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hey what's up YouTube it's reaching combusted it is the 20th of March in the year 2020 or at least that's what they tell us I am trying to make sure that I make sure I mute that I did and here we go I am joined by dr. Andrew Kaufman you may have heard him on the crow triple7 live stream and then crow was smart enough to bring him back again and then I was smart enough to reach out to him dr. Kaufman how are you brother and I really appreciate your time well thank you so much for your invitation after getting familiar with your channel in your show you've earned a lot of respect for me and I have to say that I appreciate you talked about me yesterday and you said something very important that really goes a long way and this applies to your viewers as well that don't trust what I say do your own research confirm everything when you said that you confirm what I what I spoke about viruses on crow that that just goes a long way and you know we all have a responsibility to be familiar and learn this information and so it's really important that we check for ourselves so that we you know only end up trusting the correct information I agree in when I was listening to you talking when I was listening to you on crow show you mentioned royal rife now I had done videos probably six seven years ago and nobody really cared too much because it didn't apply to anything but that's an amazing technology and you mentioned that along with that really really that super heavy-duty deep microscope like the name escapes me right now I just walked in the door like I told you you want to talk about that stuff at all yeah sure I'd be happy to and I think it has quite a bit of relevance actually and royal rife as I said before is kind of known as the Tesla of Medicine very brilliant guy and he just was able to invent technology that was superior to anything else that was available and extremely useful so he developed this microscope that had something like thirty thousand times high magnification than other microscopes that were available at the time so it was really powerful and allowed him to see under the microscope these tiny little particles of cells that are they're known as pro tips or soma tits and these are actually the precursor or progenitor to many different microorganisms including bacteria fungi and actually many pictures of what are allegedly called viruses are most likely actually these entities and so what happens is these micro zama or proteins they're present in ourselves in fact they're present in the cells of all living organisms plants and animals and when the conditions of an organism are such that there needs to be some cleanup and recycling efforts going on and this is most common in a disease state but also can happen as the body renews itself on a on a cyclic code basis that those precursors bud out of our cells and then they go through a cycle where they become more and more differentiated and developed into the bacteria that's appropriate to go and clean up that that mess and this is you know just like things happen in nature we're all familiar with this when there's a dead animal or dead plant on the ground that all these microorganisms come and take care of it they they turn it into you know it's a basic nutrients and elements and then it becomes part of the of the soil the earth and allows more life to grow same thing that happens when our bodies die and there's no need for any outside bacteria because the bacteria is already in the organism to undergo this process so royal rife was able to visualize these elements the protips budding out of the cells at a very high resolution such that he could observe their behavior and this microscope different from the microscopes used in medicine today which only allow you to visualize generally dead fixed tissue so they basically harvest the and then apply chemicals to it that that like formaldehyde and then dyes and so you you don't actually can observe any of the paver of the cells or organisms through the microscope but this is very distinct with royal rife and so he noticed that these little proteins vibrate at a certain frequency right and I think I didn't mention on the other show but this is really related to one of the seven hermetic principles of vibration that all beings vibrate and that there's constant motion and this is a really important principle of life and he observed this and what he was able to do is using some electronics that he could measure the frequency of the vibration and he postulated that the frequency actually represents the disease state and so once he was able to determine the frequency for a given patient and I want to remind you that that wouldn't be possible without the powerful microscope so once he was able to do that and determine the frequency then he could use other devices that would generate electromagnetic radiation and would basically at the same frequency of the disease in that given patient and after several brief sessions of applying this he was able to result in the cure of a disease and this was true not not just for diseases that we would commonly know or think would be infectious but also for other diseases like cancer because these microorganisms the Kuna cleanup crew is essentially involved in cleaning up all these diseases so the the big tragedy here is that Rife's microscope was destroyed basically you know people rated his laboratories at some point in his life when he was starting to get big and spread this information around and he sort of got depressed and became an alcoholic and the technology has never been recovered so this is this is like you say he's the medicines version of Tesla much like Tesla who they they poo-pooed all of his work it was no big deal we can't use that kind of free electricity because how can we put a me and charge the good people of the earth same thing with him because it looks like they're using using the information he figured out with the right machine to drop everybody's frequencies using fear and it's working perfectly and if they heard this correctly cut me a little bit of slack but if I heard this correctly when you were talking with crow it makes people it can make people sick when their bodies frequency comes down as me or crazy as that sounds it's real they do it successfully all the time am I wrong well you know I think you're on the right track and I can give some data to back that up actually but but it's just in thinking about the whole rife approach it really just occurred to me that if a disease has a specific frequency and if you can cure it using that frequency then wouldn't it also be possible to induce the illness by perhaps using some sort of frequency radiation and then I thought about well what about the data on cell phone radiation Wi-Fi radiation and and smart meters right and 5g so we know that there's lots of illnesses associated right like people that hold a cell phone up to their head many hours right they get tumors they may not be cancerous tumors but there are tumors in it called acoustic neuromas that occur inside the ear canal and that's very well-established of course we know that some of the 5g technology was initially developed as a crowd control measure so it clearly has a strong biological effect Oh without a doubt and that I've seen that I saw that in basic training back in the 90s the first time we went to spread democracy in Iraq the the microwave weapons are there unbelievable and they were back then so now they're actually compact and going up as we speak right so you know given these observations that are you know widely accepted I don't think it's really much of a stretch to say that this could be used in some way to purposely bring about a disease or or perhaps just accidentally because as we develop more and more technology and infrastructure we're not looking to study the health effects of it even the the director of the FCC came out announcing the Fatih rollout and he said blatantly no we're not gonna do any health studies as me they bring him in he was a man Tom wheeler was an enormous lobbyist for telecoms they bring him in for a short spam he span he pushes all this through and says we're not gonna do all that like he made it sound crazy other countries are testing this we're gonna be right out front with it because it's about billions of dollars you know and then and then he he signs everything everything's good to go and he quietly goes through the revolving door to wherever he went right I'm sure back to a telecommunications I'm sure I'm sure you reap the benefits so okay I probably started this off wrong but I did just walk in the door dr. Kaufman what are you what what what what are your credentials and what led you down this path because this is not the normal path for a doctor they usually do exactly what the medication companies teach as medicine these days you seem to have gone in a different direction luckily for us yes well you know there there are a few doctors who have gone my direction but it's certainly a very very small minority and so I am an MD medical doctor and I mean I can tell you about my schooling if you want to know but I'm trained and board certified in forensic psychiatry and I've helped several leadership positions in in a medical school I've published research and book chapters and things like that and now I just do consulting work I do I do clinical work but it's it's not your run-of-the-mill type of clinical work and what happened is that and you know this really started quite early on in my training my residency training that I just started to observe that people were not