Prophet Joseph Hazrat Yusuf AS English Episode 1




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[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] De Anza najara ba la lagune Tata Nano Naboo suave Casanova so severe a hyena is a God that before when condemning table he have been involved [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] 1160 BC a city in the south of Dublin [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh greatest star goddess of mothers goddess of kindness goddess of birth and fertility here this baby and make happy Oh worried mother greatest her mother takes a vow to bring you valuable offerings pray to the greatest to keep your baby alive as she answered my prayer go forth and raise your child in a way that ensures that you will be abolished [Music] [Music] [Music] alaa baby will be hue like hers was Ishtar's kinda mighty she was certainly here that's what I believe let's approach what is the matter with you you are superior to angels yet you prostrate to your own makings the whole universe obeys man and yet you continue to bow your heads to the lifeless stone that's your opinion you're insulting our gods but no reason these are not my words I am The Messenger of God to tell you of his book this is the holy book revealed to my grandfather Prophet Abraham I am a follower of his religion and the propagator of this book they are not my words written in that heavenly book who insult our gods I'm not insulting only asking if you know give me an answer if not accept what I tell you and I ask you did the statues in the Ishtar temple create you or was it you who created them this Ishtar have power over you or you over Ishtar does Ishtar rule you or you nourished and unable an incompetent stone how did she heal my child he's right we started he speaks the truth I saw a star carries child with my own eyes the omnipotent Lord heard your prayers and healed your baby not Ishtar it was God although you took refuge in a goddess and sought help from her it was the Lord omniscient who is aware of his servants and had mercy upon you and your baby you have sight but not in sight therefore you saw Ishtar not the real healer Jacob is saying that we must stop worshiping our gods and instead worship his am I not right what of our God's done for us but we might expect more from yours I'm calling on you to worship the unequaled God the God of all and the universe how can we know your God is superior to ours what if you and your God are after gaining profit for yourself like a priestess in the Ishtar temple you all know that I work for Laban as a shepherd and I have nothing of my own have I ever asked you for anything in return have you ever seen anything of me but working hard as a shepherd what if you ask for something in the future you have no power now you'll be just as bad as the priests you are all alike once you gain power you'll fill your stomach and make your own treasure I think you're justified you lost your only child to sickness and nobody helped you neither Esther the sorceress nor Ishtar the goddess of the temple you are justified not to worship any God I don't care about the incapable Ishtar I'm talking to your unseen God we have suffered enough from the stone gods of the temple we can't bear another god the temple officers are coming the temple officer has run hurry he went that way Oh arrest him don't let him escape where are you not the son-in-law of governor Leoben I'd punish you severely I'm not afraid of you or the temples officers disperse don't listen to Jacobs bless for me don't you see this blasphemy has caused feminine errand he has caused it he's right let's go before Easter curses us let's go [Music] [Music] if it doesn't rain soon all the crops in Haran will be destroyed I pray to God to bless the city with rain what's going on over there father it's an old custom of the people of Haran they throw Ishtar's enemies into the fire by catapult [Applause] let me go what have they done I didn't do anything you look after the herd and see what's going on let go what have I done that's Jacob the shepherd the nephew of Laban the governor this is punishment for blasphemy death all healthy I'm innocent he must be punished [Applause] [Applause] Perez is the enemy of this car he has attacked his car with stones at Coulter and inefficient and incapable goddess according to the old tradition of the people of Heron those who insult the great goddess Ishtar shall be thrown into the fire by catapult [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] don't shout in vain by the payer blood money or you wouldn't burn to death [Applause] how much is his blood money I will pay it you will piss no himself is an enemy of Ishtar you are an enemy of Ishtar you must pay your blood money first then arrest me throwing me into the fire would be upholding our family's tradition my grandfather Abraham was thrown into the fire on the orders of Nimrod you haven't been arrested so far because of the government because you're both his son-in-law and nephew so people close to the governor and to the authorities can insult the gods and not be punished arrest him and throw him into fire just like his grandfather leave me alone let go let's go what's going on here let go of him and free the accused as well sadhus must be preached when Jacob undertakes to pay his blood money you have no right to punish you Jacob you must pay 500 dinars for fur SS blood money there is no problem I will pay it may God bless you my good uncle Laban how long must I watch you so you don't make a mistake [Applause] thank you thank you what are you doing thank you I'll work for you until I've paid all the money