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God is great, dude! lt is no ordinary deal for a Telugu guy... ...to become the Dean of London Medical University. You have brought fame to lndia. l am very proud. This is all good luck. Hello! Yeah! Dad! Call me Nana. (Dad in telugu) - Nana! Parvathi aunty. Hello! Yes! Just like you said, l have become the Dean. Please convey my thanks to your husband too. Thank you. Hey! Someone from London Telugu Association is on line. Hello! Yes. Greeting, sir! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Yes. You must accept. Yes. Yes. - One minute. Naren is line. Talk to him. Hey Lizzie! Two coffees please. - Yes! Yeah sure! - Hi! Please tell. Thank you! How do they call Dean in Telugu? Look! There's an article in appreciation of you becoming the Dean. l am happy to receive this honour and appreciation in this country. Yes. Thank you. Thank you! l'm so proud of you. Thank you. Thank you. Where is Abhi? - Ah! Abhi! ''Yo! l am being welcomed everywhere!'' '' Life is sweet and l feel like drinking nectar.'' ''Happiness is nothing but world around us.'' ''Your smile is your signature.'' ''Do do do do dance to the rhythm now.'' ''Do do do do dance to the rhythm now.'' ''Do do do do dance to the rhythm now.'' ''Do do do do dance to the rhythm now.'' ''l will hug a hurricane with all my heart.'' '' l will make it a part of me and have long lasting relationship.'' ''l will melt the meteors with my love.'' ''l will have fun while there's a downpour.'' ''Yo! l am being welcomed everywhere!'' ''Life is sweet.'' ''And l feel like drinking nectar.'' ''Happiness is nothing but world around us.'' ''Your smile is your signature.'' ''Just like hunger, sleep and breath.'' '' Let's wish for eternal happiness too.'' ''The one who has nothing can't have fun.'' ''The one who has everything, will always be happy.'' ''We should have fun always.'' ''Let us enjoy this day! Our enjoyment should know no boundaries.'' ''Do do do do dance to the rhythm now.'' ''Do do do do dance to the rhythm now.'' ''Dance to the rhythm!'' ''Dance to the rhythm!'' ''Dance to the rhythm!'' ''Dance to the rhythm!'' ''Dance to the rhythm!'' ''Dance to the rhythm!'' ''Dance to the rhythm!'' ''Dance to the rhythm!'' - ''Rhy.. Rhy... Rhythm.'' ''lf you replace the word 'l' with ''We' .'' ''Then, it becomes a family.'' ''You can't call fours wall to be your home.'' ''Come let us unite few people as our family.'' ''lf Mother Earth smiles wide.'' ''There will be peace throughout this world.'' ''Do do do do dance to the rhythm now.'' ''Do do do do dance to the rhythm now.'' ''Do do do do dance to the rhythm now.'' ''Do do do do dance to the rhythm now.'' Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Now l invite head of our lnstitution, Mr. Mount Walter to announce the... ...new Dean for our medical school. Good evening everybody! l welcome you all warmly to this function. Congratulations - Thank you! God is great. Queen Mary University of London. - Dad! Good job. - Thank you. This is the 15th year of our Presentation of the... Congratulations! You have done it. - Thank you. Thank you very much. - On behalf of all the coordinators... ...l must say... - Thank you! ...congratulation to his position. - Thanks a lot. l will now shortly announce the new Dean... ...who has been serving our school of medicine... Congratulations. ..for the past couple of years... - You have achieved it now. Thank you. Thank you so much. - ...and his unmatchable commitment. l sincerely request... ...Mr. Philip to come on stage and take the honour. Dad! We have reached home. l'll park the car and come. Oh shit! Surprise party. Congratulations! - l love you, man! Welcome to New Dean! Sheddhu! Sheddhu! - Uncle! Uncle! One minute! Dad! Sorry guys. Dad is not made the Dean. Thank you for coming. Thank you so much. Thank you. lt's okay. What actually happened? They have made changes in the last minute, uncle. They have made Dr. Philip as the new Dean! lt is one of them again. We always get the second class treatment. Dad! - Hey lndu! Where are you going? Just leave him alone! Hey lndu! Mental! Stop right here. Dad! Today's destiny is the result of our past actions. What we do today will decide our future tomorrow! Abhi! l don't wish to complain about what happened to me today. Serves me right for betrayal. Cheers. Betrayal eh? What are you saying, dad? What has happened now? ln the interest of earning more money and working for a foreign country... ..l went against my dad's wishes. Nope! Actually, l have betrayed him. - What? Did you cheat on granddad? Whenever l have asked you about Grand dad, you refused to talk. What actually happened, dad? l was scared that you guys won't tolerate me... ...if l told you how l betrayed granddad. That's why l have never told you guys about it. But, l feel it is time that you guys know about it. We have a huge family. This is my dad. Your grand dad. Mom! Chithra My brother Bangari. Second sister They are my sisters. Not just in my house, my dad was the head person for our village too. My dad was there for everyone, every house. Even deadly diseases... ...were cured with medicines or tablets. However, natives of my town died of simple and less serious diseases. My dad felt very bad about it. My dad tried very hard in bringing doctors to our town. But, you don't get money here like you earn in a city. Doctors refused to come. To put an end to all this, my dad made me a doctor. Once l was done with education, l left back to my town. Take this. This is from Lord Sai Baba's temple. All will be fine. Take care. Hey! Make sure to serve buttermilk for the guests. Sir! - Go. Please come. How are you, dear? Hey! Why do you wait? Take her to the hospital in city. We want the baby to be born in our own hospital. lf it is a boy baby, l will give him your name. lf it's a girl, l will give her ma'am's name. Wait for little more time. My son will be here. Brother in law is here! l'll go receive him. Carry on! Brother! Greetings. Please come. Look, son in law! l thought you wouldn't complete this hospital. However, you have done it now. You have proved what you are. lt is all God's blessing, Brother. - Brother in law! Chandrasekar is at home. He is calling you. - What is he doing there? Call him. No. l think it is better you go there. Oh! l will be back in sometime. You please take care here. Hey Chandu! - Dad! There are lot of people waiting for you. Why did you call me here? Come. Let's leave. Come on! One minute, dad. - The auspicious time will be over soon. Dad, please listen to me. - Everyone has come already. Please dad. Listen to me. - We can talk later. Please listen to me, dad. - What is it? Who is this girl? - She is Kausalya. Oh! You both are in love, right. l will get you married. Come! We'll lose the auspicious moment. - Please listen to me. This girl also studied medicine with me. Her entire family has settled in America. Okay. l wish to get married to her and settle in America. What America eh? What will happen to this hospital then? l didn't know that you were building a hospital here. You do need a hospital for you to practice, right. That is why l built this hospital. This is why l made you a doctor. lt is not just my investment. lt has investments from Government too. We have invested in the confidence that you will take care of them. Why do you say that you want to go to America? America is a huge nation, dad. There are much more opportunities there. l can have luxurious life. Not just that, l can earn much more than what l do here. lf l go there, l am sure l can become big and famous. l am sure you will become a big man. But, what will happen to this village? - This village. A compounder is more than sufficient to handle this villagers... ...these wretched agriculturists... Wretched agriculturists eh? Don't forget that you were born to one such agriculturist. lt is because they work in all those trench, we get to eat food. lt is with their hard owned money... ...that you stand here as doctor waiting to go to America. Honey! - You-- Stop all this. Why do you talk like this? Don't say all this while he is talking about his wedding. Dear! Please come this side. Honey! Come this side. Let's bless the couple. Shut up! What do you say finally? l have given them word that l will come there. So! l can't help, dad. l have to go to America. Get lost! Dad! - Don't address me like that. One who is not useful to his people and his town... ...is equal to being dead. From this very moment, you are dead to me. Later, when you come to know of my death... ...please don't come to perform last rites as my son. Honey! - lf you want him... ...you can also get out with him. Please wait, dear. Doctor will be here in sometime. Oh God! Looks like she will deliver any moment. Ma'am! Please hurry