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what is up everybody and welcome back to the season seven finals I am your host Justin Kruger community developer on Rainbow six siege and we are about to reveal operation Parabellum year 3 season 2 operation that takes place in Italy this crowd is hyped to hear all the information that is coming in season 2 and to help me break this down please keep that excitement going for my amazing panelists Jeremy doubt Doucette level designer on Rainbow six siege and Alexander Carr pauses presentation director on rainbow succeed please give a big round of applause Jeremy how's it going man I'm doing pretty good buddy how are you doing great you enjoying yourself at the finals I'm loving it it's tense and you're this is the first time on a panel as well as Alex it's your first time too Alex how are you I'm loving it it's amazing yesterday today the matches are incredible matches are incredible this crowd has been incredible we love you guys yeah we love you so much and thank you to everybody tuning in on Twitch youtube mixer across the board on all that all the streaming channels for operation Parabellum we're really excited to get into operation Parabellum of course coming with operation Parabellum we have two new defending operators and a new map villa and let's start off with that new map villa jeremy let's break it down how would you describe villa for the people villa is the kind of place you'd want to go on vacation if you're in Italy it's a beautiful massive villa vine yards beautiful vistas it's lovely it's picturesque it's exactly what you would think a villa in the countryside of Italy would look exactly it's just really pretty it is is the art team did a really great job but as per usual with anything that's rainbow there's a darker side to it the family has been forging and selling our and alibi was there undercover a long time ago and rainbows coming in to put a stop to it as always there's a beautiful side this map looks gorgeous but there is chaos and destruction and a lot of things going on on this map how does it play the map plays really well balanced when I went through in site design this map it was made to go ranked and to go pro straight away so there was a lot of focus on navigation and flow and viability of the bombsites and it is one of the most kind of maps you've built it this way you've worked on this from the ground up yes where did you start when designing this bat I slide with a pen and paper and today I just go and look at the silhouette of the building and how it's going to look overall in just the world and then I go through and start knocking out where I want to put corridors rooms you know and the flow from outside to inside and I go through and I start looking mocking up bit by bit just on paper and then I rough in the bomb sites think about it do a few iterations and I go straight through and I just start building it and then we start playing it straight away right so you start off with old-school pen and paper that's that's really old-school Jeremy yeah I'm an old man with you've been designing levels in this industry for a very long time and it you really always start off with that pen and paper that's something that you you designed and from that you iterate you build it in 3d you create different designs from it out of that and then you create this flow and you test this flow and you make it competitive in a way that that feels good as a game as a as an experience it's it's iteration and learning as you go you really need to just look at it look at the angles look where the doors are look where the windows are and look at the rotations that can possibly happen from the design and that's one of the great things about being a level designer is you can just go through and if it doesn't work you can just erase it and start again and you know there's been a lot of different versions of this map very early on when we started play test with the pros the pros liked it they loved it they were like okay this is gonna be a good map there was one bomb site there wasn't really that viable but I just went through memory we reworked it and actually he just made it just that much better you know couple of days worth of work and then all four bomb sites are viable and it just go and keep going you know if it doesn't work star game so through these play tests you you tweak it you work it you rework it maybe change a few things and they felt as though this was very competitive we've been talking about how it's a competitive map what makes it so competitive I believe the reason why it's so competitive is because of the viability one of the bomb sites and the rotation possibilities on the bomb site and then when you add in the destruction of this map and how many walls are destructible its you can open up a bomb site you can open up and having you to attack you can shut down avenues as defense it's it takes a long time but we went through and we just got it perfect and you know it's going ranked so it's great yeah it's going in ranked of course and it is being considered for the Pro and upcoming pro league as well which is really exciting so let's break down some of the strategy that is gonna be seen or potentially seen on this new map and let's start with the tactical view of the attackers and where they're going to spawn so let's take a quick look at that so here is the outside you have three main entrances the main entrance the fountain and the ruins about three to three spots you have three spawns a main entrance you can go through and just mad a little bit different there's actually safe-ish entrances to the basement so you fish issues nothing is safe in rainbow right so from the main entrance you can go through etcetera into the basement from ruins you can go through the side and then go through to the Crypt entrance and same from