improving with psychiatric medications and as I started looking closer at the literature especially there was this this great article that came out during my third or fourth year of residency that a statistician had gotten her through the Freedom of Information Act a bunch of data that was submitted to the FDA to get a drug approval for an antidepressant but it was never published right because they only published studies that show something that makes the drug look favorable the other studies are you know hidden and they have to submit some to the FDA of course and that's how they were gotten and so what they did is they combined the published studies that people were familiar with with the unpublished data in what you know a bigger statistical analysis called the meta-analysis and they found that there was basically no difference between the treatment group and the placebo group and this really struck me because it fit with my observations that people were not getting better from with antidepressants except perhaps for a mild time limited placebo effect and almost all these studies are very short-term studies I mean like 12 weeks would be considered a long study 20 weeks like really long and that's not really long enough to know what happens to people so this got me just starting looking at things in paying closer attention over time and made me much more conservative with my prescribing and try to learn more about psychotherapy and other things I could do to help people but as I continued to work at virtually every clinical position the main thing that I was expected to do was prescribe and you know you know you could almost call some modern doctors as just a prescriber because there's not much uh not much else that you do you know and I think this is especially in truth psychiatry because there's no standardized diagnosis like there's no blood tests or x-ray so you could basically say that anyone has any problem and and you know someone might have a different opinion but it's almost justifiable because there's so little systematic approach to it so as I continued more and more you know I just saw that these things weren't working and then I started looking outside of psychiatry and realized that the same things going on and I think separately from medicine I had sort of an awakening process that you know that's a whole story unto itself but you know I started looking into the climate change narrative first and then many other things and it was you know that kind of cascade effect that everything kept falling down and the truth was the opposite of what I thought it was isn't that crazy it's quite a ride and just before you continue just for somebody like myself it was mind-blowing almost got stuck in the house due to the depression like everything's a lie someone with your credentials and the amount of studying that you've done because I've looked at it you've you you're you're no joke you're a serious dude it must have blown your mind it must have totally blown your mind and then to see this unfolding where they're they're literally convincing people don't go near your neighbor cuz you're gonna ask from him and you're looking at that going hey that's not true at all it's not true at all yes and I you know I think a lot of people think that I'm a bit loony because I'm not scared and I'm not promoting all this kind of fear propaganda but you know even my neighbors they're their children who are friends with my children it's like they won't let their children come in my house my children are allowed in their house one neighbor they're supposed to say six feet away from other kids when they're playing outside you know it's people have really bought into this and are really afraid and it's very scary that people go to these extremes because you know I mean look out there have you seen people dropping dead and people sick I saw an interview of a woman who survived the Spanish flu of 1918 and she was a child at the time but she of course remembers an event like that you know about 50 million people died worldwide and her memories were that there was no room in the cemeteries that people had to bury their kin in their backyard you know great that's crazy that is nowhere in the world is anyone experiencing that at present at all in internally honest I don't mean like you you just found my channel not too long ago but I've been on the road for five weeks and I have been from Maine to Louisiana to Missouri to Massachusetts and back and back and back and I have stopped and talked to every single truck driver every single store owner everybody nobody's sick everything's fine the only time you think everything's in chaos is if you turn on the television and it's like oh yeah well and you're not the only doctor coming forward a couple of big rock radio going even in the epicenter Wuhan the death rate was only one out of 20,000 the death toll they're giving us now is is I keep saying medically speaking it's a great year from December 29th to March 20th right if we've got less than 6,000 dead that's phenomenal because that year from the regular flu was already worse than this so I I heard your your interview yesterday and you had dr. Kettner and I really respected what he had to say because he's clearly a straight-up medical guy and he believes in viruses and all that right but he is just an honest epidemiologist and he's looking at the data objectively and he's not got caught up in you know trying to be a public relations representative for the CDC like most doctors that are doing interviews so what he said about the 1 in 20,000 deaths in Hubei Province so I extrapolated that to the human population just to give a comparative number because I think that's a really really important thing to look at these mortality numbers and keep things in perspective so that's a great segue and when I extrapolated that out it would only yield 15,000 deaths in the United States so in the 2017-18 flu season which was a particularly bad one there were 80,000 deaths from influenza so that means going those numbers doc I've been showing those numbers it's their numbers but I digress go ahead so maybe this is a good time to put up that graphic the one with all the pictures of the different plagues do you recall the anti-vaxxer infographic initial graphic the autographic okay here we go and so if you scroll all the way to the bottom of that look at those nasty virus well they these pictures look like Koosh balls well the bottom of the graphics so go up a little bit up a little bit yeah yeah so we're just gonna look at the pretty picture here so right there okay though if you go down just one more notch you can see the source of the information right there in in pale gray print next to where it says visual capitalist and you can see that the information is from the CDC and the World Health Organization so the the numbers for kovat 19 is a real problem of how they are tabulating the data in terms of defining cases and deaths and I can talk about that at length but it will just accept their numbers for now because I think most would agree that if anyone has accurate numbers it's the CDC in the World Health Organization so this is as of yesterday or is this today the 20th no there you go so you can see that the total number of deaths from you know covered nineteen is eleven point four thousand so eleven thousand four hundred that's that's worldwide worldwide but that's still strange because that doesn't jive with the numbers they were just showing a couple of days ago where it was under 6,000 yes well they're they're increasing the numbers on it Isis I expected that okay go ahead absolutely but even so so even if we accept these numbers as accurate so this is in the entire planet right so remember I said and I know actually as of February 3rd in the United States there were already 20,000 deaths from the flu according to the CDC so we're worldwide you know three months into this pandemic and we're not even meeting the US flu numbers as of a month and a half ago Wow right so to keep things in comparison and then if you look a little bit above the carbon 19 on the chart and right there so some significant epidemics that people or pandemics that people write know about the Hong Kong flu right where your cursor is and you can see the you know the death toll from that 1 million 1 million 1970 yeah right and so I think there are there may be some viewers who actually remember that experience and so it'd be interesting to find someone to compare what measures were taken at that time and what the general consensus was among the population in terms of fear about that but there's somewhere on the button near the bottom of the graph there is the I think the SARS right there yeah all right no no I'm well on the left side the swine flu sorry the swine flu 2009 to 10 now that's something we all remember and there was absolutely no panic around that like there is today and you can see that there were what is it 200,000 I do 100,000 yes you 200,000 dead from that so that's in recent memory and there was no quarantine there was no restriction of freedom there was no mobilisation of the military there was no financial collapse that was related to that pandemic and yet looking at the raw numbers it was a much much bigger death toll and then we're talking about currently indeed in also with the swine flu I don't know if you had heard this I'm sure you have but there was a law that was passed in Massachusetts and apparently it was languishing in Congress they couldn't get it through they couldn't get it through and then suddenly swine flu popped up and it raced through and that law is still on