up. Take her to the hospital. Please take her to the town hospital immediately. Hey! Arrange for a vehicle immediately. Hurry up! - Careful. Lakshmi! There's nothing to worry. Lakshmi! Look at me. First, try to control affairs at home. After that, we can talk to public. l'll take your leave. Thanks. Come man! Half a day has gone utter waste. l am unable to open this hospital as promised. Please forgive me. Have you been away from Grand dad all along, for a such a small issue? You could have solved it all with a simple sorry. lt is a simple thing. You don't know about your Grand dad well enough. He will give his life for a person who believes in him. He will never forgive the ones... ...who betray him. He will never forgive me. He will never let me in to his house. ln the fantasy of working abroad... ...and lead a luxurious life... ...l have made a mistake of coming here to work. Dad! Dad! Brother. Abhi! - Dad! Hi dad! Just like you told last night. Today's destiny depends on our past actions. Similarly, tomorrow's destiny depends on our present actions. lsn't it right, dad? Tomorrow our future... ...is totally dependent on what we do today. So! l am going to meet Grand dad tomorrow. l am leaving to lndia today. l know grand dad is angry with you. l am sure he won't be upset with me. Or do you think l will let him be angry? l am after all his grandson. l will go on your behalf and apologize to grand dad. l will try. lf he does not accept, l will try harder. But, l will make sure... ...to get you back with Grand dad. Wish me good luck. Love you both! Dad! l am getting scared. What will happen now? Excuse me! Can l take a picture? Thank you! B...Bunny! Bunny! Hello! - Hey Bunny! Abhi here! - Brother!!! Who are you man? - Did you push me man? Who? - You pushed me, man! But... l mean-- You hurt Bunny, man! - Bunny? You hurt Bunny! No! No! No! Wait a minute. This is Bunny! That's hero Bunny! This is real Bunny. Your Facebook friend. Hey! But how? l'll tell you come. Basically, l use his picture for my Facebook profile. lt is very hard to impress girls otherwise. You are really smart! Brother! l come from a foreign land and yet try to converse in Telugu. You are here in lndia. What's your problem? Brother! Even when l talk in English they think l am conversing in Telugu. They think l am great if l talk in English. lt is a lncredible lndia! - lndeed! What is your name? - l am B.B. Banda Babu from Rajabandi. Wow! l am amazed with your driving skill. Banda! Stop! Oh my God! lncredible lndia! What a black beauty! There is only one unbelievable showroom in lncredible lndia and that's mine. Come in, brother! Basically, the first floor has international and cross country bikes. Second floor is my bachelor home. My den. And that is my personal bike. Mr. Banda. - Yes, brother! Do l look like a fool to you? l am very impressed, brother. Face value, brother! - Wow! Sexy. Everything has a face value. Shall we go? - Yeah, sure! Come. Super bike! What two day eh? lt is difficult, brother. l have to leave. Sorry, brother. l am unable to make a reservation. Fine. l'll go by road... Give me your bike. l'll pay you. lt is not about the money. How will you drive that far? l am ready to go any far to unite my dad with grand dad. Please give me a bike. l will leave. Brother! Fine. Please listen to me. - Banda! Okay, Okay. - Banda Please take my bike. - Banda, please! lt is already 4'o clock now. lt will get dark before you cross the city. Then, what is the point? Please listen to me. Take off tomorrow morning! Okay. - Super brother! Now let me show you, Hyderabad's night life. Banda Babu going on pubbing, dancing, drinking and all of it. ''Don't do it, baby.'' ''Don't do it, baby.'' ''Don't do it, baby.'' ''You're my only hope, get me some dope baby.'' ''The night's a whore. Begs for more.'' Oh! Taste this cocktail, brother. l don't drink. - What is wrong, brother? No! - Never? No brother! No ***? - No ***! No ***! This is too much! Born in a foreign country, yet you don't drink. Banda! - Yes. l have given word to my dad. Also, l don't get high over alcohol. ln that case, okay. - One ***, please! Banda! One ***driver, please! - l'll get it for you. Girl is poor! You danced extremely well. What? Speak in Hindi. - There.. On the car! He says you dance very well. Don't know if this mad woman knows Tamil. Superb. - l do understand Telugu well... ...you mad guy. Hey What Happend See! Sexy, right? Wow! Hey.. What Are You Doing Com One second! One second! That's my number. Hey ! Hey! We have to go to lmax at 11. Come! Come and see the best cock fight! The best match! Watch a fight! - Excuse me. ls this a cock fight? He is trying to say cock fight in English. Useless one! That means it is a cock fight! This ain't a cock fight. lt is called ''Kunju'' fight. Yeah! lt is the same thing. Cock and ''Kunju''. This isn't a cock? - No? Peacock! - What? Yes! Do not be caught by the police Where is the cock then? - Bet for Rs. 5 or Rs. 10. Hey man! This is the best cock fight. - Sorry. Bangari's rooster is all set to fight. ls there any brave man here, who is ready to wage a bet? Come and give your biddings. Rs. 2 Lakhs. Will you put it with me Gold jewels worth Rs. 20 Lakhs. Do you dare to fight now? Come on. Lets see who wins. Here, take this for the bid. - Hey! Hey! Take this. Balraju Sir is here! Oops. Give it to me. ''The brave one is here.'' ''He fights injustice and is like Lord Narasimha!'' Come. Let's go. How dare you bet on cock fights? Hey! Who are you, man? Hey! Don't let him get away. - Oh my God! He has seen me. Hey! Hey! Don't touch me. - Sir! Please come back. Let me go! Why are you holding me this tight? Pillipithra? - Let me go. Sir! What is this Pillipithru? lt is Pillitpitrunayala! Ouch! Ouch! - How many times do l warn you? l will skin you alive! - Ouch! Will you stop with that? Where is my Rs. 2 Lakhs? Hey ! Are you also a part of this? - Grand dad! lt's me. l know its you. He took money from me. Why are you hitting me? Police! Hey! Police is here! - Police eh? Go catch him! Hey Where are you trying to escape? Where? Take him away. Arrest everyone. Don't let them out till l tell you. During Sankaranthi Festival, everyone will come home... ...get together and celebrate it. These useless people have ruined it... ...the festivity by engaging in cock fights. Wastrels! Useless ones! - These are the useless ones. Hey! Who has flattened the cycle tyres? lf you are brave enough, come forward. Hey! Who are you? Whom do you want to meet? Actually-- - Yes. l have never seen you before in this village. Did you come to participate in this cock fight? No, sir! Oh! Did you come to see it then? - Sir! You have mistaken. Then, what have you come for? - Sir! Sir! l came to learn agriculture, sir. Can't you speak in Telugu? Fashion eh? - Agriculture-- l am here to study about farming. Are you here to learn farming? - Yeah! Go ahead and learn! Sir! Sir! Bike. Sir! - Why are you following us everywhere? Didn't we ask you to leave? - Sir! Stop it. What is your problem? Sir! Sir! Excuse me. Oh my God! lt is all my ill luck. l don't know what wrong l did... ...to be born to such a person. - Hey Bangari! Aren't you ashamed to talk like this to your dad? Keep quiet, uncle! - What? For all that you have done to us, we have just pushed you out of house. We have let you stay here in this village only because you are his son. So-- This should be my uncle then! l don't gain much from staying here. He want let me engage in cock fights, bets, drinking. How else can l earn my living? Can l ask him to part with my share of wealth? This is how he chased out his other son. l am the only son he has left, to do his last rites. l don't care about who does my last rites. Ask him to lead a righteous life at least for a day. lt is not important for your name to appear on the voter's list. We must strive hard and earn a good name. Superb! Once more, sir! Whey Ones More ? Anybody Com My Dottore ? What's wrong? What ? What Happened Grandfather! - Papa! What Happend Papa! Dad! Hey Papa! Be careful. - Papa! Papa! Go and help her. - Move away! Dad ? Mom! - Don't get scared. Stay calm. Hey! - Mom! Stay calm. Dad ! l am feel scared. Stay calm. Grand dad will come. Please come and help. Hello! What are you looking at? Please come and help. Mom! - Papa! Everyone please! Hold this. - Mom! Mom! Mom! - Please stay calm, Papa! Papa! Please be careful. Stay there. Papa! We are all here. Don't scared. Mom! Don't scared. Uncle! Come here. Com l will come right away. Sweetheart, 2 mins. Hey, ls it time to talk about sweetheart, heart and all? Move aside. She is just a small girl. Sir! lt will break. Sir! Sir! Don't-- - Ouch! Didn't l tell you that l'll take care of it on my own? Sir! You can't risk now. She is a small girl. Please come back. Papa! Papa! Mom! Sir! Please! Give