Ranking EVERY WWE Royal Rumble Match From Worst To Best

[Applause] three-two-one have you seen how many bloody rumbles I've got to do hi guys I'm Adam will born from what culture and yeah let's get on with this this is every Royal Rumble match ranked from worst to best number 38 2015 when even the rock coming out can get you cheers you know you screwed up you want to talk about hashtags all the time WWE and trending worldwide well hashtag cancelled WWE Network trended worldwide four days after this disaster of a main event a bigger mistake than I was the 2015 Royal Rumble encapsulated everything that was wrong with WWE at the time oh and Curtis axel was robbed number 37 the mini Royal Rumble let's be honest they've done worse to little people but then again that is pardon the pun halo var how well at least Jerry Lawler seemed to enjoy himself number 36 1999 the boss wins if you like that chances are I don't care for you as a person number 35 the Royal Rumble it lacks in length strength and depth but I suppose everyone was happy in the end we've all been there right lads that's number 34 the greatest Royal Rumble is that Yokozuna no no it's not you daft racist Daniel Bryan went all gammon braun strowman what a belt he literally never wears and got mugged off by this guy and titus o'neil looked like a prize bellend still though number 33 1995 Shawn Michaels coast to coast victory beating the likes of the British bulldog Lex Luger Quang the bushwhackers and Mantar yeah no wonder this is the fastest paced Royal Rumble ever hurry up otherwise people might notice it's a bit crap number 32 the tag team Royal Rumble wait okay mankind one rather than do a the headbangers or LOD 2000 number 31 1988 the first ever Royal Rumble match if you don't count the experimental one the year before which we don't because even the bloke who won it doesn't remember it a muted affair but fair play a big pop for Jim Duggan when he overcomes the odds good for you mate number 30 2009 this was peak Randy Orton is a mad bastard who likes kicking old people in the head he wins it thanks to his legacy group remember them and then would go on to have a really dull WrestleMania main event number 29 1993 pinfalls do not count in a Royal Rumble match we've been over this Randy honestly I feel I'm taking crazy pills number 28 mm this is my one disagreement with the great Michael handler on this list I love this Rumble it's one of the first that I remember and it had to cool dancing the rock finally winning sort of an taka Michinoku face-planting the outside despite not being in the rumble noise number 27 the 15 man Smackdown Royal Rumble oh ho now we're talking Big Show John Cena Rikishi ernest the cat' miller the eddy was super over and his win over Kurt Angle at the end foreshadowed his WWE Championship win just a few weeks later number 26 2012 I think we can officially dub this the banter Rumble with the Cobra versus Socko and all the announcers having a go - who even remembers who won this Rumble oh yeah Michael Cole's singlet though no just no number 25 1989 bang average it's been better but it's also being a lot worse number 24 the corporate Rumble way better than the actual Rumble that follow the twist is something M night Shyamalan Mala Mala Mala would be proud of also women in the rumble you'll never catch on number 23 2014 now the rumble itself isn't that bad the bucking though oh dear you made us boo Rey Mysterio do you realize how hard that is no Daniel Bryan CM Punk's pathetic elimination and booty stir number 22 1991 after Saddam Hussein's best mate his proof won the WWE Championship earlier on in the night it was down to Captain America to save us becoming a WrestleMania opponent in waiting years before the stipulation actually existed the Hulkster eliminated earthquake to win his second Rumble on the bounce number 21 1996 oh this one has aged like a fine wine what an intriguing mix of old and new there's future Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H in their old gimmicks hunter hearst-helmsley debutant vader is sublime in kicking duties and shawn michaels looks every bit the WWE Champion he'd become just three months later number 20 2013 Chris Jericho surprise reappearance at number 2 in the 2013 Royal Rumble was unfortunately when the match peaked in terms of intrigue and suspense Cena wins long would you expect number 19 2016 granted we had to enjoy Roman reigns being shoved down our throats yet again but forget all that bollocks with the League of Nations this was where we saw the brilliantly executed debut of AJ Styles well Romans reaction to it at least this was a watershed moment for WWE oh and Triple H won by the way number 18 1998 Stone Cold's on the poster stone cold is the guy everyone wants to eliminate and tries to and stone cold wins despite being the obvious choice and I am 100% fine with that I mean for God's sake Foley had three goes at this Rumble and still couldn't get the job done number 17 2008 John Cena shocking return at number 30 stunned everyone in MSG so much they temporarily forgot that they hated him yeah yeah oh no wait wait it's no wonder Vince changes plans last-minute if these are the kind of reactions he gets mad old bastard number 16 2006 the reliance on the late Eddie Guerrero's memory was a bit much but my best friend Rey Mysterio went the distance and broke records doing so is a pair knowing then it went on early so that the Undertaker could do this bollocks at the end though whoo spooky number 15 1990 bursting with biceps and star talent and no I'm not just talking about Simon Miller I'm talking about the 1990 Royal Rumble it's a bright and beautiful feast of fun that presented the last vestiges of the golden era and gave us a glimpse of an epic WrestleMania main events Vince thinks about this just before he climaxes sleep well number 14 2005 a botched