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Breakfast Club morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are to breakfast club but we got a whole legend in the building there's more a whole legend God MC Rakim think rock my life run care of y'all peace love how you feeling this morning man early you're not a morning guy right yeah me I had to get up for this man yeah we got a lot to talk about to the line this is history the sofa let's start from the beginning rockin mezack as a kid growing up what got you into hip-hop um I was always in the music for that played in a van school band and all that no music in the house coming up as a kid so when hip-hop came out it was just felt good so natural you know I guess just my love for music played instruments kind of just pulled over the hip hop was then laid back like rap back then mostly it was your runs yeah LL Cool J's everybody is exciting and you know energy you don't know what in the beginning I did try to bark a little bit you know man I might have been like 11 years old so my buck wasn't really barking y'all got you but try to put a little no unfinished that's what it was back in the deck writing my own favorite um seasons melly-mel kool Moe Dee cash they were somewhat laid-back / had you know that dad dad at on 'funny and they own style but on most part man was already laid back look at the why he's here okay because he has a book outs what the technique why why a book why not is you are notoriously mysterious yes never does interview never really see him not much he does them just not yeah I do but just you know I keep it at a at a limit man but on yeah Matt I thought that on you know I always wanted to put a book out my humble dole so in the beginning I think I was interested enough to put out a book and it appealed people but this way is more inspiring you know trying to spy all this old spy people you know period man so you know go away from me to get my point across as far as why I love music and why I write like I do why fail you know like I do and again at the same time hope to inspire artists at the same time I'm sure a lot of people do want to know about your technique and I'm and you do have a lot of that in there you break down the songs and things that you learn as you were writing and when we were talking about your laid-back style you even discuss Marley Marl telling you yes you need to get a little more yeah you weren't with it though yeah you know what I mean you know as much respect as I had for Molly and Shane I kinda at that time knew what was best for me I mean like I said in the beginning I was balking a little bit my style was all right but as I got a little older and started understanding who I was and and trying to be as natural as I can you know what I mean so you know it was just natural for me to kind of you know shapes you know mold into my own shape and kind of you know be me and it was against the grain you know like he said everybody else is kind of yelling but on I just felt like you know that's what I was they're not gonna get over with that's what gave you the confidence to push back on Marley Marl and MC Shan it was a little it was a little rough you talked about on the train right out of the leg rolled up I was hoping that I didn't you know I've been there yeah and even you know not listen and make a a bad decision you know I mean but um you know Marley you know he was cool with it I remember you know in the studio I was sitting on the couch and I started rapping so you like to rhyme get almost to the end you stopped your music he was like yo don't you get up and try you know put a little more energy in it till you stand up yeah now he told me stand up yeah just like put up put a little more energy in it like I started track over start around and kind of like the saying the same thing stopped it again like yo you know it sound all right man but don't you try standing up like mo you know if I stand on five shit that's gonna say I'm saying so at that point I kind of realized what he was trying to do and it just made me more defensive you know I'm glad I did it you know looking back glad I did it but uh you know I said you know on the ride home was like you know that's my mom man you know he could give me some good you know inside as far as what I need to you know get to the next level but I was like right that's you man and you you can't second-guess yourself how difficult was it being from Long Island because at the time I was it was Queen yeah it was the Bronx it was Brooklyn but y'all come from an extended place of Queens almost long yeah well it was it was hard man a lot of people from the city and take a serious shit it felt like I mean like away from Long Island so you know every now and then you get that look you know what I mean but for me it only made me you know stick my chest out a little more stand a little firmer you know what I mean cuz I'll you know I felt that I was I was ready for what it was man but you know like even in the Rhymes rough enough to break New York from Long Island I was trying to let them know that like I know what it is I get it but you know I'm trying to think of the Hamptons you go Asian white family they necessarily know that there's Hudson Long Island dig in the Molly of admit admit he was wrong when he said that you you put people - yes that that's the crazy but um I remember we did a show together shortly after the record came out and I'm walking up to the back door I look up I see Molly and shant's standing there I walk over to him and I look up again and Molly's smiling so he's like yo I get it now man he said I get it man like you'll record his dope I get it and then he even say oh I'm glad you you know stuck to your guns like I get it now he really say he was wrong could you say that so you can't always do what everybody else is doing a lot of times they see artists being successful and people try to emulate what someone else is doing thinking that's my path but a lot of times you have to do what's different like out there I gotta do it works for you you know I don't know if it was you know intuition I don't know if it was just me being stubborn I was kind of stubborn when I was young but whatever it was you know I'm glad that all you know I stuck to my guns and understood what was best for me then you finally got your deal yeah now that explains it how did you finally get that deal um being so different when he robbed a was it was a funny story man I was sitting at the crab one day and before that I went to a friend's friend's house and made a chick sad shape I think it was like 30 minutes on each side Rondon each side I thought I was gonna be a football player quarterback quarterback know what I mean so I made me one more take and was gonna take it to college so whenever you know somebody star beef and I have to wrap them just put my taper so you walking around with a boom box walk through all that tape at least about right but um somebody knocked on the door one day Alvin