it here. Get going. - Thank you so much, sir. Uncle! - Uncle is coming. Stay there. See Hear Please be careful, boy! Mom! Hey! - Slowly. l am here. Don't worry. Papa is fine. Ok! Down! Down! Down! - Can't you tell it in Tamil? Please help me go down. - Yes! Like that. Yes. Slowly. - Take care of her. Make it slow. Take care. Careful, dear! Priya! Please move aside all of you. Give way. Papa! l almost thought l lost you. l got real scared, dad. Have you gone mad? Why did you take her to the terrace? Look, dad! - Drink some water. Give way. Move aside. Let the effects of evil... ...bad minded people, negativity... ...all be destroyed with this. Hey man! Grand mom is asking you stand here. Today is Saturday. She will not talk. l will do it on her behalf. l am Chandrasekhar's son. l am your grand son. Hey! Why have you come here? This old woman wants to know who you are. Shut up! - Grand mom. Baby won't talk today. That doesn't stop her from questioning. This boy is from abroad. He has come from London. He has come to learn about farming. He will stay with us for few days. Yeah! Yeah! Go ahead and learn from him. My dad indeed does farming on large scale. You leave, man. - You! You don't listen to him. He is like this. Hey! Show him around the house and arrange for his stay here. Yes, Father in law. Don't hesitate. Think this as your own house. What is your name? - Abhi! l mean Abhiram! Ram! Okay. Ram! Nice! l will take my luggage. - That's okay. Wow! Your house looks like a palace. This is our father in law's ancestral property. He sees this as a temple and takes care of it accordingly. Yeah... But you are-- - l am Kasi! His elder son in law. He is another son in law. - lntroduce me too! Go do your work. My father in law does not stay with his sons. How will he be happy, if he stays away from his daughters too? Hence both of us decided to stay back here. Yes! l am the father of that little girl... ...you saved few minutes back. But, l like the whole thing. Big house! Grand dad, Grand mom and lots of people. l am very happy to know that they are all our family. Do you want to know a breaking news? - What is it? Grand dad has your garlanded photo of you in the living room (lndicates dead person) What? This is not funny. Didn't l tell you before? l know my dad well. How is my mom doing? Did you get to meet Bangari? What is he doing? He seems to be a mysterious person. He doesn't stay at home. l am not able to figure out why. Please be careful. Grand dad is quite sensitive and emotional. Though l am miles apart, l feel happy to know that they are all happy. We shouldn't disturb that happiness. Bye! - Bye! Come back soon. Good night, dad! Good night, lndu! Good night! - Miss you both. Yes! Come back. Useless fellow!! My dad has been Member of Parliament for 4 terms. l am a Member of Parliament too! l planned to make you Member of Legislative Assembly in coming elections. How dare you engage in silly Cock fights like this? All this is because of your uncle Balaraju. He let go of his son Bangari... ...and got your son alone arrested. After all, he is my uncle. So, last time, l fell at his feet to support me during elections. He didn't. Everything went down the drain. 40,000 Votus - He is my co brother. He is just envious of our growth. So, drink another glass of coffee! Can we spare him just like that? We'll have to do something. Hey! You should never mix anger and politics. You should fall at their feet, when necessary. Once done, you should throw them. We must concentrate on setting up the beer factory here. First, let us pay attention towards that. We can take care of my brother in law on a later date. Good morning Sir! l mean ''Suprabatham'' (Good morning) lt is ''Subhodayam.'' - Err...''Subhodayam.'' No matter where you are, you shouldn't forget your mother tongue. Sure. Master! ls this Karate? - This is called ''Karasamu.'' Yeah! Can l learn it too? You will break your bones! No pain, no gain, master. l can never learn without getting hurt. Oh! Greetings, master! You don't greet your opponent like this in Karasamu. Oh! Then, how do l do it? Narayana! Show him. He has learnt it in no time. - l took almost 10-15 days to learn this. He is no ordinary boy. He is a genius boy! - Please tell it in Tamil. Oh! You did say it in Tamil !, right. Master! - Hit me! Master! Get ready. - Wow! Will you teach him as to, how to hit you? Teach him well. - Look here. Ouch! - He should master it. Master! He is-- Satya! - Darling. Sister! - Hi Satya! Hello uncle! Grand dad! l Love you! Why have you lost so much weight? - Don't you eat properly? l had to study day and night for my semester exams. Only then l will get good marks. Right? Now, Balaraju can shape up his moustache in pride. Ram! Yes, master. This is Satya, my grand daughter. He is from London. He has come here to learn about agriculture. Hi! - Greetings! That's our culture. Learn it from him. Hey! Get ready. We'll leave in sometime. - Sure! Where is grand mom? Enough. Stop singing his praises. You guys haven't enquired anything about him. How will you let a stranger like him stay in our house? You husband is senseless! - Shut up! How can you talk like that? - You stop it. He is a good boy, dear. Have you ever seen our Balraju accept someone that easily? Exactly. Tell her. Hey! Why has everyone crowded here? What has happened? Hey! . Hey! grand dad. Stop it. Hey! Stop it. Stop it. You? What are you doing here? Do you think l'll get scared, if you bring people along with you? Why do you get involved in all this? There is no cock fight here. This is all Government dealings. Don't you dare get involved in this. - Hey! Hey! Stop it all of you. Stop it. Learn to respect your elders. Hey! Stop this. l asked you to stop it. Why do you get involved in this fights? Why do you come in? Am l not talking to him? Hey! Hey! Shut up. lt is our mistake, grand dad. He is still a small boy and didn't know to talk. That's fine. What is happening here? Good morning, grand dad! According to lndian Constitution. - What is wrong with Telugu people. We do have our language, right. Say it in Tamil. - l feel talking in English is more... ...powerful and strong than talking in Tamil. How do you say this in Tamil? ''Pratyekantaka.. (lndian Constitution)'' - Say it in, Tamil. l said it in Tamil, sir. Grand dad, l find it a bit difficult to explain it in Tamil. lt is as provided in the section. - Hello! We do not work on the basis of section or legal provisions here. You can do any kind of farming. These lands will be given only for agriculture. On the basis of mutual consent of everyone present here... ...my Brother in law had made this decision. lf you want to continue with your rules and section, we will break your bones. Do you understand? Please leave. Ask your dad to meet me. - Sure, grand dad. We'll take your leave, grand dad. Come! Go everyone. Hey! Come this side. Hello! Hey! Come. Come. - Ouch. Oh! What is it? Hi! Very nice to see you here. l can't believe it. How did you impress my grand dad this soon? You are a rock star! So nice. Don't beat around the bush. Come to the point directly. Okay. Please don't tell about our meeting at pub to my grand dad. Oh! Please delete the photos. lf you are that scared, why did you do such a thing? Oh! lsn't it wrong? - Yes. No matter who it is... ...will you go kiss him? Shit! Okay. l am sorry. Please delete those photos. Why should l delete it? Okay. How much do you want? Aren't you doing all this for money? Can you buy me all these lands in the town? You won't be able to buy it. You can't buy it for me. However, l wish to be happy everyday. lf you are ready to give that to me... ...l will delete these photos? - What do you think of yourself? While l am trying to strike a deal, don't you dare act smart. Delete it. Else-- Master! Disgusting! Excuse me! Wow! - Look! What is all this? - Festival of lamps. What does that mean? We pray for the prosperity of the family. Married woman offer prayers. Oh! Then, why is this unmarried girl doing this? She is praying to get a ideal match. Thank you! What should unmarried men do to get good match? Good question! - We don't have any such thing for us. That is why we are stuck with such wifes. What? Oh! We meant that, even without such prayers we have got good wife. We take such good care of you. - Cool down. He means to say that no one is as good as you are. Exactly. l had gone to a pub in Hyderabad. Do you know how girls come there? - How? They wear such short skirts and drink almost a whole bottle. Like this-- Ouch! They break legs too. This is for grand mom. This is for grand dad. Ma'am! ls this. Give me some on my hand. - Open your mouth! Wonderful! - Hey! What is this? Oh! Those are just burns. - What do you say? Why didn't you treat it? All this is normal for us. Womenfolk