ordinary. I bet you did not expect to hear that. (laughs) Yes, The Ordinary; overall, I love their philosophy, their ingredients, but they're 100% niacinamide powder is just... I'm sorry, I just can't get on board with it. If you aren't aware, they recently came out with their 100% niacinamide powder. It's literally exactly what it says. It's a powder form of niacinamide. Now this may seem very similar to their 100% Ascorbic Acid Powder, but to me, they're very different. And in addition, I'm also rethinking my entire approach to using 100% powder ingredients in your skincare routine. This product kind of plays into a principle that a higher percentage of a good ingredient is better. And that's not necessarily the case. A higher percentage is not always better. Take salicylic acid. You can have 100% salicylic acid, and that would be terrible for your skin. In a normal product, salicylic acid should not be over 2%. And if your concentrations of 100%, that could actually be damaging to the skin. And when it comes to niacinamide, obviously I'm a huge fan of the ingredient, but niacinamide has been shown to be really effective at a concentration of 5%. Yes, I'm okay with putting up with 10% niacinamide, just because it is a good ingredient. But when you're getting into the 100% range, it gets a little risky, and you could see some sensitivity issues. Now in the past, I have really liked their 100% of ascorbic acid powder, But the difference is that a ascorbic acid is very unstable when exposed to water or light - and air. And I love a ascorbic acid, but it's so unstable and goes so bad, so quickly in the majority of formulas that I very rarely find a product I actually liked with the ascorbic acid and using a tiny bit of the powder mixed in with my moisturizer, to me, was a way of being able to comfortably use stabilized ascorbic acid. The weird thing though, is that niacinamide is very stable in the majority of formulas. You can pretty much add niacinamide to any formula, and most of the time it will be completely stabilized. It doesn't have that same stability issue as ascorbic acid And finally, the reason why I'm kind of drifting a little bit away from a hundred percent powders is because, inevitably, you are playing chemist. And if you use a little bit too much of a specific ingredient, it can increase the risk of sensitivity and irritation within the skin. And nearly every single chemist I know has said, do not use the 100% niacinamide powder, because of the risks associated with it, and I have to listen to them. So that's why I just don't like that product. I don't think it's necessary. You can use their niacinamide serum and see great results. And I'm sorry, I just would not recommend this product to anyone. Their Niacinamide Serum is literally one of my favorite products of all time. Just use that one instead. This is heating me up so much, my eyes are getting red. Do you guys realize I'm at the point to where I have to use eyedrops like five to seven times a day? You know what? I should go to an eye doctor. (Laughs) I think it's time. The next brand is Purito. I'm constantly talking about their sunscreens. They have such innovative, incredible formulas, but their Snail BB Cleanser. Nope, Nope, Nope. It's actually funny. I discovered the majority of purito products from a sponsored video that they did. I had already used a few of their products. I loved them. And back when I did a sponsored video with them, they told me that they wanted, like, an entire line review. Me reviewing as many products from their line as possible. And one of the products that I used from them, was their snail cleanser. Now I love snail mucin, but the third ingredient in this cleanser is Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and it's formulated with fragrant ingredients. And when I used it, my skin really felt stripped, which is ironic, considering that snail mucin is usually supposed to be really focused on hydrating, moisturizing, conditioning, the skin. And that's the exact opposite of what this cleanser did. And I remember I used this cleanser and they had asked for a full brand review and I was like, just letting you know, I'm going to be brutally honest in the sponsored video. I'm not going to glaze over anything. And I am going to talk about how much I dislike this cleanser. And they were totally cool with it, which I really respect. But yes, I don't like this formula whatsoever. It's definitely a product that I think they kind of failed on and they really should reformulate without sodium laureth sulfate, and maybe with a little bit less fragrance and a more hydrating formula. So, you know, I don't like this product, but I have to say props to Purito So for being cool with me being completely honest in sponsored videos, I mean, it really helped me set a precedent and a standard to approach that with every single sponsored video I do. This was a long time ago. For me to be able to confidently say to brands, Hey, if I'm going to talk about this product, you have to be okay with me being brutally honest. And I'm really grateful for that because it's allowed me to be completely honest in all of my sponsored videos from then on. So thank you Purito! Also forgive me. I don't have the products with me. I am kind of living in the middle of two