happy new year I'm is Austin and a horrible birthday at a horrible creeps me out of horrible New Year's freaking screaming annoying brat baby that's always crying I'm really ticked off at my child right now and he is grounded because as you guys know one of my favorite pastimes is pooping and I can't even do that right now because everything is ripping if you ever trying to prove through a stitch don't I put him in the other room and I thought I'd film a video for United States oh he'll be liking this nose trust while I stuffed x2 guys what you wanted me to do on Twitter today and a lot of you said you wanted me to react to a youtubers bra so since I just give birth I thought I could react to someone else and see how they liked it so let's take a little okay so I do not even youtuber and I do not like huh I have met her before Davidians with her and she's bright a melodic fluid we think you're some sort of alien Scientology's cult what it is it's pee pee shocker the Queen of chronium on the internet was crying again no one cares literally all this gold in her entire time she's pregnant was crying and be annoying like oh you're the first woman to really ever get pregnant right you think you're so special I'm just gonna cry all the time come on what the heck is a porn she's gonna short sweet you boobs on the Internet we can't promo oh those are dummy looks like fun what a baby what is it oh she took painkillers seriously painkillers she did drunk guys she literally just admits doing drugs while she's pregnant I bet you're not a baby taken away from her cuz you are not to look at the adjoints when you're pregnant or ever pretty much God is watching you and asked me if I wanted drugs I said no way Jose I'm not freaking spinner off so I just took the epidural instead cuz hello I don't go to hell so brain born born in a bag look II don't you have to be more than ten years old to have a baby we can eat this boys she was really bad raining again I see okay seriously looks a little familiar I can't put my nose on it by its way looks very familiar way and we call the wambulance school she was completed harsh on Oh are you freaking kidding me my assistant went to Harper sorry they're not so upset I just said about wrong or forgive me I forgive you my butt's distinct vivid poor boss yes don't be bored I'm so bored I'm still bored which looks disgusting [Music] you literally go throw up that was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen why would she put that on the Internet clues and literally get Oh give me a man named yeah I don't know that I can keep watching this disgusting porn for she's showing us her bear huge boobs and then turning toward tummy and she was supreme complaining and now she's showing that disgustingness I'm sorry nobody wants to see that oh here she goes crying the game someone loves clickbait she probably just put on a menorah with fluid on her face to look like she's crying because she wanted to clickbait thumbnail seriously I feel bad for this kid oh I can't believe that she wanted to see the baby around afterwards I was like get that away from me and lo sixteen it's covering Jews days I only like Jesus when I can drink them not when they're covered all over a baby from Judy I think here my baby whining France oh you're gonna eat him why does it only trying to do time to tell with this baby what is this video there's my freakin butt assistant again there we go make it a game Wow well thanks for torturing me and forced me to watch that what a waste of my time my birth was much better and more attaining so if you want to know more about my births let me know in the comments below if you think I should upload my birth story because I was way better than that so no fans I'm just alright I gotta go alright well though fridges subscribe to me and follow me on all my social medias and unfollowing on subscribe to that girl because I was the worst video I've ever seen in my life so thank you for nothing right [Music]