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So Hi guys Hey, here we are You doing Sasha yet Yet. I'm trying to fix my focus. Oh yeah, I Think so so guys I'm happy to see you here. I'm happy to see you Benson. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your for your cooperation Thank you, thank you so There are so many countries actually Watching us right now Diversity Like like that, I Have two screens and I'm looking at the the chat and Yeah, it's going so fast Yeah, I'm trying to watch the chat in the same time there's some Russian there's some some what's up from Oakland A's of is Thomas these Masada's of so many people from yeah from Italy Argentina Indonesia Brazil, Mexico Algeria Russia there is so many people feel of Philippian Sidman. Yeah, Pakistan We got a lot of diversity, yeah, I think you are watching us right now Sounds like a You know around the world everybody's there. Yes So guys as you remember, I asked you to send me questions for benson. Akka Karla's and I Asked him to do the same for me. We don't know questions for each other so I get it like six pages for you. It's so many questions. I I systemize them. I I try to Follow follow sequencer. Yeah Okay so I would like to start not from questions, but just Tell about you Small talk about ourselves. I Would like to know you better Maybe you can say some something some words So, my name is Benson Mukhtar. I'm French Algerian I've been studying Modeling actually and acting back in Maybe I shouldn't talk about it. Maybe it's gonna appear in your question. So maybe I'm just gonna stop there no, if you will ask I will just keep these questions after because you're Okay, so I started modeling in Los Angeles. Mm-hmm, I had an approach when I was living in Montreal like in Quebec back in the days in 2006 but I was very involved with my my studies from a studying Electrical Engineering Wow Yeah, and I got my master degree by the time and then I went to Los Angeles. Actually, I was just quite the time I wasn't even thinking about like pristine modeling when I went there, but as I You know was mingling and living in Los Angeles. I was approached by many photographs and You know, how do you call those people who approached you, you know agent Kallus Scouter yes colors in the street and then I was like, okay, let's give it a try So the yeah, I he was to learn English because by the time my English was horrible. How was how old was you? Secret So I was sure that you You know English like from childhood No Actually had to learn we learn English in France, but you know, we have a horrible Methodology in France the way we learn English in France or any language is just terrific That's when I started to travel but actually pick up languages Mm-hmm, right because like in France in France, we only focus on the grammar We don't focus on the pronunciation and on the the key sounds like I think it's the same everywhere Yeah, it's sinking in Russian in Russia as well 100% Sorry The the the key idea to learn a language Any language is to I would say to focus on the key sounds you know like like schwa sound like for example in English and in Russian, there's a lot of Right. You don't say America you say? America American or like in Russian you say you don't say whole. Oh sure. You say Hara. Sure. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, so the walls became schwa sounds in phonetics, okay So question no, actually as you start speaking about you or how you learn in so many languages because I have I got a lot of questions about like Me Find them like you already answered how you learned them just to travel during traveling, right? Yeah, but wait a second like a kind of songs of a language class now, but Yeah, so I started to learn English, right And I knew German before but my German was horrible by the time so I went to some specific Institute like English Institute in Los Angeles some Institute in in Egypt in Cairo in Cairo I went to a Institute in Japan and then I've been like doing a lot of online study Classes. Mm-hmm to improve then once I was learning your brain start to arm to wire and connect the dots with the Similarity we know the linguist and it become kind of natural to learn languages as I learned. For example Japanese it makes made it easy to learn Korean or Chinese? Because Korea I mean Korean and Japanese are exactly the same Drummer when it comes to the drummer. Mhm same thing for Arabic and earu in learning Arabic Technically I was also learning Ebru. So it's just like a a sequence. Mm-hmm It's like a sequence, you know the language you actually learning some more not only learning English, you know You learn the grammar you learn like a Whole spectrum. Mm-hmm How many languages do you know So I speak four languages fluently French English obviously Mm-hmm Arabic and Japanese fluently then I speak German which can all have those written on the valley ich schleiban enthusiasts Gonzalo : So, that's German. Yeah, Nimue gaga for you Gorsky So, this is Russian I speak a little bit Russian también habla espanol Porky's in numerous conferences Spanish and I know Latin language, I can pick up like Latin language even if I don't Speak them properly. I still understand because it's very similar to like a UI I also I always was so fascinated by the people who can just speak some Sounds and they already started understand any language Like I I know I know some people who in my surrounding who is who knows Five or seven languages. It's insane Which one which one was the hardest for you? I Would say the hardest is German definitely drama Mm-hmm. Yeah, because in German days does declension system, you know, like aku's achieved a chiefdom not chief getting TV and in this case in thunder and If you prefer depending the case, you know, for example g zonal Pairs. Oh no The Sun is masculine when it's nominative and it becomes feminine when it's an object's it becomes DS on it So you have to yeah, I think Russian is actually easier than done German and Russian Drama looks similar to Arabic for some reason The crown is exactly the same. They are the same declension is the two type of phrases in in Russian these nominal four phrases or sentence with only nouns and Verbal sentences just like in Arabic and Ebru distinction So you made it? Kind of easy to pick up Russian and it's a beautiful language. I just love it okay, so You actually answered on all questions about language how you don't them how difficult was it and You already said some tips about this One guy asked you to teach Him your accent because he he have heard that all foxy ladies love it. It drives them crazy That's for Resident Evil 3d original on on PlayStation From 1999 all the foxy ladies love my accent right? I know That's what Carlos Oliveira say. So your Have you played original version Original game yeah Yes, I did. I played Actually my first Resident Evil experience Was a second one Resident Evil 2 on PlayStation And I just had in love with the franchise after this when was and I played It was in 99 1999 Wow, I had the choppiness version I believe and I Think it was still in English, even though he was it was in English Because I didn't have it in French, I believe but anyway No, no, that was 1996. Sorry Resident Evil 2 1996 or 1997 I'm not quite sure but I just felt in love with the game the concept was something new because he was 16 bytes console previously and then It's 3d console new generation coming and you have Resident Evil and it's the something totally different from what we knew before Then not played resident evil 3 and I fell in love with the game because he was more action than the second one Same one is more like yeah. Yeah Resident Evil 2 is more like a Survival horror try to survive. You don't have that much of ammunition. You don't have that much other You don't want to fight the zombies you wanna skip them you wanna run away because you don't have ammunition. You don't you don't have You know weeds or plants anymore. You don't have that much in resident evil 3 the concept is slightly different you have it's much more like action like Rumble like Video game so it's more like boom So it was great I'm so impressed that you get to know this franchise. So a long time ago Wow Yeah, beautiful game Yeah, I just started to to get no lease now