Alvin Tony old French played on the football team together - oh man knock on the door I'll go to the door I'll look out see some light wood a minute you know my thing was bring nobody to the quiz so I'm you know I'm already a little upset when I see it with somebody especially somebody I don't know so I look so I'm like yo likes to work with all Bali modeling and magic and such so she looking for MC - oh my but at this point still I'm kind of steadfast were going to college man been working out get my load you know throwing arm you know getting getting myself in shape and you know so I was like I let him man went downstairs - no you know he told me he worked with VLS know Molly and all of that so I got to check with the taper start playing it and he Saturday he was like yo we can go we can go you know go to Molly house and make a record I said well you know I really wanna make a record I've been robbing it felt like for so long I was content with being a neighborhood rapper and wanting to go to college so I was like you know he was like y'all no more you know we go to his house from getting studio so on said I spoke to him for a minute he left and maybe two or three weeks later came back I was like yo you know I'm gonna go to Mali I forgot something I was like nah well you know you could whip something up you know already less door went downstairs among moms and pops a little hangout spot ran through some crates grabbed some records and started the journey man but on you know it was one of them things where you you kind of you kind of happy about the situation but then again you know we kind of past that you know what I mean I was just one of them things while I was like whatever if it happened no how did how did being a quarterback help you as a rapper because when you hear your rhymes you have a quarterback mind it's like mmm how did that help you as a rapper you think I think like being a quarterback a teacher out of you know I have confidence how to like be a leader on the fair we got a know be a leader you got to be able to give your team confidence to you know what I mean and you know I was somehow so I was able to do that we want a couple championships and things of that nature you know I had a good little experience with that but I think just trying to be in the moment knowing that you got a lot through controlling and got you know a lot of responsibilities on the field nothing happen unless you do your job it was one of them things where just you know I guess it built a lot of confidence in me I was pretty good so you know that helped you know no just just like trying to beat her at the captain now you mentioned your mom and pops career right he was here you went to the basement to get records yeah now what was their mindset when you started doing music because of course hip hop was frowned upon back then it's something that only happened for two years you got a scholarship you about to go to college you talked about rapping yeah Road was born it was one of them things my mom you know she she was in the music heavy she's saying everything from jazz to opera cops love music you know and you know he even managed my older brother it was a couple bands that they had so music the love for music was in the house they knew how good I wasn't football you know what I mean but you know I played instruments since I was in first grade they knew the love they gave me the love you know what I mean my mom's embedded that in me so they kind of expected it but you know they was cautious they was like you know is is this what you want to do in like you know such-and-such they gave me the pros and cons you know what I mean but they seen I loved it and and our guests they felt I had potential so they let me chase my dreams I had to you know leave high school and everything you know when I met Eric like I said it was one of them things like yeah I'd if it happened to happen it happened I was still in school ever come over to the house on things like girl you have to sign out of school party crazy man you have to sign out they ready to go on a big tour so I went sat down my mom's a pop spoke to him you know my mom's gave me that look my pops was no more encouraging because he he know you know look if it don't happen you know he can come back and he can finish getting his education you know my pops is one of them you know kind of duals he understood but mom's just a little more hesitant and um I had a matter of fact I had to promise her that I would get my GED but uh yeah promise mom's man and and and it's definitely something I want to keep you know on what was the toy how much money was I'm trying to explain is the apparent yeah and and and that's the thing that was it was a chore with LL Cool J Houdini couple you know the big the big dogs in the games promising yeah so they know like wolf he's going out with with these people here and maybe you know you got oh you getting paid oh oh yeah we was getting right okay okay money was good look at the contracts like we need to see oh yeah hey they uh they jumped in the car when the scene burp it out my accountant all right P recipe she passed away last year but they jumped in the car without me and went down the side with burp Adele and let him know you know what they know and what they wanted for me and Burt promised him that you know he had my you know my best interests or know everything worked out and know Burt's Academy know most of my career you know and there was a good experience but on like I said I still got a gotta get that GED and down regret not pursuing the football career oh like playing mad and put a lot yeah yeah yeah sometimes man but I stopped growing you know what I mean for back for the backs of six five now thirty I'm about five eight one forty on a good day you know you evolved the lyricism and hip-hop like rappers were my ramen like they are now before you who do you think evolved lyricism and hip-hop since you seems to me I think I think since me a lot more Styles came out like I like the way bus and and twister was flipping it you know what I mean like I just started like hanging different styles people pushing it to the next level things like that always liked or you know to take it back a little bit I always like people like Sadat X mmm because he always kind of run without the regular cookie cutter format but um I just I just like when I hear something refreshing and different from just you know what's out already what about now anybody now um know it's kind of right now so little I don't know if I want to say over my head but it is you know the rap now is it's more how could I say it it's more like ad-lib style means like what I was doing I had left right but um you know you still got you know rappers out there this big thing of course Kendrick you know push the ball super lyricist works bow you know you got Jake Jake colas you know listen Bob letting everybody know what is supposed to be you know so so luckily they're still you know that essence of you know what