get these burns while cooking. Wait here. l'll go bring the ointment. - Hey! lt's okay. l am used to this pain. This can't be done away with ointment. As long as l am here, l won't let you bear pain. l will come back soon. You are such a good boy! Baby! Are you going to serve us food or not? Oh God! l will arrange for it now. Chitra! Come along. Come quickly. What is all this? Aren't you ashamed to do this before everyone? My God! ''You look like moon draped in sky blue saree.'' ''How will l reach you?'' ''Draped in a blue saree.'' ''You look like a moon.'' ''How to reach you?'' ''What colour is your hip in?'' ''Will you rotate it like a top (Toy)?'' ''How do l get you?'' ''You make me happy with your kisses and excite me with your hugs.'' ''Within seconds, you slip away.'' ''You glitter like a lightning.'' ''Everyone gets drowned in your beauty.'' ''You make everyone in this world to fall for your magic.'' ''You are my life.'' ''My life is filled with this village girl.'' ''With her beside me, l can face almost anything.'' '' Unlike usual, this is as special as a moon on full moon day.'' '' Happiness is getting hug from the moon.'' ''lf she appears like a flower and pricks you like a thorn.'' '' There is nothing more saddening than that.'' ''Life teaches that nothing lasts forever.'' ''We must play the role of guests and keep moving forward.'' ''Without this girl, the entire life will go waste.'' ''Life is bunch of wonders. lt blooms as you go with it.'' ''lf you tender these fields with care.'' '' You will get high yields from it.'' ''lt is like Harvest Festival everyday.'' ''lf you act like a weapon on the warfield.'' ''lt will be Dusshera (lndicating Victory) festival everyday.'' '' lf you strive to fire out your ill fate, everyday is diwali festival.'' ''Live every moment happily, Celebrate it.'' ''Life is a like merry ground. Go and enjoy the ride.'' ''Life is like a festival. Let's celebrate it.'' l have earned crores of money. However, l was never able to build such a mansion. Make sure to nod and accept to whatever he says. Please maintain. You also accept to what he says. l hope you remember for what we are here. Please deal carefully. Hello Uncle! Have you come to meet me with respect to factory? Wow! That's my uncle. No beating around the bush. Jumps right in to the matter. Give that. Hey! Take a chair. - That's fine. l am like your son. Let me sit down here. Don't you know that my brother keeps his sons at distance. Useless! Dad! Don't come in between. Am l not talking to him? Uncle.. The point is-- For years now, my dad has plans to do something beneficial for the natives here. So, he has struggled a lot to get this factory sanctioned from Delhi. lf we setup the factory here. Directly-- - Directly 2000 people. Directly 2000 people. lndirectly-- - 20000 people. You explain things to him then. - No. You continue. After this-- Hold this. ln the surrounding we can construct this shopping complex... ...multiplex, post office. - Sir! lt is not post office. They are lnternational lT corridors. This is it, uncle. By doing this, we can develop our village big time. What are you going to produce in this factory? Beer, uncle! Beer eh? - Yes. Beer. Anyone who wants to drink beer in neighbouring areas... ...will have to come here. Brother! This is worth 2000 crores. We offer you 10 percent partnership in it. Which means you get 200 crores, sir. All this is for you to help us in setting up this project. That's why we are here. - 200 crores! Just for me to shut my trap. That's like a great deal. So, if we are going to set up this factory, we will all have profits. Yes, uncle. - That's wonderful. However, everyone of them will get addicted... ...to the poison you propose to produce in this factory. They will all lay on roads in inebriated state and create nuisance. Acres of fertile land will be affected by the drains released from factory. They will die. lf we spoil such kind of fertile lands, cultivation is lost. Then, what will our children get to eat? Fertile lands are mother who feeds us. As long as l live, l won't let you turn the fertile land into a graveyard. Come. Didn't l tell you earlier? As long as my brother is alive, we will never be able to set up this factory. Even if l die, l will not let it happen here. Come, let's go. We have wasted all our time here. ''Adoration to Lord Vishnu.'' Whose photo is this, grand mom? He is your elder uncle, dear. - Baby! l am coming, dear. He seems to have mastered the art, father in law. Sir! Careful! No need! - He is too old for it. He is scared of losing to an youngster like you. You shut your trap. Father in law! Wow! The old man has. Come on! l am ready to wage bet. ls anyone ready here? Sorry! Sorry! l made a mistake. Hit him on the head instead of his back. lt can help us get rid of him. Bangari Sir! Keep quiet for sometime. l missed it. What is all this, sir? Master, please. Father in law! Be careful. - Uncle, you may get hurt. Stop it. Not here. Aim to hit my head. - Father in law! Ouch! - Please! Stop this. He is a small boy! - Uncle! Take this sweet. Aunt has made it. - This side. Chitra! Move this side. What is this, master? You haven't been able to hit me even once. Shame! Shame, master. - Please. We'll stop this. Uncle! - Don't come in between. What is happening here? - Father in law! Ouch! Ahhh! Let's stop it. Please, father in law. - Master, slow down. Dad! Please stop it. Why do you come in between? Master! l guess you are too old for this. Grand dad! - You learnt the art from me... ...and you dare to call me for a fight. Uncle hears uncle say sorry and leave Let's stop it. You are too old for all this. Hey! Did you hurt yourself? - Hold it. Bring the medicine box. Thank you! Didn't l warn you not to do this with me? You are indeed great, master! Master! Please forgive me. - For what? As l broke an important person's photo. Sigh! Who told you all this? Master, if you hang his photo among all these important ones... ...l am sure he is important too. Hey! Remove that from here. What is it, ma'am? - You have resolved all our worry, dear. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Hey! Thank you! Thank you! Love you! ls he gay? - Sorry. Chitra! Chitra! Chitra! Come here for a minute! - My God! Come and help me undo the buttons. Come fast. The blouse is too tight. Undo it. Quickly. What is your problem? Do it quickly. Ahhh! Mom! - Silence. Hey! Phone! Phone! lf you tell about this, l'll show them your pictures. What happened? Why did you scream? What happened? Why did you scream so loudly? l wanted to check if l can scream loudly. Huh? She has gone mad. - Do you think l am jobless. Don't go complain to grand mom, that l hit you. She is turning in to a devil, day after day. Super! Did you wish to know how it is if you scream loudly? Take that towel off. Please take that towel off, dear. Now! No!.. l think you should hit the gym soon. When will you come? Don't delay, sweetie. Do l tell your grand dad? Do l show him all these pics? Please! Please! Please! Don't tell him. - Oh! Don't tell Grandpa Let's go out. After that, you can do whatever you want. Hey! What is this? Your skirt has a pocket too. Wow! Beautiful! Dear! This place is looking so sexy! This place is very romantic. Ain't it? Should l give you? Or will you take it on your own? lf you give, l will take it from you. Wow! You seem to be talented. Are you that brave? Uncle! Are you getting scared? - What is all this? What are you doing here? - Look, My dear boy! You can play with children. That's good. You shouldn't play with your cell phone as battery (charge) will die. Return all pictures of her that you have on your phone. Give it. Which photo? Give it. Give those pictures to me. Hello! l don't have any phone. - Give it at once. Hey Ouch! What is this? - Two of our men have fallen down. l am good at martial arts. Mar-- Karate! That's why, sir. l don't prefer fighting. You don't want fights, right. Give me those photos. Mother promise. l don't have my cell phone. See. You can check me. - Oh God! Do you plan to hit us when we come close to you? No! No! No! l will never hit you, sir. Who are you? Why have you come to my house? He won't utter a word if you ask him like this. Make him drink this. He will spit out all the truth. Sir! Sir! Sir! Please. l don't drink. Let's not do this. l have given word to my dad. That's why. lf you want, l will inform master immediately and leave this town. Get out. But, you first drink this. Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! - Drink this before you leave. Brother! See There No Sir!.. No.. Please sir! Please sir! Please! - Drink it. Yes! We made him drink. Phone! How dare you click pictures of her and black mail with it? Brother! They have got me drunk. Uncle! - Please! Help me. Despite differences, we are still from the same family. He is a third person. No! Don't take all this to your heart. This one time... - l am sorry. ...please leave him. l'll take care. - What are you saying? No! No! No! No! What a shot! Hit him again. Hey!.. Don't brother! l am part of your family too. Don't hit me. - How can you be part of our family? Oops! Who is this guy? What is he doing? Where is he going? He is no ordinary man, brother. lt is not safe for us to stay here anymore. Come. Let's leave. Get up! Didn't l warn you not to fight with me? Did you see what happened? So Mr. Pillipeethri (Useless) Go home, eat good food and sleep. Where did he keep his bloody phone? Darling! What are you doing here? Have you come for this? - Hey! Master! - Shut up! Raise it. Raise your hands. A little more. This is yours. This is what you are searching for. How did this come to my pocket? You stupid! You complain about me to Bangari, then make him hit me... ...and you thought you can delete all theses pics on my phone. Do you think l am a small kid to not understand all this? You are no ordinary item. You are a bigger criminal than Osama Bin Ladan. Shit! - Hey! Do you think you can leave that easily? Give me a hug and kiss. No! - Master! What is this? Hug me properly. Hold! A little more tight. Come closer. Will you hug any one who asks you for it? You seem to be a bit notorious. l will kill you if you try all this drama again. From this evening, no matter when l ask... ...where l ask... ...1..2..3..4..5. You have to kiss me 5 times. Okay? Else, l will call for master immediately. One! One! One! Yuck! Hey! Hey! ''Why do you turn your rosy eyes into thorns and prick my heart.'' ''You look like a big sweet dish and l am getting tempted.'' ''Oh my lovely witch! With your honey coated lips...'' ''...you do seduce me.'' ''Oh my dear witch! You lock me in your navel fold.'' ''Oh damsel! lntoxicate me with your french kiss!'' ''Oh my dear!'' ''Why do you always keep figthing with me?'' ''Do you do all this to kiss me?'' ''Why do you have this air of arrogance? Give me a small kiss.'' ''Get rid of all your despise for me by kissing me hard.'' ''Stop all this anger and take my lips.'' ''Oh my miser girl! My Godavari (River).'' ''Kiss me and let the love for you flow in my heart.'' ''Oh beautiful one! Kiss me till you get rid of your anger.'' ''Not even drinking alcohol gets me this high.'' ''Just one look at you can make me go happy high.'' ''lf Shakespeare had caught a glimpse of you.'' ''l am sure he would have become Devdas (lcon of love).'' '' Your french kiss...'' ''...can take me to a foreign land.'' ''Just to bear your kisses...'' ''...l am here as a native guy.'' ''Oh little atom bomb! You seem to break my heart with your curves.'' ''You are a nuclear reactor and make me drown in your kisses!'' ''Why do you turn your rosy eyes into thorns and prick my heart.'' ''You look like a big sweet dish and l am getting tempted.'' ''Oh my lovely witch! Don't seduce me with your honey coated lips.'' ''Oh my dear witch! You lock me in your navel fold.'' ''Oh damsel! lntoxicate me with your french kiss!'' ''Oh my dear!'' These days, a man preys on another man for money. Yuck! We must ensure and help others to have a happy life too. Hasn't Government fixed wage rates? Why do you refuse to give it? Why do you try to make profits out of it? This shouldn't happen again. Do you accept? Go tell him about proposal from America. - lf l utter America-- What are you discussing there, son in law? Father in law! That is-- - We attended a wedding recently, right. Yes! - Someone has seen our Satya there. NRl! He is a famous doctor in America. His dad is doctor too. He has asked if we are interested. Why do you hurry. We'll have to get Chitra married before Satya. We have been trying to... ...to get Chitra married for the last 4 years? Will our Bangari let us do it? Son in law! - Yes, Father in law. Have we sent hings required for 100 weddings taking place... ...at community hall today? l have sent it long back. He plans to get Chitra married there-- Nope! l will never make a Rummy! l will never get Chitra too. Life is a waste. Hello! - Uncle! What is it? Grand dad intends to get Chitra married immediately. Please come quickly. Oh my! How dare he goes so far? Let me show, who l am! ls Chitra getting married? Yes. Fearing Bangari's interruption again... ...Brother in law has quickly arranged fro her wedding today. lf he comes to know of this...Ouch! How dare you get married to someone else? Brother in law! Hey! Wait! Bangari, wait! - Please listen to me. Bangari! - Don't do this stupid thing. Please listen to us. - Hey! Get on the bike. Hey! Bangari! Hey Bangari! - What? Kidnap? Sir! Sir! Leave!... Sir! Leave!... Please listen to me. Oh God! l have to strain this much to get married to you. Sit here. Oh! Please! Please listen to me this one time. Shut up! Give me the Mangal Sutra. (Sacred thread binding the wedding) Stop this nonsense! Chitra! - Why are you here? Sir! You are making a big mistake. lf you do this, you will get in to a lot of trouble. Who are you to say all this to me? l have made a mistake. Please forgive me. How dare you raise your hands to hit me? lt is a big mistake, sir. l am very sorry. Please talk to your dad just once. Everything will be fine. Who are you to interfere between my dad and me? What are you laughing at? Give that to me. Give that to me. Give that Mangal Sutra to me. Even if you hit and kick me more, l will not let this wedding happen. Let me just tell you one thing. - What are you going to say? After that, it is your choice. - What is it? There's no problem, master. - Stop it. Hey! Give me that Mangal Sutra. - Hey! Sir! Please sir! - Give. Police! - Dad! Dad! He has abducted this bride, during her wedding. He has raised hands on my daughter. Arrest him! Brother in law! Please be patient. Think it over. l have thought it through! lt is only because of that l let him stay in town despite his mistakes. Had l got him arrested the same day, we wouldn't have faced this today. Book him under all cases! Case eh? Why? She loves me. lf you get her married to someone else, she won't live. She will definitely die. That's why l abducted her. Shit! l don't understand your grudge against your own sons. You treat others well. However, you fail to do the same with your son. Hey! See what l do to you! You are responsible for all this. Take him away. Leave Hey! You have come from somewhere... ...and have caused a lot of trouble to both of us. You may have stopped the wedding now. Once l get back from jail... ...l will kill you. l will definitely kill you. - Take him away. Bangari!... Chitra! Uncle! Master!.. Dad! Dad! Master!.. Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! l am getting back to my village. - Stop behaving like a child, master. Grand dad, Wait! Come back. - Let me go! Stop it! What is all this? They have prescribed for lnjections. l don't want them. Just one. lt won't pain much. - Come! Come! lt is just a small one. That's all. lt's over. Finished, master. - Grand dad, you have-- Grand dad! Are we done with it? - lt will be done, soon. Master! Please wait. - lt will be done now. lt's over. - My God! Hey! - What is it? Hey! - That girl is here. Master! She is here to fix this. You do it instead of her. - How can l-- How can we fix this then? - Sister, please leave. l'll take care. l am feeling shy. - That's fine. Uncle! Why did you get us all tensed? l have seen the reports. You are absolutely fine. You are sure to be strong for next 10 years. You will hit century! l will guarantee for it. Yes! Didn't l tell all of you? These people created all this fuss. Baby! l am will get 10 years for all your fasting (Religious). An additional 10 years for all your prayers. l will get additional 5 years of Chitra's marriage and hospital work. He has given assurance for all these years. Am l right Noka Raju? Everyone here call me N. Raju. Does she call you like that? - Yes. He was born after his mother prayed to name him after Goddess Noka. N. Raju it seems. What is wrong with Noka Raju? You may go to the ward. Hey Noka Raju! Your hospital looks great. Why don't you start something like this in our village? Hey! Building is available. l will bear the expenses for set up. Will you do it? Who will set up a hospital in that village-- l have to manage 3 hospitals already. - ln that village... ...l am sure you can't earn as you do here. l didn't mean it that way, uncle. Doctor N. Raju! Master! You want to set up a hospital in our village. That's it, right? How is it possible? Master! Didn't l tell you that my dad is a famous doctor in London? Every year, his medical team arranges for free medical camps in poor countries. We can call them here this time. They will come here with the best equipments. They also have support