QM 9 Songs of the Moving Heavens Episode 61 English Subtitles

Translator: flycrane01 Proofreaders: Emraldr, cynthaiz Timing: 5Water The laws of heaven and earth continue eternally. I have thought of a name for this formless power. I call it Quicksand. Of the seven states in the world, I want 99% of them. The 99% in my vision... should be a world ruled by law and enlightened by Confucianism. Will you join me in realizing the dream of a great country? An object never meets its shadow, but its shadow never leaves it. One heart with different facets, the Slick Octahedron. In reality, there are eight sides of one body. You are very strong. I like that very much. We've given you an opportunity, but you won't take it. The kingdoms are on fire, and the pillar of the earth is falling. Paradise is already far away; the world is now an empty grave. Dry bones sleep on the golden throne. The kings return from their realms as the night breathes under the invisible firmament. The witch dances for rain, and the iron army fights a hundred battles. Shallow brooks are noisy; deep lakes are tranquil. Lying on the winter snow, we look up at the stars. Everything will be united. The only thing permanent is impermanence. Episode 61: The Collapsing World Your Highness, are you concerned about Han Fei? We have our respective battlefields, where the line between victory and defeat is very thin. Our only option is to win. I only see the sharp sword; I don’t see anyone holding it. You have become the slave of your sword. Swords should only be tools for killing. If you are killed by my sword, will it make any difference? The difference is huge. Such a sword isn’t worthy of killing me. I told you not to play with fire. Fire! Put out the fire! Take the water! The army is on duty. Irrelevant people, stay away! The fire is so huge, yet you forbid us from extinguishing it? What—What—Run away now! They finally took the bait. Congratulations, General, for catching them once and for all. Nothing ever goes wrong when the Marquess takes action. Exactly. Now, they can only wait to be killed. The Eight Swordsmen of the King of Yue are indeed not a disappointment. It was the King of Yue, Goujian, who ordered the forging of eight blades made of red gold from Kunwu Mountain. They have indeed proved to be extraordinary. Net Trap has lent us an excellent hand this time. He is actually a top-ranked assassin within Net Trap. His overwhelming killing aura is truly worthy of its fame. This is Xun Feng’s move. Watch out. Xuan Jian has the skills of the Slick Octahedron. Fancy tricks only diminish your attack. You should know this better than I do. That is only the Slick Octahedron’s lingering hatred. Ours is a competition purely of swords. Xuan Jian alone has saved us tremendous labor and expense. It’s a great deal. Old Hu, that is not how you calculate the accounts. Nightfall contributed a lot to Net Trap’s missions, too. This is merely a return that we deserve. Well said, General. But right now, Net Trap’s target has left Han. I wonder… Although he has left, Net Trap is all set to greet him with death. Let’s just wait for our triumph. Congratulations, General. You won’t have any foes left after the battle. Anything that belongs to me, I will take back myself. By “anything that belongs to me”, do you mean me? Who exactly do you think you are? You don’t deserve me. I do not belong to any man. If you kneel and beg, you will have more pleasure, but if you resist, there will only be pain. No!