is she'll be out there and and and young finally I mean it ain't like somebody like myself saying it got to be like this and young kids looking up like but all miss go dad you know it's young cats out there pushing the ball still you know being lyricist you should check out Rhapsody to you like Kendra can call you like Rhapsody Rhapsody yeah I heard I heard he was dope well she's a woman now for someone who takes their pen as serious as you who takes write in the series is you you tell that in the book what do you think about rappers will say we don't write we're going to boofie we just well that's yeah I could freestyle but I wouldn't you know try to freestyle a record to me that's that's you know that's that's a skill that you know certain people possess like Jay Jay say don't write if Jade on write what I had James don't piss out of me yeah be able to do that and say oh not first of all can't even remember the rhymes are right I got a write them I got a read them and then I got a play back for a while probably because when I when I'm writing without what I just wrote is like like I don't keep going back to the top when I'm writing I stay at that point the charger to the next point but to me that's a gift to be able to do that man and you know some people some people have that gift is it big he had it to be there oh no and that's funny the other day I was thinking biggie and biggie was just so dope cuz he was able to take slang like the L is slang that we say in the street and put it in a ROM you know I mean so like I love the way big you know came across and bought his staff you know anybody you know lyricist you know this to that they big was just don't you gave some technical of ice so you said that it's better for you when you memorize after you write everything yeah actually recorded because from when I did most of my I were all my albums for that reason like I would write and not kind of memorize it as I went on but if I can change something today I would rather know my rhyme by heart before I went into the booth to lay it down you know you just get more control of it you know what I mean you can you can freak it a little little more instead of trying to you know read it as you you know you can barely you know read it and place it on beat you know when you have to do it that way so you know I wish I would have you know studied my rhyme before a lady down but you know after you know being here at this point you know I guess you know everything kind of worked out they never get a chance like we talked about longevity in the industry it ever become a chance where it was difficult for you because you know we look at artists like your allows you Run DMC's your busta rhymes who seem like they've always had performances or albums was it ever a time where it was like it was difficult to get show because at one time they might have not been messing with the older artists was that every difficult at all I think the show's was was always kind of easy I think trying to find that passion to get back in the booth when the game was changing from you know like the 90s the late 90s on into the gangster rap it was just trying to you know hard trying to find a lane when everybody was you know you know talking the gangster rap and and you know me I knew that was contrary to what I do but but that's where you from though I know but I didn't I didn't glorify you know the gangster rap it was more of it was more of a guest filling but I tried to you know you know I always fought them you know put consciousness to my right but y'all y'all had y'all gangster ways look as I was told that you were the only popular New York back in the day who go go anywhere at any given time by itself and not hat with the jewels on and I have no old problems oh yeah you know what what we what we knew on the street was you know I try to keep that in the street but um it was heavy in the street we tried to take you know take our loved ones out the street and took them on soil with us and know things of that nature but um I tried to I tried to separate the two you know what I mean I didn't want to UM number one I didn't I don't want to exploit they lifestyle you know what I mean and I didn't want to try to exploit the game and in my style so it was a conscious decision that I made back then and I'm glad I did it because you know when we look at hip-hop today it's hard for rappers to separate themselves from mm-hmm the street life that we live or the people that hang around us and the music and a lot of times you know like that conflicts with you know what it is so you know I'm happy and lucky that you know I was able to make some of the decisions that I did and do things the way I did it cuz outcome could have been a lot different for me because during that time you also signed with aftermath yeah and that was the issue that you guys had that's been a lot of stories somebody that we know was I had moved out there and was working with Trey and it kind of yesterday Sheldrake know some things here and there you know me and Ray would sit down in the studio and I started getting you know catching the patterns Ray would be like yo aren't you uh such-and-such or we'll be talking him em bird story you told me the other day you won't just like that's reality man that's my man and it's caught up in a bond that's going through that shit you don't do that that's real life yeah you know but that's Dre's as Dre's uh that's his MO he likes no works for him did you ever record anything where you would like okay i'ma try it and see how it comes out um Dre he would he would present a track nine times out of ten he be like I want you to you know talk crap on this one but my way I guess the talking crap is a little different you could curse my we're talking shit I would I would get a little grimy and I usually would but it was still you know not cross the line as far as he wanted me to you want me to tell stories I guess be a little disrespectful any rock put you putting the wrong things in the baby's brains and I thought like like funny thing that I always said was like straight man we've been there done that I just always run that bomb faking here catching on but now you know this is what it is and you know this is what they respect isn't mine so we know we tried we did a couple joints here and they really didn't I mean they're addicted yeah that song he's on the joint with Jada was how did you and Jake get up and do that record without all the watching watch it yeah you're right what stuff that was actually a jointed Dre had for a for a movie and he wanted to do part two I don't know if they was doing part sort of movie because rate came up he's like yo you know wants you to put a verse on him originally he was supposed to be for Drake so he sent me the track in New York I sent it back to him and he had it for a minute and then he played it for Jay Jay heard it and basically bought it off a Drake so it was one of them joins I'm glad glad Jay did it a lot of respect for Jane I needed