from World Health Organisation. lf you agree, l will talk to my dad and arrange for this. Are you serious? - Yes, master. Son in law! Let's go to the hospital now. Son in law! - Yes, Father in law. Please renovate this building as per how he wants. Okay. ls that okay? - Yes! Yes! Where did l leave my phone? Oh God! Where are you going? - Hey! Why are you in such a hurry? Have you lost something or you worried about this? Give my phone back. l will return it, if you hug me now. - Get lost! Give it to me! - Okay. Give me a kiss. l'll return your phone. - Sigh! Didn't you ask me for it? Are you going to kiss me or not? lf you are going to look at me like this, l might fall for you. You must have gone mad. Give me my phone. l dare you to take it from here. - Confirmed mental case! Aren't you Chandrasekhar uncle's son? lf Grand dad knows about this he wouldn't let you stay here. This is why you lied to him, right? Yes! What will happen if Grand dad gets to know this? l will kill you. - Let's see. Grand dad! ''Oh Prince! l am royally yours.'' ''Let the garland reach my neck like honey.'' ''The air that you breathe.'' ''l desire to be like that with you.'' ''l am sending my soul towards you.'' ''l love thinking about you, while l am all alone.'' ''l like every minute that l spend with you.'' ''l wish to open my eyes only after all my dreams come true.'' ''l wish to forget everything around me and dream about you all day.'' ''Oh Prince! l am royally yours.'' ''Let the garland reach my neck like honey.'' ''l feel burdened with my shyness and wish to lose it in your hands.'' ''Show me that leading life with you is wonderful.'' Heart attack eh? - He didn't have heart attack. His BP shot up when he got real excited. l have got him to do all tests. He is doing superb. Thank God! But dad, Grand dad has not given up his hope of setting up the hospital. This village definitely needs a hospital. l have given word to help him in setting up a hospital. You will have to help me. - Correct, dear. Good idea. You are great, my son. l will arrange for equipments, doctors and all that is necessary. No worries. l hope my dad forgives me, at least after this. Let's hope. Love you, dad. Please send the equipments. After that, you and your team can visit here. Grand dad will be happy. Come on, Mr. Chandrasekhar. Be strong, my boy. Bye. Grand dad might look for me. Yes! l am done with arranging for hospital set up. Let me go and get uncle on bail. Hey! Why doesn't grand dad let uncle stay here? Since l got back from hostel, Bangari uncle has been staying outside. When l ask my mom, she says l too young to know about it. That's why. l haven't asked anyone since then. What would have happened, then? l understood that there is some problem between uncle and Chitra. Who can we go ask to know about all this? Ouch! Hi Chitra! l came here to apologise to you. - What for? l am kind of responsible for your wedding to be called off. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. - lt's not you. My wedding has been called off a number of times before. Why so? Once it was called off in the house. Next time it was called off at the gate. Third time, it has been called off at the temple. There is some problem with my horscope. l will never get married. - Chitra! There is no problem with your horoscope. Bangari is your problem. Please don't blame my Bangari. Bangari likes me a lot. l have high respects for my Uncle who has raised me. Uncle is very upset and angry with Bangari's drinking habit. On top of all this, l have horoscope issues. How will l be able to get married? Despite all this, Bangari did seek uncle's permission to marry me. That's when all this fighting started. - Fighting eh? Listen to me! l wish to get married to Chitra. l won't fight with you. l will do as you say. lf you want, l will also offer prayers like this. He has started drinking again. This is how l believed my friend and got my sister married to a drunkard. He kept drinking and tortured my sister. Finally, he orphaned this girl. l will not repeat the same mistake and ruin her life too. As it is, l have been magnanimous enough to let you stay here. Get out. Go Sun Get out! Dear! Why have you locked the doors? Do you know what does rape mean? Tomorrow (ln telugu- Rape) is Saturday. l didn't mean that. Do you remember the movie ''Rowdygaru Pellam''? Do you remember what actor Mohan Babu does to Shobna to get married? Oh God! Did you mean that kind of rape? - Yes. l did. lf l rape you... ...they will definitely get us married. No need, dear! This is wrong. Trust me. l will rape you now... ...and will marry you later. No need, dear. No matter how difficult it is... ...let us get uncle's to consent for our wedding. He will never accept to it. See! Do you love me? ln that case, we'll do this. We can get married tomorrow. Please cooperate. Please listen to me. - lt is very simple. You stay calm for sometime. l will take care of the rest. Dear! Please! - Just this once. Just this one time. Hey Open The Door Lisen To Me Here. Take this too! Please get me married to Chitra. She likes me too. Yes! Throw me out. This is nothing new to you. Throw me out. Earlier, you sent my brother out. Now, you have sent me out. Send everyone out. You can lead a happy and peaceful life then. What are you guys looking at? Don't you have any other work to do. - Hey Bangari! Hey Bangari! Stop it. What are you doing? l will get you married to Chitra. Come. Let's go to my house. - Your house? Do you have alcohol at your place? - Why do you think l have that big house? Come. - l want to drink. Oh God! l have told you everything. Please don't tell anyone about this. lt's okay. You have told all this to the right person. What do you mean? Do you know who he is? - Who? He is Dr. Chandrasekhar uncle's son. Oh God! ls he our uncle's son? Hey! Shut up! - ls he our uncle's son? l heard he is in America. Can't he get ticket and fly to lndia? What is it? What is it? Rape! - Eh? Rape! Rape eh? Why did you try rape? As discussed, l have sent all the equipments. Someone called Bunny. - Bunny! Bunny! Yes! - Has taken delivery of it. Go and tell your uncle. - What should l tell him? Does he know who you are. - ls it brother on call? Brother! - Have you told him? l will tell him, dad. - This is an important issue. You will find it difficult to handle it all alone. Take uncle's help. Hi! - Ouch! Ask him to talk to me. Yeah! Yeah! Okay. Bye. They have arrested him for abducting Chitra. He is in Police Station, dad. How do l tell you all this? Police Station! Bangari! He was released long back on bail. Bail eh? l am sorry. Who had applied for his bail? - Why did he get you arrested? What is his problem? l was ready to offer him Rs. 2000 crores. He didn't accept. He is calling you useless. ln turn, you get upset. Who is that boy? What is he transporting in lorry? Do you know anything about it? What is the connection between him and the hospital? What is happening in your house? There are young girls in your house. lf you don't take action immediately, he may engage in rape or such kind. lf we continue to ignore this and shut our eyes... ...things will go out of control. Oh God! You have turned the son against his father. We have just used... ...what was already existing. We have just kindled his hatred. He will do the rest. Brother! Your dad has sent all the equipments. Who is this Bangari? He beat me up and has taken all equipments along with him. Where to? - l don't know, brother! There are big fans here. Yet, there is no air circulation. Who is he, brother? Uncle! He is here. Let us hit him down. Keep going. Sir! What are you doing? Keep going! Hit him. Go! Go! Hit him. Speeden up! Hit him. Sir! Please stop the vehicle. Sir! Turn the vehicle to left. Sir! Please listen to me. They are very expensive. Sir! Please sir! Please! - How dare you? Stop him! Don't let him go. Come on! Sir! l spared you, just because you happen to be my uncle. Else-- Uncle eh? How am l your uncle? Yes. l am your Elder brother's son. Dr. Chandrasekhar's son. Dad has sent all these equipments to re open our hospital. Sir wants soda immediately. Hey! Bring it soon. Sir! That guy is here. - Beer factory-- Which boy? That boy who beat your son in cock fight. He has hit our boy two at two other occasions. That London boy! - Ouch! lf our boy hits someone, you can boast about it like this. You should never talk about someone else hitting our boy. You should never do negative publicity. - l swear on my mother, brother. Where is he? Where is he? Where? Where is he? Where is he? Why did you scare us all? Useless fellow! He has got drunk at this early hour. He is here. Who is it? Greetings, grand dad. Hey ?... Hey !.. No Grand dad! l am not sure as to how much of bad things you have done. May be that's why God has paralysed