I've heard a lot about this, but I have never played and I really liked the game I finished this and Especially I mean I haven't played the original version Which I I would like to fix this mistake and but how Capcom is doing right now like I Even can't express this like it's its masterpiece It's a masterpiece. Definitely because even if the original Is still in my heart still still have a place in my heart. The new version is something really really well done. I mean like the the graphics yeah to begin with is just crazy and the gameplay I Believe in my opinion is better than the second one. It's like same as I said previously in Resident Evil 2 like the old version compared to the Resident evil 3 old version you see that? Resident evil 3 remake is more like action-oriented you can dodge you can punch you can go like SH or you can write with Jill she can dodge and like fight back with a knife and It's just I just love it if you see my streaming on YouTube go check Actually play better with you with children with Carlos actually No, I've heard that you finish this game already on the highest level of Nightmare nightmare and I'm playing a Inferno which is the hardest and I'm just like You know Like I'm I become very strong actually with Jill especially so it's like I'm just having fun I didn't finish it yet, and maybe I'm going to finish it tonight maybe tomorrow but Yeah, I really Improved my my skills at the beginning I was I wasn't that good to be honest, and I was I was trying like to challenge. I like challenges, right? So I was like, okay, let's try next level next level next level. I was like Playing I become very skillful Thanks to Jay. I Hope one day I will be able to to improve my skills and to change this Difficulties level and probably Infierno nightmare. Who knows? Because I was screaming even on the easiest one Yes, oh yes I have actually I had question about this. What do you know? What do you think about my streams? very funny funny this deal, you know your Facial expression the way you react when you you like that Yeah, it just for fun. It's not for Exchanging some skills gaming skills now my streams not about this You know when you in the hospital and playing with Carlos, yeah kind of Monster coming like a reptile like yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah It was Just so so so so We're Dooley bow Like right now, I'm in France. I can't go back to Japan Because it still you know lockdown Curran team and I'm in Paris for the moment. And how long have you been to Japan? Living over four years in Japan. Mm-hmm and I'm planning to go back. But now it's not the good timing. Everything is locked So maybe the better choice is to stay here and I can't even travel. You know, I can't even go to Japan or America like England because we take Technically you can move from friends. You can go like a 100 kilometer in the surrounding only. Mm-hmm It's like you have to Bring a of paper, you know They make in Germany like partying you have to provide this paper If you don't have it, you can get in trouble with the police. So Actually the same in Russia. We need some permission to to travel even through the Moscow through the city Even Go out somewhere. I like to Shout back, I don't Kind of feels like a real time resident even yes. Yes, and it's It's so scary, I mean yeah, it happened like the same time like the release of the game and this Outbreak of coronavirus I hope lemmas is not going to appear Because It cost me a lot to To fight with him. Yeah, I can fight nemesis in the game, but I can't go like fighting him for real you know I can I can go sure you can with Jill but I can't do that for real right and it rhymes I Can't go shuriken with jail But right ok, I was trying to be funny. So I you mean that in real situation if like Always things happen like in Resident Evil 3 You won't be able to survive right? I Don't think so because I have this question and guys Asked about this like what I'm going to do in this case Well, I will run just run run It won't be like resident evil 3 2 it will be like Resident Evil 2. Yeah survival horror yeah, try to survive a to get some, you know ammunition and food and just run away when I see a zombie like People or whatever I hope it's not gonna happen medium talking about that Remember that thing the umbrella? Yeah corporation. Yeah Yes You were but yeah you do but that logo like in China. Yes quickly the same but green instead. Is it real? Oh, it's fake Because I haven't checked it properly. Like I have seen some guys like tagged me and like especially before release and they told like oh it's happening and This umbrella logo and logo from this cleaning crew, you know fine like water flag It's like a sign, you know, it's like literally a sign. It's Definitely a bad sign You know in resident evil they make jokes sometimes you know These are the signs that tells you that things going to happen and when you play jela right at the beginning there's a big sign Falling right in front of you, right and it says like signs, so maybe we're gonna have signs in the same way Still trying to be funny, okay? Just keep positive mindset and and I think It will help you. Anyway, it's been it's better than to be depressed and in such situations Of course watch me play on YouTube. You will understand Well, I'm getting mad sometimes when I'm playing, you know But soon as I hear I do a lot of comments a lot of references play the game So it it may it make you relax right? Of course at the beginning. I was kind of you know Stressed out but as I improved Again, I got confident and I can even like a moonwalk with Jill and Carlos now my fighting Zombies, I'll make them dance No, I it's not nemesis anymore. It's Jill. You know like the zombies are getting scared of jail Go check my youtube. Like I told you we see okay. Okay, I will take it So and you haven't finished your Talk about your career. How did you start it? Like Scouters people asking me you should try modeling you should try modeling at the beginning I wanted to but at that time you You tried? yourself in acting or you've been More like acting oriented But do you have a special? education in acting or it's just Actually took some classes in Los Angeles in Tokyo I've been taking like some stunts Acting class as well. I've been practicing martial arts since I'm a teenager Mm-hmm. It's different skills I started with Taekwondo Korean, you know Shaggy bondola shaggy Furio Chucky home say no then I practiced karate kioku Shing, which is very violent Thai boxing Then proper boxing. So tell me what you know, you can't do what you can do what I can't do Sanja I can fly And that's this guy obviously I try I try the knee pretty bad so because you tell me, you know, like Four languages, you can speak fluently two languages extra like, okay You can speak them and understand them for extra languages, but you know less for more, okay? 8:18 Toto like full kind of martial arts Acting modeling you are electric engineer. And so I have a question I can Can you cook? of course orange French Algeria Algerian and French love to cooks so it was a stupid question. Okay But guys ask you and tell me. Do you know how to cook Bleen? And do you actually know the meaning of this wrote in Russian? Dream. I always repeat this world in my streams But it's like to two meanings in Russia. You don't have to teach me I Used to go to the first meaning the first meaning of Bleen. It's like it's pancake pancake but I always I always yeah, I owe craps, but I always repeat it in English when I Like crap like Yeah, partly scripts no no no Crabs, it's in French like um when I say it during the streams, it's like crap Crap drop or crop you wanted to say crap, right? Okay, what can I cook like like Obviously like making perhaps is a national sport in France. So and pancake is pretty easy Do you know like Algerian crepes on lot? African crepes called Valene on some men? What the difference I I've lived in Paris and I have seen this small point of spots which doing craps on the streets and it's like Really thin not not like a big It's French or this French script We do the same in Russia. I don't like this like like please You know like sick, like it kind of looks like a pancakes, you know when I was living in America I was making fun of pancakes