okay come down down keep it level straight back there we go we got all the way on oh man well i could play see-saw with this guy right now what you are about to witness is a best ever food review show exclusive for the first time documented on video man will take on the world's largest bird roasted whole and i will reveal the honest unbiased results dude it's heavy it's like putting a pizza in the oven along the way we're cooking up record-breaking buffalo wings it looks terrifying and preparing the world's largest eggs in a way that would make your grandma blush oh all right i do believe we're gonna have some shell in this friday so will we roast our way into the history books oh hi about yo or will this be a barbecue pit disaster one two three up oh okay wait no it doesn't fit oh do you have a different smoker [Music] ladies and gentlemen today we are about to make history a meat maniac has prepared to make a fully roasted ostrich i have scoured the internet and the youtube to find anyone who has attempted to cook an ostrich hole and eat it verifying that it actually tasted yummy and it cannot be found today we are making history in vietnam let's do this [Music] an american barbecue restaurant in saigon vietnam the perfect blend of classic american barbecue technique with a touch of local vietnamese influence but today we're going off menu in a big way mark yes sir i saw the devil mark is a meat maniac he got his first grill when he was 12 and he's worked in the food business since age 15. i can only hope that all those years of experience have prepared him for the challenge ahead how heavy is this birth well before it was dressed it was 105 kilos after it's cleaned up and ready for cooking it's somewhere around 55 kilos about 110 pounds what is the biggest challenge here where could this go wrong you look at a little chicken drum has seven muscle groups inside it on an ostrich the anatomy is the same but those seven different muscle groups might be a kilo each this one is lean this one is fatty and you're cooking them all together at the same temperature the meat can be just dried out what is your strategy for the bird brining it is one trick that locks the juices into the muscle tissue itself the next big thing is doing it at low temperatures for about 16 hours so you don't boil the water out of the meat mark has no recipe and no guide to learn from he's going 100 blind using his gut and years of barbecue intuition i'm a little apprehensive of what's going to happen i will be honest but i'm also determined and my ultimate goal is i'm going to show the world how it's done when we do maybe an ostrich roast will become a common thing [Music] cooking will occur in three stages stage one the soak brining in whichever vessel we can find to contain this bird stage two the smoke bathing in a smoldering jackfruit wood sauna for about two hours stage three the braze the ostrich will be hanging out overnight in the smoker cooking in its own juices this ostrich cooking process it didn't start now it started days ago this grinding process is extremely important this was an idea that if we grind the bird for at least 24 hours we're gonna have a juicier bird at the end of the day all right this is gonna take all day can you whole thing i haven't seen it i'm gonna unveil it now oh my god it is a dinosaur bird the bird has been soaking for 26 hours and 80 liters of red wine and water together with salt pepper garlic and sugar we got the meat squad here the meat squad oh i know why this kind of bird can't fly that is so heavy guys nice work first of all huge drummies here that's like the main thing that's what carries this whole thing around i think this part makes people sad okay i noticed it's disconcerting how huge these feather pores are look at these ostrich wings even this part that many people might throw away that is the equivalent of like 10 chicken wings and then what else what's it what's under here oh that's a big i don't need to look in there again [Music] before smoking mark tries to burn off any remaining hair and bits of feather which is harder than it looks the neck will be used to create a nodule gravy the wings will come back later time for the rub down we just liberally spread around and you really get it to stick to that damp surface a blend of seasonings including garlic herbs basil oregano thyme and his own signature chicken rum swing this leg over oh he's leaking again there we go now that's a happy bird legs in the air right the easy part is done the hard part moving over 100 pounds of bird to the smoker luckily we've got backup dude it's heavy it's crazy heavy [Music] uh-huh there it is all right it fits it's like putting a pizza in the oven guys sucks up nice work the bird will go in the smoker for two hours at 105 degrees celsius or 220 degrees fahrenheit in the meantime an ostrich appetizer of epic proportions can you tell me about what you're making here yeah we're gonna do uh deviled ostrich eggs this is jamie the resident r d chef he helped mark hatch this whole ostrich scheme he's also gonna hatch the world's largest deviled egg first he inspects the egg seeing what tools will be required to crack through its thick shell all right i do believe we're going to have some shelling in there hey oh i'm going for it the big reveal what is inside oh no that's so much egg you guys can see how thick that shell is i want to try to just break it with my hands yeah huh oh there we go keep in mind you're witnessing jamie's first crack at this and he doesn't want to end up with egg on his face so to be safe he's hard boiling three eggs all for different amounts of time when it comes to the hard-boiled egg it needs to come out clean and the yolk has to be cooked perfectly jamie must be gentle but focused to ensure proper removal [Applause] do you need a rock nothing's happening there you go holy [ __ ] you're doing it now that is not it the shell is off in a moment you're gonna cut it in half to see how the yolk looks that's right okay moment of truth cutting the ostrich egg in half is it done oh that looks good to me what do you think yeah the deviled egg filling is a combination of yolk pepper cayenne salt paprika minced pickle pickled jalapeno mayonnaise and bacon [Applause] [Music] we've done it guys our appetizer before we start the actual ostrich feast it is right here i don't know what we do about the fact that there's three of us and two of these but look at that this is my bite right