back I promise I promise you said this come let's go [Applause] [Music] [Music] he is a good man he works hard all the time Ishtar has been receiving sacrifice from the people of Heron and Babylon for many years if your father Laban hadn't helped us we both have been burned to death because of his survival Perez must leave worshipping Ishtar and become a monotheists he already has Rachel he's become monotheistic since he was rescued when will our little traveler be born soon prophet of God it will be soon I've been waiting for a baby from you for many years if God wills it this waiting will end very soon [Music] greetings to you and your people greetings Jacob the Shepherd I want to thank you you're taking offerings to Ishtar temple we must make the gods happy or there'll be no rain this year do you not think that you need those dates more than the gods some people have been raged the gods by insulting them but we must pay for it are you certain that it rains by the will of the cold stony statues in Ishtar temple your blasphemy enraged him so much that he took away rainy clouds from Heron sky do not insult the gods Jacob why do you oppress yourselves and leave the God Almighty and worship the cold wheat idols instead why don't you give warmth to your withered heart by the light of God's faith by your temple with the blood of your enemies may you save this lad from drought and bless her in with your rain of mercy o krishna i purify your temple with the blood of your enemies may save this land from drought nonetheless heron with your rain of mercy excellency as usual he stood in front of the temple and insulted our hmm he also talked to some people but I didn't hear what he said o greatest Jacob will not stop this you go save this land from drought and bless her and with your radom that silly old British gigabit started again God's curse him and his blasphemy what are we to do with him southern Laban here I shouldn't think of someone leaving here excellently the high priest of Ishtar temple has invited you to meet him visit impotent yes governor stop that [Applause] if you steal one more time I will have you flogged to death I promise I will never steal again release him come with me seemingly it is about Jacob the shepherd what Jacob does is his own I do not account he speaks against the gods it's the priest you need to convince you why do you bother me if you can't convince God God's the greatest R is wrathful I see famine drought and death for people of pattern excellency wait here I'll tell the high priest you're here they enraged Ishtar Ishtar will not tolerate insult they enraged Ishtar the ones who insulted gods will be punished the greatest our sacrifice Laban why don't you stop your nephew from blaspheming you are responsible for the people's faith give him a good answer I am the governor not the priests well he is your nephew and your daughter's husband I am responsible for the common security inherit I'm not responsible for what my nephew does that's why you must obey me he has disrupted the common hard time and Jacob is the cause of the catastrophe how can he have been the cause of blessing and the increasing of my herd so far and also the cause of famine and misery inheritance because Jacob blessed beings the gods now he's never believed in Babylonian gods why in the part of the past he hid his beliefs and now he expresses them he openly felt a stir in the public you must salad him I must yes you must why do you think the peple of government has appointed you here so you know who's given me the position of the governor you had better remember that I take orders from the Babylonian government and not from you orosco's temple so there is no problem if the high priest of your stars temple in Babylon is informed with this [Music] I will talk to Jacob without tell Jacob if he endangers my family or me I will set fire to his whole family the puppy that box before its parents will soon be devoured by the world's you watch your tongue I forgive you this time but only this once the famine destroys my crops off kill Jacob Addis family there's already no hope for a good harvest hello father welcome hello father at last the governor of Heron has time to visit his daughters welcome father will Jacob not stop his trouble me what is it father of the priests of Ishtar temple complain to gain against Jacob you mean this addition in Haran is the priest doing and Jacob has done no wrong we are aware that Jacob does nothing except performing his prophethood duty why must he try and change thousands of years of tradition if he wants to talk about the religion of his grandfather he is entitled he can even preach for my whole family but why insult the people's beliefs father you are mistaken we will not tolerate even his preaching jacob is ordained to call all people to monotheism the religion of both his father and his grandfather and you are responsible for the peace and security of the people he is performing his duty and you'd perform your duty you have become obstinate and bold just as easily if I do my duty you will find yourselves wandering in the desert my sister Leah and I follow our husband's religion and we will continue to support him in spreading monotheism have you all gone crazy why don't you think of my position do you know what the high priest of Ishtar temple in Babylon will do to me if he finds out my nephew is propagating against Ishtar temple in Haran I will be the one burning Jacobs God is mightier than the gods of Babylon temples we must Revere the God Almighty not the stone gods I don't care about his God well there god I'm just saying Jacob mustn't imperiled my position what's the matter Rachel