the fountain so you've got three really great spawn points and three really great avenues just to get to the building it's and when you see it it's easy to call out and it's really nice and parts of really good and quite well-balanced so you've been talking a lot about inside building so let's take a look inside the building let's go inside and break down the defenders points with their bomb sites as well and let's start off with the first floor and let's take a look at the two bomb sites on the first floor on the first floor we do have kitchen dining and lounge library let's start off with that first bomb side kitchen dining room what's the best strategy that we're gonna see seeing on that Jeremy kitchen dining was really interesting because just at the back of the kitchen there's a set of stairs that go down through the pantry into the basement so you've got a really fast rotate that allows you to go through basement back up and out and there's hatches as well what's different with this map is we actually don't have any exterior access to any bomb site so you always have to go through a room you have to commit to the bomb site you can't just jump through a window plant and run away yeah and as we're gonna be seeing in this bird's-eye overview you're you are gonna see a lot of buffer rooms is what's that a design intention behind buffers the reason for the buffer rooms is because we want the team to commit to the plant we don't want them just to jump in and then go far back and like hold their plant from a long distance we want them to have to stick around and actually try and defend it and that's the reason why we did it just to make it way more viable and more and you know whenever earlier talks about this map there was actually one of those entry points and became just way too easy to access the bomb site but you guys changed that oh no we flew out changed it kitchen/dining it was a little bit too easy to get into the bomb site from the fountain so we changed it added a few different parts of the few more destructible Wars and just knocked it down to make it way more viable they naturally um was at that time but that's the beauty test abusing the pros come in and actually have their feedback and even you know high rent players come in and play cool so let's stay on the first floor here and take a look at the second bomb site which is lounge library tell us a little bit a lot about lounge library Jeremy that might be super interesting you should see in that info in the lounge there's this little nook that you think that's the best like best place to go and hide a little nook and cranny no no but just behind the if you don't reinforce the walls behind that nook then you're just completely open for like someone shooting through the wall you have to remember that between the first floor and second floor it's completely line-of-sight everything's destructible apart from the top of the stairs so it's really easy to defend an attack a bomb site from above if you really want to end that that line-of-sight floor is really gonna become crucial crucial for defending these or even attacking these because you can put pressure on the defenders from that site as we've seen a lot on a map like border that does have one of those line-of-sight floors we saw then a lot this weekend where people are pushing through that or even defending through that as well it's why it's one it's one of the great things to see the strategies that come out when the maps are actually released and the same thing when this comes out on with tests over on Tuesday be really interested I'll be watching how people player and that line-of-sight flow is gonna be key especially if you're attacking these bomb sites absolutely key so that is a look at the first floor let's take a look at the second floor and the two bomb sites that we have there are aviator games and trophy room and statue room Jeremy let's break down this first bomb site here which is the Aviator room and the games room the games room a VA rooms really fun the bomb sites are key adjacent just for a breakable wall but there's also a rotation path through a vault where you see them you see the hammer on the wall oh that's that's where we see the sledgehammer in the in the beautiful case that you might have seen in the teasers or something it's nothing the world via the art guys left there's a lot of Easter eggs I've noticed in this map there is a number of Easter eggs it'd be interesting to see how long it takes the community to find them or actually but what's really interesting is the bomb sites are adjacent to each other with a breakable wall and there's really fast rotates and you're in close proximity to red stairs and you're also in close proximity to the main stairs from the main entrance so the opportunity for rotations and all of the bomb sites appears brilliantly and that's one of the main key aspects of this map is the rotations that are gonna be really crucial it brings in a lot of strategy as well it's it's gonna be key for teams is communication and how they're gonna rotate on and off of the science even when you're attacking how you gonna rotate and there's so many viable options for rotations on this map it's kind of mind-boggling and as we're seeing here there's a lot of destructibility too yes with this with the newer auto shotgun you can just take walls out it's like you can just open up flank paths and just destroy Italy gets destroyed on a daily basis when we're playing in it it's really always interesting and again when I start building the map I start with all of the walls being destroyed and then I start taking them out to balance the sites and to balance the flood that's really interesting and now you mentioned rotation and let's take a look at the second bomb site on the second on the second floor which is trophy and statute there's a really key part of