RFID Secure Wallet DO YOU NEED ONE Cuir Ally Stark


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hello everyone this is an ashram gadget cake nowadays hackers can easily steal all your credit card details right from your wallet with an RFID scanner and today in this video we have a wallet which can make your card secure and safe so let's do the unboxing and overview of this wallet [Music] do not forget to press the bell icon next to the subscribe button to get the notification from gadget gig and stay updated and informed we got these wallets from Chiara like calm and the price of the wallet is rupees 1499 the name of this wallet is Stark and if you want to buy one do check the link in the description below so here we have the boxes of the wallet the design and the color of the box Shirley looks clean and attractive in the front we have the key or Li branding and the picture of the wallet and the name of the wallet Stark at the back of the box we have the colours in which this wallet is available and then the message from the company which we have seen in their other products as well let's open the box and see the wallet now so the first wallet we have here is in the brown color this wallet is also available in six different color so you can pick one according to your style this wallet looks definitely premium and the quality of leather is really good I really like the white stitching which goes around the wallet and same can be seen inside as well above the card pockets also the rounded top corners making the wallet more cool and stylish in the front of the wallet we have the Cure Li logo and also engraved cure Li written inside the wallet we will talk about the wallet capacity and the unique feature of the wallet rfid secured in a moment so here is the other wallet which is in black color Kiril I claim that this wallet is world slimmest unisex wallet and this wallet can hold up to 8 cards coins and of course your cash cards can be easily taken out of the wallet from its finger-friendly card slots you can store 4 cards in the front and then for inside the wallet [Music] there's also a coin pocket inside the wallet as well the size of this bifold wallet is perfect and can easily fit in your front or back pocket [Music] overall in appearance and design we give this wallet a big thumbs-up now talking about the RFID secure as we said in the starting of the video RFID theft is common and people are aware of it already in Europe and America in India we now have banks who are advertising about RFID card or contactless cards but with improved technology it is also easier for hackers to steal and extract your card details right from your pocket wallet or from your back but with this wallet or with any RFID secured wallet it doesn't transmit the data of your card outside the wallet so basically RFID theft happens when someone uses an RF scanner near you they get all the details of your card and a clone card can be easily created by that data we have seen people demonstrating how easy it is to steal the card details without any physical communication now coming to the point whether you should buy one of these wallet or not looking at the price of this wallet which is rupees 1499 you're getting a nice premium looking wallet with perfect design and size plus you're getting complete peace of mind that your wallet is RFID secure you might not be using a contactless card yet but banks are already upgrading cards to contactless credit and debit cards so it is better to prepare and prevent rather than repair and repent so that's it guys this was the unboxing and overview of the stark wallet do you also think that with more technology advancements thieves are also becoming advanced and high tech let us know in the comment section below and if you liked this video please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadget geek for more videos like this once again this is a note signing off and I'll see you in the next one