that at that time you know what I mean why'd you need it um just a guess little far for me know what I mean like at that time I've been out since 86 everybody was catted categorizing rappers old school or this and things are starting to separate at that point and to be able to you know be on a joint with dre and J not I mean just let people know that you know yeah I've been around for a while but I still know what I'm doing and I'm still you know I'm still here do you think people overlook the 80s cuz even when you see like these top 10 top 20 list it's like yeah it's like just like they dig dig nor the eighties then or the change the rock cams the ers I think I think they kind of I don't know they it's like they want a judge hip-hop after that like that was just I don't know like that was the measurements take old how it should go and then now was you know what they fail but on you you can't say who's the best or you know chop 50 without even going back to like I said Melly Mel and Grandmaster Caz and them cats cuz you know I got the utmost respect for them and I feel I wouldn't have been as good as I was if I wasn't watching them kids like I was you know what I mean so you got a not understand what it is and you gotta respect the history is well was the president man cuz you know I look at them old cats you know a lot of a lot of people today they can cuddle on the TV and look at brothers to see kind of learn how to run or by somebody style and or by somebody concept and now they got it back then it was creating that from you know from thin air it wasn't biting off nobody they was you know creating it from thin air they didn't know no there was no law was no man you out of door it wasn't nobody teaching them and brothers crafted and shaped it this is John without we got right now from thin air man so I give them the utmost respect never goes for anyone um I'm sure people back in the day I was I was wrong I was stubborn in know like eighty pretty much call to ask me when people started ask me around that time but I was so long stuck on myself I was like y'all not right none of this for nobody else like and I didn't get that neither like somebody else being a rapper and not writing their own so he'd ever offered Rader ain't never asked penile nuttin um Dre I wrote something for Dre but um you know you know we never got a chance to put it down man but on what was the record home it was it was just joint called on we don't give we don't give a fuck we'll give a fuck but on yeah I wrote a little verse form you know you know never materialized but on I remember before that I did a joint with Shaq and I wrote a round for Shaq but he didn't use his songs it was always the ruminant summertime for Will Smith like you will owe me for that world up and I should play with people two days but I get why did you write that for well again will you still owe me money man gonna get paid man at least for police for delivery and flow you know I'm a yeah when I heard it it was like I remember the first day I heard first day I heard it it came on and it was it was attracting me ever had in a library tool sometimes just someone someone management rolled up the track came on so Oreo I was already like Danny stop rhyming him like listening in like right away I got like you know the bittersweet thing where I was glad that my style was resonating with people and you know like any rapper who wants somebody to bite off its down that's like you know you know you made it when somebody else bite off your style so you know I'm hearing it and but then right away it's like that's that's my style though I mean it was a bit a bittersweet feeling you know glad that like I said man people was gravitating towards it but again you know I felt like you know I just got robbed so I'm listening in a car like and well you couldn't pay homage at least when you have you ever met we met where we dance tutorial we should sort of government that was before us first oh yeah before just before the movie came up okay I mean you know his sitcom did he ever pay homage like yeah I did bite your flow still ha little do the Masters any old stuff painting focus you hear all the time in movies and oh yeah we we got we got the rice some of it a lot of it is kind of all over the place but me and Eric be I had a pretty decent contract when we you don't really had that either from especially from artists that sign 1890 yeah yeah we was on fortunate man we had first million dollar contract as well we had good people around us to kind of let us know how the contract was supposed to be structured burp it out number one even though Leo Coenen Russell Simmons rhythm rush management make sure everything was good it was a good situation in the book you talk about hearing the words of dr. Martin Luther King jr. in the womb and you said that sparked the connection to him that resonates what you still like what's the connection I think I think my mentality in my ideology and like the way I see things I credit that sort of time I came up I mean 1968 I was born I feel that well my mother and father was going through live didn't warm that depression that that thick hate that was in the air know what I mean because you know I said you know whenever I snow especially in the 80s I should sit down the right it'll be - come on it'll be come on and it's like yeah then I start writing and it's always like it changes from that I'm a chaste almighty ass up on his track and then slowly goes into conscience mm-hmm you know I couldn't I couldn't figure out why like you know every time I went to write it was just like nine times out of ten I would want to know and you know you start trying to figure things out I had to credit that cause you know when I came up you know I can imagine you know what my mom's was feeling you know I was in my mom's womb when he was stabbed just you know the temperature of urban community now the mist of the civil rights movement yeah I feel that whatever was going on at that time kind of borne me into you know who I am you know I definitely appreciate it because it kept me grounded and you know it definitely helped me be a better artist I contribute all that when I came I love I love what you said about hip hop in the book to you you said it you came up at a time when a lot of people in the hood we'll get him strangled by poverty and hip-hop came along and offered a boost of confidence I cried while I was important um I think in the urban communities at that time you know we really had nothing to look up to nothing to look nothing there you know to give us a boost we really had no no outlets uh you know anything man and you know hip-hop came along and you know you had people in the street you know rhyming like you know they felt good about this self you know he was saying Rhymes and big and himself up even big and they hood up you know no matter what it looked like it just gave us a sense of I think it was a sense of culture yeah that's well P what I was robbed of their culture and