göransson is legging it yonder putting out the golf hole Stanford that look at zoom he is way out there and we're up here we're in the desert in Dubai Melanson golf yeah now Scott you're doing well mate just keep walking go and Sam of the dunes I reckon keep walking the direction of the dunes I can't even think that is wildly vague and unhelpful the holes gonna be about 500 meters long so true par-5 let me show you what we're gonna be through we've got it all sports yeah we've seen that mates too perfect do that all sports golf over the years and you know we love some golf so you thought I'm just gonna bail why not jump on this is what we've got I mean I could explain it all but you can just say it yeah we're just zooming on you now can you give us the distance place sir 580 metres there's the gossan recovery vehicle just go get a long walk back otherwise welcome to the tea box you'll find this is a par 3,000 do everything where is it 3,000 yeah cheechee understand Oh big Tim I haven't lost in ages like Oh Steffi so I'm gonna Roby first its erratic but it goes far it's sound off well but it had a hook does this have to be off the deck or coin dust boot yeah no offence to hit that goes back yes Karen oh yo it's me now that's my baby buzz off well you got to be the shade with that cloudy that that little guys doing a one-percenter for you t1000 right rama furthest and let's get gum gonna be jumping stuff all day what the heck is in there something's going down take your snakes oh there's more no no it's got little fake tracks you give me the rough direction is up there J that's shot number two for gauntlet oh I'm a bag Zilla hold that Brett's come over the grand idea I'm just gonna share his equipment sharing is caring it is right there where are you um ideally we go a similar route alright Herron platter up champ I don't even know where the pin is I'm freaking lost in the desert with them the second boss I found my frisbee I'm going the vortex cuz I just want to get on top of that Ridge euro some cooked [Music] Scott was shot number three row down there I can see the pool that's good heron is frizzing rock off ah fit that way I don't know if I'm unhappy or happy but let's go come on go on sand get your shoe on where's the baseball bat that's a fantastic cha there would have been a lot of home alone if that it's gone dia oh I have never played baseball in my life it's pretty much sounds cricket gone sand batter up let's go and basketball so that's Brett now where's the pool heron basketball could get a bad roll that's everyone see one two three always teed it up ones and steen up the ball there oh yeah that's good anyone I've done there I've inspired Brett I think you've also inspired me gone soon I'm thinking I've just got to get the golf out of the way that's the last thing I want to finish with oh not as sweet pretty good [Music] whoo that was really hectic was an exceptional dodge but I think that's actually good boys Oh stammers bring out the pink soccer ball we got the run up here Hank Johnson boom plays the Windy would bring the house down oh he's freaking mosted there is not far from Haran but this is coming down to the wire we are all even and we're all relatively close editor Jack's up where the pool is I'm picking out 81 meters to the pin in the sock I did find of above is there a real irony about the water bouncing ball being thrown in the desert I mean what are we doing here bit of a hawk gone son Heron listen to me stamp it you can only do one of two things it's either the boomerang or you can kick Rexy in now your only option see Australian football and what a football it is okay crisis wanting if there's one thing I know for sure Heron has trouble near the pin Xanthi go on the boom this could be a real do a really big maybe my best strategy honestly is to throw these really hard at you and dry knock you out that is probably no better than where he is Rexy and then we've had a bit of a tough relationship over the years right I'm gonna put my size 10 into you okay I really need you to really just work hard for me okay we're gonna go the nori here we're gonna try and create this sort of vortex effect yeah oh here we go should we go this map what would you prefer I think I'm just gonna hit your belly and just really yeah come on I couldn't have kicked him any harder but in fairness Fred if I did that same length kick perfect Sanford's gone the drop punt of Rexel he hasn't been the same since Brett Sam he won the last golf game it doesn't look favored to win this one I wouldn't think yeah so my score was a lot and I don't think it'll be relevant whatever it was at a jackal make it what it was here we go big put the pressure on right you go Rex you off the boot over the boom b-boom could go anywhere I don't think that's how it works in the world Aaron for the tasers for the tie oh yeah not cool cool comic playoff hole I've got it what are we using and from where's therefore tell me more we go on the vortexes boys from up there platform oh oh it's still gone and she's away now left off it's almost gone editor jawed that's over it's over that was very casual very very casual I didn't think I could miss thanks everyone for watching great video hope you enjoyed at 44 Club you're the best devised made epic let's get back to Australia here we go