REACTION to 영웅 英雄 Kick It MV NCT 127 Reaction

Hello? Today, Final Product our music video is completed (WOW) I have one scene I look forward to in this music video! - Which one is it? - You know we shoot the ending as it rained I'm really curious about how that scene is captured here! Then, who's gonna press the play button? Here I go! Le-go! (START) What is it, what is it - Oh~! - It looks cool! Oh! It's JOHNNY! Wow~~! - (sa-tisfied) Oh~ it looks cool! - It really looks cool Who is it! (NCT 127 is highly focused) (the fire is lit) Is that MARK (further back there)? It shows a lot of dance here, right? JAEHYUN~ (he revealed his abs) That's right!! (hahahaha) (lol) (embarrassed) (a huge fan of JOHNNY) Oh~! Oh!!! Wow, this one really looks cool here Oh JUNGWOO~ Isn't he Obok~? (huh...?) It came out really nicely Wow~~ (he's getting emotional) AY~~~ Wow~ Ah, this one came out as well?! The yellow part stands out so much~ Ah, they used this scene a lot~ Oh!! (so surprised) (his visual) is that of a prince, right? YEAH! (hahahaha lol) It came out well~ Wow, it came out well~ (giggling) (haha) WASSUP~ Wow~ MARK Lee~! What is it, why is this scene so pretty here? Did we shoot this scene here? YO~ Wow~!! Wow!! Oh!! Oh!! That's me~ It's going crazy here, right? Wow, JOHNNY has showed up this time (HAECHAN) Oh~ wow! One two seven! (...) (embarrassed) Argh, what is it! Is that me? (dog) The Obok has come~ What is this~! Oh~ let's go! HAECHAN! Ah, the ending here (his facial expression is synchronized) Wow, hey hey hey, his look is crazy here (it's crazy) It's crazy here!! (JAEHYUN) looks crazy here~! (Our bro) is going right now!! Uh! What is it? The rain showed in this scene? Wow wow wow wow wow What is it, what is it? Ah, this one was in this scene Here, the yellow background was used Yo~ MARK Lee!! Ho!!! (embarrassed) (bashful) Ah-ang! (♪) Wow, we look cool here! Ah (the scene) was mixed (TAEYONG is excited♪) Oh!! Hey but, was there such CG in that scene? Wow, it's amazing What is it, what is it? It looks cool~ The scene in which we kicked is here! (WOW) Wow, it really looks cool~! - Ah, it came out well - No but No but, this one is that one! - It was like watching a martial art movie - It came out nicely~ Usually, when we do a reaction video we only focus, you know But this one was like, I was really hit by it (lol) I was kicked by them (lol) I got kicked It was me who was kicked by MARK and flew over (TAEYONG?) (???) Ah, that was you? - It hurts my feelings - Uh? He looked taller than you though? (lol) (like this...) Was it really you? For real? (lol) This one is well mixed with the action scene And the one in which we all kicked together Right (sharp-angled NCT 127) The back was really funny (satisfied) We've made it well! Wow but, JAEHYUN's suit really looks cool I think we should wear it sometimes, right? So I told you that before, right! JAEHYUN has worn (the suit) and came out - (honestly) that looked really cool - Yes! That really made him as a king, the king! (KING ★ JAEHYUN) It looked like a movie, the real movie (...?) He looked like a movie actor! (reading him) Um, good good! And at this time, I like YUTA's hair so much! - YUTA's hairstyle! - I see - Right, that white hair! - I think it looks more white than now - Ah, that's right - You did that one as well, you know? (this one) Right right right - I've seen that for the first time as well! - Was there? Ah JOHNNY's abs~ We should have seen JOHNNY's abs a little bit more (feeling sad) At first, TAEYONG showed up, and the JOHNNY showed up They all took off their clothes! So, because the naked guys all showed up in the beginning the impact is really fantastic! I should have taken off as well (rubbing rubbing) (huh?) (rubbing rubbing) You should take it off as well! Or you should take it off now (embarrassed) No, I should do it when we do a music broadcast! Let's go! (asking him to shake hands) (denies to shake hands) I should go (hahahaha lol) Or, since (we) have discussed about it (?!!!) let's go with our bottoms! ((sorry?) uhaha lol) Ah, with our bottoms? (everyone) proved that they exercised hard in the beginning and definitely showed its impact And MARK was also, urgh~ He really showed up in a cool way! (his cheekbone is raised) MARK's body was, as expected, MARK Lee was really (embarrassed) Ait What are the things (our MARK) cannot do? I honest felt sad about that one The scene in which you knocked down all (bikes) didn't come out (???) It came out (????) It came out, it came out Did you just get here (by any chance)? (hahaha??) (the scene in which he knocked down all) Did you watch it by any chance? No, the one in which all bikes were knocked down? You know the last scene where all of us were doing national physical exercise I think the editing part was perfect in the end I think it'd be really funny if a behind scene is released In a way, we really did it after a long time But it made me feel comfortable now (after watching it) It doesn't make me worried Ah, this one was really well-made It's really well-made We Made It! MOM! We Made It!!! One, two, three! Fighting! (英雄 ;Kick it)