RN Demonstrates How to Stay Safe from COVID19 or Coronavirus at Work and at Home

I'm Kimberly bright no I am a registered nurse I'm here to give you just some tips and guidelines just about protecting yourself and your family from COBIT 19 hand-washing is the first line of defense you soak in water and you're going to make sure you rub your hands together so that you can't formulate friction you're gonna start with your palms you're gonna go to the outside of your hands you're gonna go between your fingers gonna go along your fingers remember to also do your thumbs once that is done you're going to rinse make sure you put your hands at a downward angle let the water run over once all the residue has been removed you get a paper towel you turn the water off you didn't get another paper towel and that's when you dry your hands completely in the office setting you definitely want to disinfect your office space and you can use any type of disinfectant wipe if you have touchscreen computers make sure the BET's wipe down your telephone your desktop keyboards mouse pads we also have a tendency to take our purses our backpacks our messenger bags a lot of different places we often put them down on the floor or on the back of a chair try to remember to not only wipe those down but also when you're taking them home try to keep them close to the door so it doesn't track throughout your entire home that also applies to keys and that also applies to your telephone so you want to make sure that these items are cleaned often especially once you enter the home setting to protect your family even more so we want to take these precautions now especially because as kovat 19 spreads it is becoming a community-wide issue we want to keep all of our community safe we want to keep all of our patrons safe we want to make sure that our kids can go to school that we can go to work and that we can maintain a safe environment so that this disease does not spread any more than it already has we want to be able to put a stop to it so that we can maintain our safety as well as those of others