QM 9 Songs of the Moving Heavens Episode 63 English Subtitles

Translator: flycrane01 Proofreaders: Emraldr, cynthaiz Timing: 5Water Now, hand over what I want. Leaving such a precious thing with you would be a waste. Zhang Kaidi’s grandson? Hurry and capture them. Yes, sir! Zhang Kaidi, you old fart. I’ve finally found your weakness. This way, please. Zifang, your identity is important. Hide in my house with Nong Yu for now. Miss Zinü, let’s back them up. You should feel lucky, weakling. You will become part of my soul... and live on forever. Episode 63: Undying Ashes The capital is on fire, but the army is doing nothing. This is negligence of duty. By law, you should be executed. Han Fei? Wasn’t the Ninth Prince summoned to the palace? Did anything— Let’s go! Yes, sir. N—Ninth Prince. Call me Minister of Criminal Justice. Minister of Criminal Justice. We are merely carrying out our orders. I am responsible for justice. Your troop has violated the law. I have the power to punish you. Well— Do you still dare to defy me? I was wondering who was being so cocky. It turns out it was Ninth Prince. I am taking care of the king's problem by capturing the rebels. Why do you stop me, Ninth Prince? The center of the capital is on fire. How can I idly stand by? The rebels are more dangerous than a fire. I’ve always been managing the army. Since when has it been allotted to the Minister of Criminal Justice? The defense of the city is Great General’s responsibility. Should there be any wrongdoing, an impeachment can be filed. Minister Zhang, I saw your grandson Zhang Liang conspiring with Baiyue. You are the one who should be impeached. Zifang. I was drinking in the Purple Orchid House when the murder took place. The victim’s name was Cai Die. The murderers were members of the Slick Octahedron, a notorious foreign assassin group. The Blood Marquess was there. He can be my eyewitness. I was about to capture the murderer, when the Purple Orchid House was set on fire. Murder first, and then arson. Two crimes in a row have occurred under your watch. How will you explain this to the king? You— I remember it now. Vengeance is like poisoned wine. You never woke up. You will regret making me remember. Xiao Zhuang. You had everything planned out. When will you let go of the past and have an open fight with me? Brother Wei Zhuang! Hurry and capture the rebels! You are still insisting on this, Great General? You dare to meddle in military affairs? Your opinions have been noted. Please hear me out. Fourth Brother. Fourth Prince. General Ji, in consideration of the great fire, please put your disagreement with the Minister of Criminal Justice aside for now. Otherwise, I fear it will be difficult for me to defend you before the king. Zifang, you contributed to the investigation, but your carelessness caused the fire. You will neither be awarded nor punished. Do you have any complaints? I failed in my duty. General Ji set up the defenses to capture the rebels. You’ve done a great job. However, the common folk are threatened by the fire. We need to appease them. A government only thrives when the people are satisfied. As for Ninth Brother, as Minister of Criminal Justice, it is your job to supervise the prisons. How can you meddle in other affairs? You’re right, Fourth Brother. An edge can only tame the enemy when aimed outwards. It will only hurt the user if aimed inwards. As the king's subjects, we should always bear this in mind. In my opinion, putting out the fire and pacifying the people is our primary concern right now. Leave the investigation to the Minister of Criminal Justice. General, consider it a favor for me. I will return it someday. As you wish, Fourth Prince. Recall the soldiers and ask them to extinguish the fire. Bai Duwang is dead. Bai Duwang? So you mean to say that the others… The Blood Marquess has made a major contribution by killing Bai Duwang. The victim, Cai Die, was unfortunately killed in the fire. How heartbreaking. Killed in the fire? Exactly. Fourth Prince’s summary of the case is ingenious.