the books it's 11 years old and it applies to right now they can force vaccinate forced medicate there's no liability for any health care worker or anybody that's approved to force vaccinate or medicate no liability they can enter your private property they can force quarantine it's everything they need for right now and upend our ever so gently implementing it while people are still waiting to see what happens right and this is a this is based on a model draft legislation put out by the federal government and it's as all the provisions you mentioned sounds like they pretty much copied the draft legislation so this this comes from a very high up is what I'm trying to say but yeah there there are political opportunities there's a similar bill in New York State that I haven't looked I keep meaning to look what the current state because it was stuck in committee a couple of months ago when they were ramping up the sort of forest vaccinations since they were they got rid of the religious exemption in New York based on the measles outbreak last spring that that no one died from because it's not very often and and I do need you to clarify as easily in layman as you can about how viruses don't travel the way they're trying to claim but what did you think when you saw me I mean the mainstream kick measles measles it's gonna kill everyone and YouTube and social media just lit up with that simple Brady Bunch yes we are taking it that you get measles you move on it's just no big deal but these people I mean the Boston Globe New York Times Wall Street Journal so forth so on blah blah they're all pushing after this event is over will social separation social separation will be the new norm yeah well I think that's I think that's one of the goals no we're not it's definitely one of the goals but I mean in your medical opinion somebody having a slight cold or flu or what they're calling Kovac 19 it can't pass the way they're talking about this correct absolutely and so I think there's there's really two big parts to understand this and one part is that and and I'm gonna say that this is gonna surprise people but there's there's no conclusive evidence for any virus that it causes disease in humans so I know that that's a hard pill to swallow and because we've all observed what we think is contagion that it would be very powerfully explained if there were some infectious agent that we you know scoffs sneezed out and someone around us picked up but the thing is that there's actually no evidence for that either and I know it sounds confusing because you've observed it but did you really observe it because did you take you know the snot from someone's nose and put it in someone else's nose or did you just observe that well people tend to get sick at the same time right so let me ask you if you have a family of four people when someone got sick maybe two people got sick maybe three people but was it that everybody got sick every time because if it was so easy to transmit wouldn't everybody get sick if they're in close proximity so if you if you think about it carefully like that you can see that the explanation is not quite perfect but I want to bring up something that is going to give you some conclusive evidence about this and then I also want to talk about possible mechanisms of contagion that could be could explain what we observed but this comes from so I heard a doctor Tom Cowan who's another physician that has gone outside of the mainstream health system and he gave a nice talk and he referenced this excellent book called the invisible rainbow and this book is about the theory that actually these pandemic diseases may actually be caused by some kind of electricity or electromagnetism now I haven't fully investigated that that research and I but I plan to but there there certainly is correlation and time that there a lot of these pandemics were timed to occur right after or in at the same time as major electric infrastructure projects were introduced such as the initial electric grid and radar and things like that and of course there's talk about 5g with this current outbreak although I don't want to speculate I don't think that that's necessarily what's going on I real real quick right there a lot of people I've talked about 5g we've all talked about 5g because it's bad it's very weapon it's bad I get that the only problem some people are inadvertently time all these deaths are from the 5g it's like that but there aren't all these deaths so we're muddying the water exactly and they're moving forward there aren't all these deaths right I just checked the death list two days ago and it was five thousand and change so I was just rounding it up to 6,000 I just checked it now and it's 11,000 and yes they will start juking the stats but the thing is is nobody knows anybody but somebody I know with died well you're they're gonna start slapping the label on there cuz it's gonna work to their agenda these people have massive reach they just absolutely down the world with words it's amazing but I'm gonna I'm gonna definitely get that because I want to talk also about the testing and that will help you see how inaccurate these numbers may be but but let me get back to this issue of contagion because it's really important so in 1918 right around the time of the Spanish flu or right after the Spanish flu rather the US Preventive Health Service wanted to understand how this pandemic spread because they're obviously they want to be able to protect the public so I'm going to assume that they had beneficent intentions so so this like I said this this study was these studies I'm about to describe were conducted by the United States Public Health Service so these were this was not some independent scientist okay this is the government-sponsored research so what they did is they had a hundred healthy subjects and then they had a number of people who were sick with the flu and so the first experiment they did is they basically took snot out of their nose they took the material that they coughed up and they mixed it up in a solution okay and then they put that solution in the healthy ball in the hundred healthy volunteers and they put it in their nose they put it in their throat and they even put it in their eyeballs so all the proposed mechanisms of trans mission they wanted to test and they wanted to get these healthy people sick so what happened none of them got sick not one not one person so they did a subsequent experiment to try and push it further okay so they once again collected these materials from the sick people and this time they injected it into the volunteers okay once again no one got sick so they I think they conducted even a third experiment where they wanted to simulate a more of a natural transmission from person to person so in this case they they had the sick person and the healthy subject sit in very close proximity for a period of five minutes and talk to each other and then they had them like put their mouths really close but not you know not touching they didn't want them to be making out or anything but then they had the healthy person breathe out as hard they could and the sick person breathe in as hard as they could and basically breathed out the sick air into the healthy person who sucked at it so after this final experiment once again no none of the healthy subjects contracted the influenza they went on further to do a similar study in horses where they actually covered the sick because because animals do get the some of these illnesses and many of these flu pandemics animals were sick not necessarily the same time sometimes animals get sick like a month or two before the people and there's no known you know passing it back between animals and humans but but it's the the same illness essentially and so they put these bags over the horses heads and had them sneeze and cough into the bags so they're filled up with snot and you know allegedly germs and then they used those bags and put food in them for the healthy horses to eat and once again no the healthy horses got sick so you have this series of experiments where they tried as hard as they could basically to pass the flu to healthy people and they were unable to do it as hard as they tried that's insane no miss browning isn't it I listen to us I listen to a dissertation on a very similar but I don't think the same tensed and it was the same results there have been other instances of this like for example there were some scientists who were basically looked at the research and that disproved germ theory and so they had they were they were a bit bold and they wanted to test this so they actually had the bacteria that causes the plague isolated in a test tube and and the plague was passed supposedly by the fecal-oral route and I think this is actually quite possible because there could be toxins in the fecal matter that could make someone sick without any need for microorganisms but they had the isolated plague bacteria and so normally people would get it they would touch something with feces and touch their hand to their mouth and eat eat the the infectious material so if they had the pure bacteria that supposedly causes the plague and they drank it down and they did not get the plague Wow Wow so I was I was at a dinner and lots of family members a relative was an RN and she came in and gave everyone the flu the free flu shot I just stepped out everyone got the shot this is the hand to God strike me with coronavirus right now if I'm exaggerating it all my grandmother ended up in hospice because of this flu shot my uncle ended up in the hospital for several days my other uncle ended up in the