this say that I'll allow you to talk about yeah this one's really this one's really interesting it's actually my favorite bomb site it's because the bombs are across an alcove across the red the red corridor so basically you can fight across the alcove which is really interesting you're super close to the Astronomy room which allows you to get downstairs to the main red corridor again but you can always just fall over the over the railing straightens with red corridor there's also a breakable wall at the ends we can break the wall try and control the red corridor from above but it's it's a hard thing it's a hard thing to achieve again and we're taking a look at that alcove right now or just a few moments ago that becomes a really critical point of chaos and tension but it also is allows for strategy with the rotation as well even if you have a bomb site on the first floor or maybe even especially if you have a bomb site on that first floor and you're defending or attacking from that second floor that's a quick way down to push the site it's it's super fast it's quick for anyone to get through and rotate obviously in the bedroom there's a hatch you can blown as well but there's also the other thing is there's the skylight and if you're feeling brave you can try and attack the bomb site from the skylight we saw a really good skylight played there in the the last map there was it was a non restroom yeah so that is the first floor and the second floor broken down let's take a look at the basement the basement is really crucial for many different reasons especially because there's no bombs there's no bombs I bet it comes into play it really becomes a crucial point why is it so important it's really important because it's key for the rotations because you've got the main stairs the pantry stairs the red stairs and you've got this is where you're gonna rotate through all of the time that's also where you're gonna enter from because if you come through the crypt tunnel or you come through the cellar tunnel you're coming through to those massive wine barrels that you're seeing on screen now and you're entering through through the barrels and as soon as you blow that you're giving away your position but you can also just come through the garage which you know you're not going to make any noises just a door but what's really fun is you see the hatches in the ceiling and you see and you see all of the stairways and all the ways to go so when you're when you're defending and kitchen/dining you're gonna you're gonna rotate through this when maybe if you're up in Statue trophy you you need a quick rotate you might end up coming back through and up around and it allows for really good flanking paths so it's a really viable way for the packers to push in meaning that the defenders may have to have one row more down in the basement or or even really just keep an eye on that especially if they're on that first floor and they don't want to get pressured to too early from the basement that's gonna be pretty pretty key the maps pretty the map is Roma friendly that's for sure gromer friendly map but it's 10:00 tonight it's you know I know I know the map like the back of my hand I've been doing building it for eight nine months now and you know I'm surprised by the different ways that I get killed almost on a daily basis in this matter just different ways of getting killed a lot of angles a lot of destructibility that is a really amazing map and I cannot wait for players to get their hands on this map and you'll be able to play Villa for the very first time on the tester servers starting May 22nd which is Tuesday yes you say it's so short blows yeah super excited fans here are really excited and that defends like this would be so much fun they're finally gonna be able to play your baby villa it's released into the wild now I get nervous because I don't know you know the rainbow community is great and it's very polarizing they're either gonna love it or hate always say it's like Marmite you know have your novel here and I'm hoping the community really likes it because I had a lot of fun the production team had a lot of fun building there so hats off to the entire production team in Montreal because I think we pulled off a really great competitive map awesome well that is a look at Villa but that is not everything that has come operation Parabellum of course we also have our two new operators maestro and alibi they are defense operators the crowd here is hype to take a look at them for the very first time and of course operation camara may have favored the attack side but operation Parabellum will favor the defense let's take a quick look at the UB blog video breaking down these two operators the new villa map coming to Rainbow six siege in operation Parabellum may look like a nice spot to relax but attackers will need to be on high alert to deal with the devious gadgets that the two new defending operators from the Italian CTU are putting into play one of the most important skills in siege is spotting your enemies before they spot you but what if your enemy wasn't your enemy say hello to alibi and alibi and alibi and alibi only one of them is your opponent the rest are holographic decoys alibi can throw her three decoys anywhere but they'll only deploy if they have the space they can't hurt you but if you shoot them or touch them your position will be compromised immediately and you'll be marked repeatedly for the next few seconds which is that watch out for decoys pretending to spawn peek and decoys pretending to hold angles watch out for decoys that used to be decoys but are now just alibi pretending to be a decoy doing any damage to the base of the decoy will destroy it and as long as you don't shoot or touch the hologram while doing it you won't be marked twitch is an especially good decoy hunter Thatcher can disrupt them