ROAD TO YOUNGEST PRO Back Workout w Jesse James West


Anthony Mantello


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hey all right so we just arrived at the beach with special guest jesse hey good day right hey uh it was close i gotta work on it what's up guys my name is jesse james west first time uh me and anthony he's taking me to belmar we're gonna go to the beach we're gonna hit a back workout right later on yes sir and it's with this coach i'm nervous yeah that'll be fun but you know we just arrived at the beach and probably just gonna like what do you want like three something hours yeah chill we'll just get get some raise throw on some lacrosse sticks jesse plays lacrosse i don't so that'll be interesting yeah i mean i'm athletic i think i'm a pretty athletic kid so we'll see what happens hey all right so we just got back home to my house and we're at the beach well like three three hours good three hours i got some good color how about you guys listen my italian puerto rican keeps me safe but i did burn you did burn how do you feel i'm always dark so okay but so basically i took them to my favorite restaurant or one of my favorite which is bubba ku's burritos basically like a a better chipotle they got their bowls they demolished them it's gone yeah i don't even know where my eyes are literally gone i'm here with seven ounces of beef and 100 grams of rice it's like knock off chipotle knock off chipotle basically a [ __ ] shitty or home version of that so i'm gonna eat this and then yeah i'll probably go drain soon hey this is jesse anthony's in the shower right now and uh we're getting ready to go lift it's gonna be a stellar lift big back day ahead of us coach is gonna coach me up i'm kind of nervous my arms might fall off by the end of this but it's gonna be good so pre-workout right suits gorilla mode i ran out of nitric so derek if you're watching this video um i need to text you but yes can i please have nitric we are out great pump stuff so we're just rocking two sweeps of mode right now which link in description you can also use code anthony for ten percent off which i'd highly recommend it's probably the best pre-workout i could get i used to dry scoop this right he's put in my mouth but i would recommend actually enjoying the taste of the pre-workout it's pretty good it's not like that shitty pre-workout everyone else does so it's a high quality stuff it is high quality for sure and then intra workout which just got released on their site the eas are now available so i would recommend it because i use this basically every workout in prep with some carbs and what's that code anthony oh that's a good code pretty simple to spell you shouldn't mess it up beautiful and then we're gonna take some undisclosed company carbs we got jessie behind us following me to the gym but yeah we're about to go hit some back with my coach so this should be fun wow i look weird dude that tan got me well but about a i got to eat this right now i can't wait i haven't had sugar in good amount of time i'm trying to drive this isn't smart there we go there we go [Music] all right guys basically for me and jesse um due to the coronavirus situation in jersey uh he has to train first and i got trained after so a little weird but uh he has like one-on-one training so i'm just gonna record him working out and then i'll record after so [Music] you can feel the spirit you can feel this free time just close your eyes [Music] don't [Music] oh is be scared [Music] wow [Music] [Applause] oh good [Music] [Music] [Applause] uh [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] yup come on thank you foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] one man for sure that was pretty brutal i'm pretty i'm flat i'm tired i need food you can barely speak flat yeah i'm here and he's flying get that on a t-shirt right now i'm flat yeah one day in the future but i gotta go home i gotta eat some fish thanks i mean you chose to eat fish this early i didn't say you had to i said that's true you said turkey but like i like my fish i like to push myself a little more okay yeah so you can be flattered we'll suffer for the conditioning because i can't bring the size i'm like 18. [Laughter] anyways anyways um you have like an hour and a half drive i got an hour and a half drive i need to go pick up some mcdonald's i know it's gonna make you jealous but listen listen listen we burned a lot of calories today and we had a good time it was good yeah we had a good beach day overall good day so pal i'll see you sometime soon very soon my man thank you for having me dude thanks for coming see you guys very soon jesse james west out all right guys so we're back home batting my post workout meal which is the final meal of the day we have 300 grams of rice and some fish yeah um it was a pretty fun day a very long day overall dope meeting jesse and tom great people good workout good vibes so that concludes today which is what 30 days out 30 more days to go and we'll see we look on stage so yeah thank you guys for watching i'll see you in the next one