welcome back to another video I filmed months ago this one was filmed the day after I pierced my ears and before I injected my nose well as funny as I originally thought that I was going to post it while I was in London so I rushed Matt to film it oops I'm sorry Matt first note the Taylor Swift song at the end I lowered the volume and kept the back track on it because I don't want this to get flagged so I hid her music and also I broke this up into two parts this was originally reacting to and then remaking it but the video ended up being really long so I broken up into two parts where this one is reacting to the old videos and then next week Matt and I actually remake them so I teach him his own choreography I'll explain it in the video more yeah so it's a two-parter make sure that you turn on my post notification so you know when part two is up which is a very fun video the second part is really fun I'm very excited to post it allows the baby I'm sorry I'm wearing a glasses so I'm gonna try not to ramble too much this time like I normally do so let's get into the video sorry Wow who let me give you a little backstory about that first of all say hi hi alright so Matt is a choreographer and huge on YouTube even if you think you don't know Matt you probably have seen his videos multiple times because they get like 20 bazillion million views actually they do and he does tutorials on his other channel so he'll post a dance because it's great anyway long story short I've been watching Matt since college when I used to steal this choreography for a dance show oops but you put them to toriel's online so that's your bad ones I actually did message you out that to you from 2012 you're joking no I do you still have it yeah probably I'll show you in a second actually here's a funny story in college the University of Pittsburgh oh my god I didn't even do that on purpose I used to pretend I was a dancer and choreograph for this big dance show called Greek Seine and for three years in a row I choreographed it myself like never looked at anybody else's though did my mirror and like made shit up and it was so tragic but each year we either placed or won Best Choreography and then my senior year I decided every other team is just stealing choreography from the Internet I'm gonna do that too and you lost yes I could be I don't know if you'd be commissioned though to use it nice subtle loss so I stole bad choreography we lost but I'm still a huge fan of his and I would watch his stuff over and over and I would just in my room sit and learn his choreography just cuz I like to dance but I wasn't a dancer and then one time when we actually met at The Amazing Race finals yeah right auditions he had the final yeah get the final casting on the shed and I dropped out the first day I was like this is a mess and I was so obsessed and I couldn't talk to each other I was like oh my god Matt who week later we got paired together on dance showdown which is so weird so I've been watching you for years and then two times in like two weeks we meet ya and then we one day check em together sorry you've been so fun so it sounds like I keep overwhelming you with words what we're going to do today is look back on the really cringey ass videos of me stealing Matt's choreography and then not actually doesn't remember the not even so I'm gonna reteach yeah I can't wait to learn my own choreography do you think it'd be hard for you to pick it up actually yeah I think it'll literally be like I've never seen it before you it like stays in your brain somehow yeah it's weird I remember the choreography from my freshman year of college and I could do it right now it's it's so weird right let's get into it you never show me these videos something you just didn't watch that maybe okay we're gonna start with I think that this one was originally two Nicki Minaj boy uh-huh but I put it - Dirty Picture so wait you stole my choreography and then you put it to whatever song you felt like changing yeah here we are - Dirty Picture first of all these outfits I already loved fuck you know I don't know which one is you in here but I see a lot of bright colors oh I see baggy baggy nests yes definitely a trend in the gray yeah I just thought that was quite a squad you recruited yeah it's all frat boys it's did you make them all that posed I don't learn just stay there and I had them like join in because they gonna learn [Music] remember that move oh oh wait for the nods oh I'm ready for that a pole great look at them not sweating honestly I had trouble watching you because I slowly trying to hold their pose well they did a good job before taking their photos we're gonna whistle this was actually to whistle but I I took it and put it to a different part of the song they got it - I like what you guys are taking it seriously like oh we don't fuck around you're like training I love it and then I look up this verse could never get it no we took great things so seriously though like it was not a joke we spent like thousands of dollars on sets and costumes there was like a 13 minute straight routine we train for an entire semester we didn't know like how this girls coming is is this deformation I'm gonna teach you it's gonna be great this was actually really hard but I think you'll be able to do it it's like okay should I have no idea what the original song for this was though but I put it - best song ever not by a one direction well it's not a song cause best song ever the ready set that's that's me don't want to hurt unless you my saddlebags God just judging oh do you remember that I think looks familiar I definitely choreographed it are you gonna give a learn it again it's gonna bug me so much that I don't know what I know I tried to remember and I had no idea remember the happy beat I don't know her you did good that one was a bad I was really proud yeah yeah you had the steps as they say okay that's the last one we're gonna look at some more it's gonna look at one more I don't know if we're gonna use it because Taylor Swift likes to block everything but this is like my favorite one when I did on the rooftop but I remember trouble yeah yeah a rooftop in China my behind where you're filming was a guy hanging dead fish it was the first dance I ever stole for me oh yes boys we're gonna kill ready yet bitch haha I also don't remember this routine at all really you look good because we did thank you [Music] well what did you think let me know what you guys thought in the comments give this video a thumbs up obviously go check out Matt if you love dance and he has great routines and he also posted yeah he posted the tutorials I'm not going to ask you about something this is extremely uncomfortable for me watching those old videos when I like really thought it was good that's the thing I want you guys to know that I thought I was hot shit at this point I was not insecure about my dancing I was like yes I'm really good so be confident in yourself but not too confident ways make sure you give this a thumbs up make sure you give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you haven't and just popping in to do showstopper of the week because I did not forget I did that day though that day showstopper I changed my name to Gabby Hannah well actually no I was born Gabby Hannah I used the name the gabbie show and now I'm being called by my name actually my name is Gabrielle Hannah but nobody ever calls me Gabrielle in fact they'll introduce myself as Gabrielle and people will say nice to meet you Gabby so Gabrielle never worked out for me I tried to go by L for a minute as well Ellie also GJ I wanted to be called anything about my name Gabby but that's what I am anyways now that I'm not the gabbie show on YouTube do I still say showstopper I don't know how does it work whoa this is rambling in my 10 minutes yet but this week's showstopper is blue Azir I'm sure I butcher that name but thank you so much for all the support on instagram if you guys are watching this right now go comment this on my last Instagram post okay back to the outro as always I love you very much like to bring over to my family I'll see you next weekend we can leave your friends behind cuz your friends don't dance and if they don't dance well they're no friends of mine I say we can go where we want to play so they will never find and we can act like we come from out of this world be the real one behind you