locations right now, which is disorienting to say the least. Next is Krave Beauty. Yes. My beloved crave beauty, whom I stan forever. Liah Yoo, the founder is incredible. The great barrier relief right here. Beautiful products. But the product that I don't like from them is their Oat-So Simple Water Cream. Now, I do want to say the reasons why I didn't like this product, but I also want this to be a little bit of a redeeming video, because I did make an entire video dedicated to this product when it first came out. I didn't like this product because it really didn't provide a lot of moisture nor did it work for my oily skin. It was kind of a product that I liked the philosophy of; but in terms of actual formulation, I don't know. I just wasn't personally impressed, but heavy focused on the marketing was that the product was less than 10 ingredients. Which I disagreed with at the time, because I didn't feel that products should be marketing by how few ingredients they have, but more so the quality of the ingredients that they have and overall for the ingredient list, I just felt it was a little bit expensive for what it provided. And yes, I really didn't like my experience with that product. However, since making that review video, I was corrected on multiple things. One of my complaints was that the focus of the product is that it is formulated with the high concentration of oat. But when you look at the ingredient list, Oat is near the bottom of the ingredient list. And when I saw that, I was like, dude, what the hell? But, I was corrected, because due to U.S. ingredient guidelines, Oat is an ingredient that can be FDA regulated. And in some products you have to disclose, similar to sunscreens, the percentage. And to get FDA regulation is extremely complicated, very expensive, and very time consuming. And even though It had a crazy high concentration of oat and oat water, it wasn't able to be shown in the ingredient list. It's, like, super complicated. Okay. I wasn't even able to fully understand it, but I do realize I was wrong about that. And that it actually does have more oat than I thought. Also I realized that this product really wasn't meant for people like me. It was meant for people who have crazy reactive skin, can't use any other products because their skin is so sensitive and just want the bare bones, basic functionality of a moisturizer. So even though, yes, I did not like it, and it's my least favorite product from Krave Beauty, I have since realized that not everything is about me. (Laughs) No, but seriously, this product wasn't meant for people like me. And I just want to put that out there to balance what I was saying. But yes, don't like this product Krave Beauty is literally such a perfect brand. So every single launch from Krave Beauty has literally been perfection. So, of course, at some point they're going to come out with a product that I don't like, and this happened to be the one, but I'm okay with that because the rest of their products are amaze-balls. And then finally, Versed, as a drugstore brand that I've really been hyping up recently because I think their formulas are so good, but I cannot stand the Day Dissolve Balm from them. I talked about it in my truth about Versed video. I was disappointed with this product for two reasons. First off that it is formulated with polyethylene, which is an ingredient that I don't like to see in cleansing balms, because it's plastic and while no, it's not responsible for the majority of plastic pollution around the world. My philosophy is if we don't need plastic in a formula, let's not put plastic in a formula. And secondly, also just because it really didn't work. Like, every time I use this one, it did not feel like it got anything off of my skin. I had to go in with different cleansing balms after I used it. And it kind of left this weird feeling and layer on the skin that typically balms with polyethylene do leave that I just, I don't know, it's this weird fake slip that feels really strange. And I just wasn't impressed. The brand has so many other products that are just on point. Were super good quality, but yeah, that one's a no from me. So yes, even if there are brands that I love out there, Hyram approved brands, if you will, they're still going to be products that I don't like. No brand is perfect and that's okay. That means we can constantly encourage them to be better. And that's really what I hope this video encourages, to show that we can always hold brands to a high standard and use our voices to show them that not only are some of their products not great, but that they can do better and that they can improve them and how they can do that. Because if there's one thing I've seen on social media within the skincare space, it's that we all have a lot of power in determining where the market goes and the decisions that brands make. And I think that's incredible. What do you guys think of these products? What do you think of these brands? Do you agree? Do you disagree with me? Let me know, because I would love to hear your opinions if they're as spicy as mine. And if you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to my channel, and to the notification bell, so that you can see my videos every single week. And I'll see you guys in the next one. Muah!