I can relearn it but that was something that we created in that moment rolled up and I say all the time like hip hop back then being a part of it it you felt like you belong to something you know what I mean like and I was that culture filling you know what I mean oh nothing in the hood mattered you know you wanted to dress hip-hop you wanted to dance hip-hop you wanted to talk hip-hop I could just took over and it gave us discipline you know what I mean it gave us a sense of pride and everything man I know that's what it did for me you know I mean you know I was running around all over the place but I think that helped me kind of calm down and get to know myself tool because you know you're trying to write rhymes and you're trying to reach people with communicate with people I learned like in the beginning I had to know who I was first before I could relate to somebody and get somebody to agree with something I was saying or say yeah I know it's surely talking about I lived the same thing so it took me a while to understand that but once I did I understood that you know we was all basically trying to do the same thing no matter if it was just you know come up if it was you know just you trying to survive in the hood if you know just trying to make a better way for yourself we was all basically you know the same and once I realized that I was able to write a little better anybody take shots at you coming up because I we you know we had a we had a eric up here he was like he told us a story about extreme Eric sermon tell us the story about one time when y'all ran he rent y'all ran up on when in the store and he said he was scared to death he thought he always beat his ass mmm you know who took shots at you for being a lyricist and coming so strong with any artist to take a shot at job that I had rap battles and the old-school beefs no besides Eric sermon yeah yeah I thought they try to try to get follow me once it was it was some it was dealing with hip-hop was kind of outside of EPMD and I was being rocked him something happened with somebody that they met and somebody that I met and it got a little funky but on I think um like sitting I don't know man like me and Juan dance where I grew up I was pretty much known since I had a couple brothers and sisters that kind of paved the way so I was a little Grif you know no I was also a little while you know I caught my first gun charge at twelve twelve twelve years old will you carried a gun at twelve everywhere everywhere you need to do me and at that time I'm rapping I'm hanging out with people that's in high school in college going all over Long Island you know some places in New York you know you know eleven twelve years old used you all it was advanced you wrote your first rhyme at seven it's kind of Mickey Mouse built the house built it y'all never forget that man most corney's rhyme in the world what were you writing - I don't know it could have been something like Apache or something you know what I mean but on a man ice I remember like back of the day it was you know that that's located style one of my favorite joints was on I got diamonds on my fingers Bulova around my wrist got brand new lines in the back of my mom baby doll goes something like this I was like the cadence back in the day I was like yeah I could do that Mickey Mouse built a house built about a border earthquake came raucous crib now I was in the wars you know yours was totally different like what talking yeah I think I'm after Connor got comfortable with it because like in the beginning I was I just trying to fit in trying to learn and see what was going on but then once I got comfortable with it and started realizing like you know you couldn't you can kind of create your own language basically I mean just started having fun with it and I think what I what I knew growing up from listening to jazz and all of that just gave me like a little more control over time and space like all the time of space for balls to me I look I can look at it like this and say I I got from here to here for that for boss how many words could I put in that four balls so that's to me that's time and space so I'll just start to learn how to you know manipulate that and Connor I'm deal with it in a rhythms that are tracked well whatever I heard and just started like lacing world's heading in lacing worlds to the point where I had to learn how to say him cuz I couldn't even save my rhymes after lacing it like that because it was no way to breathe as I put a little pin dots in between words where I could take a breath and if I miss that dot then I will run out of breath so I started like mastering the stab and then it became like how many words could I put in for balls just like a game after that is there any lyrical war you wanted to happen following upon him you question a little bit cuz I we hear the rumors about Cain yeah y'all care as one do you look back and be like you know what I did want that smoke yeah we know what smoke you know what like people who store with gas me and Cain I think it's in the book where people tell me only talking to you I know man but so I got to the point I think Cain said something see leaders and I laugh like once it's to Leo and did like the rhythm hit him the whole songs for Cain but it was like four balls in it where I said something I said is you know said something directly to him I would be brother was ain't alive and Cain frenzy right front so he took the track soon as I finished it took over Cain I was plated for King so I'm sitting at the house in Long Island phone aunt without man that was good I came when I talk to somebody said Cain I was like no means just came out phone I weren't even thinking about the track around max I know Ian just go to this dude I'll put him on the phone what up K yo Rio man just heard the track the track murders like yesterday yeah yo man I just want to say you know I you know got no beef with you I don't be uh writing rhymes about you listen that man you know people be gas and boom boom he's like yo but I ain't got no beef with you you know and I'm not you know speaking to you and I'm like world man so you know I just I had to respect that you know I mean called me spoke to me like a man and told me or I got no beef such as so I went back and took it out know what doctor studio hook it up so you said his name directly at in the original version I said ripping your raff in half who gets the last laugh you know something just before that but I let people know okay yeah you know yeah dog the rat came out and then he said you know I see leaders in our life ripping giraffe and half who gets the last laugh followers become leaders but without a path you mentally paralyzed crippled your third eye drops of blood then it occurred that you heard I produced of you know I mean I was just threw out that doubt that was one of the joints where I was getting mad and like like King said they was guys to me and was probably guys to him every time I make a song they tell King all