and calling them bajalia because it's like Because in English They don't have like the meaning of bling and they have only pancakes and pancakes actually look different That's why so guys he can cook blames. I Can cook blings? How do you say I can cook in Russian? Yeah. Yeah my Google towage. Yeah, Mon Google told ya I'm a Googler. It's blini Yah, which blini? Perfect What other hobbies do you have Learning languages Reading his history books Sports a lot of sports going to the gym. I like to swim. I really like to swim and Unfortunately, I can't swim now. So I'm just doing like like body lifting, you know, like pants and push-ups and dips and Trying to stay fit like a plank. No, what's the plan? Yes. Yes. So plank is perfect for your core and As I can't go outside. I mean, that's the perfect outfit not outfit but Workout. Mm-hmm How about you? About hobbies. Oh what I mean like do you work out during the co feynman during the lockdown? Ah, Not really I'm lazy. I can't I I can't do it at home I prefer to go to gym because when you come you for sure you will do anything and I need I need this equipment I I can't do it at home, but It's like not the same Right. Yeah, I don't have motivation at home Trying to read Like the live chat. How's the current in life for you guys? It's just great. I'm having fun with Resident Evil. I'm playing Carlos and Jill's. I'm just having other fun Believe me. Like I say check my youtube channel. You will see How about you? What am I doing during content you mean like a Are you having fun during the contine? Actually, I can't say that I'm depressed and it's like okay, we we should We should deal with this. I Read books. I'm working as well. I Am I'm discovering YouTube because there's so many to and it's so So new for me. What else? Just one thing I can't go outside Like normally and I don't see my friends for a long time already. That's negative point This someone was asking if you have a brother, do you? Yes, are you? okay have brothers and sisters - How many how many siblings do you have The big family I have five and the sisters and three brothers. Whoa, and where do they live oles? France and Germany Luxembourg, Oh and Algeria Wow Big family like one elder brother two younger brothers So to meet your friends or to meet your family, you need to travel almost whole Europe North Africa half a world Any place are found like my family like even in the US? You know walk like a and I found out like these guys my cousin. This guy's my cousin I got the Rochelle get cousins and I'm just kidding. I got a big family It's it's nice. I I love big families. It's do you have some kind of traditions? In your family some specific ones Traditions, uh-huh. What kind of tradition Maybe in your family or in your country Like which country if your how you have a Algerian have French or you have been you've won? Or born in France. Did you buy in France? Okay. Yeah, my sister born in Algeria actually, uh-huh three of my sisters Okay So and what about traditions you don't have any specific ones What do you mean by uh, what kind of traditions? depends Like influences jurian influences. Definitely. Yes But what? What way? the dialect the food like You know if you see how my mother cook you would see that she's a Cobbler, she's really good at cooking and I miss her food. She Does know a lot of Algerian North African food, not only Algerian She also do like Moroccan food and sometimes Tunisian food and she can cook like French food. She's very talented at cooking actually Do you cook Sasha? Yes, I do I do. Yeah. What do you cook? Actually, I don't like to cook bleens because it's like it's annoying to To stand near the oven and just this to do the same and Need to wait I did I need to prepare and we'll put put in oven and just wait and after eat Makes sense like you Don't have the patience. I believe no, sometimes I would I like to prepare something but like I'm I like to cook like pies I Can cook almost everything but I don't like to to do the same monotonous things It is yeah, I know what you mean sometimes cooking can be kind of monotone Liebe Lynn's only only bleens and with pancakes Blaine. So what are you making? Actually making crepes is actually a lot of fun like French crepes because you go fast, right? It goes really fast it create like the texture of the crap, you know the past. Yeah using It's like a blink of an eye Yeah, it's crispy and you go fast you put gel on you can put a SL You know, like I said, how you say, honey. Mm-hmm You can put like even sugar and citrus you can even put like a like tuna or salmon you it depends of your mood so that's why I'm making crepes French crepes is very Fun in my opinion at least I do Do you like peanut butter? I have this question And yeah, I'm gonna tell you what why because when I'm working out I need protein and peanut butter has a lot of proteins and Fats, how would you say? The color is very useful, but I think it's too salty You can you can choose I Usually buy not sweeter and not salty like like normal soap Ok, I'm sure you can choose you can find So you you eat it often right because because of workouts I'm sorry you do you eat Peanut butter often I guess. Yes, because you work out very only when I'm working out I'm trying to gain muscle for example for projects. I have to gain muscles or I have to get like muscle definition. So what I do I eat a lot of Like protein oriented food like you know eggs Peanut butter in the morning like oatmeal. Yeah because any person of your workout is actually Depends on your nutrition the way you're gonna eat so you're gonna have to be very focused on The food and not really like the way you're gonna work out. So yeah, I like history like I like peanut butter Me too Yeah, yeah Popular in France, do you know the peanut butter not popular in France? No No, no, like you find it like in special stalls and special. I think you can find it like in Bo Bo You can find it but not as easy as you would find in the US, for example, I Haven't been to you Yes, that's why I don't know like you have this special shops Grocery shops B or something in Paris. Yeah, so I think you can find there whatever you want like for this You find what you want. It's gonna be slightly more expensive than the project in the local countries. That's still good Like what's more popular than German friends is like a diner peanut butter is Jang coffee to know? So this is really popular and Nutella, of course Yeah, I know I do like No, I'm not saying about Nutella I used to when I was younger To my mind. Yeah the meat became to Sweden me and even like You know like sweets and chocolate balls I'm trained like to limit ate as soon as I eat that kind of stuff have pimples. Mm-hmm. I had like a couple of sweets last time I play the Resident Evil and Sooner how the pimple I think here. I don't know if you see like one here one here. So I'm like you better not You better gotta stop eating this So no more sweets anymore I'm trying to reduce it as well. So Benson tell me what's your favorite City? I'm gonna be frank the most beautiful city that I saw in what from for is Paris it's very beautiful like the architecture the building the goose, Manion buildings and The bridge is just Beautiful you go to Los Angeles or New York. It's it's not as beautiful you go to Tokyo or Dubai Paris is very special actually really beautiful that angry. Is it your favorite City? it is definitely my People are kind of cold in Paris, you know if you take her ease You kick out French people from Paris because they too cold. It's just perfect Yeah French Not French. I mean people from Paris they Recall, yeah. Yeah, very Cool, like like a you know, oh it does. Sorry tiny Japanese I just want to kick them out and Then leave Paris has a beautiful city. I think it's only because all North countries and all north cities they are most close people like they are not so easygoing and then oh, Yeah, it's true it's true even if you if you Compare a Russian cities like on the north and on the south on the south. They are more friendly friendly and Friendly, don't forget It's true. I mean Like I when I go to Germany I'd like to go to Dusseldorf, you know and people come to you know You talk to them even when they take they say thank you. You feel like the friendly threatening