hey guys it's me Miranda today I'm here with Joey Graceffa a Puspa I didn't you didn't Rothfuss not rob fess and ruff-ruff s none mmm anyways as you guys know Joey and I have been dating for a very long time we are engaged to be married so he came over today to marry me but before we do that we're gonna do a fun little video for you guys today we're going to be recreating famous celebrity couple photos so like ourselves you know cuz we're famous so plus I'm pregnant now spoiler alarm you might know that few saw Joey's video it's true we took a pregnancy test in everything I'm we're gonna take some pregnancy announcement photos too so that's kind of what we're doing this one oh yeah okay title of this video we're expecting Joey and I are having a baby that's true yeah okay all right so let's get started first on Kim and Kanye oh this is a good one I feel like that's a little too pause like an oyster okay fine let's do it let's get sore me let me see the picture whoa Jelena Oh are they together I mean ah we don't know you'll never know but you and I are together so let's do this picture I have to kiss your ear have you washed your ear recently who washes their ear then you get all the good stuff do you eat that you want Selina is wearing a sexy silver dress and a pretty earring so I'm ready for this picture [Music] this one is a cleansing oh the notebook that's gonna be a really good one the notebook what are you talking about no my books call my diary I don't know if anyone's out or you can pre-order I realize that spelt my diarrhea once all my diary your but no my book is called my diary it looks like it says my diarrhea all right let's do this nature okay okay so I'm wearing this nice blue I don't fit in an engagement ring it's blue I love your show you look great let's do it oh it's poufy this one is done oh I love this one especially because I'm fine this one's amazing I'm happy too I don't know who these people are but it was an iconic couple photos I like the girl in the back I think she's cute no those are both okay so let's see chickens how did Cam Bowie this is gonna be the sexiest one of all you want Google don't remember this is a gay one so revolting so you need to squat down cuz I need to choke you you're not choking you're holding no Kuni makes mixes this one is this two guys know I can't tell members anymore that's from Titanic they're on a boat that crashes into an iceberg and they all die yeah this one is like corny but then your whole chat is poured don't be put on don't be seen turn your boobies a mystical crush in the game that's a classic Justin and Britney oh my god so this will be fun that's two girls right yeah I'm just dripping in diamonds it looks exactly like it's almost identical now here is a very iconic couple they're dating right Putin and Trump thanks well there you go that's the video we just finished and it was really fun so you better click the like button in the benefit agents notification yes Hooked on Phonics did not work for you I've done ponics oh hey red that ball goes unpunished Oh anyways we did a video in Joy's channel where we did a challenge at the 99-cent store and I won leave a comment tell me which one we did the best which funnel we did the best anyways talk to you later and subscribe to ask [Music]