for a bit and blazes sight won't be fooled you can also keep an eye out for visual discrepancies the decoy always wears alibis default clothing and wields her storm SMG without any attachments so if you see alibi wielding the new AC s12 shotgun you'll know she's the real deal so what happens if alibi Chuck's a decoy outside well like a defender who runs outside the decoy gets marked but marks are different when alibis in the match because they don't reveal the operator's identity so a decoy deployed outside and a defender that runs outside will look the same unless the attacker can actually see them with their eyes though the decoys mark expires after ten seconds that's ten seconds with a lot of opportunity for mischief and mischief just might be alibis most effective weapon by making you doubt your own eyesight and second-guessed your own reflexes alibi gets in your head and that's not where you want a defender to be five seconds remaining now we all know how powerful cameras are in siege but the second new defender maestro is equipped with cameras that are a new kind of powerful behold the evil eye it's bulletproof it can see through smoke it shoots a freaking laser beam maestro can plant his evil eyes on floors or walls just like Jager does with his abs and once installed they're hard to get rid of bullets or melee hits won't work you'll need to use explosives or destroy the surface it's planted on or call in your old pal sledge for a quick demo jump Thatcher and twitch can disable them temporarily but as long as the shutter is closed evil eyes are free to be used as cameras by anyone on the defending team they can mark targets and they can see through smoke so you'd better be sure there isn't one watching when you rappel in through a courtyard roof opening and try to plant the defuser but the evil eye doesn't just spectate when maestro is using one and aims down sights the shutter will slide open to expose a laser once the shutter is completely open maestro can fire the laser to destroy drones blow up breach charges and damage attacking operators a single shot may not do a lot of damage but you can fire in rapid succession and this can be very dangerous for an attacker with low health deploy in a good spot and you can quickly land a bunch of shots before your enemy zeroes in on you or you overheat the laser when the shutter is open the evil eye is vulnerable to gunfire and melee attacks and remember that the laser won't interrupt a defuser plan it's up to maestro and his LMG or ACS 12 shotgun to clear the roof if you see dastardly new gadget strategies prepare for operation Parabellum and to keep up with the latest in rainbow 6 siege visit us at news you be so calm and subscribe to the Ubisoft YouTube channel [Music] thank you to Chris waters for breaking down those operators and giving us a brief glimpse at the upcoming operation Parabellum Alex I'd like to bring you in now please allow us to break down these operators a little bit further a little bit more in detail because it yeah because there's a lot to unpack in the up video and let's start off with alibi who is alibi let's get to know her sure her personality is someone who's very stoic and reserved her background is she immigrated to Italy at a young age then she grew up joined law enforcement and succeeded there she joined GIS and actually went undercover in operations for them that's really where she kind of learns her tricks of the trade deception manipulation the mind games and that translates right to the gameplay yeah and speaking of her gameplay she has a comes equipped with an amazing gadget yes this is one of the most unique gadgets I've ever seen in Rainbow six siege this holographic image of herself how does she play yeah so she is a trickster and she's a bit of a hybrid character where she grows she places they're called Prisma beasts she gets three of these decoys to plant around and then it's all about counterintelligence pretending where you are when you're not actually there or misleading the enemy team into thinking there are many places at once and as we saw with maestro he is a true form of intelligence gathering that's right alibi kind of falls in this middle ground where she's not technically a trap operator but she's not technically until operator but she has nice powder counter and our ability yeah there's a duality to that and also she can receive and tell if you happen to shoot her decoy or drone through the decoy or even throw it outside and to pretend to be your key cake those are really interesting strategies that we've seen in your play test in while designing this number eight what did you feel in you know what was the vision behind it it was really about making the team second-guess what you're doing at any given time so we actually found that her decoy is hugely successful with beginner players and even expert players yeah and so that's psychology let's break that down a little bit further because I think that's really important that we discussed that psychology a little bit from the day one of siege we are taught to aim for the head to shoot and be have really lightning fast reactions exactly on a pro scene that stage like this now we're asking to change that or maybe not change it but second-guessing and that's what's great about her she introduces this kind of hesitation or doubt and that means that alibi can capitalize on that capitalize on it and create different strategies like we're seeing here where it was you know you we have that house house of mirrors strategy which is just so so much fun where you can deploy all three alibis and and kind of just like mess around yep have fun with that it's really a point for an attacker to kind of pin down the right alibi what do you think is the best strategy you've seen without by the house of yours one is really great there's also ways to synergize with her