here i'm a little bit of bacon some of the filling and then some egg white let's go for it cheers cheers oh that's really good i love the cayenne you put in there a little spice got a little kick it tastes just like clashing deviled egg it's quite a mild flavor really no different than the chicken egg yeah you would think it might be stronger or gamey or something nothing else look at this super thick egg white right here and then just a pool a mud pit a deluge a deluge rose this is a great start but just an appetizer there's much more on the way back to the birth it has been smoking for two hours now we're gonna open the doors and reveal how it has changed are you ready i'm ready let's get into it we got it undoing the latch big reveal it is not cooked through this is just the beginning yeah we got some color around there wow that looks great holy crap that looks insane it's like a purple bird it's a little freaky man stage two is complete now we prepare for the final and most risky stage of all look at the people at the table with it they're in awe we're gonna give this bird nine liters of wine there's a little wine to make the sunshine the whole idea is all the wonderful drippings that come from the bird the collagen and everything will make a beautiful aju add five pounds of onion and seven pounds of carrot to the drip tray and inside the bird just put one in there yeah there we go add in three liters of water rub and time then that neck mark lopped off earlier it contains a ton of collagen perfect for the aju gravy finally the whole bird is wrapped in tinfoil and ready for its final overnight 16 hour session in the smoker okay wait no it doesn't fit it won't even fit let's step down guys sit down okay oh do you have a different smoker [Music] i wasn't worried the whole time yes nice and easy unbelievable where there is a will there's a way we are getting this done we had to modify the whole smoker but it's happening the ostrich is 15 hours into its brazing session with one more hour to go but before the big moment mark is going to whip up the first course the moment has come the world's largest buffalo wings right here before me mark you've done it [Applause] for comparison chicken wing chicken wing ostrich wing these are the world's largest buffalo wings first poached until they're cooked all the way through then deep fried for about 15 minutes oh weird it's like a shell of crispiness just on the very outside smear it with buffalo sauce plate garnish and if you're up for the challenge eat oh man that is a lot of meat right here the skin feels crispy and kind of just brittle on the very outside i'm gonna put it in the sauce here we go cheers [Music] that is a funky touch term and the taste too little gamey just bold flavor look at that bite it looks exactly in the shape of my mouth that right there that's crispy skin and then a big layer of fat you can see actual like big globules of fat cells inside of that i just think if you render that fat down a little more but uh the flavor's nice this is pretty crunchy right here i'm going to try this hard ridge is good it's nicer much more meaty not as much fat and very crunchy on the outside it's just like you've never seen so much variation in one wing so if i were to do this again i would poach it for three times as long and really break it all the way down i'm not sure if these will have a place on the guanot menu but the main course is about to be revealed this challenge isn't just about cooking the bird but about making it taste good too so we've invited patrons to come get a taste later in the day and judge for themselves right now big bird it's been hanging out in the smoker for how long now exactly 16 hours with a little bit of resting time the temperature was right the thermometer sank in like it was going into soft butter big moment right now we're gonna open these doors put it on the table peel back the tin foil unveil it let's do it boom opening the door there it is the beast okay guys we're trying to figure out the best way to do this because it is huge heavy and hot this whole bottom part is a drip tray we can't tilt it or else we're going to get hot liquid all over ourselves everything we've worked for has built up to this moment time to see if this epic culinary challenge is an epic fail oh man well the tin foil is removed to reveal the final results [Laughter] [Music] there it is it's lost some weight this is like me in the sauna after about 20 minutes so some of this meat up here is going to be the driest on the bird if this is good to eat the entire bird is perfect was it happening already it's so fast you're putting it in the sauce here [Music] cheers whoa beef beefy that's a beefy bird juicy fatty it tastes exactly like the crock pot roast so my mom would make when i was a kid we [ __ ] nailed it you're happy very happy get more on the inside here some of this internal meat going to be really tender let me see how juicy that is wow i can't believe how much it doesn't taste like chicken i would say more of a turkey-like note but also very beefy look at this leg i just want to get that classic drumstick bite can i try it go for it okay [Music] oh i feel like a caveman a dream come true the audio gravy is made by removing just the liquid from the drip pan then skimming off the fat and preparing a roux to thicken it the meat is sectioned up as the team prepares for dinner service top back another muscle group wow that looks tremendous a lot of intramuscular fat [Music] oh really tender every bite is a little bit different this is one thigh and that's at least 10 15 pounds of meat right there we're gonna get this set up for our customer [Music] 200 grams of ostrich parts mashed potatoes with ostrich aju gravy gravy on the side pink coleslaw and cornbread what i love this is literally ostrich gravy i'm gonna try that out with these nice sweet potatoes oh my god super savory rich not overly thick that is delicious 1932 amelia earhart becomes the first to fly solo across the atlantic juicy tender meaty definitely beefy 1969 neil armstrong walks on the moon different than meat than pork or beef but still nice 2019 that's exactly what i needed pit master mark and the guantanade wishes smoke and ostrich whole [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] from researching and shooting to editing and mastering our 10 person best ever food review show team works hard to roll out the 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