you. Why do you still engage in such activities? My master is reopening the hospital in order to do good for the natives. lf you can help him. Else, stay calm and quiet. Don't try to act smart. Losing someone from either of our family... ...will not look good. l came here to inform you of it, Grand dad. Hey! How can a foreign boy like you give out statements like that? l am not giving you any statements. l will get into direct action. l'll take your leave. - Mr. Pillikar Babu! Actually, what l want to tell you is-- Didn't my grand dad ask you to talk in Telugu the other day? Yes. Why do you again do this then? - Pillikar Babu! Your grand dad's second son is faithful like a dog to this house. lf l offer biscuits to dog, it will do as l say. So you give biscuits to get it done. Bangari Uncle! Uncle! You may escape from a gun's bullet. You can even escape from a bomb blast. He is a missile! You can never escape from him. Uncle! We don't need such dialogues. Come with me. Yes! - l didn't call you. He did. You are being too over confident. You may lose. Uncle! Dad! - Didn't l warn you? No statements. Only action. This is-- - Uncle! lt is our time now. Only action. Come along. Please be careful. Slowly. Keep it here. - Carefully! Dear! Grand dad wants you home immediately. What for? - You sister has come down from London. Has my sister come? - Sister eh? Come. Lets go. - What are you saying? She doesn't know about this drama. l am sure she must have told him. By now, Grand dad would have got to know everything. How do we know if she told him or not? l know her very well. She must have told him definitely. Everything is over. Please go bring her here. We will go back. - Hey! l am there. l will take care of it. Come with me. - Uncle! l feel really tensed. Hey! Come along, man! No entry from here Go!.. Abhi! - Wait! Oh God! Hey! Do you think l don't know about it? Master! l wanted-- Didn't l tell you that he will get scared? Am l Hitler? Do we have a world war between us? Couldn't you tell us about your sister's coming? We could have sent vehicle for her pick up. Come, dear. - Master! She is very beautiful! - l didn't have any idea too. Take her inside. Hey! Am l a Hitler? Hitler eh? This is such a huge house. l got real scared, that you might blurt out the truth. Why would l tell? Don't l know? Why did you come unannounced? Who invited you here? l also wanted to spend time with grand parents. Pig! - lf l ask you, you won't let me come. Get lost! Oh! Are you the one marrying my brother? All are here. Quiet. Okay. Tell me. Does you brother have friends there? Girl friends eh? - Generally. Who does he hang out with? Okay. Fine. Does he have girlfriends? Yes, girlfriends-- - Baby! Greetings, ma'am! - Greetings! Please come. Our Shanthi has come of age. lt is her puberty function. You must come without fail. lf you both bless her... ...she will have a good life. Has Shanthi become that big girl? Girls grow very fast. - All of you must definitely come. Puberty function? Do all of you want Bangari uncle to come home? Yes. - Okay. Then you must do as l say. What do we have to do? - What is it, dear? Grand dad! The ones who came to invite us for function... Yes! - Shanthi is my class mate. l also want such function in our house. But ma'am told me that, it will never happen in this house. l also want such function here, grand dad. Hey! Shut up! You always want something or the other. lt is not possible here. Didn't l tell you? You keep quiet. Why are you screaming at her? As it is, it is the first auspicious event in a woman's life. However, it won't happen in our house. Why do you scream at her, instead of explaining this to her? No matter how much you cry... ...girls at our house aren't lucky enough to have this function. Why not? We did have it for Satya, right! l have seen the album! Back then, Bangari uncle used to be at home. Oh! That's all, is it? We can invite Bangari uncle home. Hey Abhi! - What? Father in law, does not like Bangari coming home. What? Bangari can't come here. You are going to say master will disapprove it. Why will he say no, if it is going to make this little girl happy? We are not going to ask Bangari uncle to stay back here. He will come here participate in the rituals, bless her and leave. We have nothing to win or lose in this. Ain't it, master? Why do you argue over something that is not going to happen? You come, dear! Do you mean to say that there will be no function because of master? Oh God! When did l say that? - Okay. Let him come and do it. - How will he come? l meant to say that Bangari uncle is little fussy about all this. He won't come without you inviting him. l am sure you know this. Come. - Wow! Super, ma'am! Grand mom, mom, aunt, Shravani and Chitra. All are real happy. When will you make me happy? lf you are ready, we'll get started immediately. Sigh! This is the right time. Can't you talk about our wedding too? lf Grand dad gets to know about this he will kill me. Oh! You stupid, l will definitely tell him. lf you are brave enough, tell grand dad that you wish to marry me. l will accept then, that you are a real hero. ls that so? Get lost. - l am ready to do what you ask for. Bumper offer! My God! Aunt! Bangari! - Bangari! Come! How are you? - Come! We'll go check-- Master! - Hey! Wait here! Master! Just this one time. Come! ''Give the young girl a saree to wear.'' ''The small girl has become young women now.'' ''Give the young girl a saree to wear.'' ''Bangari uncle is here to get the auspicious event started.'' ''My heart blooms looking at my groom's face.'' ''My groom's heart smiles like a tender flower.'' ''We have regained happiness.'' ''Once the family unites, there is happiness everywhere.'' ''There is happiness everywhere.'' ''My heart blooms looking at my groom's face.'' ''My groom's heart smiles like a tender flower.'' ''We have regained happiness.'' ''Once the family unites, there is happiness everywhere.'' ''There is happiness everywhere.'' ''A wonderful relationship begins with this saree.'' ''This is the love the queen has for the king.'' ''This is a very special relationship on earth.'' ''There is naughtiness element attached to this.'' ''Let's get naughty; let's dance.'' ''l am here for you.'' ''Lets hold hands together, else let step together.'' ''l am madly in love with you.'' ''Happiness blooms everywhere.'' ''My heart blooms with happiness on seeing you.'' ''My groom's heart smiles like a tender flower.'' ''This bond strengthens on the smile we share.'' ''However, we get to know the real strength of the bond during problem.'' ''This is a wonderful relationship, as important as breath.'' ''Everything stops the minute you lose the breath.'' '' This a beautiful relationship. This is sacred like a temple.'' ''l am a devotee here.'' ''All this is l because of you, l am very thankful to you.'' ''l am a part of this house.'' ''l feel extremely happy about being a part of this house.'' ''This is divine here.'' ''My heart blooms looking at my groom's face.'' ''My groom's heart smiles like a tender flower.'' ''We have regained happiness.'' ''Once the family unites, there is happiness everywhere.'' ''There is happiness everywhere..'' Why do all of you look so dull? Why are you all silent? He is feeling bad that we were not invited to this function. Only ladies participate in such kind of function. All ladies in our house are dead and gone. So? He is the eldest person in the family. Can't they invite him to bless the child? There will be another function soon for him to go and bless them. What other function? - Hospital. They are going to inaugurate that hospital soon! Super speciality hospital. They will definitely invite you then. You should definitely go and bless them. What has happened to Bangari? He has done such a good job. There is a lot of difference in him. - Yes, uncle! We can definitely get him married to our Chitra. Brother in law has to make the final call. ''We pray to Lord Sridhara.'' Looks like he is interested. - ''We pray to Lord Rishikeshwara!'' Okay dad! He is praying. l'll call you later. Hey Ram! Come here. Just a minute! ls it your dad on call? - Dad! Give the line to me. Let me talk to him. - Balraju sir wants to talk to you. Dad eh? No! No! No! Give it to me! Dad, l am giving the line to Balraju sir. Master! Greetings, sir! Greetings! - You have helped me reopen this hospital. How will l ever repay this help? You have raised your son really well. l am sure you wouldn't need anything else, when you have a son like him. Not everyone is lucky with this. l don't understand why l am shedding tears of joy, while l am talking to you. l wish you and your son have a happy, long life. l will give the line to him. My name is Kodukku. lf you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask me. ls that okay? - Kodukku! Who