Re Robert Kraft were missing the real story


Chael Sonnen


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I started midday the same way every day wake up have a cup of coffee while in bed and I watch the news and whether I'm watching it on TV flipping channels between commercial breaks I am also then scanning my phone from website to website I could not believe the news topic that is still here today it's Roger is his name Roger current Robert Robert Kraft owns the Patriots billionaire I only mention those things because the story mentioned those things and he gets jammed up gets arrested in some kind of a prostitution sting and I'm looking at this and this is like the third day in a row this has happened I mean this story is being so misreported there's no story here first off this is not news second off okay this is a misdemeanor that has many legal flaws in the story and if you want to tell the story and you want to make it a headline and you want to do something with it then tell the story for what it should be being told as which is some kind of human trafficking trafficking ring and girls but you know being locked up in some air quotes here massage parlor in Florida you want to take it from that angle that is newsworthy let's crack into this that's not what they're doing they're doing it from a craft standpoint and there's a lot of problems here right from the jump and I can I can all but assure you that this is never going to work for the DA's office this will never ever work first off my understanding of soliciting of sex has to be sex now I could be wrong on the lawn that but that's not even what he's accused of he was given a massage on certain parts of his body but I'm looking this from a legal standpoint going wait a minute I'd be very curious what the law says here because when you were rubbing his thigh which would constitute his skin with an oil there was no crime but when you moved it to a different part of a body doing the exact same Act all of a sudden there is a crime I think that that's interesting from a legal standpoint I'm not being silly here guys I I'm fully aware of what happened I'm talking about trying to bring down a guy in humiliate him in charge by the way with a misdemeanor and the way the report came out so the DA's office the sheriff's office the way the report came out is it Kraft and 25 other guys solicited these gals for sexual acts well that doesn't work that's impossible as a matter of fact you cannot do both you cannot have 25 guys in a solicitation do you not know a solicitation means a solicitation is a unwanted and then fill in the blank and unwanted advance in this case an unwanted proposition and unwanted knock on the door if this is what they're doing in there there would be no solicitation the terms would be mutually exclusive if you're telling me that you've got 25 guys and they all show up with the expectation and the price preset with a gal who's already hung a shingle out there there is no way to solicit it would not be possible for example guy and I'm not trying to be cutesy with this I'm saying this is gonna go to the highest legal levels because now they are dealing with a guy who can afford legal representation of which are trying to get a misdemeanor at best buy their own admittance he's an example for you you cannot solicit prostitution from a prostitute that's what she does I'm not calling these girls I'm trying to use an example that you guys can relate to while staying on a sensitive topic but it's in the news and we cover sports on this show it's a bit of a quenelle if you will kind of kind of fair game for me to talk about you cannot solicit prostitution from a prostitute that is what she does you cannot go in there and then solicit something unwanted when it's what she is advertising and if you're saying you have 25 guys that are going in there one after the next after the next there would be no one wanted advance there is an opening that this very thing is wanted but you have other legal problems tremendously here you wonder what Roberts crafted a defense should be one sentence and this whole thing goes away he's ready for this one sentence this whole thing's gone we were in a relationship just blew your mind everything just changed then if he was in a relationship with that girl there is no ready on a jury who would not openly admit that whether it happened in actuality or it happened in a discussion of fantasy them and their significant other didn't discuss a make-out session in the office at the job site during the lunch break so if he was in a relationship with her and he showed up at her work and by the way they're trying to make something out of the fact that he then gave her $100 which is important that would constitute a breaking of the law that would constitute payment for an illegal sexual act I think in this case they're gonna have a hard time proving that first I think came out and said we're in a relationship the gig is up there's nothing that they can do they are saying that he's solicited and they have video they have been broken down the video in graphic detail none of which consisted of audio so where was the proposition and the solicitation and I know the answer guys I'm not being ridiculous on this I'm fully aware of what happened I know what the answer is the answer is that that was done at a previous time that he was a return customer then he had been in there many times as a matter of fact from the time he walked in the door of the massage parlor to the time he walked out of the massage parlor was 14 minutes wasn't even time for a conversation so I know on this video that that dialogue is not there I'm aware of why it's not there because he was a return customer I get it that's not what we're against that's not what he's against rather he's going to be against what's on that film they are saying there was a solicitation which would be an unwanted in advance a discussion of the training of a illegal act in exchange for money no chance they have it zero none even when they broke it down they did not even allude to having it therefore they don't have anything and when you're trying to discuss something where he then left money there are certain industries within this world where you tip a haircut would be one just by example a restaurant would be one a massage parlor would be one would probably fall in line with the haircut a salon something along these lines so I I'm not seeing anything there I'm really not sitting now I know what happened I don't want you guys to hear as though in jail how are you not get this no no excuse me I've got it I have the whole thing but you also need to get you cannot solicit something and then tell me we have 25 people that walked in the same place and did it and from a legal standpoint I should also mention for you the customer is not the one that has the obligation of knowing the law every single industry out there comes with its own set of laws every industry it would be its incumbent that the licensed insured business owner be the one to know the laws within that practice so if he was to turn his head left and wrangle oh my gosh this is illegal hey great job boys turn to the police hey great job boys you got him go get your man go talk to the guy that owns this massage but thanks for telling this happened to me so I'm a victim I went into a place I hired saw a commercial product I paid exactly what the board required me to pay I did what I was required to do and then I found out that it was against the lot wow I'm a victim cuff him up I'm guys I realize what I'm saying I realize the absurdist I'm just predicting for you okay I'm irritated this is the news story I'm irritated that that would be the news story when the bigger story would be the human trafficking which is a real story and needs to be cracked down on and given tremendous sensitivity and respect to that is where my frustration of my pushback comes so I'm also letting you know not only did the news fail tremendously went for the clicks instead of doing something that could have better off society could have shown up shined a light on something that's very real they then also try to make a news story about a misdemeanor case that I promise you right now they will not meet