Re Jon Jones fouls


Chael Sonnen


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great weekend in Vegas a lot of participation stayed very busy I can't remember a UFC in in recent memory I would say as much as the last 12 months perhaps from top to bottom that was this loaded I mean it was as when they put this card out it was as though they thought it was gonna fall apart I mean it really it was it was loaded to the extent but Diego Sanchez was like the third fight of the night Diego versus Mickey golf to put a perspective for you so beat and Jeremy aren't on the pay-per-view main card I mean just to put a perspective for you how low did this thing was the greatest of all time the top welterweights in the world I made on and on and on car was loaded and I had so much anticipation for it and there was just a great buzz of the great energy around it and when that whole thing was done I don't know what my biggest takeaway was that was hard for me what's your biggest takeaway we got reminded about John Jones and I can tell you I can tell you guys this he's in compliance with the rules and you know people that follow this sport you know about all the picograms and the failed I'm telling you right now he was in compliance with the rules on Saturday which is a rarity but he was and you also saw a different bit of a fighting style that's a realness but we've seen 11 a lot of other guys go from uncomplete to complied and their careers are over now you're still looking at the top guy he's gonna have to fight a little bit differently but he's got so many tricks I mean he just does I give it to as a compliment the techniques that he's out there trying to hit and Anthony Smith I saw I thought really said it best about himself at the post-fight he said man he didn't run through me but he sure as hell shut me down I mean that was a tip of the hat that was very sportsman like by Anthony and there was a really tough moment within that fight where John had broke the rules he kicked a Down fighter in the head and then he broke the rule again and he need a downed fighter in the head and the reason it was itchy all the rules were followed Herb Dean the red for everybody did what was right Anthony's a ton of integrity by Anthony Smith gone hey man that's I'm not looking for outside ways to beat this guy I'm looking for inside ways to beat this guy I'm not taking that one okay good great I'm fine with that but it is a very interesting rule that somebody would be fouled and then the referee would ask the person who is just violated do you want to continue I don't know a better way to do it I'm not a get it but it would seem to me that to be in line with other sports that's not how it works the authority figure makes an authoritative decision I don't know this rule should be changed guys I'm actually not preaching one side of the other to this I'm just pretty let's get a conversation going I'll start it off here it would seem to me if I cheat against you and the referee catches me and he turns to you and says hey you want me to come after where else in life do they do that they certainly don't do it in any other sport that's that's for damn sure to think of a basketball game with somebody cheats the referee doesn't ask the other image makes a decision somebody gets ejected somebody goes to the free-throw line there's a number of things that can happen there's a number of elements and options and remedies in place but one of them most certainly is not asking the other side hey do you want me to call this or don't you and then guys hey before we just take that side and go yeah I hate to hell with that we should've disqualified John John well before you do that who better to maybe that's the perfect guy to ask hey I need to know did that discombobulated you I need to know I don't have anyone else to ask I'm asking you are you in a position to level with me there's a conversation here maybe everything is going seamlessly and perfect it just struck me as a little bit odd particularly when it happened not once but twice and particularly when you're dealing with something as sensitive as a head I mean don't forget this is a wide open contact sport you can talk about all the regulation and all the rules you want this is about as open a sport gets in terms of contact so when you ban something boy you got to respect it it's banned for a reason I just think that needs to be discussed though I don't have an opinion that it should change but an interesting discussion particularly when you look at it what the analysis are the analogy that I just gave you about anything else in life you don't go to the aggrieved party once you catch it right the cops will pull up and see a crime happening and then turn to the the victim and go do you want us to press charges but they already know what to do that's why they stopped that's why they got out of the rig they've already got their mind made up so I do it just seemed a little bit interesting though perhaps in this bizarre sport perhaps not wrong perhaps exactly the way it should be Lud I would love to hear what you guys think about that though