Pundit With Epstein Conspiracy Theory Defends Trump

President Trump is defending his decision to retweet a conspiracy theory that Bill and Hillary Clinton may have had something to do with Jeffrey Epstein suicide [Music] here's the video the president retweeted it's from Terrence Kay Williams for some odd reason people that have information on the cleanse end up dead and they usually die from suicide [Music] so who is Terrence Williams we consider yourself a well respected conservative pundit listen I'm well respected whatever you put after that I don't care Williams has made a name for himself as a pro Trump comedian I will get my news from Nickelodeon they're from New York Times Sean Hannity is a big fan you got to love Terrence and you can catch him on social media he is rip-roaring make you cry funny now his tweet about Jeffrey Epstein suicide has gotten the attention of the nation thanks to the president no I'm not gonna say who killed that man cuz because you know I could end up being but we're but but but the word around the street is the cleanse did it do you really believe Clinton said so we do with Epstein's death he cannot rule anybody out okay come on we can't even rule bugs money out we got to keep everything we can't we can't rule nobody out we can't rule nobody out but we are unfunny are you being sued no we can't rule nobody out [Music] you [Music]