you like. Thank you oh, no, the language is very Tense, and the way they do very disciplined But you know, it has its charm anyway like Germany Have you been to Germany? Yes, I have been to Hamburg and Berlin as well Darling. Mm-hmm Berlin is nice big city If you had all expenses paid What place in the world would you visit? If I heard what before all your expenses will be covered you someone will give you Some amount of money and tell you like go Whenever wherever you want That's a really good question Like maybe I would pick up a city I never been because probably you had something in your mind Which like I said Paris is a beautiful city, but I don't see myself living in Paris. Mm-hmm, maybe Okinawa Japan Hawaii you know it's a little island isolated would be nice to live there for The rest of your life that's what you mean. Mm-hmm Yeah, that's a nice choice, I believe How about you I would like to go to the place where I haven't been or probably I would like to come back to Japan because When I was working with Capcom, it was my first time once time There and I really liked Japan. It's like another world and in in a good meaning It's a friend dimension, isn't it? It's it's awesome Also, I would like to go to Australia and New Zealand Usually this is beautiful I heard there's a lot of like How you say? Like the nature hasn't been dated yet so that's why I would like to go to New Zealand because it's super expensive and if Someone will cover my expenses. It will be great Yeah, it's like it's also other other world I can say but in different mean, you know, Japan Japan, it's like High-tech. I don't know so mixed its a mix between hight high tech and culture Maybe probably because I have been only in Tokyo and Osaka and I haven't travelled like Oh actually, I have been to Kyoto as well and Kyoto is more like Countries yeah, have you seen like the big Osaka? How you say The castle of circa castle yes. Yes. Yes Everything I went there. I remember that I had no internet like I came just for a few days there and I just went And like I used the map Offline map and I came there early early morning and it was so beautiful so quiet and so Nice a lot of discipline, you know and it's clean the city is clean. Yeah. Yeah, it's super clean Can I ask you a question a funny question? Sure What do you think of the toilets in Japan? Oh So it's so interesting Was in Japan what the first time I always to take a photo When I First saw like those toilet it I feel like you need a PhD to be able like to press the button There's so many buttons now and it's all in Japanese. It's like it's like getting in freezer Spaceship, you know you have like plenty of buttons. You don't know what to do You press the button this water coming out and you like okay you sit there you feeling it It's hitting your your tides. Like wow, it's like technologies that they literally not once the in the in the future So don't you chew about your food? They are in the future. Yeah, I don't know if we can say this but I I really remember the toilet in Costco like it was a little bit different from Which I had in my hotel, but in my hotel it was also like this big Thing like with this special. How do you call it? But yeah, yeah I Was coming to my mom like mom You even can't imagine There are Everything is so small in Japan like super small Everything is uh, you know why because it Japan is a small iron-on right this they don't think you know when they wanna buy a building or Build a building. They don't think like square meter. They don't try to spread it square meter They think cube meter like in high, you know, they put like this is what you have tall buildings They don't have that much of space that they try to Manage the space in 3d like literally like they think cube meter When trying to to say, they trying to save space as much as they can and everything is so tiny I was also so Surprised when I have seen these highways like double highways like one level the second level and you just go in and this this high highways going through the building like I even I even remember probably it's in Osaka like the building and Highway inside the building. No, it's in Osaka High School is this, you know second I believe this also this in a in Tokyo when you go hitting to forget the name of the Isle Island You know, they do Motor Show and like special even in that place Odaiba that's called aya is the monorail going through like buildings and like you in a different planet The architecture is like something different from the rest of Tokyo really nice actually These people, they want to ask question I think do you like dogs? Me someone is asking yet is Esteban Casillas? Asking do you like dogs? I like but not big because in my childhood I was Scared by the dog and I'm like a little bit nervous when a close to any Any dog which I I'm not familiar like it's not my friend's dog I have a cat Yeah, I like cuts to more like a cut person than me - I don't Like I'm kind of scared to talk to because I got a bad memory from when I was a kid Dogs like running after me and my friends, so I'm having some some of my friend carves in front of me You know the dog just came and bite him in the carve. And from this I'm like, okay, no Thanks for thank for doggies. Leave me alone. I like cuts Into my sister. I got a sister. She used to have a a big Rottweiler. It's like German dogs It's really nice. But still I like cats more than dogs Okay so Benson scarless. I'm so Carlos Benson I think it's time to To answer some questions about transduce resident evil Yeah, so tell me tell me how it happened. How did they found you find you and What was your feelings? so My agency called me and told me if I was interested to do a project with Capcom he sent me an email first and Then I told him that I wanted to leave Japan by the time They told me how about you stay a little bit longer Maybe you take some vacation. You you go for example to a country not too far. So I chose to go to Korea to sail Then I came back and after that they told me okay. Capcom is really interested by you You fit like some kind of features for a new project They didn't wanted to tell me what was the project exactly. They just told me Capcom and The person is gonna be Carlos soon as I heard Carlos. I was like, that's it easy Yeah, yeah Carlos is done even and the previous game released by our Capcom was resident able to remake so in my mind It was naturally a sequence to me. I was pretty sure that razón evil 3 was gonna come out Right after Resident Evil 2 and my guess was right. It was Carlos Olivera so and that time you even Didn't have any you didn't hesitate anymore To stay for some sometimes Like I'm like being colors would be good. You know, I Know I didn't even do an audition. That's the crazy thing Usually you do a lot of audition, right? his first again, keep you go like You have to go back and forth to see the clients. No, they just wanted me I At the point like I told you I wanted to leave but my urgency convinced me to stay longer, right and Then I got the job I did I didn't meet nobody so And you you didn't do any casting right? No casting. I didn't mean any official mm-hm Nothing even in Tokyo. Someone was supposed to come and see me for like a you know like trying some outfit some colors of it, but I think they change their mind cuz if they would have green like the You know the Carlos outfit I would have guessed that it was Carlos, but guess what I knew was resident evil before they told me so How about you? I got this offer from my mother agent in Moscow. I have been in Moscow and he told me like it's kind of game and I'm not familiar with Game games any video games I said, oh, it's interesting. I even don't know how to How it's happening I said, okay. I I would like to try and after he told me like I send your profile and Probably in two weeks. They came back like they Made the first selection and they to have chosen like from Not me like some less than the first time unless Model said then at the first time some other potential candidates like the first time it was like about 700 or something like that as I know and Yes, and uh and after can you imagine its Resident Evil I haven't understand at that time like wow, it's so big casting like and Yeah and after they probably from this 700 they