finish between John Cena and Batista didn't even look that botched until Vince McMahon stormed out and blew his quad getting into the ring trying to rectify it look at him there sat there like a grumpy child alongside the second-best watch ever we also got Daniel pewter I just say getting taught a lesson everyone ganging up on Muhammad Hassan wonder why that might be and Snitsky murdering Paul London number 13 2003 right here's the plan we're gonna have all of the big bastards fight out the ends to make Brock look unstoppable got it number 12 2017 yeah yeah yeah it was a decent rumble and we got potential winners an entrance like Goldberg lesnar strowman and taker and orton of course got the anyone but roman pop in victory but look I want to forget about all that and in said just enjoy this kids face when he finds out the number 30 entrant isn't finn bálor or Samoa Joe it's Roman bloody Raines here's before counting down getting all excited and here's after ha number 11 2002 just missing out on the top 10 is 2002 s Royal Rumble look Triple H will rightly get all the plaudits as the heroic climax mr. perfect very nearly steals the show rolling back the years of solid decade Hennings chewing gum SWOT whilst being attacked was a luscious throwback to his younger days this sadly was the last time he approached true perfection in his wrestling career bollocks number 10 1997 overlooked in reviews of old Rommels perhaps due to the abundance of performers in desperate need of a gimmick overhaul he's looking at you fake diesel and fake razor 97th addition is a crucial part of Stone Cold Steve Austin's development and thus can't be understated in terms of importance and prestige a dominant display early on legitimized his chase whilst a shortcut at the conclusion brought out a side of Bret Hart that culminated in the industry altering WrestleMania 13 double turn number 9 2001 ah the Attitude Era we got celebrities who knew when it took bugger off Stone Cold Steve Austin winning his third Royal Rumble and Kane battering the piss out of half the roster those were the days number 8 1994 Bret Hart and Lex Luger immaculate double elimination was apparently a real-life litmus test for Vince McMahon to see who his top star really was in the hearts and minds of his audience I'll be worth trying that again this year number seven the 2018 women's Royal Rumble a brilliantly book mix of new names and nostalgia along with flashes of firepower when required the inaugural women's Royal Rumble was fantastic Oscar Sasha banks and Becky Lynch all shown on one of the biggest nights in the divisions history and then Ronda Rousey came out and pointed a lot number six 2007 the best final two ever don't at me Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker going nearly ten minutes to close out 2007 stellar battle royal helped elevate this contest room yeah a pretty good Royal Rumble to Wrestlemania teaser territory and the entire match itself was just a joy to behold I'm gonna have to go and watch that again actually number five 2004 understandably lost to the hidden corners of the WWE Network because of Chris Penn was on the presents a 2004 Royal Rumble still has a lot to offer Randy Orton and Mick Foley's blood feud came back to life Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg butted heads ahead of their WrestleMania clash and Kane was scared witless but at ease return of his buried brother it is by some distance the best rumble of its generation number 4 2011 granted this one is sort of cheating by just chucking another 10 blokes in but it was enjoyable told a great story and if we're honest we all for a second genuinely believed that Santino Marella might actually win it I mean thank God he didn't for still number 3 the 2018 men's Royal Rumble ah this more of this on Sunday please Vince a la masterpiece of selling story and battle royal psychology WWE you handle just about everybody factly including a toning for Rey Mysterio's 2014 booze with a monster pop finn bálor and eventual winners Shinsegae nakamura fighting for WWE's future against established company favorites reigns and John Cena and the bloody hurricane showed up as well this was so good it appeared as though pat passing himself still had the pencil just as he did 26 years earlier number 2 1992 this was fabulously booked around Ric Flair proving himself in WWE as everything he'd sold himself as during an iconic 1980s NWA WCW tenure the 92 Royal Rumble makes the most of the company star heavy roster to wrap the story around the nature boys climactic ascent with a tear in my eye it may have been Ric Flair's greatest moment but it wasn't the best Rumble number 1 2010 a one-man show even more superior than Ric Flair's nearly two decades earlier Shawn Michaels bloody-minded dedication to get a Wrestlemania rematch against then world champion The Undertaker underpins a glorious one-man show from the showstopper sporting the exact gear he wore when losing to the Deadman a year prior Shawn Michaels bars half the field including his best mate Triple H before losing out late via a heal Batista in one of the most convincing Royal Rumble eliminations ever no no no no no Michaels is at that point plunged into the pit of desperation that would ultimately lead him to gift takers title to hated rival Chris Jericho and bargain his entire career just to get the match he desired at WrestleMania oh and edge when's the rumble of course which is lovely and there you have it every single Royal Rumble match ranked from worst to best do you disagree let us know in the comments section below and don't forget to Like share and subscribe and check out our new wrestling podcast by searching for what code to wrestling on either iTunes or Spotify and you can check out some more of our recent videos here thanks for watching I've been Adam from what culture enjoy the rumble