QM 9 Songs of the Moving Heavens Episode 62 English Subtitles

Translator: flycrane01 Proofreaders: Emraldr, cynthaiz Timing: 5Water All of you are also like a net trap. Every soul that is slain is imprisoned in the Slick Octahedron's cage and can never be freed. Your Highness, are you concerned about Han Fei? Winner takes all. Our only option is to win. Net Trap has lent us an excellent hand this time. He is actually a top-ranked assassin within Net Trap. You took something you shouldn't have. You care about that? It would seem it was right to take him. I do not belong to any man. If you kneel and beg, you will have more pleasure, but if you resist, there will only be pain. Episode 62: Cold Edge and Freezing Fire Master. You seem to be fond of surprising me. The venomous fire of Baiyue will not die out until all the enemies are burnt! An ally? I was wrong about you, weakling. You were wrong about yourself, not me. I am not here to help anybody. What I want is your death. You’ve always been an obstacle. Take them away. They will encumber me here. That woman… The treasure has already fallen to my master. The treasure of Baiyue was indeed looted by Tian Ze, but it will belong to me in the end. Zhang Kaidi’s grandson? Hurry and capture them. Yes, sir! Zhang Kaidi, you old fart. I’ve finally found your weakness. Here they are! Capture them! This way, please. You are just a chess piece, yet you want to play the game. What an idiotic illusion. Bai Yifei! The sins in hell are all forgiven. Devils, rise and prove my name! If Ji Wuye learns your real intention— I am Nightfall. Now, hand over what I want. You are still thinking about the treasure of Baiyue? It is not something you should’ve touched. Leaving such a precious thing with you would be a waste. You shouldn’t have sought out the treasure. Brother Han, Brother Wei Zhuang is— He is faced with an unprecedentedly formidable enemy. Then we should hurry. Zifang, your identity is important. Hide in my house with Nong Yu for now. Miss Zinü, let’s back them up. You have a solution? I have an ally. An ally? A very powerful ally. It was part of our deal. A sharp sword often covers a vulnerable heart. You are as feeble as before. Enough. The sword aura is much stronger than before. Is this his true ability? My positive sword claims lives, and my negative sword suppresses their souls. My fatal moves begin right now! There’s no time. You should feel lucky, weakling. You will become part of my soul... and live on forever. I didn’t expect that it would be you after all.