he talked about you I suppose thank I don't have social media yeah I really can't on drink chance he said you'd still would battle you for half a million dollars that's some good money I think we can get a little more than that okay yeah they would get a little more than that you still think you can get I can't um put it this way man Cain Cain is dope but like I can't let nobody you know I mean I do whatever I have to do to get getting his ass I love you can't I'll do whatever I got to do it you know I mean but um you know I think at this point me and Kane styles are so different I think back then it was a little more similar with the fighting it'll make you choke you can't provoked he can't cope because a broken cane with now I mean I think it was more similar than mana I think for them think I got a little got into a little more to conscious rap you know you know Kane Kane is still king but um yeah man like you know at this point you know I'm still cocky you know I don't think nobody is better than me that's just my mindset and when I started thinking different I should quit wrap it what was the chaos situation I mean man Chris it was it was a little long I guess it's a little tug of war back in the day no care rest was doing this thing I was doing my thing I never I never you know thought it was it was a problem but um little things was happening that I started paying attention to like at that time when he did a self-destruction in any high Latin mm-hmm you definitely should have been on that easy now I mean no brain I felt a way about that and you know when I started analyzing it you know I'm like but you know Tom Hales time heals all wounds man and you know did you ever get to the root of the issue no it was just one of them things like that I had I had to live with like I felt like sometimes people wouldn't want to see me in certain lights I mean if it was I don't know if it was a competition thing no but I felt back then you know I I bought the conscience right back you know what I mean I felt that everything I was doing was you know somewhat conscious and positivity trying to you know spread a good message and then they come with that and don't put me in it I almost felt like they was talking about me huh no I was like so for the next couple months I will see you know them cast I was on the video I'll just school face man that's a couple months you know I felt the way man but then you know I was like you know Riley you gotta you gotta expect that man and I started understanding you know how people feel about you know you know my peers in a game I some some of them felt about me deep down so I just had to live what didn't eat that you never tried to have a conversation like how can you reached out to you know it was a misunderstanding no because you know that's just the way he felt you know what I mean like it was nothing said directly to me it's just that I wasn't included you know nothing questions like I said I just had to eat it and move on did you ever write about it um any subliminals that we didn't know about I probably did I probably did it was probably something that kind of you know that I didn't kind of forgot about but I know I did because I felt I felt the way about Modi tear rest in it you screwface kool Moe Dee - my bad that's Modi my man he you tell he was just a guest on the record but well yeah I just put my little hundred forty pounds on ki wrestling cats man look at a little funny man like they know I was supposed to be on that and then you know my thing was like why not classic pictures now back there was dappered in doing all your stuff the clothes yeah that was doing like that was doing all the clothes and everything yeah did you forgive him for the prom oh man I was a hard one man you know like the way I feel about things thing both way my wife now my wife the way she feel like what happened in the story you explained my wife prom and you know I figured out you'll go to DAP get us something nice I mean Louie Vuitton shit made up so I'll go to death take my wife he up there we get old measured up and that was mad busy at this time like guys we were sitting getting measured off just tons of people coming in dad was like I rock out the measurements come back on small maybe you know early the next day which was like four days before the prom so my cool I said yoga had DAP I'll be back like no two days from them didn't get up there two days I went the morning of a prom no boy get up there Walker that was an air hostess workers it was only one of them that could speak good wait dad dad hey browsers like weird dad it was like that should be it's my way like know that our dad came in as soon as he hit the door I looked up at him and dab almost froze he looked at me like and I just knew you know i yeah I mean like like come on that man was gone I've been up there for I would DAP I need that and he was just like slow-motion and I'll just put my head down like world up he was like such a such I just looked at him walked out to join wife he was sitting in a car where's my dress nah me oh I like that kid that what you saying right now ain't even registry man I gotta go figure this shit out wife so go out to the car no you ain't gonna believe did the same thing she's put ahead now I'm like yeah ain't got two joints ready so we sat there you know and in disbelief for a minute so I was like yo fuck it I shoot downtown get you a dress I'll go get me a tux whatever we do it the regular way but you know y'all not regular people damn and luckily like wifey like Chicana she kind of like rolled the punches she kind of like fail shit like I feel it and you know she said she was like know what fuck it I was like fuck what she's like fuck the problem and I felt bad but you know after the you know after the way went down I was ready to say fuck a tool but she was like yo fuckin man we just we go down you know we go get right we can do it we got a little time like now I don't even like rocking like that fuck so I went back in looked at DAP I was like that man you know what you just did right he was like your awesome dad man listen man you can't apologize to me I said mom just my wife from I said you know I could you know I'm alright you know I mean I feel bad that I didn't come through for her sir but she's the one that got the problem now sir so listen man but um you know it was one of them things man how did he fix it yeah yeah he did I mean I mean he would always throw me you know that's my man like God you know I'll see him after that I go up Sam he told me some free free shit that's some way you know like I know me like I can go to my prom but you know ladies like going to the prom that's some day do you know what I mean like me I was good with a you know a little private wedding you know ladies they want to get dress and have everybody you know there's a little different did you do a wedding dress at least now we wedding Fendi jointed how you viewed marriage it distilled a lot of good morals in me man and like to