REACTING TO PEWDIEPORN Fridays With PewDiePie Part 107

hey scum Bruce what I'm back from holiday and last fridays with pewdiepie I asked you bros to edit me from a green-screen such a great idea really such you don't see how anything bad can happen from that but anyway here are the winning results let's check it out hey that's a lot of good edits bravo moustache man you are upset yeah say it fuck you so the whole band can hear you fuck you louder fuck you fucking fuck you hell yeah I don't think shit from no one [Music] fuck is this beard grow motivation it's been 84 years oh my god fucking hell I look so tiny all right what do we got what's gonna happen stop doing this what I met Marge says she's like my childhood I have a trench I love you fuck you bitch I love it please subscribe I guess that settles it the beard is here to stay [Music] let's go up bitch that's so much better than spider-man oh that looks legit [Music] how's it going bro Jesus is back [Music] some good shit flies running person - oh that's really good my name is PewDiePie and every day when I wake up I use this product ten times a day yo-yo oh boy I could do this all day all day I can do up and down my arm doesn't even get tired oh this feels great what this feels fantastic I love it yeah [Music] hey oh hey oh your penis the dark boots trisys yes oh oh yeah what am i doing today alright high polish how's it going what the hell come here what are you doing you fucking me to get money I hate you don't tell my it say that what are you doing coach I don't want a nice way to sample my voice that's awesome I love that one you see this disgusting [Laughter] oh my god that's amazing yes Oh down low I peed myself [Music] then I'll attend the best thing I ever seen in my life this is to win every found it guys we found it right come at me bro I bought ten times your size [Music] don't tell Marzia please don't fuck [Music] breaths my name is Pete and welcome to I am disgusted by this content it makes me sick it makes me wanna you face the consequences Hey look at that oh that's some good shit my man that's some good shit my name we got Chocolat again no no no read it bad [Music] you see you should be mad that's interesting how's it going bros my name is field another one of these huh trigger warning trigger warning don't watch the video then watch the video Matthew are you watching this alone [Laughter] bitch he loves that whenever your mom said it about you it's all trip listen to your mother oh don't cry Matthew fuck out have you heard of exercise it's good for you I'm sorry you disgust me make me want to kill myself oh your eyes look like an ocean of shininess not the old lady now that's now that's what oh that's quality Hey oh I'm shaking my crotch you can't see it but bitch just realize it's kind of awkward to shake your crotch in front of yourself where were you when it happened [Music] I'm sorry fuck I didn't expect it to be so short you want to fight me beep I use all just do it oh shit what am I gonna do resetting get that's not a race I'm good man yeah skids I want to go I want to go please take me the windows background is that the fucking windows I really enjoy this so far it's really fine yeah yeah he's in a meta time you zigzag it's the best one for good shit oh man that's beautiful it's beautiful beautiful put on headphones it's about to get steamy song from song from two girls one cop come at me bro hell yeah [Music] go fit it back yeah beat the shit out of it let's get we crates the cops bitch I was so exhausted just from doing that where were you when it happened where were you when this happens I wish I had a friend I could do that with life's not fair [Music] well that was the green screen submission winners thank you so much to everyone who submitted it was a blast I love that we can do these kind of things where we interact and make videos together in a sense let me know if you have any more suggestions to do more of these type of stuff I would love to again thank you for so much for for these submissions and everything you do really appreciate it and that's what Friday's repeater pass that was awful furniture and Parapan is for thank you and as always stay awesome bros Oh song the character sing backwards