hospital for a week and my father and stepmother got sick yeah they still didn't catch the correlation they all got the shot and all had outstandingly bad results I didn't even get sick being around all these sick people with no shot right well you know the influenza vaccine actually can make you really sick it's it's known to cause paralysis which is known as Keon beret syndrome but this is well documented it's on the package insert you can go to the various databases and see which only represents about 1% of the possible adverse effects but you still see plenty of cases of people being paralyzed from the flu vaccine so and then even the own medical establishments research has shown that if you get a flu vaccine for three consecutive years your chance of contracting the flu increases Wow hey real quick let me just say wait I forgot I'm not gonna segue I'm just gonna interrupt you real quick I do that sorry doc it's I know it's terrible memory but check the status Alex Jones well that's it's funny you bring that up because I had contacted dr. Kaufman and I said hey I saw you on crow I really think it's important you know I'll put you up on both channels at the same time and he said he got back to me because you've been inundated I'm sure with with invitations left and right and he told me via email and you guys know how I am oh uh let's let's let's catch up but I'm going on the Alex Jones for show first and I went okay I said some very under some facts out about Alex Jones and said thank you anyways I I'm all set the doctor walked away from Alex Jones to come on the show and that's a fact I still have the email so here's somebody that's not trying to become Alex Jones famous he has integrity and that's a fact so that's phenomenal man that blew me away when you actually did text me out and I'm like wow wow this is a this truly is a smart man because if you've watched any of my shows I don't know how much time you've had when I have someone that knows what they're talking about I don't say words I stay in the background I interrupt once in a while but I stay out of it let them talk that's what this whole thing is for right well it was definitely clear to me after seeing some of your material that you would give me the chance to get my points across and and also that I'd be able to speak about things at a more complex level than then I would be and and also I knew I wouldn't have to watch what I say about other topics you know because I wouldn't get grilled on that but but really it came down to just you know I've never really watched out Jones show when I was first waking up of course I was exposed to his material because I think you know he's a kind of an entry level you know news person in a way that a lot of people can maybe get inspired and move on but but you know I really couldn't stand listening to his loud voice in his style and last night when I was thinking about this in trying to prepare I just had this really anxious nervous bad feeling in my gut that it just wasn't right and I shouldn't do it and fortunately I had the ability to listen to that and I'm so glad I did because I'm already and really enjoying this experience I'm glad I made perfect sense like isn't it important to get it out to the largest audience possible with the amount of people in the chat right now that are going to share this video on their channels and their channels this will get out just as well and you don't have to worry about it being used against you or edited or whatever because Alex Jones has been placed here for since the beginning he has Central Intelligence ties it's just words out of his own mouth and what he does is he points people in the wrong direction slightly askew but enough so that when something like this happens the people that were allegedly awoken are sitting back and listening to the mainstream right he pushed Trump on everybody which Donald Trump's a billionaire actor really bad hair having dude who doesn't really care you don't become a billionaire twice in America without destroying tens of thousands of people's lives you just don't it's how it works that's why I'm not a billionaire so absolutely at any rate okay so I've got five five links that you sent is there anything specific you'd like to jump into I've got covered history recent advances New Scientist and anti-vaxxer and general that right before this whole thing happened I don't know if you paid attention that you'd had to have seen it being an MD the anti-vaxxer Kent they were just going after anybody that did your daughter got a shot and then that day she changed forever you're a conspiracy theorist they were put in people's families whose lives were destroyed from bad shots out there I had never seen such an anti anti-vaxxer push Brian came in my entire life and then this this is gonna come with mandatory there's no two ways about it yes I agree with you and I'm very concerned about that and I'm working on a legal strategy to to combat that based on Cal Washington's approach from the empower movement and he's a brilliant legal mind he was actually on crow triple7 also and you can find some videos from the empower group on Vimeo they've been very successful using this approach for smart meters and they plan to expand it to vaccines and 5g and other basically any issue where a government policy infringes on our rights or requires compelled performance that would be something that we don't want to agree to we can use this strategy where we hold the people in government personally liable based on their constitutional oaths and so I'm investigating this and definitely we'll talk more about it in the future I hope I hope you have the opportunity to do that because my I don't know what you call co-host that joins me from Louisiana a couple of times a week he knows the letter of the law like you read about this is his thing and he knows strategies like that I just hope anybody gets a chance to implement it but absolutely power to you so if the creaked rise in the good Lords will and I can get you back and have Brandon on at the same time you guys can talk about that because this kid is a it's amazing how much he knows about the law for someone it doesn't do it for a living but the floral and yeah well that's definitely an area that I am studying vigorously so if you would pull up the article that as three ways viruses have okay and because I want to I want to talk about about viruses and what what they really are and what real viruses are and so this is an article from the University of California San Francisco when you happen to know the name of it because I don't see three ways here history advances coronavirus the history of pandemics anti-vaxxer nineteen it's the title is three-way viruses did it maybe did I not send this one well it's stand by stink start and I'll find it three way virus just give me one second okay and it's on you see it UCSF edu you see you see SF yep you got got dot edu edu okay yeah it's three ways viruses 17-inch science for the better you found it great and by coming up right now here you go have at it alright so if you scroll down a little bit to the picture okay so you get stopped right there so that so I want to talk about real viruses that exist that have been characterized so after a germ theory came out the the scientists that were involved in that there was one very important one named Robert cough and he's a German scientist there's the Robert Institute named after him that still exists in Germany where they they do study of biology and and he laid out the steps of how you can prove that a certain germ causes a certain disease and the first step was that you can isolate the microbe from a sick person and this is perhaps the most important step because if you can't do this you really can't prove that something causes a disease because you didn't find it in the sick person so this what you're seeing here this image is the the big semicircle in the bottom is actually the end of a bacterial cell and those little balloon like structures hanging off of it are what's called bacteriophages or Faja x' and they're essentially viruses that infect bacteria now they don't necessarily destroy the bacteria you can see them destroying some bacterial cells but but actually it's it's thought that overall for the population they actually support the population and there's some evidence that they may actually be a of a stasis form of the bacteria itself and that they have been observed to differentiate into other bacteria okay so a little bit different than what we're told about the virus is that they're like parasites that they go into a host cell and and then they reproduce and then they explode it and destroy it that that's what they tell us in medical school and in and in college that viruses do but this is not really what has been found in the research for a bacteria phages and so bacteria so what they've been able to do is have a mixture of bacteria where they observe the phages and they spin that down in a centrifuge and there's a small layer in there that has the purified phage particles and then if you scroll down perfect right there that picture those are what the individual phase particles look like so they're the same thing as those little balloons in the first picture but they're blown up because they've been isolated and now imaged under the microscope separately in a pure form and so you can see that they have a very specific geometric structure these are four different phase varieties right that's why they all look a little different and that they have a characteristic you know structure where they have a head and then they have a tail right