READING MEAN COMMENTS 2 Fridays With PewDiePie Part 91

how's it going braces and for this week's prize one pawpaw oh shit we are going to read some of best comments that I get on YouTube now know what you're thinking what foods you're trying off to Commons that's how you sound like by the way just kidding these are well collected from Twitter or from old videos alright first comment PewDiePie you're a slut you know alright you work your corners and I got mine all right Jesus why are your headphones pink Lowell much say Amen good luck for the future Peter pie I'm not able to watch your video for more than 10 seconds buying Kaua'i things well your internet must be really bad did you buy you suck and you swallow you spit damage get cancer retard your girlfriend looks like a foot well damn I must have some weird foot fetish get oh here's again get cancer you fucking retard you look like a tree [Music] that's awesome thank you PewDiePie you faggot a little piece of gay shit some faggot and gay is that is that a double negative does that make me straight I'm so confused Nikita if you wanted if you want to date me all we have to do is ask PewDiePie does suck his fans are the most stupid and ignorant people he can't even pronounce his name properly with the way he spells it his name should pronounce pewdiepie not pewdiepie you don't pronounce die die you got me you got me good you know what I don't want to talk about him anymore I'm not replying to any of these stupid comments and then someone Reyes wrote I agree dude by the way Peter pie is cancer to YouTube thanks mate I didn't think I would get any supporters I thought it would get haters I appreciate your response and then a replies back thanks buddy how I face I shipped them so much I like the yogscast [Music] you're a dick actually it's your it's my only pair of sunglasses it's pretty fun so far god Felix just stop making jokes about the Illuminati it's not even funny if everyone would know the truth no one would even laugh about it you're right it's very irresponsible of me to joke about the Illuminati but wait did you see that I'm sorry you're H hi my name is Rafael good try Rafael good try that's pace gaming team depicting it says low audio you know how fucking dare you yeah you know you put the volume up it's great try it I don't think you should do it out of my video zone Kimmy King says Peter pie is a master raper this is my first PewDiePie video and I have to say 30 million people must have really boring lives if they have to watch this guy or entertainment well this is my first miss ET comment and I have to say that she must have really boring life's to comment on this video if she wasn't entertainment fuck you fuck you may say how about that I'm kidding P divides the worst youtuber ever he just plain sucks just kidding I only do this for attention because my channel has no view source of Scott dammit PewDiePie is a cc faggot but Ted's PDA is so fucking gay it hurts [Music] that must be from all the gay sex we had be right back be here at be right back be right back beauty pie I gotta do my chores I'll you know what I'll wait I'm back oh great welcome back next one is a video summary with you - does everyone love pewdiepie i hate PD boy he rented me his hair looks like a go a where I first saw him I gagged he has head life he's weird and it all it does is just say oh look at me I've got the first describers in the world oh wow well guess what that's the work part of you team you what are you gonna do it's in our water [Music] I said I'm out I can't do this anymore all right wasn't that great yeah I get a lot of weird shit tweet it to me or accomodate to me or whatever the fuck but the good part about it is that it's even though there are the shitty comments they are literally drowned by all the awesome and amazing ones that I get from you bros I just want to say I really appreciate that and I hate to make it seem like I want more nice comments to feed my ego because my ego can never have enough feeding but it's always really cool to have you bro ser to contrast all the shit alright other than that everybody enjoyed this episode if you did leave a like cuz otherwise I get so sad Hitler to spit at zebras the next one because the brofist for you stay awesome [Music]