this date I still do things as if my moms and pops was judging me no I mean no both for them but they bought me up for me up good and appreciate I would understand I respect what I'm supposed to respect I got a few more questions and the book you discussed hip hop is a way of thinking right well then you know you also study 5% teaching so what gave you more confidence hip hop are the teachers of the father's name for sure the teachings of the 5% that right there it was it was a time it was a time like the eighties early age like 81 82 you know remember I had to gun charge at 12 I had a couple of incidences where you know I got to the point where well I knew I needed guidance I mean I knew I needed something keep me in line thought about job caught a couple different things and I tried to join Zulu nation I knew somebody from Zulu I met somebody tried to join Zulu Nation and then shortly after Zulu I met somebody to have knowledge itself but um once I got that man I think it just helped answer all my questions gave me um like gave me reason you know just just just wanna try to learn as much as I could and you know know as much as I could but at the same time it just let me know like yeah this is what you need if you got this right here is nothing else or nobody else that could tell you nothing different so it definitely gave me that no stability in that that confidence man like this is it I'm gone now back in the day was what the Dozen backlash for the visuals and uh don't sweat the technique I wanted to say nice commercial which one was um kind of both of them okay he blame people they don't expect me to do the same task commercial because you know and I sweat the technique video think they was up seconds it was right ladies and I don't I never looked at life like that man you know what I mean like you know I understand I understand history but I was never have a prejudice of races and never I never like did a video to make a point like yeah you can the white lady's in a video you can't and listen man you know and it's just this is entertainment this is music you know I want you know black ladies as well as white ladies about my music it's no you know but uh people was beefing on that and I didn't care and with the say nice thing cuz it was a big commercial you ride you I get that you know what I mean I felt you know a little something about that but I said you know at the same time this is entertainment I'm an entertainer that's a commercial amazing that check was amazing yeah I mean give me that and let me move but um yeah man you know like being being in Islam and tryna trying to ride the fine line of reality and entertainment and not crossover you know I mean it's it's a fine line man but no I think I think I try to do everything and chase you know what I mean and I think at the end of the day that's different I didn't I don't feel that I sold myself out you know what I mean when you go in the club first thing you do is get a drink first thing I do is get a drink to like you know I ain't gonna front like something you really do yeah yeah like it goes hand in hand and not to use that as a you know but listen man you know that was my justification of it like and if I feel I can justify something and yeah I'll do it now I feel good doing it did any of the backlash make you take a step back not at all because it was one of them things where I made the decision and you know again I felt you know strong about my decision there's always gonna be opinions and I had to realize that like early writing rhymes like you know right around the first thing you want to do is see how people like it it's always gonna be opinions my thing was is you know do what you do and and stand by that and regardless of how people feel you know what I mean you can't please everybody and there's always a different opinion of something you just got to understand I do do what you feel is it's gold nanostick have you ever been disappointed with hip hop with some of the content our songs did you hear oh yeah you know sometimes you know when you hit the demean in hip hop you know what I mean like you know I got a daughter and I remember you know when she was becoming of age which she can understand and she started singing along to rap records and things things that nature I remember driving in a car song come on Oh God turn it down trying to station then it was like same song that I was rocking through yesterday but my daughter sitting in there so it was one of them things where you know it started putting things things in perspective of how the meaning a lot of our music is and you know it's like now it's almost like it's numb down where it's okay know what I mean but like you know I had a problem with the way you know or what I had to do when I was around my family too you know shield them from it and then you know that's when you start realizing like it shit is you know offending for a lot of people especially women and things of that nature so get out that was now around that time when it when everybody was like Wilin out and cursing was more natural you know your personal records an egg by felt like you know it was okay and you never did a lot of cursing on your record no and I can't think of none actually I got away with couple okay I think I said cash it up I think I said another one was that conscience and I curse already um yeah in the beginning moms and pops like I would go home I will make a cake go home and play it and they would kind of be the first ones there you know what I mean moms and problems and then I like I found myself trying to please them you know I mean like one day you know our moms all over my pops gonna say when they hear this and then on it just became a thing where I kind of knew they was gonna hear it or expect to hear it so I didn't put the coasters in there for that reason you know in the beginning it was just like subconsciously man like like I wasn't trying not to coast it's just I didn't curse like gay mom's gonna like this no I mean pops gonna bug out when he was just like subconsciously something that I did because like I know they was like if it came out right there was gonna be my biggest fans like oh my insight or my musical background I came straight from them I think my mom's gave it to me genetically and my pops distilled it at me because he loved music so much I used to like just I used to watch my pops and be amazed at what songs he picked out that he thought was dope you know I mean it just automatically became my joint pops like that oh that's my shit what was your favorite song we created mmm I think I got a couple favorite joints I think I think my favorite joint is on I gotta say juice no the legs tough tough too tough to know me know that was one where it was kind of like I got it I got a call after noon and it was like your world somebody got a first first they wanted me to go read for the movie Denny when they told me no stereotypical roles like now I'm good then he hit me back shortly after that it was