and then they may have other appendages there so in lower organisms like bacteria amoeba and sea algae you can several different scientists have isolated these type viruses from those organisms and in a pure form and then we're able to image them just like this okay so so you can see this you can see it's a real thing you you look at it you could tell that it's a picture of a real thing it's not an artist rendering it's not created in a studio right and it's a it's something by itself it's the only thing on the slide it's not contaminated so you know that it's a distinct entity okay so let's switch over now to tell you which one in a second take your time take your time we're in no rush so I think we could look at the one that's New Scientist got it coronavirus New Scientist yep by Google took away our live streaming so we have to use this new platform and it's it's just a tad slower or button here you go okay okay yeah so that's the picture that I want to show you so this is the the supposed picture of coronavirus and you could see that it does look like it's a picture from a real microscope but those are not the normal colors so it's been colorized to make a prettier picture right and you know scientists do not do that in their papers so this is something you know that's supposed to appeal and get more readership and that's the purpose of it so you could just kind of ignore the colors so if you look at the cell and I'm not sure exactly what kind of cells but the caption just says that this is coronavirus but these are most likely are some kind of human cell or some other mammalian type of cell and then supposedly these little dots on the outside are the virus okay so and that looks a little bit like the picture that we saw with the bacteria phages right but here's what's missing where is the picture of the isolated virus particle because cells can have all kinds of things on their surface they can have different receptors right there could they could be extruding proteins and cell frag and it could represent that so there are a lot of things there's not anything that would be specifically tell you that this is a distinct entity from the cell or if it is it doesn't tell you what it is right so because there's no pure form now according to several articles in the media there's a scientist in China that actually supposedly isolated the corona virus 19 and now this is not published okay there's no scientific publication because supposedly this happened too recent for there to be a publication now they're accelerating everything else so it's a little bit hard to buy but but it's not published in a scientific journal there there are several news stories about it and none of them have a picture okay there's no picture of the isolated virus so they say they isolated it but they didn't describe the chemical characterization of the virus like it has a you know a protein shell and then a double RNA strand or whatever they only really described the genetic material so let's now switch to one other picture of the corona virus one that's is spread around much more like you know every time you look up anything on YouTube or Facebook or there's a post related to this pandemic there's a little thing from the CDC right so this is the covered 19 summary dot PNG with the CDC logo and that's you can see yeah so this is the picture that you see in all those little warnings from the CDC and as from their web site and you can see that this is completely made-up absolutely right I could have done better than that yeah it looks scary doesn't it I mean look the virus is represented in red red is the control color you bet right so this was carefully done for the purpose because every time I see this on the screen even I get a little jolt and you know I know it's I know it's not what it is but I still am affected by it let me just jump in and give you some props real quick please did you guys just notice that the doc said and red is the control color that doesn't happen very often if the doctors do know it they ain't saying it dr. Kaufman just did so that's badass I didn't learn that as a doctor that's nuts on it man you're on my mark passio days nice so so you know the big question I have is why are they putting up a fake picture why don't they just put the real picture we all would like to see it right if it's a real thing I mean even even after 9/11 - they didn't put up an artist's rendering they put photographs right I mean this is affecting everybody on the whole world personal level periods absolutely I mean you know what we all are walking around with a camera in our pockets that we have thousands of miniatures at every time I mean we live in a world where everything is photographed right I mean I've even heard a crow say something like his rule right that if it hasn't been photographed or videotaped it doesn't exist and he's not wrong he's not right I think it's a very clever test so so why do we see in this fake picture where is the real picture so I mean the answer is there is no real picture but you really need to question this so you know I so so there's no picture of any virus because none of these viruses that supposedly cause disease in humans have ever been isolated not one so there's there's this really interesting German virologist named Stefan Lanka LA and ka um actually it's cool and and one of the other articles I sent you is about him so he is actually a studies viruses right that's what he's trained he's a researcher a scientist and earlier in his career he actually isolated and characterized a virus from sea algae and and he also learned that that virus also plays a symbiotic support role with the sea algae so it doesn't kill it or destroy it so after he learned about viruses through his own work he wanted to branch out into viruses that cause disease and so he started reviewing the the research on some viruses and he couldn't find the same paper like he had done where he had isolated and characterized the virus for any of these viruses and so he got really curious and he scoured the research and and he read their methods and kind of debunked what they did they basically cheated and said something was the virus but they never isolated it and proved it so he issued this challenge because he wanted this to you know be known in the public and I probably felt that this was a way to get some publicity and so he said if anyone out there can prove that measles is a virus that causes disease basically that helped pay them a hundred thousand euros and so you know several people rose to this challenge but there was one particular person that presented I think seven papers that were sort of the papers that had been accepted maybe as showing evidence of measles but they didn't actually isolate the virus and so but there was some confusion and you know this is some challenging stuff to think about right you have to spend some time studying the background material and knowing how scientific experiments and how to reason and what you can conclude from data so it'd be very difficult for a court system you know to do this successfully so what happened is that this person thought he proved it dr. Lanka said you didn't prove it and so he sued him in court so at the at the lowest court level the other guy won the court said oh yeah this is proof enough pay the hundred thousand euros but Lanka knew better he appealed it it went to the Supreme the German Supreme Court okay and at the Supreme Court level the court actually consulted several scientists to their opinion on this because they realized that they weren't really qualified to make a ruling on this issue and so ironic they actually got at least one scientist from the Robert cuff Institute which was based on the germ theory which this was basically arguing against so it put these scientists in an awkward position that they had to you know consider coming to a conclusion that would go against their sort of namesake at their work and but these scientists and the court concluded that there was no proof of measles and he did not have to pay the hundred thousand dollars Wow Wow all right I'm gonna address this real quick because this comment keeps popping up over and over and over everyone saying ask the doctor if nitrous oxide can cure coal bit but but let me just reiterate we just showed you the numbers this kovat is I'm pretty sure it completely made up out of whole cloth because this is the worst pandemic in the world because it's not actually killing anybody and they're not showing you the numbers that with all the people getting infected they're not showing you the people 50% of them were being cured because it's a simple cold the people dying allegedly are in 70s 80s elderly and they're gonna start tagging everybody but look around you talk to people be for real I have over 500,000 people on here that love or hate me and nobody sent me an email saying Ritchie you're completely wrong I know people that they're sending me emails about everything else on the planet on the on the earth and not that and I'm not seeing him anywhere and as long as you're out and about there is no coronavirus you turn on the television and you're gonna die so but I mean what do you think of that there yeah well you know it's oxide killing the virus so you know I mean what I'm really saying is that there is no virus that's being with you on if you step back and look at this objectively from a certain point of view like think about the point of view if you let's say that you had a lot of resources at your disposal and you wanted to create a pandemic - that would that would create fear and everyone right but it's really hard to