has come here? Few guests have come to seek our girls hand for marriage. Yet again this trouble for Chitra! - They haven't come to see Chitra. They are here to see Satya. Groom is a doctor from America. All this is mere formality. l feel lucky to be associated with your family. By God's grace, l have got this wonderful opportunity. By God's grace, we are doing really good in America. lf you agree, we can get done with these formalities. l have heard a lot about your family. Our grand daughter is indeed lucky. l am concerned about just one thing. Your son is a doctor in America. Do we have to send her that far-- - Oh! You don't have to worry uncle. Even my son refuses to stay there. We are planning to move to lndia for his sake. l heard you are planning to open a hospital here. lf you agree, he will help you set up this hospital. Once they get married, he can stay here and look after the hospital. Great! l always wanted someone from my family to run the hospital. l have got a solution to it now. There is no more to think. You can accept this proposal. Exchange the trays. Shut up! This is no cinema. For to confess our love before others... ...and marry you irrespective of their consent. Just talk sense! My dad has suffered for years. l will not do anything to upset this family. Hey! Any day family's happiness is more important than our happiness. Even now if grand dad gets to know who l am-- No need. No! No! Everything is falling in place just now. l will not destroy it. Please forget me. - l don't care about any of it. l love you and l want you. lf l get married to someone else, only my corpse will go out of this house. l am not trying to say any dialogues. l am telling you the truth. After this, it is your call. Hey! Hey! Hey Bangari! - Stop here. Have you gone mad? Did you get drunk again? Yes l did. Move aside. - Hey! Stop there. Hey! Where is mom? Where is she? Hey! Do you have any sense? What have you done? - Have you got drunk again? What is wrong with you? Please stop. - l will kill all of you. lf your dad gets to know if this, he will kill you. ls father in law at home? - Call him. l will talk to him directly. - What are you going to do? Get out. Why should l get out? Call him here. - Oh God! Hey! What is wrong with you? What is your problem? Hey! Why are you getting Satya married to someone else? l will not accept to it. Who are you to object? - Don't come in between. Hey! Why do you feel so jealous, you idiot? lf you don't get married, won't you let others marry too. She has to get married. - Oh God! You have misunderstood. She is your daughter. - l know that very well. Dad! Ouch! Leave me. - Please understand. Call this off! Dad! - Stop this nonsense. l will kill you. How dare you raise hands against woman? Aren't you feeling ashamed? lt is an ideal match for her. Groom is a doctor in America. He has agreed to run the hospital. We were able to reopen the hospital only because of him. Come lf that guy is from America, this one is from London. Uncle! Please stop. - Get Satya married to Abhi. He is ideal match for Satya. Shut your trap. Have you lost your senses? Stop saying such senseless things. You can't burden him and his family. Family eh? Do you know who he is? lf l tell you-- - Bangari Uncle! Please listen to me. Do you understand what you are doing? Please listen to me. Bangari uncle! You will ruin the whole thing. Hey! Give that here. Satya! Take this. Show them his photos. Show it to everyone. - Please listen to me. Don't open it. lndu! Go get it. Satya! Please don't do it. Please! Please! Satya! Stop this. - Please give it back to me. Bangari uncle, please listen to me. Hey Satya! Please stop. - You go ahead. Satya! Please. You will ruin everything. Please listen. Please! Bangari uncle, grand dad shouldn't know about this. Satya! Please don't open it. Please stop. Bangari uncle! Please listen to me. - Wait here. She shouldn't know about it. Please Satya! Please Satya! Please! Please stop it, Satya! Please! Please stop it. Satya, please! Brother! He is our brother's son. Why didn't you tell me, Abhi? - Grand mom! Grand mom! Why didn't you tell me dear? All of you come here. - What for? Your dad shouldn't know about this. - Why do we have to hide it from him? Please promise on me, that you won't tell him. l must not know, what you all know. That's it, right? So, will you make them promise on you? Why? You think l'll push him out once l get to know who he is. l am heartless beast. That's all l am. He may be your elder son. But, he did go against my wishes in pursuit of his career. He left us all behind. He didn't care to check, if we are alive or dead in the last 20 years. Now, his son comes here and fools me. Yet, he means more to you than me. All of you have come together on this. All of you have orphaned me. What should l do now? No matter what happens, l must shut my trap... ...and get my grand daughter married to him. After that, l have to lose face before others and look like a fool. ls that all? l feel the ones who have made mistake shouldn't stay in this house. Till date, l didn't know that, all of you disapprove that logic. ln that case... ...l having made a mistake, l shouldn't stay here. l will go out of this house. You can lead your life happily with your kids. Dear! - Please forgive me. You are a bigger fraud than your dad! - Master! He left me behind. But, you have made my entire family go against me. Thanks a lot (Sarcastically)! Sigh! l didn't mean to do this, Grand dad. - Who is your grand dad? lt's you! Whether you like it or not, approve it or not... ...l am your grandson and you are my grand dad. l thought you will get angry if l told you the truth. ls it wrong? l have never tried to betray you. l love Satya! However, l want all of you more than being married to Satya. l came here on my dad's behalf. But, l can't live without all of you now. l feel like staying with all of you. Why do you have to walk out of the house for my mistake? Just like you say, the one who has made mistake shouldn't stay here. l have made a mistake. l will leave this house. Abhi! Abhi! Don't leave. Please listen to me. - Grand dad needs all of you. Please take good care of him. Abhi! Abhi! Please don't go. Has his grandson come? So! The prince is here. This is not right. Tell, dad! - l have landed here. You have won! Dad! - Abhi! l am very anxious now. Oh! - l hope dad does not have a problem. No matter what he says, l will stay back here. By the way, where is grand dad? - Grand dad is-- Why aren't you talking properly? ls he around you? Do l call you later? Dad! Everything is fine. l hope the hospital is ready. ls it? l am right outside the hospital. You come. Bye! Love you! - Love you, too! l am sorry, dad! Sorry! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! lndu! lndu! lndu! Brother! - Hey! Brother! Brother! - lndu! Brother! Leave!... Brother! Leave!... Leave!... Brother! Brother! Save Me!.. Leave!... Brother! Brother! Leave!... Please stop! l will never repeat it. Sorry. Do you know who she is? She is your sister. We are one family. Family! Brother! Brother! Abhi! - Abhi! Brother! How dare you. Yeah! - Please let him go! Pleas tell them, uncle. Abhi! lndu! - Dad! Brother. - Uncle! My dad is here. Abhi! Abhi! Abhi! Oh God! Abhi! Ma'am! That Bachi has shot our Abhi down. He is serious. Sir! They have shot our boy down. Grand dad! Abhi! Abhi! Grand dad is here. Please see! He has come for you. Abhi! Please open your eyes. Hey! Abhi! This is just a small problem. There was a small fight. As such, Bachi doesn't know who l am. Once l get better. l will leave immediately, master. Grand dad! l am your grand dad! Where are you going? l didn't know who you were. How did l fail to recognise you? How did l hurt my grand son? l am getting old. lf you plan to leave, l will hit you on your legs. Come. We'll go home. Okay. Where is your doctor? Doctor! Doctor sir! You are our God. You have saved our grand son and in turn made us happy. How do l repay you for this help! Our sincere thanks. We are highly indebted to you. Can l take my grandson home? Dad! Please hug me just once. That's enough! My son! Come closer. l blindly believed the fact that welfare of village indicates our welfare too. l am from the previous generation. l will be like this. However, l have understood that the entire village is our family... ...and only if a family is united, it can help the village. l have learnt this from my foreign grand son. Have all your wishes come true, dear? Hey! Please make a call to that American based wedding proposal. Grand dad! We have to convey our disinterest to them. Son in law! Talk to the priest and fix auspicious hour for 3 weddings. Three weddings eh? Chitra and Bangari! Abhi and Satya! Baby and me! Are you getting married again? - Yes. l am completing 60 years.