QM 9 Songs of the Moving Heavens Episode 65 English Subtitles

Translator: flycrane01 Proofreaders: Emraldr, cynthaiz Timing: 5Water I remember it now. After all this, the enmity between us has grown even stronger. Whenever I make a promise, I will see that it is fulfilled. Now it is Ninth Prince’s turn to fulfill your part of the deal. I’m fine. That should be the least of your concerns. You are indeed here. You are not supposed to come here. I’m staying to monitor you. He said that a veteran’s name does not need remembering. All that needs to be remembered is the battlefield where they die. Episode 65: The Lost Tablet Locked by Blood You are still drinking despite your wounds? Yes, of course you are. Our losses this time were heavier than anticipated. Xuan Jian’s arrival was not within our expectations. He is supposed to be a ghost, withdrawn from the human world. "Three years ago" The essence of Ghost Valley’s arts lies in two words: determination and decisiveness. Determine the outcome of your choices, and then make a decision. I believe that you must first make a decision before its outcome can be determined. Determination before decision results in the most gains. Decision before determination leads to righteousness. However, in our world, should gains be prioritized over righteousness, or should the opposite be true? This is what you will be tested on. Wei Village? The fracture is even and smooth. The attack lasted only a breath. What a sword it must have been to cut such a heavy stone tablet. Why was the stone tablet cut in two? Where is the upper half of the stone tablet? Those questions should be part of our test. This village seems dead now. But a lot of people are hiding in dark corners. The jungle outside the village is dangerous, but the village itself is not any more peaceful. They are not from the same group. The two different groups of people share mutual hostility against two strangers. It’s oil! Fire the arrows! Hurry up! Do it now, you flunkies of the Qin State! You thought we were from Qin? Are you not? Senior Brother, our test seems interesting, but is rather stupid. If we were, they’d be dead by now. Who are you exactly? Give us a reason not to kill you first. A reason? You must’ve seen the broken tablet at the entrance of the village. This is the other half of it that was cut off. Please take a look. They are the names of everyone in the village? Exactly. I am Wei Yong, leader of Wei Village. Interesting. When the first murder happened, the stone tablet at the entrance of the village was moved here, with those names engraved on the back. Human blood. The thug sneaks in every night just to kill. Then, the victim’s name will be scratched out. Everybody in the village is on his death list? Killing for no purpose other than killing… There are only two reasons to do that. Firstly, to cause horror and fear. Secondly, because of a bloody grudge. Caught in such a grave crisis, why are you not trying to escape? Nobody walks out of the village alive. The words on the stone tablet were written with a sword. It is indicative enough of the man’s sword arts. It is more like demonic arts than sword arts. Sword arts that can be compared to demonic arts? I would like to see it for myself.