so you plant a shield in front of her gadget to protect the base maybe people have to jump through to disable it and they fall into a trap or there's kapkan trap there's a lot of ways to synergize with it so while she may not be a true trap operator she has a lot of synergies with trap operators and she has a lot of synergies with the whole team in general because she does have that unique passive when she deploys a gadget outside that's right actually the passive is shared to the entire team so anybody who runs outside of a map location won't be immediately identified so you can pretend The Alibi or actually throw her gadget out there and it'll be an unidentified operator yeah so really making the defense have an opportunity to be aggressive aggressive super aggressive yeah I mean we may see plays where we haven't seen before may see strategies with the outs outside and the out of bounds and are just becoming these more crucial areas that's what I'm hoping for cool so that is a quick look at alibi and as we saw see in these video she comes equipped with a crazy loadout yes please tell us a little bit about her loadout because you know she is a rumor yeah at heart as well so break down the loadout for us so her signature weapon is a storm SMG so this is a high rate of fire low damage but fairly good accuracy which means she's deadly in in most distances and as we're seeing she's a three speed 1/1 armor that's right so it helps her with mobility it helps her set up before a match place all of her gadgets and start roaming and getting that Intel on the team and what about her second primary she actually has that for the first time in the game a shotgun pistol which is hilarious and a lot of fun and it actually synergizes well with her kit you can make some peeking holes that you can set the gadget behind and kind of fool people into thinking she's Kiki yeah and one thing that we should note here that there are speed changes coming with operation Parabellum so with the three speeds and the one speeds there's a few things changing right so three speeds are going to be a little bit slower and one speeds are going to be a little bit faster but if you do have a secondary pistol equipped you will gain a little bit of a speed boost which means you could see an alibi with a shotgun pistol run at your face that's really scary I'm a little friend including since she's gonna have like three of herself around the map as well so it's gonna be terrifying it's gonna be a little bit terrifying but to counter that tariff the terrifying aspect of alibi who would you say our best counter picks well she does use a gadget so you'll see there's like you can spot it out when we have twitch you can destroy it easily with the twitch drone and even a Thatcher EMP will disable it temporarily one of the hardest counters is glass of course you'll be able to see through any of the decoys and only the real alibi will light up yeah so if you do have you know a glass on defense trying to rush out yep you will have flies as an advantage there too because that's a really aggressive move it is I you know you would be hard to really pull that off but also as we're seeing with Thatcher it temporarily disables the decoy so it's not a full heart counter but a little bit of a soft counter to know if she is doing that how some years trick yeah clears the room and there's the room what would you say is the best way to counter her honestly if you get a super aggressive alibi who's kind of roaming and playing like a run out glass is gonna be able to shut that that down immediately shut the shutter down obviously see see the outline of the true alibi and not get deceived right cool so that is a look at alibi and now let's take a look at the maestro I love him so much maestro is a very charismatic leader he has a bit of history with alibi he joined the GIS after that he went solo and ran his own boot camp so he's a natural leader a natural teacher and now he's with Rainbow six he's a great operator to kind of hunker down and protect a point and he just looks cool man this guy has so much charm I'm jealous I love as we saw also if you're following on Twitter Kisame loesch yep paws played as as as maestro and nailed it yes Mayo bit because really awesome I wonder why did see more cosplay of maestro out there but let's get into his gameplay how does he play yeah so his gadget is the evil eye and he gets two of these so these are turrets that he can place around the around the map and you can place them anywhere or just like Jaeger you can put it on the floor you can put it on the on the walls and then you can use it as a camera it's you can see through smoke and it is bulletproof but when you open up the visor you can actually shoot some lasers shoot some lasers and those lasers only deal about five damage per shot it's low damage and even though it's continuous you can overheat it so you can't just hold down and wait so there's a little bit of a balanced err exactly and when you're shooting the laser it means that your six your you can actually be destroyed by bullets right so so it's a little bit of a high-risk high-reward there if you are trying to stop that bomb plan or trying to get just harass people yeah or just shoot people in the butt like I do with twitch that is a possibility yes it is absolutely so he he's sort of defined as a true anchor Wow what makes him an anger well he gives a lot of Intel upon a plant site so you want to be able to position both your cameras on both plant sites or at least destroy enough so you get that vision and you can start giving that Intel you to your team and he has he has a few similarities to like an echo for example he has that stopping power he has that Intel would you say he plays like an echo like a smoker he's actually in that same family of being able to stall so if you see a plant going down essentially