QM 9 Songs of the Moving Heavens Episode 67 English Subtitles

Translator: flycrane01 Proofreaders: Emraldr, cynthaiz Timing: 5Water The wound is narrow, straight and deep, extending down to the bone. It was made by a very slim and sharp longsword. Murderous intent. Watch out! We can’t go after him. The next person who meddles in other people’s business will end up like this wall. Now, I’m afraid that you are the only people who can resist Net Trap and save my clan from this crisis. Please kindly lend us a hand. Save my clan and serve the cause of justice. Something’s happening. Inform Lord Xuan Jian immediately. Lord Wei, you are now dead. Episode 67: A Girl’s Tender Dream Any anomalies, Wei Si? Do I count as one? You—You— Lord Wei, your attempt to distract me was too lousy. I almost couldn’t bear to unmask you. Is this what they taught you in Ghost Valley? Would you have bitten the bait if it weren’t lousy? So, you are not the prey; you are the predators. Xuan Jian, it is still not too late to surrender. Surrender? It all depends… on who is actually the prey. Stop! Leave now. This is your final warning. We need an answer, a convincing one. People from Ghost Valley always think they know best. Can’t you figure it out yourselves? We do, in fact, have an answer. The answer is related to your uncanny disappearance years ago, and also to your unexpected reappearance today. The black sword of Xuan Jian suppresses souls, but the white sword is a sword of protection. My Lord, it’s late. Please go to bed. My Lord! Xuan Jian again! You have failed to catch him for days. Are you of any use? The war on the frontline is intense, but the important ministers in my court are being murdered. Minister of Public Works, what are your thoughts? Your Majesty, Qin’s army has suffered a lot from our tough soldiers. According to my intelligence, Qin has our most important civil and martial ministers on a death list. They are to be executed by an assassin group called “Net Trap”. It’s hard to dodge arrows shot in the dark. What should we do? Report! Your Majesty, an envoy has come from the frontline. Summon him now! Your Majesty, Chiliarch Dian Qing is privileged to inform you that the Great General led Wei’s army to fight 100,000 Qin soldiers at Yangping and killed more than five thousand. Qin’s army was forced to retreat fifty kilometers. It was a triumph. Great! Great! Our army has the Great General in the front and the Minister of Public Works behind them. It is truly fortunate for Wei to have such loyal and capable officials. What’s there to be scared of, even if Qin is as ferocious as a tiger? Dian Qing, bring my personal sword to the Great General as an accolade and to commemorate the might of Wei’s army! This is great. A brilliant decision, Your Majesty. You’ve done a good job. Everyone who was on the death list was your political opponent. They were all cowards who proposed peace talks when the Qin intruders stomped on us. The great land of Wei would’ve been squandered by them. As for me, I am the real guardian of the country. That explains a lot. Wei’s army has earned us peace by defeating the mighty Qin. It was all thanks to me. Indeed. Leading the strongest army of the seven states, you are now the most powerful person in court. To protect my homeland, I wouldn’t mind being cursed as a dictator. However… there’s still something unresolved. You mean the Great General? Both of you are now thorns in Net Trap’s side. Are you not scared that I’ll kill you too, Minister Wei? If you had received such an instruction, I would already be dead. But you never took action. Was it because… …you fell in love with my Xian Xian? Don’t forget that it was my daughter who saved you when you were dying. You owe me that. Go now. This is the next target. “Thick grow the rush leaves; their white dew turns to frost.” “He whom I love must be somewhere along this stream.” You’ve taken yet another mission from my father. Don’t be scared. It is not dangerous. I have nightmares day and night. I dreamt that I lost you, the father of my child. Xian Xian, I— The child will be born soon. I have fewer terrible dreams, too. Is it a good sign? He will bring us luck and peace. This, I promise you: I have never thought of the significance of this sword before. The black sword is aimed outwardly. It is a sword of killing. The white sword is aimed inwardly as a sword of protection. I will protect you with this sword for the rest of my life. Let the sword of killing disappear from the world.