have chosen like 50 years 50 something and they asked us to prepare some material like video and photos like to pose to To to see expression on the video because photos it's one thing and you need normal photos or normal video because on the photo you can be like what god has said in real life you are just actually asked me to send a video in in July Before but I I didn't know it was I knew it was for Capcom. So maybe was related actually asked me to send like a Like a video just like turning around Probably yeah, you're right because it makes sense. They They needed our expressions and they shouldn't see how our Muscles face muscles should move and it's nothing like that Mogi like the expression expression Yeah Yeah, I remember now. They actually asked me like to go topless and Turn around Maya jettison asked me to send this for like a project Capcom. So maybe was the same I believe it was the same because I did like some other Capcom it's like general Starr for models. Who is sending their snaps or video material because it helps to clients to realize What do you have actually? Mmm, no, I've been working on different projects for Capcom like commercials. For example, you know, there's Universal Studio in Osaka and actually at some point I did a commercial when I was like just like a zombie Well becoming Carlos so so maybe I at the beginning when I heard Capcom was or maybe Universal Studio in Osaka like but Like like I told you sooner soon as they said Carlos he was a key word to me like how he gonna make the game hundred-person It's so nice yeah, before they say that I thought was gonna be like You know amusement park with Resident Evil team that does exist in Osaka So maybe was the reason why they asked me to send a video it's maybe related I'm gonna ask them So, what was your feelings when you When your agent told you that so you got this job Really excited so proud No, I was very excited because when you see the first Carlos No, it looks totally different. It looks more like a boy's band from the 90s, you know the Backstreet Boy looking guy, but Carlos, it's like Its sound the previous You don't really fit the character but his voice his voice was like Like a cholo, you know, he has an accent no see ladies like my accent. He was picking like that But then they took off the action and it's like they did the opposite right now. The first cut was like European Caucasian looking guy Latin American action and the newcomers is the opposite is like Latin American looking guy with a whole youjin Accent so maybe that's the idea I think as I understand Capcom like to play with characters because I've got so many Messages like oh wow Jill she is in-game she is American know who Jim Jill Jill Valentine is a American and I think chlorophyll is half Japanese and French. I know she has Because in Japan it has even other name this Frances beer hazard. Are you home fire hazard and Jill Valentine has other name I I won't be able to recall it now I think it's it's just GE ballantine. It's just pronounced Japanese. Wait, I Okay, so like Carlos Carlos Olivera no, it's like just the pronunciation but It's the same. It's just the way you're gonna read it I'm not sure that it's Japanese I mean Japanese characters because they also I Don't know how to explain this for me. It's like a American game no. I know that Capcom did this but like probably because I always hear this English speech like and all actors were Americans Well, the original Resident Evil is actually Japanese the original Real actor for Carlos Olivera for instance is yes, uma, too Hiroki Asuma to from I think he He started Carlos from 2003 like all design and the new design is the same so that guy is obviously Linked to resident evil 3 since Long time ago like it's been years and years and years like 17 years is in the game literally in the game Someone is just confirming that Jade is a Hulk French half Japanese actually, ah, okay. Yeah, that's what I thought I wasn't sure if it was clear retinal or Jill Valentine. It's Jill. It's you Do you with Japanese? No, I I mean I was confused. I was I didn't realize like Jill and after I realized that her name is Not like Jill Valentine. She has an Alec not on Alec like a Japanese name It's not maybe from the father side, Valentine, Pallotta Valjean maybe Has to be a French name. Okay, I will check it Tell me Was it your first experience in for Face modeling a character for video game. Yeah, like a 3d modelling was my first experience for Video game I did like a pilot for a game called want to switch on Nintendo switch it was a pilot and we were like If you know like want to switch if you play the game all the thing I see in this game I can spot you the thing. I've been doing during the pilot, but these should they choose like other? actors for the game and I know most of the actors for want to switch switch so How about you first I'm doing like such project. Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's the first time How was it? You know like when you got in that bright room with all the Cameras around you and the flash is how did you feel? Actually, yeah, I was shocked how they Brought me there. Yeah III think it was in Capcom office, right? because I become okay and uh now I'm just starting to realize that they Made sure that I Didn't Recognize the building because I I didn't recognize so Obviously, I am NOT but just in case they Put me in other In in one car after they did like round brought me and Take me by I I took another car and they brought me to pack her Lord and I was like in my hoodie and everything was like backdoor and It was super secret. Nobody speaks with me Like they they speak with me but like they didn't tell me any Details I think I think maybe because this they wanted to keep it secret and maybe in case of there's a leak I cap companies leaks come Capcom. Mmm-hmm So they were kind of worried of what if somebody find out that she's the new face of jail Valentine. Mhm for them yeah, I Understand this yeah So and for me it was kind of super secret Experience and when I when I get to this room with all these cameras, I was like wow You do this this way and During the flashes I Don't actually remember I think if I don't remember probably to it didn't hurt me a lot like my eyes, the problem was just like, you know not blinking because when you have a hundred of camera Flushing at the same time one pop and you have to stay. Yeah, like You go like this A lot of special experience was like like the grinch right like in Jim Carrey Looking me like and then they were asking you like to froze like this Right like this and boom you have the pop and if you move you did it again. Mm-hmm So you have to keep your eyes open they didn't wanted you do are used to these on the shoots and you know what was difficult the Torture was getting higher and higher Tom Chester, what's that? I'm sorry temperature is a Temperature temperature you mean it's it? It got rock very hot her urine Yeah, he was getting very hot in here like very Warm. Mm-hmm. I think we had to do a break a little break if my memory is. No we just finished He said it's gonna be the last one. So try the the focus So we just did it and then we switch to another room for the body. Did you do body - no So they brought me actually in a second room with like hundreds of cameras - body 3d scanning - like dressing like Carlos and Topless I'm just wearing just wearing it Was black shirt oh So nice experience. I just no more ruble Nice people As it was my first time we're working with Japanese people I Fell I fell in love with them like did you had a Translator in case yeah. Yeah, we had a translator. Yeah Like speaking Russian. No Turkish guy from Texas. Why don't you remember a guy with a beard last guy? Very polite. No, I think he was Japanese as well Okay, like my translator who wasn't really necessary because I could speak English and Japanese they didn't know that most of the Team didn't didn't speak English just one guy photographer Cody do like some pictures for the post He speaker video Spoken my translator the guy that brought for translation working for Capcom was from Texas Turkish guy from Texas. It was really nice very polite and Yeah, if you see this hi Turkey from Texas, I forgot your name. I'm sorry No, everybody was very