if an attacker walks into a room and sees the camera they're gonna have to take care of it otherwise you know that maestro's feeding information about what you're doing they're feeding information potentially even stomping that plant and I think that I've even seen some strategies where people will have to maestro camera set up and they'll just hop back and forth between can be so annoying with that it's great so annoying so he's even awesome can even even fall into Master category is exactly yeah in a similar way that twitch can kind of do a variety of things maestro is gonna be really crucial in various aspects yeah he has a lot of utility yeah especially if there is if they are kind of pushing from the top side or defending from the top site on Villa as well they can have a maestro set up a sec for or even in the basement just to keep an eye on it that's a cool maestro maestro actually plays really well in the villa Lee plays actually like I played I played like maybe Darla by an awful lot but maestro yeah in micro Plus villa it's fun that's a fun time plus the Italians are equipped with these these just explosive power and and brute force yeah destroy this entire you know this entire beautiful villa that you worked so hard on I don't design full operators because you don't want anything to be Oh piece so the first time I was actually playing and I heard that auto shotgun I was really wondering what it was I'm like what is this and I was busy building the map and this wall just disappeared in front of me I'm like oh okay this is oh that is my shirt yeah this is real nail yeah I'm speaking of that auto shotgun let's take a look at his low down really quick huge yeah after weed we take cut back from this gameplay but his loadout is pretty interesting it is he has a lot of utility and can be built different ways he is a three armor one speed so he's pretty beefy so he's a big boy he is and we're sick boy in Rainbow six we've given him a lot of tools to to play around with that so like you said he's really about brute force when it comes to his load out he has an LMG and because he is a one speed you can put an ACOG on that if you want coming from the crowd here wait to see it anyways that's gonna be really interesting especially he is you know the one speeds are getting a little bit of that speed boost so there's not as handicapped as they were before right with that ACOG we if you spawn Peaks or it could be run out it could be but then again you want to have your maestro lie for as long as possible to anchor down so right just have a really great passive yeah because while the cameras are useful yet they can be useful the true utility of it comes with the laser so if he runs out and dies then you're kind of defeating the purpose of having maestro on the team right yeah and as we see with with pick and band being introduced into the pro league that's going to be way more crucial in the future absolutely on the flip side his other primary is that full-auto shotgun we've been seeing a lot and it can delete walls and floors it's pretty crazy and that also works really well giving him a lot of line of sites with his cameras milania sites with his cameras just opening up walls being able to create the environment that maestro wants to live arrives in yeah exactly he's the kind of guy that just like I don't like this wall goodbye it's gone yeah I can see that yeah let's go it's just gone sorry Jay jeromy's it just cries a tear every time my stroke deletes the wall this so much destruction in Italy and soon as he turns off everything just goes away but it's good fun and he also has that revolver shotgun tooth or just great morals yep just two shotguns let's go yeah so that's really awesome I'm really excited to see maestro in action but who would you say artist counter picks again it is a gadget so you'll see the same kind of counters as you will with Alibi you have like you can spot them out you'll have twitch and Thatcher who can disable it temporarily which is incredibly useful but of course you want to destroy it too so you do have sledge that can't you just run up and smash it smashes which makes sense he does know it just it just logically yeah it's like he has a sledgehammer this is the camera it's gonna be gone yeah I really love that but also we you know we mentioned echo we've mentioned smoke we mentioned the pick and bans yeah do you feel as though maestro's good alternative to those because if there is a pick and ban in pick and ban you could potentially see a man without a smoke or without an echo and that means that maestro could be picked alongside that exactly you can either be a good alternative or actually if those options aren't taken off the table with the band system you can synergize really well to create this super stall composition yeah and there's also one with it we haven't touched on to which is dhoka dhoka be yes she can pop into the camera she can't use the laser but she can use his camera she can use his camera which is a man that is that is really exciting it is really exciting great so that is a look at maestro and alibi and Billa that is really exciting yeah but there is way more coming with operation Parabellum because if you want customization items we got customization items we have to BD use that are arriving with operation Parabellum one for alibi and one for maestro these are head-to-toe customizations that do come with the year pass so if you do have own the year three season pass they will get these right off the bat day one so if you want a fancy-looking alibi or a fancy-looking maestro on day one you can have that additionally drum roll please we have a new elite to show off that I don't think has been leaked yet that elite is the Thatcher elite that's this elite skin comes equipped with a MVP victory animation winning screen comes equipped obviously with a weapon