Rachel the baby Meiji oh thank you what's the matter my god why have you guys don't pay baby time lil huh Call the Midwife help her but it yes excellency throw the chain in planes until Jacob - come here fast hurry take my horse I am the eldest in the family father successful I am family I am the eldest I'm father successor Shepard really is guiding the herd and being a prophet or his guidance of the people perhaps that is the reason most of the prophets were shepherds by history history has brought my children to the field with the herd so they learn how the guy died why my children were children should be Australia's considering the power and the force the price furious with superiority I didn't teach thee to oppress and bully people I am successor get up you get up my successor and the head of the family will be the one who loves God more than others do not the strongest one Abraham and Isaac were the best not the strongest what's the matter bring the herd home where did father go it's nothing at Gordon let's take the herd home lil ha yes is Rachel your rival wise are you good friends with her we were both Rachel and Jacob cooking time to me so far but if they have a baby I know nobody will be kind to me anymore why do you think so Rachel and Jacob are good people Jacob loves Rachel very much if he has a baby by her will consider her superior to all his wives how many wives does he have or you think he'll forget all these otherwise yes don't forget Leah so funny sorry we're late I'll be blamed I don't think so Jacob is a Justin kind of man if instead of being jealous you are little kinder to him that he will still love him greetings excellency layman I would give you a dear lord I want Rachel and her baby see I am an experienced midwife don't worry [Music] [Music] don't worry god is great and benevolent Rachel Rachel Rachel Rachel Rachel Rachel she's unconscious Rachel Rachel Britt Rachel what is happening perhaps the gods rathas daughter look after this child pray for Aunt Rachel God answers your prayers [Music] why don't you do anything [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] someone has arranged Ishtar I see blood and fire dad as spreadeth under the shadow everywhere the flames of need who first get the impetus the one who has insulted the gods will be punished soon I think maybe that gods have a curse sir if you see as the cursing in the temple yes she said the flames of blasphemy would first get the infidelity that the one who had insulted the gods would be punished so how is Rachel she is not well I'm afraid do something Rachel isn't well calm down we have God and whatever he wills will happen he was a tauntingly she's been struck by Easter's curse and Esther sorry alright we shall see whose God is greater and bigger Rachel and her babies or Esther's look after Rachel I'll return where are you going don't leave us alone in this situation calm down I need some privacy do whatever you want with your guard but I cannot sit by and do nothing we must do something a doctor medicine whatever I to I'm going to a doctor a true doctor [Music] we has become a nuisance to the people of Hera and to me and my daughter's I'd like to do with him [Music] [Music] I don't think unless she's capable MIT you're right excellency Laban ask Esther for help she is a very capable midwife go and see if Esther will come I will give him whatever she wants tell her that if she saves my daughter I promise to expel Jacob from Aaron and get Ishtar's temple rid of him don't Jakob's under a spell by the curse of the babylon gods that is the punishment for denying the great Ishtar yo keep yourself plant ask Jacob why he doesn't seek help from his own God if I were him I would not forget my God when I was in trouble it was excellency Laban who sent me he promised to expel Jacob from Haran if you save his daughter I think it's a good opportunity the people of Haran must realize the power of the British and the strength of Esther the great sorceress if you save Rachel the faith of the people who become stronger they will fill here with gold instead Rachel's death brings about the same result we should let her die alright you go and tell the people tell them the Rachel dies because of blasphemy against digital go and tell them that this is the result of monotheism and ignoring Ishta perfect it me it rained when Rachel and her baby died it would prove the power of Ishtar [Music] [Music] [Music] if she doesn't gain consciousness they will both die smoke won't kill her [Music] [Music] I want to know what'll happen in the end if Jacob Scott will win or the temples God will win it's obvious Ishtar will win [Music] Laban why are you bothering me with this Jacob says he has a mighty and unique God why doesn't he seek help from him rituals life is in your hands helper I never imagined the Jacob would seek help from Ishtar temples so very soon you have quite an imagination what has led your imagination to run this wild my wild imagination is about to become a reality when you witness the death of your wife and baby life and death are in the hands of God not the hands of Esther or is ty I asked Nestor to come here ritualism well Rachel needs nobody except her own guard leave my house and go now Jacob please listen get out they will both die tonight it's just wrath will only abate by the death of your loved one my wife wasn't born by your prayer Norrell she died with your curse see baron he has mercy neither for you or himself and his infidelity will cost famine to you and death to his wife and baby you will soon witness the magic of Esther and the power of Ishtar whoa 1u if something happens to my daughter [Music] [Music] you