polite and Like it's Capcom So the report wait, wait a second. I'm just gonna plug my uh Sure. I'm sure I didn't plug it. I don't wonder I Wonder Chad the juiced Stop all of a sudden. Give me one second You can keep talk I Can tell you the less the next question for you I'm here out of all The horror games you played Which game scared you the most? Be honest Scared me the most. Yeah Silent Hill 2 on PlayStation 2 really because a lot of guys advised me to continue my Streaming and try this game as well Silent Hill is Can you can you advise it to me with my Experience. I mean that's all game right the Sun on it was on PlayStation 2 and on into but I remember the cessation and the Graphics, there was some kind of a grain on like a filter that was giving that's stress sensation in the game name was He was really special It was different from his own evil because he was more like what the eff is going on and they kind of nemesis like guy running after you Wearing a triangle hat coming from the were Shitting your pants, you know, what's going on? You're running He was just crazy. He's curvier than Resident Evil because in Resident Evil you expect zombies but in that game you didn't expect those things the cons like I Don't even know what that was the guy with okay without spoilers. Probably I will try this Okay, okay So you so as you told me you you have played the original version Which colors do like more original one or the new one the new one obviously Okay Dear all colors to the didn't fit. I believe the the image they wanted to give him me when I think Carlos Olivera I think Gary us, you know like a mercenary, and he was to The old design was to a my II, you know a my is like a too sweet Didn't like the rumble like guy that he was supposed to be the You know the Communists carry a guy that he's supposed to be that's what he is. You know when you you see this You read Carlos, how you say? How do you say that in English now who is basically you find out that is Latin American He did Mercer he was a Korean fighter as a communist and His remind me of Che Guevara Fidel Castro, yes means something also like the guy from Brazil oh cool bar or South America? Yeah, definitely. Definitely. That's what I was thinking and then well Time was flying by and I think Carlos become more mature. Mmm-hmm Here. I am Okay, what do you think of the old Jim All design mmm I Can't say I haven't played I just I've seen some pictures but I think it's It's stupid, too if you Play just keep the questions. Yeah, probably we will talk about this Afternoon, yeah What do you think about Appearance of Jill and Carlos. Okay. I I I go to your point about Carlos, but probably you're not all Tell me What can you rephrase that? What do you think about appearance of Jill and Carlos? the way they look yeah, then you think is a chemistry obviously in the game you can feel that there's a chemistry they are the kind of Paint not partner, but they kind of partner No, like Jill says not your partner, but in the end she likes him and it's obvious. So I like the chemistry they are they back each other and I like that. I like the the complicity between the two even though they kind of You know two sides of a rule like, you know One is you BCS? And you warm the other one is Stars and you BCS is trying to kill the stars. Not you be serious but umbrella Hire you VCS mercenary but in the end they are they like each other. So I like that I like the That chemistry it's very interesting. So then why do you think Jill? What do you think why Jill Does put up resistance? to Carlos and his compliments because in the game she just she I think she likes him and she doesn't want to show that she likes him So she's trying to put a barrier a screen, you know, like why? She likes him. I think it's like a normal reaction Yeah normal reaction. Maybe she Carlos knows That he's attractive. He knows that his successful with woman so She doesn't want to fall in that trap Shows she's like, okay social distance, you know coronavirus here. I mean t-virus. Sorry So that's why I think she's trying to be not cold But Indian as the game is evolving is more complicity and I like that, you know, so I just picked one question from the chat the guy asked Which what character is your favorite from Resident Evil crunches mmm, the Resident Evil franchise My favorite I would say Carlos He's tough. It looks different Anyone in the new Congress is different, you know relax. It's like a Is really different I like the design obviously and it's tough. He can go it can go like Carlos punch He wasn't doing this in the previous one. It was just a giving a Shooter, you know no luck. He goes like, you know, Carlos Oggy So true about Carlos opinion I had I had a good enormous Enormous amount of Males with the questions about hair style, so please Yo your thoughts about this Like the bushi her story. Yeah, I liked it. I Liked it because I think Capcom did it on purpose They knew that if they would like give colors to normal her cut it would like kind of look like Chris Redfield, very similar. Actually Christmas will kind of look like me really. Yeah with that haircut Yeah, very similar. So maybe they were like worried of that resemblance That's why they gave like the different haircut. Mm-hmm So maybe they saw some picture we're kind of pushy here. So they took the inspiration from here. Not sure But I like it because it's like a signature. It's like like a spectrum that belong only to colors You won't see anybody like this in the history of video game Except one guy from taken called Miguel that kind of look like him. But Miguel has like more nicer hair. I believe Late second There's a guy called Miguel. He's Latin American too so maybe there is some kind of a Similarity from there. Not quite sure Benson was something that shocked you most about Your character My character like probably similarities or Yeah so you know when I went to the studio, they handled me I don't know if they did this to you, but they gave me like a Cordis Yeah not concept of Carlos, right they gave it to me so this is what we're trying to get and when I saw the the drawing I was really Surprised to see the similarity. I was like, did they draw this? before I was select selected as a potential Carlos or or after because you can find the Odd drawing on the internet even in Resident Evil you can unplug it and it was really interesting So I think they made it perform and that's why they were so eager to get me on that project because of the resemblance before They even choose me in my I think we would they choose me They draw Carlos and he looks like exactly just like me so when they saw me on my agency like the portfolio We want that guy and even my agent when I want to leave she's like no no, no Just stay stay longer just good vacation. I mean like go to Korea and come back you will feel better and I'm pretty sure that's the reason they really wanted me because no edition. No 700 people So they created a character in their minds and after they find you in real life yes, like Maybe someone someone that was drawing me like from a different dimension. I don't know but he's like really similar if you see like the what I'm talking about like the odd drawing I was really surprised and According to the video game when you unlock that that odd design drawing It was made before was chosen way before Because it's like concept Drawing it's like a concept which means he has been done before the game was even Created so I think it was before so that really surprised me actually How about you Did you see like the art concept or did they give you like no, no, no for me It was like I haven't known till there till December. What was Like I have been living all this time, and I haven't known if I even Get some information about when my job will when this game will release will be released and Same thing Because they just told me like you will know it and I said, ok. Like I'm in Japan, okay nobody to talk in English speaking English and You probably won't remember me because you know in modeling It's Yeah Unfortunately, yeah and clients even sometimes you they don't know your name. They don't Remember this year you just do your job? Yes, and I thought it was the same situation like okay I did my job, and I hope I will see it and I