create a biological weapon I'm not even sure that they exist to be honest with you but just that's been stuck in my head for two days I'm so glad you just brought it up because I was supposed to bring it up because I'm like believe it or not I know a lot of dudes that have been to war at every generation the bullets the flamethrowers the bombs etc but I never ever ever heard one story every male of my family's been in every war in the 19th century or the 20th 1900s and on I never heard any stories about that I think you might be right I was just thinking that so but you know even if you think biological weapons you know could be made certainly you would agree that it would be difficult and expensive right so let's say we didn't have the money to do that and but we still wanted to create a pandemic so a really convenient way to do this would be well one thing is let's just do it during cold and flu season because we know there'll be lots of people sick right so what if we just create a test that is very nonspecific and it would basically test positive and many people who are sick with almost any illness and when people have their normal seasonal illness cold flu pneumonia whatever you want to call it I don't know that those things are really distinct from each other to be honest it could just be that one's more severe than the other and they're the same exact thing but you just take those people you give them this test you know it's gonna come back positive and then you call that some scary name and you say that there's a pandemic and you know and then you can put out all this projected numbers about how it's going to spread and kill so many people but that you don't have to base any of that on actual facts or data so it'd be really convenient you could totally create a thing like let's say this year there's gonna be you know 55,000 cases of deaths from the flu right and that's pretty much what happened last year well let's say we're gonna we're gonna say there's only 40,000 cases deaths from the fluid and the 15,000 of it we're gonna say is from coronavirus or whatever name we want to make up right it would be really really convenient and easy to do this and the all of the the data if you trust it it's still consistent with this explanation it's amazing how this was all put in motion by words Americans have really really let me down how they just ran in sheltered in place and there do I mean they're doing it perfectly these people must be sitting back going we weren't even juking the stats we weren't even saying millions are infected hundreds of thousand four thousand five hundred people are dying we're in a state of emergency even though we mean Massachusetts was one of the first states to go state of emergency we didn't yet have a CDC confirmed case of kovat 19 absolutely and then we went national and I was like I'm hitting the road and then I heard you on kro so big big props to crow triple7 he's got your entire interview on crow triple7 dot-com I believe he also ran some of it free on his YouTube channel but most of you guys know crow everyone's gonna know dr. Kaufman and dr. Kaufman everyone's gonna know you they're not gonna dig you're doing this brother was my man all my subscribers will be praying for you for real but just well you know let me let me speak to that a little bit because I'll tell you that I hesitated for almost a year before speaking publicly about these issues and about you know real medicine and real truth and health and so I had to carefully consider things and I know that there are many many other health practitioners several of them MDS like Nicholas Gonzalez and Andrew Moulton who suddenly and unexpectedly died at a quite a young age and some of them you know allegedly by suicide like an baroque although her family said that she was thriving and doing great no indication of her being depressed and so I want to let your viewers know out there that I am very happy in my life and I love my children and I would never sitter taking a turn to harm myself and that I'm not reckless and I'm in good health I have no illness and so if something should suddenly happen to me please don't accept it as the truth and if something were to happen to you just based on this hour that's just past I will never let it go I don't do that ask David Crowley's family I still talk about that to this day so well I'm going to keep going as long as I have people out there who are willing to listen because there's so much more important information that people need to know about how to take care of their health and you know I mean in speaking about that we're talking about these mortality numbers so I want to point out another relative a couple of numbers and these come from mainstream studies okay this is from Johns Hopkins that in the United States they estimate that 250,000 people a year die from medical errors Wow yes and then there's an additional study that was reported in the journal the American Medical Association that each year a hundred and twenty eight thousand people die from prescription drugs not misuse not overdose but taken as directed and I believe that that number is actually under estimate because I don't think it includes some things but nonetheless if you add those two numbers together because we're talking about deaths directly attributable to healthcare okay then our number is three hundred and seventy eight thousand now that is the third leading cause of death in our country according to the CDC now the CDC doesn't list that okay but those numbers are real and if you put them on the CDC's top 10 causes of death it fits it number three I'm kind of embarrassed that I've never even seen that number or looked it up over the years I don't know I got a lot on my plate but I mean that's insane well there are other researchers who have tried to make estimations to get that number to be more accurate and they have come up with calculations of about 750,000 deaths a year from medical care and that would be the number one cause of death according to CDC's data so I can't confirm you know that that's the real number but the real number is definitely considerably higher than 378,000 but you three hundred and seventy eight thousand that's the medical establishments own number so I like to go with that and it's plenty bad you know so why aren't people running away from the health care system when there's so many more deaths from that and the these studies you know they're published in Maine newspapers that it's not advertised it's not plastered everywhere but it's not hidden it's easy to find yeah but that's also like where Americans every single one of these things tells you straight up don't keep it near you don't put it to your head but it's on all those words on that piece of paper there's so many words I just agree and let me use my phone now they've got us to the point when the when the articles in the testing and all that stuff came out that said people have now surpassed goldfish and having the attention span of less than a goldfish that was all by design that was just years and years of soap operas and shows where it goes for 30 seconds it goes to another scene to another scene and now with all the social media people don't seem to care right and it's also fluoride though oh this doctor is the best fluoride all right I didn't know I wasn't gonna I wasn't gonna put you out there and often uh I mean I don't really see it as a risk because in I think it was 2001 the CDC actually put out a press release instructing parents of newborns not to use fluoridated water to mix formula because it's a neurologic toxin I was telling people about fluoride because I worked in a water for treatment facility plants I did the plumbing in there years and years ago and it was a multi-million dollar big deal and there's a tank that mixes right in with the supply and it's clearly labeled it was never hidden and I looked it up and I'm like this is rat poison yeah and then prozac popped up and I'm like this is rat poison how could you dosed this that's like it's I mean this is an old analogy but it's all I got right now it's like drinking sunburn lotion and expecting it to work on your skin I said that terribly I apologize it's been a long day but I mean how could you do somebody that weighs 240 pounds and a newborn infant with fluoride that's in the water and the effects are pretty clear especially we're seeing it right now everyone's seeing it because there's so many you know things that should just be obvious like for example if it really helps your teeth why would you need to swallow it right right that's what I was trying to say I just said it really poorly so oh yes yeah well yeah people talk about antidepressants that way too I heard an analogy of like if you put instead of opening up the cap to put the engine oil just pour the oil on top of the whole engine and you don't understand unbelievable absolutely unbelievable I've been hanging out in this location for an extra two days just so I could make sure I could use this particular facility with its Wi-Fi so I could do this live stream and I'm so stoked that you made time do you got you you got you can go for five more hours or you can wrap it up right but long story short long story short for the goldfish in the audience including myself the social separation keeping people apart because this killer virus that according to their numbers isn't killing anybody really in the scheme of things and it's not a virus because viruses don't work like that am I wrong or am i right no you're absolutely right Wow Wow it's a you said something about looking under the the microscope the name the dark