like well do you want to do a song for what part did they want you to read for um one of the robbery parts you know what I mean somebody was getting robbed by caring members active a party was you know it was a couple movies before that as well what they wanted me to play the same you know I mean like I guess what what they thought I was in my right right they wanted me play that and I always turned it down but um asked me to do the song I was like yeah I can do that so they offered me to come down and check out the movie I watched the movie with a couple people private screening I liked the movie and after the move it was like oh he wants you to take that and go write the title track I thought I was just gonna do a song but they was like we want you to take what you're saying do the title track for those was dope was a couple days ago I went record shopping got a couple vinyls put them to the side got back home that day went to our little stack that I put to the side first record out the wall said boom that did loop that up put a beat on our member had my sp12 you can only get like situation to beat yourself oh yeah he's a DJ and I did like most of the album's that was me I say I had a 100% those albums I did like maybe 85% really yeah how important was producer policy to your success oh man I was at a point then man my pops passed away a few months before that you know I love life so much man and I hate death and I was I was like one of the first experiences that I had that was like you know some close to me to kind of ignore you know what I mean like and I don't wanna rap no more man you know I mean like pops just past and I felt away because I was on a roll when he was sick they have you know time to go home and chill what I mean you know watch a movie that rail shit so already felt bad or felt a little better towards hip hop as if that was keeping me away from my pops so when he passed you know I'm gonna ride my cancel my African soil supposed to go to Africa cancelled out you know didn't when I had no hip-hop didn't wanna rhyme didn't wanna you know what I mean it may be two months after that I seen Paul C finally went to was Craig now then between all that people you say oh it's just brother trying to get in touch with you was kidding Paul see I didn't wanna handle beats I mean what a rat nothing but maybe two months later finally I'm seeing somebody and he was like yo man his brother was nice man he got some beefs for you boss I I was in Queens that day sob I think he lived maybe 10 minutes from where I was me and I got the number from so I went by his crib I walked up in his crib and he had a room maybe a little bigger than this vinyl all over the world the shelves and vinyl and what I like is when I walked in he had all all this vinyl and plastic you know what I mean I got a me I'm like his brothers on his shit he got a shit pristine condition like he that's the way I want my shit I mean every record in there wasn't plastic we sat down we start playing music he's was incredible you know what I mean and the first recce play for me was get old Wow wait yeah yeah incredible yeah play the ghetto joint and right away I was like yeah that's what I need you know I mean I was like that's a joint I can doom where my pops will appreciate it like now I mean I felt it me sensing right and it was Paul seed man it kind of got me back on the saddle it was some quality music as well but one of them charms where I was real bitter about hip-hop mr. Luther policy and I go to I know I want final question yes sir the autobiography of Rock cam that nas wrote I heard you other too happy about that yeah in the beginning I had a problem wouldn't you mention my kid's name things of that nature you know always been a private person like I wouldn't even put so much my own life in my rhymes so I felt a little violated you know I mean but on you know now this is my little brother man I got mad love for NAS on loving respect but yeah at the time you know I felt away about it man but on shortly after that I was like yo this is nas business it's my little bro this is on ya no claim yeah you know what I mean it's like a world you know iconic grapple for him to take time out to write a song about me you know I mean and that's what kind of like just made me forget about you know nas don't know I private I am I feel about my kids name you know I mean so I had to get over that and say yo his brother took his time to make a song about me you know world knows this world he was like a Robin a like know you you you you might do that so you know it ho moves you know but like anything else you just want to make sure soul and you know you're in charge you think that privacy and mystery contributed to your longevity yes sir another thing like I remember never getting ice to hold back on a lot of things and I read be used to go to my pops and mr. Griffin I don't wanna do this you don't want to go ahead you don't want to do this so one day my pops pulled me to the side he was like oh you know what's going on you don't wanna work I said no I wanna work but I just feel like you gotta you gotta know when to pull back and you know what I mean I said yo daddy this is a little different than regular music I said people people can hate you just as quick as they love me but he was like nah you gotta gotta work while you know you HOT gotta work and I was one thing that I disagree with my pops with and for years I always wondered like was I making the right choice I would always hear my pops for you gotta gotta go do it Wow you know I mean but that was the one thing man but um I think you know for me too contributed a to my career picking you know being picky about what I did and being laid back in carlin you know staying away from a lot of the bullshit I think that's where I'm staying and that's gonna make everybody what relationship would be we are right now man it was a little shit no shaky for a little bit yeah but we go we just did a little tour and I will me I felt like I was a little bitter about the situation you know a business situation being in that but at the end of the day you know it was bigger than me and I would be like people that supported us and got us to this point I think I owed that to them and that's another thing a conversation could have fixed back then this is the problem I have and you could adjust oh my man you see back then is like your wife that's it he had to say yo this be your a fucked up I doubt we'll do that shit again keep it moving but he wouldn't admit was a mistake that was a big one principal maybe he was mad at you thought the title I agree with president was corny right no you eat you know that kid you do this right now Kim sweat the technique we appreciate you for joining us no doubt thanks for ten years even trying to get you for about 10m you finally got you well thanks for the world oh god 24 today today today go go go cop that y'all I hope y'all appreciate it tool man alright it's the breakfast club is rockin yes sir [Music]