hope it will be something nice but I haven't expected like it will be so huge like Yeah, it's huge actually yeah nice to be 2 million Exemplary sold the first weeks of the game. Yeah. Yeah, but I Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's It's a lot. Yeah, especially during the Current time. Oh, yeah, because just like kids. It's like just fitting the good timing and so people were Like escaping. No, actually I've heard about like This virus didn't help too For How to say four cells it's just failed this and it could be more I meant this one What's interesting is like? People are escaping a virus now they in the air and they escaping a virus Jesus spreading in the city of Raccoon City, right? So it's the same thing You have a virus we try to escape you go back home You take your video game you find out there's a virus - and you try to escape Wow same feeling It's nice probably it's some Life lesson, can I say this? Yeah, I maybe it's just like a sign you you you shouldn't you shouldn't escape from your problems That's terrific philosophy from Capcom Kind of don't escape your problem try to solve them Don't try to delegate a problem you just like moving the problem somewhere else you're gonna have to solve it anyway Well, I saw I saw the djinns problem on On stream believe me. I solved the problem of the resume B's and nemesis. No it scared of you. I Believe you Tell me what has changed since You became Carlos one of the main character Resident Evil. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, do you feel this like Mm. I Don't know how to say it Like do you feel? the how this project is big I Knew that. I knew that he was gonna be a big project I knew I knew that I felt it's gonna be big so you had been very bad. I Was very silent about it. Even social media Instagram actually went from public to To you know private and recently, I just Went public just recently but in the beginning I wanted to stay to stay private to be frank then I someone told me like you know like for promotion and maybe you should go public and I follow the advices so I knew that he was going to be because wisdom evil 3 like I said is different from Resident Evil 2 if you play Resident Evil 2 remake You can't dodge you can't punch. You can't do that. You can stop with your life But that's it. You know, you can try the the skip mr. X who wants to give it to you? But it's not like Resident Evil 2 e in reason it really is much much more action is much more action-oriented And I like it so And really you you can see that nothing changed Say compared compared to Resident Evil 2. No, I mean like your life before release I Definitely got the attention of a lot of people Social media is not a lot of I guess success somehow and because you know when? You have like you Carlos Olivera No minutes Kotaku, you know, I'm holding the not the title, but I'm Carlos Oliveira for For a lot of people. They don't call me Benson Mukhtar. They call me Carlos, so See, that's kind of surprising. Sometimes they they forgot that I have a real name So things should be the same for you. Yeah, it's the same my second name is Duma yeah, I'm just gonna file a Form soon and go like my new name is Carlos Oliveira forget about Vincent look turn right. That's how people calling me anyway Just kidding. But yeah, there's a changing of your sleeve Definitely. Yes social people Tell me tell me Actually, some people started to contact me and I don't know how they find out on social media that I was Carlos Olivera I stayed silent but some people find out Release of the game before Before the release of the game, I mean like January January people calling me on extending me message. Are you Carlos Oliveira? Are you and I was scared I was like, oh, maybe I'll have to stay You know Newt because I got a contract with colors that be silent about it But then you know what the game got released Two weeks earlier in France before the official release. Yeah Yeah, because of the old break You know like the stores Were closing in France because of the old bricks so they decided to sell the game two weeks earlier So that's why I mean people playing the game and doing modes and two weeks earlier was really surprised I could what's the point rank to keep a secret? The game is released two weeks earlier Like okay fine, but actually Capcom was unaware of this and really The Capcom Osaka they were very upset I think Capcom France maybe Distributed the game to the stores, right and They distributed the game earlier But they didn't Expose to sell them earlier. Mm-hmm. That's the only rational explanation I have that's kind of mistake, but Things happen people were being happy about it in France. I Hope in this situation, it's not a big deal. Like I mean I I understand it's not not how these things should be done, but In this situation, everything is working differently. I Mean oh It's good for me I'm like if I knew that the game was released earlier would have Definite try to get get it. I knew that he was released earlier two weeks later so I Didn't know that someone sent me like hey, do you know that the game has been released? I'm like know Someone who are gonna find me right? I was trying to contact me on social media. I'm like the game has been released. I'm like No, the game is has to be released on April the 3rd And I looked for it and I'm in France at the moment like oh, it's true. The game is there He was there but I didn't know So people knew that the game was released in France earlier Guy from America in Brazil. They knew before French people go explain me that I Can't explain. Yeah the power of social media Yes So cannabis, I have a final question for you Do you want your character return to a new Resident Evil game in the future? We'd be fun. You'll be nice. I would love to see a some colace extension. I think there's a game called extra game extension game called Resistance resident evil resistance. I think Jill has been pleased What's the name of truce I forgot his name Nikolai no truce Yeah, Nicola is a truce so Nikolai is is part of the game now master mastermind Nikolai But I didn't hear of Carlos and I would love to see a sequel of Carlos before resident evil 3 or after what's happening because we lost the track of colors of the resident evil 3 from 99 to 2020 colors just punished So we'd be nice to see some extension yeah, definitely maybe you have Some something some character in your mind which you want to To be a face model for not from Resident Evil Crashes probably from other games video games Maybe Street of fridge to barnacle to or barnacle for would be nice to be part of this family, too. I love that game like a beat-em-up From back in the nineties. That would be nice. I hope it will happen one day probably someone who is Good at KGB that's why I do like Nice Kicks. I can fit that game. Pretty sure ok So I asked everything I think which I you know bad yeah I Got a question for you Someone wants you to say that's more like a Request than a question someone wants you to say in Russian. You won't start. I'll give you stars. Can you say that in? But you know that starts in Russian in this velocity and its use is the same like the coaches the coaches diversity Adam TV is very Good the hosts. Yeah damn team is the it's kind of romantic. It's kind of romantic Like you want stars, I'll give you stars but nemesis gave me stars to believe me Do you know how you say that in Japanese very? Easy Hoshi got Hoshi. Hoshi, Hoshi Yeah, or she got Hoshi Hoshi she means like to you one Hoshi in this car hoshi, and ho she's like You know say like a stars hoshi and say is the same kanji same symbol But one is on yummy pronunciation the others q my pronunciation same symbol different pronunciation Hoshi Hoshi Hoshi Hoshi aye I have learned some words when I was working with Capcom my agent Taught me like after after our broker I said Like thank you. It was pleasure to work with you I To phrase is Probably not true. Like I remember ohayo gozaimasu. What does it mean? Good morning? Good morning. Okay, how you and other one is What scar adesh something Oh sue curry sama deshita what square is a modesta means like good work? Good job, but very polite song Keiko Kendrick. Okay, go ego. Yes. Okay go it's you Okay, go sake go - can you go like when you talk