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yo guys what is going on courage here another video today first off thank you for the support of the channel it's been absolutely insane as it continues we're moving towards 1.5 million subscribers if you see this right now and you're not some of the channel I ask please subscribe this is a major feel-good video and it is part one of a two-part series or one is this one part two goes up tomorrow I promise you guys are going to love this this is one of my favorite things that has ever happened in the history of my twitch channel if you guys enjoy it please be sure to drop a like please be sure to share it it will absolutely put a smile on your face enjoy the video alright why crying excited [Music] hey what's up I like that voice changing thank you thank you no I'm actually it's really talented it with my accents what do you want to go Paradise Palms probably for a nice little cool relaxing time by the pool then maybe head on over towards the power right area where we can go ahead and get our hamster balls and we'll rotate towards salty springs find a fight near idiot Mountain the zone will be in the northwest side of maps left to fly all the way towards loot lake at that point the people rotating at a tilde but by some sweaty probably die and then awkwardly get leave the game whoa all right all right ultra four one three all right all right one oh why oh why rice hey when you get a partner they just died then they see David he was like oh he was one punk what's that yeah listen I won't be that guy alright I guarantee you by the time this game ends you haven't I'm your hero like you literally think of me as like your brother in arms okay really he is shit goddess I guess I'm a full second then huh what do you like about him don't about that I'm more skilled on my left foot than Tim to Tammy this is his entire body I have higher than a for Katie oh yeah yeah but I'm just saying he's so good though he's better him or Lupo who's better Lupo how you felt by actually help okay his name's Kurt what's that guy's name courage jd's food yeah like the streamer I guess so I mean it I think it was a controlling interesting but he thinks better uh well I guess now cuz he just saw his name courage ad dr. Lupo or Tim that for night JD sucks ass I think doctor thank you sucks ass courage does kind of suck like he's just not that good like he's good but he's not like spectacular he's good you know yeah you wouldn't be your are you okay bro yeah I'm okay in-game not really yo hear me oh yeah I don't know probably West roll maybe okay you know Ariana Grande yeah like personally but you're for another Oh ladies only courage shitty I am courage eighty you're kidding right yeah I'm kidding now I actually get that all the time though you really do what what can I say to sound more like him what should I do screaming oh my god dr. Lupo with the two-piece as a people versus clumsy up against the old man your current JD yeah I'm purged Danny what's up bro no way are you am I dreaming No are you streaming watching so much thank you dude thanks a lot I thought you were I thought you're using a voice changer I mean I could be using a voice changer if I wanted to but that's how I feel whenever I talk to a girl I actually cannot believe I got into the same game as you uh there's a golden vending machine over here make sure you get a picture make sure you record it you got it all set you know yo can I can i stream right now okay I'm sorry for stuff morning if I just did I'm very sorry your glitch has been patched this is the glitches past you admit the glitching used to glitch in this oh my god uh I think don't ma'am me Kat should we get a man we ban him too late that picker banning you 33 on this party right here it's real yes this is a real if you don't believe me okay strange it's a mod for Jackie three oh don't be mean it's true come first the kids reading every chat so you gotta put on a mute man I don't want to hear all this talk she's crying why is he crying are you crying what's up yeah you all right yeah I'm good why are you crying excited this is my dream hey listen man we're gonna win this together bro all right yo you can click bait me can I click bait you is that all right yeah it's fine okay cool you better if you can monetize it you better run minute you might have run ads on it thank you so much courage bro I love you dude man this is just the courageous show and love dude how much you're having fun bro like you know what you know we're all just your gaming and having and having a blast the gaming community is the best yep I agree it's underrated keep being good can you guys keep being good to others and keep having fun he's gonna be sweats up here be ready 105 on the left one nice knock job bro Ozzy's got an RPG be careful Oh bro let's go top ten you're getting gassed up by 10,000 people right now dude come on Oh 682 viewers oh my god but the most people have a red watching your whoa this is way more by like a billion she told us I'm just Channel bro I'm subscribe nice not other ones over there with the heavy sniper be careful nice shot my shop all right bro it sorry big moment right here there's not safe that guy's got no flow my lord the zip Pro Citro let's go dude you did it homie proud of you both [Laughter] deg pal can you believe it no it was that mom yell in the background yeah tell her I said hello can grass pal hey you're a cool kid keep you mature keep doing good things all right thank you all right Gigi's bud [Music] oh man look at the mom hugging up like this this one is the best thing ever he deserves it that's why we do it he can't even talk yo if we win this next game I'll send you $250 to go buy yourself some new stuff your setup are you up for the challenge what do you want to get to make your setup better a new monitor a new what what oh so that would definitely help huh well then let's go for it we win this game I'll set you 250 bucks here we go [Music]