skin a charm and a batcher face reveal a good-looking face reveal it's good-looking face he's a good-looking man he's like a rugged I'm gonna mess shit up guy yeah that is uh that is a really cool look at fetchers Elise again I can't wait for that I'm just like this is awesome you know we so so often in siege that our operators are behind us mope masks or some other kind of mask and we don't get to see their face they lovely face and Thatcher looks pretty cool great so we do have a ton a ton more coming with operation Parabellum that will be arriving on may 22nd on the test servers you do not want to miss out on some of this stuff that we're about to cover as well let's break down some of the new features that are coming in let's start off with the new secondary gadget the bulletproof camera yeah this camera is obviously comes equipped on six defensive operators and was it one of our test servers before it kind of looks a little bit like maestro's about a camera but you can't move when you're in it how does it help us does it differ it can see through smoke like his camera can but it can be destroyed in a number of different ways it can be shot from the side and it can be male aid as well so there's a couple of different options you can do to take it out a couple of different options obviously it is a gadget so those those gadget destroying abilities Jam counter but a really interesting a secondary gadget that's coming to six operators so that that will be really interesting to see you know how that changes a few different things along side of that we since we have a new secondary camera we have a new primary camera with a unique gadget we have to introduce a new observation tool as well and echo also is getting a second echo drone with operation parabola yeah there are a lot of cameras now so many cameras how did we resolve that issue so we updated the observation tool and so that you can jump between a lot of different gadgets and the gadget families that they are belonging to so this should make it really easy to jump between all of your team's different gadgets so this is me on the surface look like a quality of life change because you can cycle through the gadgets you can have an easier pathway of rotating through those but it's really a fundamental introduc it was absolutely necessary to do the change to echo and to bring maestro to life bring maestro will bring echoes buff to life exactly another change that you may notice in operation Parabellum is the counter defuser devices changing so this is a new animation that we're introducing why are we doing this animation mainly because it's a little bit silly that you're smacking a box end it so this is just something that kind of fits the world a lot better yeah this was on the test server so it's gonna be really nicely change coming in in operation Parabellum also coming in operation Parabellum we have the discovery playlist the discovery playlist is a special customized playlist that allows you to play Villa and only villa in casual for four weeks at the start of the season you will be able to play Villa and only Villa so you don't have to play did you hear that guy you know he really screams my crowd really loudly there that's a really great to hear the enthusiasm for this for this new change Jeremy you got to be thrilled I just play your map I'm actually thrilled that people not just go in and play it and rather than play ten rounds of house and you know get through they can just go through jump casual and just practice just go practice and learn the map there's a lot to learn so it's I'm stoked that we have this play list now it's really cool I can't wait because I know that that's been one of the biggest feedback whenever we do launch the season they're like I got to play these these maps and these maps and these maps just to play one round of the new map and now you can just jump right into it and that is going to be available for four weeks at the start of the season and will be available on the test server as well so you can eye on out on for that the final change well not the final change we have a ton of more changes that can't cover in this panel and patch notes will be on online on Rainbow six comm on Tuesday May 22nd but one of the final changes that we're going to be discussing today is one that we announced at the six mutational which is the map buff for Clubhouse I know people really love this Jeremy the significance of map puffs are huge map knowledge in Rainbow six is huge so what what is the reasoning behind these changes basically to bring up-to-date to make it more current to make it more competitive but they really like this to make it look better and to play better is why we doing the map box it's it's this map it was a great map already it's just so much better now so much better and it means that it's a gonna be interesting to see how the pros adapt how every player adapts to that new change coming with operation Parabellum and it's becoming a key strategy moving forward as we're going to have more buffs in the future that we're including a something that is way bigger than a buff which is a rework of the man yes those reworks and buffs buffs are we go through rearrange to furniture now you know like someone's come out and been drunk and move to a table is pretty much what a map buff is a rework is we actually go through and we can completely rework the map from the ground up and basically you see a new map if you want more information on all the things that we talked about right now in this panel head to Rainbow six comm and check out some of the dev blogs that we posted about all these changes and more once again that is a look at operation para bellum please give a big round of applause to Alex Jeremy the running us through it operation para bellum will be available on the test servers starting May 22nd [Music] [Music]