Punches and kicks are not enough I need to know “WHY”


Chael Sonnen


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I cannot help but stare at the grudge match that is Chandler and pitbull and frankly guys you want to know the one thing that this story and this promotion is missing why where did this come from I don't know pitbull but I have met him and his brother they're very nice guys they don't look it on TV but they are very nice guys people in the locker room people in the back people industry don't don't have heat with those two they just don't there gentlemen Michael Chandler is about as nice of a guys you're gonna come across people just don't have heat with him in addition to that they're both fantastic competitors and they're each the last guy that anybody else on the roster wants to have to fight nobody looks at fighting Chandler or pitbull like oh I get to fight Chandler I get to fight I have to fight Chandler I have to fight pit bull this is what was offered I have a contract I got a career I got to go get a payday these two want to fight one another I just want to know why what am I missing guys remember when Daniel Cormier and Jalen Jones how that all started right I mean those two were oil and water and you simply couldn't get them together but there was actually a quantifiable tangible moment that you could put your finger on and they both did as to when the bad blood began and it was real simple but I don't give a damn as a viewer I don't care if it's a simple problem or a huge I don't care but I want to be let in on that you have failed at your job if you don't bring me in on that all that had happened between those two Jon Jones have been fighting for a while Daniel Cormier was brand-new to fighting but not new to combat he had had Olympic dreams and just finished his second Olympic run in 2008 he decided to get into the sport he runs into John Jones backstage John Jones extended what Jon Jones viewed as a sign of respect to go up and engage this who wasn't even in the UFC to just go up and engage a fellow wrestler and a fellow athlete with a similar dream and said something to him about well you know something about Daniels wrestling and I think I think John Jones would say well you know you lucky I'm I didn't rest the year so I think he had said something along those lines or made perhaps and now it's coming to me you know what John Jones had said he had said something about oh you used to wrestle that's what it was to which Daniel Cormier is going hey look if you're a fellow wrestler and you are and we're in a similar weight class which we are you should know who your Olympians and world team and open level national champions were you should not just turn your back on your own sport even though you've now gone over into a new sport that was Daniel stands so Daniel responded yeah I'm probably the best wrestler you've ever met and boom that was it Daniel had felt he had been disrespected when I look at that I'm on John side of this thing I gotta tell you I don't see the disrespect but that's a completely different story one is nothing to do with the other you've got two competitors together what John viewed as a nice selfless act of going over and engaging the new kid in class if you will Daniel took as a direct insult to his accomplishments I'm in I am in but I I gotta know I've seen enough punches and kicks that's me not everybody can say that I've seen enough punches and kick I gotta know why why are we here and don't tell me it's to punch and kick one another more than that because I can get the punching and kicking all over the place two three times a week to three different organism and get that all over the place you got to tell me the why pit bull and chair I'm gonna get to the bottom of this by the way I am flying out to the Chicago to call that fight the moment I get done in this studio talking to you guys the very first thing I'm going to ask Chandler or pitbull whoever I see first is where the hell did this stem from I am going to bring you the answer but I will touch somebody needs to bring us that answer because these two guys knowing them both separately are the kind of guys that we get along they just happen to be competitors so they're going to have to go out there and compete but it's not going to be personal this is personal and leave a told Chael I will find out why you