to? very polite man neurotic and Respectable speech nobody speaks like that. Usually, you know in the street in slang Okay, but it was like a tisha I feel so only only like when you work, you know, you hear this only when you you go to a Kaiser in a society or you work with your comb your mates, but this is it in the street. It's like a Formal. Mm-hmm. There's different Speech in Japanese, depending the European. Mm-hmm Which is which makes it kind of? Intimidating at the beginning but once you get the concept, it's just easy. For example, if I say look like meaty or middle, but if you wanna be poly polite, you're gonna go like go run your unless I go on Mir it's the same thing but different speech if you say Do you know steering this car still if you'll not be polite goes on goes on G this car? So that's Switching speeches. I think it's kind of not a waste of time with Japanese glasses Yeah, this is your key. No Depending on the way you're gonna talk you're gonna know that this guy is a Hierarchy or lower your hockey depending the way speech they speak or the way they speak to him or that guy is very important So that's why I think they they speak like that and What else is difficult in Japan? This is it not difficult just intimidating at the beginning. Have you been trying to learn Japanese so far? Not necessary in Russian Right in Russia not necessary in Russia You mean Japanese not so popular in Russia No, I don't think so probably in Vladivostok something like this, but most people in whatever stock speak Chinese, I I think Do you know that in Japan the first people in Japan come from Russia? the first people in Japan come Yep, the first people who came to Russia I called I knew I knew means oku the tribute of the tribes of I Knew I knew music udas. They come from Siberia, Russia Then they spread from Hokkaido the north They came maybe 10,000 years before You know, the the the Han or Yamato means oku that came from China and Korea Job are technically Chinese and Korean same at Missy called Yamato means oku or watching They came later after the Russian on sister came. It's a different They don't look Asian, right? I knew they look like like you actually It's a minority now because they disappearing it's so or not Loss. Mm-hmm like from seborrhea they came because before there were I said they could like, you know cross from Japan Hokkaido and some island in the north to Siberia there were no no gap between So that's that's very interesting knowing that the first Japanese came to The spread in Japan the first community that came to spread in Japan is actually coming from Russia. Not from Asia I mean like not from Vagine Yamato means oku not from Southeast Asia and you have another admission coming from Thailand Indonesia in the south Mmm-hmm like should go to Okinawa they do different. They're more like brown skiing cane They look they don't look like a hunter. They don't look like the main island in Japan Which represent 80% of the population? Not just Japanese classes Historical classes as well, I guess today. I know I know, you know a touji die Sengoku Jidai Shivaji died What's up a doji de-icing kikuchiyo I was the name of Meiji hgg died meiji jingu was the emperor after the revolution in 1867 I believe well, I like history too. I like to study history Interesting, isn't it? I know a lot about Russia and Soviet Union. Oh, it's cool. Yeah you actually this Tribe this come from actually from now day kids in Ukraine the kingdom of Yeah, it keeps car. Oh, yes. Yeah it started Frankie That's the first Kingdom Russian Kingdom. Okay coming from Kiev and then they started to spread so interesting Benson I'm sorry. My battery is dying from my camera battery camera, so I had a lot of questions for you, but couldn't ask him. So maybe we do that some other times If you if you don't have time, let's do it. Why not? Yeah, because you know like III Is much more I couldn't ask I think I was too passionate But it was a Nice talk with you. I hope guys like this and I go to I Got to know you better. I I think guys as well, so I have some Extra questions, which I go to in my chat one guy Alex Told that he likes you but like in platonic way like normal way he is really like probably your he's How to say c'mere c'mere c'mere c'mere c'mere It's like the person you know, hero hero like hero. Oh, come you Like like a real hero for him. Well, thank you. Thank you one guy said that friend She used Nutella instead of peanut butter. Is it true? They use butter Nutella instead peanut butter French people use it. Yeah, they love Nutella for sure like yeah, I would say yes, I would say yes, definitely German Nutella is more popular than peanut butter. I told you that So, but but just a second just I get some question. Maybe were you familiar with the Resident Evil before the Involvement I've heard but no I haven't been familiar with this. I'm just starting to know During my and some guy Arm or a guy is asking did you guys meet during the shooting before we didn't we didn't? we didn't it was just our first proper talk yesterday as Some of you could see you liked our Stream failed stream, but either students supposed to be for everybody. It's just my mistake Yeah, we we had like a quick talk like preparation we we fixed some things Yeah Do you hope to continue down this line in video game industry maybe portraying characters or maybe a voiceover? if I would like to to do this job again like Like like doing the game related to any video video games like doing the voice or like playing another character Doing the face model for another character in video games. Would you like yes. Yes. Definitely I would and actually I would like to make not only face capture but Also face modeling also face capture Acting and voice. I know I I Should have actual acting skills for this, but I think it's awesome to try something new But I I'm I'm really interested in this. I I find this Find it. Very interesting. Yes special especially the connection with the community something I never went through actually and Some people are suggesting If he would play Resident Evil resistance, like online game with font and eventually like do some exchange streaming like I play you play and you play with the With fans because they it's another online game It's not like it's included that you can play with different partners. Yeah, I know you be interesting doing that The question is if I will invite some fans Like they wanna see me a new playing is done even resistance online. So you play and Our plane real-time they see that and also playing with fans because you can play I think up to four four or five for up to four people in the same time and I give it a Try a quick try. It's more complicated than resident. Evil 3 Complicated I think we will find it out then more one day. We will try it together. Yeah We're trying. I don't know if you play on PlayStation. No, no So, I don't know if we can mix PlayStation and computer you do right? We need to find it out, I don't know I'm like no, I'm very bad at the technique and I'll try to find out try to find out too. I got a lot of question, but I think it's to Love not let's keep it for next time sure cuz I got a lot of question for sure We will ask her guys do you want? one more Q & A from Carlos and Jill Yeah, let's do that like a poll and let's see what people think But definitely would be nice God also carry Cop IG yes So Vincent was pleasure to meet you here and thank you thank you for your questions for your answers and thank you for being honest and One more thing stay at home. Okay. Can you say that in Russian? I stay like this darling Stay at home of Estella Mizzou alum is oh if coffee Tea butta butta come with me. I won't be able to retreat sorry It's fine. Hey, even in print 50 on a missile arrested alum is oh Is it okay Yeah, I know that house is done 8 Adam it's a house. Yeah Yeah, stay stay Can you say it again? How How again, can you say it again stay home ah in Russian As the right is doorman Or star Vitus, what's the white is normal? Yeah. Yeah Yeah Okay thing we good Thank you so much Venson. Thank you for your time See you see you next time and keep in touch Yeah, I hope guys you liked our stream and we will We will wait for your feedback. Thank you for being with us Good bye guys. Bye. Bye