*Triple H's Time to play the game begins in the background* *Hater blocking face* Ya'll think I care? Do I Iook like I give a shit? I am the coolest motherfucker on this planet Do you think some little kids spouting shit online is going to make me quit?! FUCK YOU for even thinking that for a second I'm gonna review your petty little piece of shit videos, and that'll be it!! Please don't be mean ;~; I don't know how long I can keep this façade up Let's watch the first video of the first hater Hater: Yea... we're here and we're gonna talk about how Pewdiepie how he sucks ASS-HOLES You can't even suck Ass-holes *FACT* Its a round object It's a round object, look at this *Smooching sound* How will I suck it? And his girlfriend is gay Wha..? How did you know? *Throws Glasses in disbelieve* HOW DID YOU KNOW?! You guys are just faggots. Like I bet Pewdiepie has like this hypnotizing thing And you guys all got hypnotized and now you're all faggots in the gay army.....yea, Pew- *video cuts* *Pewds laughs* Oh he cut off *more laughing* that's brilliant *kid comes back but now he's too close oh my god* And you guys all got hypnotized It's not true goddammit I am not hypnotizing you I am not hypnotizing anyone And especially not Marzia [You believe PewDiePie] I must conserve my energy, this hater is not worth it *Epic dewds jump in* Pewdiepie sucks! Hater 1: He's a complete joke! His back-up bud: We hate Pewdiepie! We are better gamers than him! *Pewds slightly triggered* Dillion the hacker says I'm gonna hack you to the end PewDiePie That was a scam! We are for reals! WE'RE THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!! Pewdiepie-- The cringe, make me want to kill myself [fuking do it] Why do you have so many subscribers Pewdiepie? Can you give me some subscribers? Pewdiepie: No [You heartless billionaire >:( ] *Realization* *Confused* wha the f-- The fuck? that was it?! *Removes Glasses in shock* *Heavy breathing* Pussy Destroyer: What's going on bros Is this guy for re- what the f-? My name am PEEEEWWDIEPIE *Speaking different language?* Is this becoming a meme now? To act like a fucking retard? And hating on Pewdiepie? [Pretty much] Because if that's the case, You win. BlockyKid917: Hey guys blockykid he- Blockykid... Pewds: blockykid917 Ni- nine one seven here You don't even know your own name! DUUUUDE What the fuck! (Video playing in background) Maybe next time! Wel- lets listen to what he says and Today we will be talking about why I hate pewdiepie Pewdiepie... He's just............... a- a turd!!! [Get roasted!] I'm just a turd.... (repeats) I am just a turd! *Triple H's time to play the game begins in background+Trigger mode engaged* I'M JUST A TURD? WHO THE FUCK DO YOU CALL A FUCKING TURD?!?! I'LL COME HERE AND TURD ON YOUR FACE! [Poor banana ;~; ] I DON'T CARE IF IT'S ILLEGAL DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A SHIT?!?! [Yus] HOW FUCKING DARE *BASS* YOU CALL A TURD MY MOM CALLED ME A TURD! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT FUCK YOU! YOU'RE A TURD!!!! YOU'RE A TURD YOU CURLY FACED SON OF A BITCH I WILL STAB YOU *Snaps out of drama mode...* Sorry 'bout that.. Motherfucking Malcolm: Pewdiepie haters are- Oh my god it's Malcolm One of my biggest general enemies Malcolm has returned Malcolm has had a long time to figure out a response How can I prepare For this about of fuckin' For this absolute fucking inferno That he's about to blaze upon me [Sacrifice JackSepticEye, QUICK!] Malcolm, please spare me "Haters are sucks dick" "Why Pewdiepie haters are so mean" I don't know thats why I agree, pewdiepie haters are mean Malcolm You make a great point Thank you finally for trusting me I really appreciate you finally building a little bit of trust *buzzer noise* Squeaker Jr.: Pewdie, Gaaaaay- Oh that's real creative oh that's ya ho *breaths in* [You okay Pewdie?] ah My number one insecurity About being gay How did you know about it? "Pewdiepie is gay" "He should have never existed" *sad piano music begins playing* "Pewdiepie should kill himself" "Or quit youtube" "Screw the bro army" 'The bros are fat and should also kill themselves" "Brofist, more like gayfist" [How fucking dare you? :O] "Brofist, more like gayfist" THE ROASTS I CAN'T HANDLE THEM Some random kid: A thousand dollars off of each one *Sad Pewdiepie* Now tell me that is fair Yeah, it isn't S-stop I gotta say, pewdiepie can be funny [Wait a second..] Wha- Wha- the fu- MAKE UP YOUR GOD DAMN MIND DUDE! *Oh god not again* THE FUCK YOU PLAYING ME S-SOM-SOME KIND OF GAME?!?! Pewdiepie hater #9,552: I fricken don't want to see poodiepie on my front page at my youtube thing Every fuckin' day I'm sick and tired of it Motherfucke- *Hits camera with keyboard* *Laughter while dude has a passive rage* *breaths in* Ah dude Professional Roaster: Pewdiepie are you fucking kidding me?! "I can't fuckin stand you, you sonava (Son of a) bitch" I think this guy's actually legit "You're fucking useless youtuber you little cunt" Woa- Woa- Heyyy Heyyy "You make fuckin' shitty content you faggot" Jesus christ this guys is fucking blazing me "You delete your youtube channel you faggot" Pewds: No! Roastignkid1907: You make thousand of dollars Maybe million of doll- Thousands of dollars... That's cute *laughs* *Music begins in background* *Ear Rape coming up, you've been warned* Are you Fuckin' kidding me and they're not even good YOU FUCKING FAGGAAAAAAT Jesus.. *Not done yet o.o* KILL YOURSEEEEE *gasping* aah... Destroyed *Face of a defeated man :(* I have been destroyed Everything I worked so hard to create *Low pitched screeching* My Youtube channel It's over [Look at what you have done ;___; ] I give up Roasting kid *Continued low pitch screeching* 1907 *Panda sex* Has won The war :( Malcolm: PewDiePie hates you! Robot: PewDiePie should kill himself *Sad PewdiePie is sad* PewDiePie, he's just... a- a turd! *The words "a turd" echoing in the background* *Screeching slowly becoming more and more muffled* *Triple H's time to play the game begins in the background* Alright, listen up you fucking haters! [O shit!] I don't care who you are I don't care what your name is I don't care what your age is If you're a PewDiePie hater... I will come to your house And I will smash, your mum's ass- Sorry, I will smash your Door in, and I will Eat up your pet! And I will Pee on your... I will fart on your... [Getting there Pewds] God da.. I will fart on your pillow [There you go :)] Fuck you! To all the haters You can go, and unsubscribe to yourself [OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO] *Laughs* Oh, that's so bad Ah I love it