microscope what was it yeah dark field microscopy so when you saw the videos in pictures on the dark field my car Mike what you just said you said you could actually see specks of light in the eles absolutely and that would tie two frequencies and everything else like you've been talking about so um you know this this is sort there are several scientists that help develop the knowledge about this and I'm not you know I'm not even sure what to call the science except microbiology but yes you can like take a blood sample from either of us and put those living blood cells under a dark field microscope and of course it's not nearly as high-resolution as the right microscope but still you can visualize this and now the the specks of light has to do with the optical properties of the microscope so it's not like they're radiating light although that does occur they're called bio photons that's sort of a separate topic but yeah they appear as little like dots of light and if if the blood sample is from someone who is is not healthy then you'll actually see them budding out of the cell and you'll see more mature forms of them as they're differentiating into and and they basically become the species of bacteria or fungi that that we would recognize like that any microbiologist would be able to do a Gram stain on and say you know this is Staphylococcus or this is Klebsiella whatever you know organism but they all come from that source and this has been well documented so I've seen these proteins go through this sort of cycle and it's it's great to watch and then you see them in in in a real sample you see them just in different forms simultaneously but if you see the more mature forms you know that there's a disease state because that's what they're responding to and so it can be very diagnostic and there are you know many physicians that not classically trained physicians but physicians may be trained in German new medicine or other in terrain medicine that would normally do this as a diagnostic procedure what where can people find you I know people have been looking for you and I know how to find you but where would you like people to find you because I'll post them below this so everyone that watches this well I I have a sort of fledgling YouTube channel of play own with a few episodes I'm trying to put out some material every week and my next show is going to be on on detoxification that's been requested by a lot of people and it's a very good topic so I will do that in some some detail maybe on Monday but the name of the channel or the show is called medica mentum authentica oh you're killing me I'd always feel all that good yeah well it's the Latin for authentic medicine alright I got you know what send me the link and I'll post it in the description below this video on both channels so you can find and then people can actually reach out to me by email with questions topic suggestions or if they're interested in consultation and that is dr. Andy Kaufman at protonmail comm dr a ND y ka u FM a n @ protonmail and that will be pinned in the comments for the goldfish I can't help but notice it's Andy Kaufman yes would you believe they put a man on the moon and they come on man that's a lot sometimes I feel like I'm on the moon when we're out people you know talking about the mainstream paradigm so maybe it's apropos I'm certainly not as funny as that man was though now you're pretty good you're pretty good he was strange I always thought he was strange I grew up around that what else so I mean you know certainly I can get into a little bit more information if you think it's important we definitely have covered a lot and I think we've I've given introductory material that people can understand basics of what I'm saying enough that they can investigate some of this how about this I don't want I don't want you to think I what about this one right here did we hit on that at all is that when I said to you yeah yeah because it you scroll down there are more of those pictures but no pictures of the isolated virus and this is from 1967 coronavirus OC 16 yes paper describes the initial discovery of virusis you know when I was in medical school they taught us that the common cold is generally caused by a corona virus or a Rhino virus and a few others right so I'm familiar I was trying to explain to people that the corona virus is the prefix to pretty much any disease any any cold and flu disease like this a corona virus the word itself has been around for a long time like this picture shows correct or am I wrong yes absolutely and they observed something on some of these microscopes that look like a halo and they called it a crown you know it's the imagination of a scientist but those pictures were not not of the purified virus they were of some kind of particles mixed with with cells with human cells or animal cells the typical kind of thing you see in these papers unbelievable you said if you've got anything else that you think you should be sharing right now have at it but yeah so I do I think it's important to talk a little bit about the test because you know some people may be required or encouraged or think it's a good idea to get tested and so I want to kind of give a little bit of a warning that if you do get tested if you're positive then they they are gonna have the ability to control what goes on with you completely including probably incarcerate you in some way without a doubt without a doubt it's only a swab though right because every medical Pro I've talked to say that it's a swab is that right yeah yeah it's a swab and they can swab a bunch of different places on your body there's you know the initial protocol was to like swab you know like every opening on your body virtually I don't think they could practically do that but but here's the thing what they're testing for is a genetic sequence okay so I think now that they don't really describe in detail exactly how they develop the test right so so I can't know for sure but if you look at how they how Bob Gallo developed the HIV test it will give you an idea of how this kind of test might be developed so what he did was he took some cells that were the type of cells that were supposedly affected in AIDS and he mixed them with a bunch of toxic chemicals basically oxidation oxidizing agents so it put oxidative stress like this is why people take antioxidants right because they want to combat that process the the sort of chain reaction of free radicals and so in this case he purposely added it to the cells to put stress on them then he added hydrocortisone which affects transcription of DNA in the cells and basically made the cells really sick to the point that they started extruding bits of material to try and purge the toxicity out of the cells okay so this exposed proteins in DNA that came out of these cells and then they simply found an antibody that bound these extruded proteins and said that that antibody was specific for HIV except HIV had not been isolated or identified it never has been and it certainly wasn't at that time so they were essentially measuring cellular destruction and so so many disease processes that caused this type of cellular destruction would show up as a positive HIV test and subsequently there's been over fifty different conditions including pregnancy that gives a false positive HIV test Wow so this the test for carbon 19 is developed in a very very similar way it's against some piece small piece of DNA that's said to be specific for the corona virus but this III once again go back to HIV because I think many of your viewers will know that HIV is characterized as a retrovirus which kind of means it goes backwards and what that what that means is that the virus doesn't have normally the way that we make proteins is we have DNA which encodes the sequence the DNA makes RNA and then the RNA binds the episomes that carry the amino acids that build the protein so it's the RNA really that makes the protein now a retrovirus supposedly only has RNA no DNA so in order to make proteins it uses the host cell's material but it has the special enzyme reverse transcriptase which can make DNA from RNA normally it's DNA to RNA to protein so this is kind of backwards that's why they call it a retrovirus so reverse transcriptase like backwards transcriptase makes DNA from RNA so at the time it was it was stated that this is a unique protein to retroviruses and I believe they even had a genetic test based on the sequence that codes reverse transcriptase okay and this was I think the initial HIV PCR test I may be wrong about that and someone please correct me but I'm pretty sure that that's the case you might you might have to you might have to drop that down a couple of levels okay let me let me see it right I can translate what I think I just heard they made up a test that will it will work for whatever way the way they want to go it's like a basically a lie detector well absolutely so they found out later on it became widely known that that special enzyme that they were testing for is actually present in all human cells and it's used to repair DNA like when it gets damaged or mutated so they're actually testing for our own protein so if we're in it this can be positive I am totally shocked so if we're having to repair our DNA from some damage from some illness process we will express that protein and we'll test positive for that the gene for that protein Wow and so so I think it's probably almost the exact same thing with this test so I will I'll give a simple analogy that your viewers can understand about this so rich let's say that we wanted to make a test that would identify you out