Rapper Vince Staples Explains Why The 90s Are Overrated TIME




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I was born in 1993 in Long Beach California and I don't remember any of it because I was a baby but I'm pretty she was nice well what a lot of people have to understand is the 90 was a very successful time just as far as the economy goes there was a lot of money being made we have where we had saxophone bill we had the tech boom a new way to use your computer I know Pokemon came out in 2000 so if we will just push it up one year I'd have a lot of time to tell you right now I've never heard anything out of my life I've never heard of Backstreet Boys album I never heard of Spice Girls album in my life not just good a lot of credit I don't really know why biggie Tupac those those are the staples of the nine so that's why they get the golden air credit there's not a 50 cent in the nine go girl I didn't even have a car I am a god jay-z's biggest song there's only number one happened a couple years ago yeah I'm up at Brooklyn now down in traffic early two-thousands where's that no the first song I remember listen to his little bow well balanced booty around you talk some around here we get little powwows in one of my favorite rappers ever you can never take that free you'll find someone who hates jay-z love's little boozy you can love Lupe Fiasco hey Gucci man find somebody else with the same IQ who feels opposite because it's more relative to their lifestyle we often Artesia in my beautiful in my a stuck something never been done before then it's no replacement for it when you when there is a replacement for something it will always go away there's no replacement for it Roman stone its placement for arrows there's no replacement for any of those people unfortunately hip hop we have a habit of copying each other we pretend to be something that we're not I never had to pretend I was the only listening to hip hop that's not a man from coming lugging over before my place is diverse enough to the point that we don't have all black friends wrong white friends are all Asian friends or anything you know everybody's kind of just mixed up in the pocket from the city was skinny kept strong heating north island beach north side long nature as far as hip hop being from the streets I think it is a very elitist way to think about things because I put it like this you can save our music is rid of a line but if I made all this up didn't then what if I made all this up it's not real someone's saying they want to go to a party Israel they probably just want to have a good time it's really them what's real real meaning urban and aggressive is that what we mean by real like your life is your life and no matter what it is I think that should be with your music is about your outlook on life