of a crowd okay like let's say addict of mall obviously we can't do that now although we should be able to so but we're not going to measure you directly instead we're gonna find a marker for you okay so that could be like a genetic sequence is not the actual virus it's a marker of the virus right a shadow so we're gonna use as a marker for you a baseball cap right so since you're from Boston we'll give you a Red Sox cap so what we're gonna do is we're we're gonna tell you um you know put the cap on and walk around the mall and we're gonna find you because we're gonna locate your cap right so then we go around the mall and we look for a Boston Red Sox cap so let's say that you get tired of wearing a cap it's messing up your hair and you give it to your buddy well when we find that cap we're not going to find you we're going to find your buddy let's say that there's another Red Sox fan at the mall and we find their cap then we're going to find them we're not going to find you so if anyone else is wearing a cap or you give that cap to anyone else the test is going to be false positive and this is what we're doing with the cuff at nineteen test if you happen to have that cap in your blood and it'd be much more likely to occur if you're sick in any way from you know almost any type of illness that that cap will be there and the test will be positive and it'll be kinda tricky that we're gonna be the answer and you're good it's not just this test that's like that but in fact every antibody test so like the test for Lyme disease for example is exactly like this it's not it's not testing the presence of the Lyme bacteria only the cap that it may or may not be wearing do you have and if this is just out of right field real quick but several dozen people have asked 23andme you know they're developing this big database and stuff I mean there's no doubts about they they love tricking people into paying for things that work against them and I think another one of them you have any thoughts on it I mean if you don't it's no biggie your call no no I agree I think they are developing database of everyone and you know I mean gosh what was that movie with a ethan hawke that futuristic movie where he had to use someone blood yeah Gattaca how did I know that that's awesome I love when I get an answer right once in a while especially when I'm talking to a doctor it makes me look shorter whatever I'm tired it's been a long five weeks I went to Boston for eight hours and turned around because as soon as I got there they went national emergency I'm like I'm out of here they're gonna drop a net on Massachusetts well yeah I think you're much safer outside of a big city yeah well it's it's not even it's not even that I just didn't know how far they were gonna go with it right away like state of emergency well there's nothing wrong yet doesn't matter never too early for a state of emergency yeah I gotta go so I'm glad that I did what else you got here well you know I mean to piggyback on the inaccuracy of the test you know all these numbers that they're collecting I mean I mean the real numbers not the projections of the future because you know who knows what that's based on right but it's definitely whatever prediction is out there it's very very scary so so just the actual numbers so if you say there's a death from this pandemic how do you really know there's not been a systematic protocol for recording this and of course this is happening in different countries and in different parts of different countries with different personnel right so but there's no one doing a forensic analysis if you let's say that you get an illness and maybe you test positive for the the corona virus right but you can still die of something else you could have the corona virus and have a stroke and die so does that get recorded as a stroke causing death or does that rakat recorded as corona virus causing death I'm gonna aronia virus well I think most likely the pressure that's been put on the entire medical industry it's it's already it's already coming out where doctors can find a platform to say so they don't seem to see the forest for the trees yet like you do but I was told by a woman I know I talked to you emboss tanasul and she said that she said the numbers are going to this is about five days ago to the people that have been CDC like you have the coronavirus we just proved it to you probably do but we're putting you on the stat list so the stats are going to start going up and as I can see they are yeah I mean how you know there's a million ways that you could sort of fudge the numbers or just just have a lot of error like it doesn't have to be intentional you just put people out there to collect the data and don't give them specific enough instructions I mean you know when I've actually conducted social science and medical research before I realize there's a lot of complexity you got to think through every little detail if you want your results to be accurate and if you just kind of go out there haphazardly and start collecting information it's gonna be fraught with error and it just leads you further astray you know in this case it works though because even if it's unintentional it serves the greater purpose of inciting more fear and exaggerating the risks I agree I totally agree all right we covered pretty much everything you got anything else you've got time I'm in no rush well man I think I think I've got a lot of good stuff out tonight and you know sometimes you've said enough but I would certainly be willing to come back and talk more as things develop if that would uh you know getting people to you if we can without a doubt I'd like to line you up with my I guess co-host or whatever Brandon and you could talk about that legal remedy that you're thinking of because he's actually gone the same route I don't know if it's gonna come to fruition but we can't we got to leave everything on the table right now because they're they're pointing all their guns at us right now they're not messing around they shut down the world with words and didn't even juke the stats right well here that you know oddly I'm not worried about getting sick but I am worried about the consequences of this martial law than it's all in talking about so what I'm trying to do is you know I'm trying to maintain my energy but not panic and I'm trying to think of what I can do to prepare to protect myself and my family for any possible adverse outcomes and and I would encourage everyone to do the same thing in a calm rational way you know what how can you protect yourself from financial loss like there's likely to be bad inflation and the stock market is obviously going down so can you get out of that can you put your assets into something with true value like precious metals how do you protect your business and your income how do you protect your domicile you know from both financial and then you know if it gets to a stage of desperation you know could there be looting and things like that so I'm just trying to think it all out without getting you know overly paranoid about anything but just you know be cautiously prepared I'm definitely enjoying the extra time with my children since they're not in school that's yeah yeah I'm not I'm not a dad but I'm so happy to hear that that's yeah that's awesome and you know so I'm trying to make the best of it I actually have several brave friends from out of state who came to celebrate the equinox with me this weekend and they were brave enough not to stay at home they drove across state lines and came here and we're having a nice st. Patrick's Day dinner tonight so you have to keep some normalcy and you know we're all tempted to also you know veg out and just you know hang out and watch YouTube and Netflix and eat junk food and you know some of that of course is totally fine but you know make sure you know to still spend your time doing some productive activities get outside get fresh air you know I've been shaking people's hands get people hug and eat a lot of fruit because like you just saying everyone's chilling making the best of it this will fix itself so Trump will come on television and everything will be fixed he'll send us all a thousand bucks and everything's gonna be great well in the interim don't eat don't sit around smoking weed or doing any of the crazy stuff and just eating processed food I've been eating a lot of fruit on the road and I've spent every minute possibly can outside which makes texting be very difficult especially I totally agree like get as much fresh produce as you can you know we don't know how long it's going to be readily available and that's where you get the good nutrition from save the canned and frozen foods for later if we yep I agree doc it has been phenomenal totally phenomenal I really appreciate it you're gonna now be hit up by a bunch of subscribers and you're gonna be amazed at who else follows this channel it's all people on the same same orbit as yourself we'll call it how's that well so uh a lot of there's gonna be a lot of people offering to help you out so that's not a problem well it's it's really rewarding and I so much appreciate to become part of this community and connect with people and you know be able to contribute my part so thank you to everyone you've done more than you've done that in more how's that so alright guys it is Richie from Boston and dr. Andrew Kaufman all the links will be pinned in the description anybody with a YouTube channel anybody with any social platform take this video completely you have my permission and the docs and run where they get this information out there or don't we are out